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Found 78 results

  1. Heya ! Auctionning my white drake hide cap - 85QL - blank Starting Bid: 15s Increment: 50c Reserve: No Buyout: 25s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  2. Scrapbook, includes male and female pictures of the set. Questions: Send me a forum PM Comments: Positive Comments only, negative will be ignored and reported, ty! Start Bird: 150s Minimum Bid Increment: 5s Buyout: Maybe Sniper Protect: 1 Hour
  3. Hi all, I have been "blessed" with 2 1 white tomes. And I would like to trade them it for a tomes I don't have: Smoke from Sol Red cherry Blood of the angels(m) Blood of the angels(f) Green cherry Giant walnut Green Tome of Magic Black tome Blue tome Scroll of binding Slime of Uttacha Tome of incineration Feel free to contact me.
  4. wts white drake set with cap QL 93 - 80s
  5. wts wine, barrels of oak and other materials. Low QL, Mediocre QL, High Ql, weak and strong White Wine and Red. 40c per barrel of 45l with delivery. 30c if picked up.
  6. Just throwing a wish out there, well aware that a lot of the player base is more apt to upvote functional stuff and downvote this. But the artsy people is a player base as well and we like our "decorating" options - including animals So with the ridiculous animal colorations being gone, can we ask for something a little more realistic to spice up some pretty lame, tame, but actually useful animals? 1. Extra colors for cows - Let them behave like horse colors? Ie. special colors is a chance thing when you breed the wild ones - and is likely to pass on to offspring. Just throw in a "Fjällko" and a "Jersey" and I would be more than happy. () 2. White bisons - Only on animals bred in captivity - maybe let it have a small chance to appear only on "x amount of traits" animals or something to make it even rarer? Ie. only 5 traited animals have a chance to create this color to start with - but it should be hereditary like with horse colors once it shows up. With bisons now pulling the wagons - I think this would be most awesome.
  7. - S O L D - I'm offering a piece of red drake hide (0.07kg @ 92.65ql) Price: 2.80s
  8. Hello I would like to buy a Hota statue with white light, so please pm me and thell me what kind of hota do you have and her price. Thank you.
  9. As the title says - 90s, Will be cod from Exo and will be in a backpack
  10. Selling this white drake set, asking for 80s. Creator: Aum Location: Deliverance Darkwood Stormhold Pickup or COD
  11. SOLD. Please close this thread. Hello. I'd like to sell a white drake hide set. All parts are ~70ql, with no enchants. The set comes without cap. The price I'm asking for is 70s. Face to face trade only. It can be picked up at Blossom, Pristine or delivered to any coastal city on any PvE server. PM me here or in game (nick: Pagsiu) if you would like to make a deal. PS: Signature - You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Aum'.
  12. Looking to trade white rare jacket for non rare piece of any color and for silver. Offer a price. [21:26:02] A jacket made from finest drake hide with brass husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=255, G=255, B=255. The white drake hide jacket has some holes and must be tailored with an iron needle to improve.
  13. I am selling white drake sets with caps unimproved. ~20QL Buy the best LW grinding experience of your whole life in Wurm Online. Where to pickup? Pickup at Blossom on Pristine! How much? NOT SELLING ATM What's drake armor?? Drake hide is the best leatherworking based armor existing in Wurm. Its protection rating is equal with plate, yet more vulnerable to cutting and piercing than chain armor. Drake hide armor has the lowest penalty to attack speed and walking speed (16.97km/h on cobble) and is very lightweight. How does drake armor look like? © Kristel taken by Lotte
  14. 2 Sets for sale. Red is all rare, except the feet. Nice WA casts. - 225e White is clean and no rares. - 225e 50e below market
  15. Looking to buy a scale set QL is not a big deal, prefer anything but red however will entertain all offers. Enchants are a plus however not required. PM via board or in game by same name as post.
  16. Young White Dragon Hatchling Slaying Bone and Skull are reserved for the trappers but everything else will be rolled out
  17. Auctioning a white dragon scale jacket Starting Bid - 75 s Bid Increments - 5 s No reserve 1 hour Sniper
  18. Start Bid: 25s Min Inc: 1s No Reserve No Buyout
  19. 75 euros - 80-85ql
  20. As title states im looking to sell a white drake set. mouse cursor covered photo a bit but pants are at just under 88ql Asking 90 Euros OBO Edit: Cast on the drake set are all WA
  21. Hi, I would like to sell my White Drake set, no cap included. I'm asking 75s. QL ranges from 69.44 to 79.88.
  22. Hello all! Got a white drake set with cap for sale! No enchants on any of them Starting Bid: 70 silver or euros Buyout: 110s/Euros Minimum Increments: 5s/eros 1hr Sniper Protection Buyer pays for all mailing fees Current highest bidder: Elroth @ 80s.