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Found 55 results

  1. Greetings traveler and good day. We here at Vinland are pleased to present our shop, "Vinland's Own". Your source for affordable tools and casts. Our sweaty men and women are giving it their all, resulting in the following efforts: Orders can be mailed COD via an instant mailbox or picked up on site. Skillgain CoC Tools on low quality Vinland supplied items. By yours truly, viking Reverent. Lots of 70-90's stock on hand so feel free to ask. Precast Skillers: Custom Casting on your item CoC / WoA Cast : - Benediction 99+ Channeling AoSP Cast upon your armor set: (Single piece follow coc pricing above) Highest QL Farmed Goods: By our steady farmhand and master of Transport Snaglejr: WOA Horseshoe Sets - Precast and creation QL High Quality Lye - Sold in small barrels Transmutation Liquids for Tile Conversion High QL Metal and Steel Fine Compasses More to come: Find us at Vinland. Located at the corner of p/o 15/16 near the canal on Melody. A short hop from Overture. Contact Reverent or post here for orders. Thank you and may safe winds guide you home.
  2. Now trading for dirt PM me to organise something 99.35ql Cotton x 2500 99.30ql Carrot x 5500 99.33ql Tomato x 15,100 99.35ql Pumpkin x 8000 99.33ql Cabbage x 11,500 99.35ql Wheat x 8000 99.36ql Oats x 14,000 99.28ql Garlic x 4600 99.33ql Potato x 2100 99.28ql Onion x 3000 99.35ql Cucumber x 9000 99.36ql Barley x 5000 99.32ql Lettuce x 5000
  3. Currently just playing semi-actively! Xephrime General Store Our village is located in South Lomere near the big steppes. Once being the last outpost before the wilderness, Xephrime was a good place to buy in stuff before going into the wild. Nowadays the area is connected via a good highway system making travelling much easier. However this makes it even easier to visit our General Store having fair prices for all our visitors - might it be newbs or experienced players. Visit us! Bulk Materials Concrete Crops Sprouts Milk You are keen on some nice cheese on your pizza? You just want to get rid of drinking water? We are offering fresh milk from happy animals! Alternative Payment Newbie Payment Loyality Bonus We have a limited cashback service for loyal customer. Read more! Extra Services We are not just selling stuff, but also having some nice extra services available for our visitors!
  4. Agria Bulk Crops We are taking orders for any farm goods and selling our stock. Our crops are 99-100ql. We can deliver for free to any coastal place on non-PvP servers. Price examples: 5k: 4.5s (minimum order, 0.9s/k) 10k: 8s (0.8s/k) 15k: 10.5s (0.7s/k) 20k: 12s (0.6s/k) Even cheaper in case of large bulks! Feel free to contact us, please PM ingame Jaytee or Trevize (/t Jaytee or /t Trevize)! Don't forget: Agria Bulk Crops... easy as ABC Happy Wurming!
  5. The regional marketplace on the southernmost shore of Newspring provides vegetables, crops, cotton and wemp of high QL. Various amounts are given away with a discount. The current price for all farm goods is 80c/k, discounts are at 60c/k or as noted. Thanks to the Newspring Bridge and our awesome road builders, the resident Wagoner Ramona is pleased to also bring smaller orders to your kitchen across the continent. 25c/crate - filled with any high QL combination (+5c crate deposit)* For other terms of delivery PM Renate (Forum) or try ingame also for Ruth. Currently on display (ask for more): (24-02-2021) The deed hosts several merchants for the needs of local residents, also offering things for the worldly traveller. Stop by to see the current offers on tools, weaponry, loot, rares, runes, leatherwork and more. Forum offers: Star Ruby (QL46) - 2,5s Rare Clay Smelting Pot - 2,5s Leather & Studded Leather Armour** QL70 (set) - 1s QL80 (set) - 1,8s My farming priest Ruth (Chan 83) is also providing basic Fo Services and Casts for convenient fees, namely Courier, Genesis, Life Transfer, Venom and Lurker in the Woods. *sell empty crates back to me with deposit price or send empty crates beforehand **+10c mailing cost when COD: 9 items + 1 ql backpack
  6. Welcome to Plebville Marketplace! DELIVERY Delivery services are local delivery to northern Cadence or coastal delivery to all servers for 1s. On orders over 10s delivery is included in the cost. CoD through mailbox is also an option upon request. Blanca's Bulk Crops CROP ORDERS I am currently accepting any order except Reed / Rice / Wheat. I am currently at 80+ farming so any requested orders will likely be in that area of QL. PRICING WAITING LIST CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK Custom Affinity Pizzas Tremors' Lumps n Stuff Carpentry Items Smithing Other Wares Rare Items and Specials Location: G-16 of Cadence, north of Sonata.
  7. Welcome to Tidus Village Farm! We are located on Cadence @ I17, just north of Sonata. We sell all crops and leatherworking services! Message FoxFries in game for more info! Below is a list of our services/prices/rough estimate of our inventory levels: Leatherworking (most items are per request) COD available: Item - Quality - Price ---------------------------- - Saddles - 40ql - 1.5s - Studded Sets - 40ql - 2s - Leather Sets - 40ql - 1.5s - Bridles 20c - Tool belts - 40ql - 70c ---------------------------- Crops - Delivery available for 1s (cadence) | 2s delivery fee for any other islands ** most bulk orders can be fulfilled within a week if we do not have the quantity desired in stock ** Item - Quality - Price - Inventory Level ---------------------------- - Pumpkins - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 1500 in stock - Cabbage - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 100 in stock - Potatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Tomatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Garlic - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Wheat - ~30ql- 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Rye - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Other small weight veggies - .5c ea | 50c per 100 | 2s per 1k - various quantities
  8. Welcome to the Crazy Crop Circles thread. A bizarre phenomenon has been noticed by the farmers of Wurm - strange patterns appearing after the first harvest. The following are true pictures of genuine crop patterns left after the farmers have harvested the first of the ripe crop, before the rest of the crop ripens. Is this happening to you? Feel free to post your pictures of strange crop patterns in your fields! - real or fake!
  9. Various Items for Sale ♡ Cove Market ♡ Located on Celebration @ 10 R Message Rosered or MissMandy in game or Message us here!!! Genesis Cast with my Nahjo priest PrincessZena 10c Per cast …..If I travel off server 20c travel fee •Prices• ▪80c Per 1000 ▪90c Per 1000 if I have to travel to you FSB or Crates to be traded upon delivery! **Will not travel to Chaos or inland on Xanadu** CROPS 80QL * Barley 1000 * Cabbage 1000 * Carrots 1000 * Corn 8000 * Cucumber 1000 * Garlic 1000 * Strawberries 1000 * Lettuce 500 * Oat 1000 * Onion 1000 * Pea Pods 500 * Potatoes 5000 * Pumpkin 7000 * Rice 9600 * Rye 1000 * Sugar Beets 200 * Tomatoes 1000 * Wheat 1000 90QL * Barley 1500 * Cabbage 880 * Carrots 1100 * Corn 10,136... 96QL * Corn 800 ... 92QL * Cucumbers 1180 * Garlic 600 * Strawberries 1900 * Lettuce 990 * Oat 1500 * Onion 900 * Pea Pods 880 * Potato 2000 * Pumpkin 5000 * Rice 9000 * Rye 1500 * Sugar Beet 16,000... 94QL * Sugar Beet 5,420...95QL * Sugar Beet 16,662... 96QL * Tomatoes 900 * Wheat 2100 Sprouts •PRICES• 1c per sprout 1s per 100 2c per Oak *Apple 330 *Birch 64 *Blueberry 442 *Camellia 77 *Cedar 125 *Cherry 274 *Chestnut 34 *Grape 329 *Hazelnut 175 *Lavender 70 *Lemon 372 *Maple 170 *Oak 6 *Oleander 14 *Olive 17 *Orange 176 *Pine 112 *Raspberry 383 *Rose 99 *Walnut 48 *Willow 31
  10. Crops needed on Xan

    Hello Everyone, I'm 3 days deep into Wurm for the first time and I'm well addicted. I have been trying to answer many of my questions by reading the wiki and forums but I have a specific one I'd like the community of Xan, specifically SW Xan to help with. I'm envisioning my character in Wurm being a farmer and builder. I've always loved these two aspects of mmorpg's. My question is, for a new player, what crops would be beneficial to start working on? I've seen the suggestions elsewhere of doing bulk clay, or mortar, or bricks, but I'm wondering what the players around me may need. My plan, after raising my skills some, was to start farming a good amount of cotton and wemp. I know these may not be the *most* in demand items, but I like the idea of them, that is, if there is any demand. Any insights you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
  11. Both myself and someone else in my alliance are experienceing this same problem with crop sprites not loading correctly. Upon entering a field area I see only very faint crop sprites. Once I farm a tile the sprites, in a surrounding area of approximately 5 tiles, render correctly but the remaining crops are still fainter than they should be. This is a problem that I have only noticed since at the weekend I had to replace my GPU. Going from a GTX 680 to a GTX 1050 Ti. We're both running the same 385.41 drivers and both cards are Gigabyte. His is a GTX 1070 G1 Gaming card. On my old card with older drivers, this was never an issue. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  12. Astoria Mercantile Animals Type Special Features Price (each) Price (Breeding pair) Price (any set of 4) Chickens/Roosters Provides eggs for cooking 5c Pigs 10c Sheep White Provides milk and wool 20c Black Provides milk and wool 25c Seals 25c Crabs Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Tortoises Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Bison – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Faster wagon pulling 50c 90c 1.8s Cows/Bulls – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Ridable 25c 40c 80c Hell Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Hostile, Ridable Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Original Colors Ridable 50c 90c 1.8s New Colors Ridable 75c 1.4s 3.8s Unicorns – 5 speed 8 trait Ridable, 2 Seater 1.5s 2.75s 5.5s Fierce Ridable, 2 Seater 1.75s 3.25s 6.5s Champion Ridable, 2 Seater 2s 3.75s 7.5s Dogs Champion Endangered 1s Deer Champion Endangered 1s Cats Champion Hostile 1s *Extra traits: Tough Bugger – Withstands more damage Fight Fiercely – Does more damage Keen Senses – Sense danger in water (unconfirmed) Strong and Healthy – Higher Resistance to Disease Certain Spark – Lives 50% longer All Crops 1s/1k Crops Quality Amount Available Barley 93.03 7,134 Cabbage 92.75 6,038 Carrot 93.30 7,630 Corn 91.99 4,751 Cotton 90.84 3,996 Cucumber 93.10 5,346 Garlic 91.37 4,934 Lettuce 92.48 5,117 Oat 84.17 5,326 Onion 91.13 5,158 Pea pod 92.40 5,073 Potato 92.85 5,395 Pumpkin 92.84 5,284 Rice 92.69 1,042 Rye 93.02 6,186 Strawberry 93.41 4,769 Sugar beet 92.17 4,893 Tomato 92.86 5,345 Wemp plants 92.87 6,347 Wheat 92.46 6,866 *** Delivery only available on Deliverance *** *** All Mailable items require standard COD costs *** *** Any Items not listed may be available upon Request ***
  13. Brewery Hill Produce Pristine All produce is priced at 1s/1k. Will provide a better price for bulk orders. Order requests also available. Produce Quantity Quality Cotton 4 94 1 93 1 95 Wemp 3 94 Cabbage 1 92 Carrot 2 95 Pumpkin 1 91 Sugarbeet 1 91 Tomato 1 92 Corn 1 95 Cucumber 1 95 Free delivery for orders over 3k to coastlines of any PvE server. Pickup can be arranged from Pristine. Smaller quantity deliveries can also be arranged. PM here or to Aussiemel ingame.
  14. Subj. Can anyone: Create a modification that removes the growth of crops in the winter season?
  15. Hello wurmians, I am looking for a small deed for a friend and myself. The deed must have - an area to use for farming (a few flat tiles) - one or more houses - a small workshop (does not have to be "equipped", just seperate building) - a small mine (with iron in it) - a nearby forest (d prefer one inside a forest) Some extras which d be nice: - harbour or coast line - walls - guard tower - some useful goods - a ship - horses - carts - nearby clay tiles - and so on Feel free to post or pm your deed with all information, and also server and location plus the price you are asking. Would love a deed on pristine, but if its a nice one i d accept release or east coast of xanadu too. Greetings Simju
  16. Hi, It would be SO very nice if crops ripened at the same time. Currently, it takes me 3 real life days to harvest 108 fields, all of which were planted at the same time, well at least within the same hour or so. I find this incredibly annoying, as no doubt most farmers do. Surely this would not be a difficult thing to fix? It would make the life of farmers a whole lot better. And it would be a small compensation for them not having the chance to receive anything at all when they have a "moment of inspiration" when farming, harvesting, sowing, etc.... Thank you, in advance, fellow players, for your support on this one - and to the Devs, IF they listen... Cheers, Baloo
  17. Nippy General Store Bulk Goods Boobaby's Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing 50ql 15c 60ql 25c Shads Leatherworking Resources Cotton 80+ql 1s per 1k Wemp 80+ql 1s per 1k All other veggies 80+ql 1s per 1k Will offer a discount on Bulk amounts over 5k Free delivery on all orders *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As we know not everyone has silver ready to pay with we take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Referral 6s Sleep powder 1.5s Gems 2c per QL Open to other offers Merchant at Freedom Market Located at Nippy Shores 24x 46y
  18. For those of you who desire to burrow into the earth and never emerge into the cursed surface again, I present you the Lichen Garden. Lichen Garden 10 rock shards, 2 moss OR 2 lichen. Must be underground on a flat rock tile, not inside a building. Works like cultivated land that can only grow one crop. Plant some lichen or moss (moss to get new underground colonists started) like you would crops on the surface. Wait for it to grow then harvest. Lichen: Works just like any other crop (corn, potatoes, ec) for cooking, can go in FSBs. Combine it with fish or meat for tasty dwarf food.
  19. Mirkwood farm and manufacture Located South-west Indy 17x47y/p11 crops 83ql ...1s/1k pumping ...3 300 in stock corn ....3 400 in stock garlic ...7 000 in stock onions ...5 600 in stock potatoes 10 000 stock strawberry 10 000 stock 81ql wemp ... 6 000 in stock 82ql cotton ...16 000 in stock Grain 83 3 000 in stock barley oat rye wheat making cheese and bread wool bulk carpentery 35ql+, 1k planks - 1s - 2k bulk ql in stock 1k shafts - 1s - 1k bulk ql in stock 1k wood shingle - 50c 100 pegs - 20c 100 logs 45ql - 30c 900 in stock 10 fruit logs(apple, lemon, olive, cherry) 24 kg bulk ql - 50c/ or 5c each willow, oak log bulk ql - 8c each 1k kidling - 1s etc. large crates - 15c oaken tools up to 55+...30c Fletching 1k arrow shafts (maplewood, bulk low ql) - 1s 100 hunting arrows ql 30- 75c (war arrows on order) 1kCharcoal 15ql - 3s...1000 in stock bulk blacksmith 500 small nails - 75c 500large nails - 1s 100 ribbons - 1s 500 rivets - 1s 100 frying pans - 1s 100 fence bars - 1,5s etc. mixed grass flowers sprouts bulk building material 1k clay - 1s 1k tar - 1s 1k dirt - 1s 1k zinc (35+ql) - 1s 1k bricks(colossus) - 2s - 1000 in stock 1k mortar - 2,5s - 800 in stock 100 stone slab - 1s 100 pottery bricks - 1s etc. Large crates for change or included for small fee Delivery FREE min. order on Xanadu 5s for pick up 10% discount Write me pm here, reply this post, or catch me ingame - Elleanne.
  20. With skills set to 90, a player cannot plant crops on the PvP Land (Onashores) server. When you plant pumpkins, for example, it appears to plant and then immediately grow ready to harvest, then disappears while accompanied with a weird bird-chirping sound effect. I tried reducing my skills back down to 20, but the same thing happens. I am not sure if this happens on the Bridges Test Server or not.
  21. It's time to clear out some of the stuff cluttering up the place. Where items can be mailed, buyer pays CoD, otherwise collection from Southern Release. I'm happy to deliver on Release if you're buying at least 1s worth of stuff. Misc. rares: 2.5s each for the lamps (and I'll imp them to 60QL) rocks, mortars, brick and hull plank 30c each rare door lock 50c If you're interested in any of the above, post here or PM me. Sold Stuff 4x sleep powders - 1.25s each or 4.5s for the lot Crops: 3k strawberries (73QL) 2.5k barley (62QL) 1k oats (54QL) 1k rye (53QL) 10k onions (68QL) + 4k (84QL) 2k garlic (85QL) All crops 80c / k, happy to deliver to a coastal location on Release (we're based at Feral Dustbunnies, X23 Y36 / P15). Lanterns: All dyed white-ish: [21:33:12] A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. It is glowing from the heat. Colors: R=204, G=204, B=204. You need to temper the lantern by dipping it in water while it's hot. Ql: 80.09026, Dam: 0.0. 50c each.
  22. As title says, selling 10k onion - 68.40 QL Due to my terrible sense of direction and lack of free time to go delivering this is pickup only from my deed Feral Dustbunnies at about P15 on in game map, just a short walk up the coast from the dock at Willow Cove. Will supply a wagon to take it down to your boat and a free FSB if you don't have room at home, just let me know before! Wanting to sell for 75c per k, discount if you buy it all. -edit amended spelling and location details.
  23. Veggies 11k garlics ql 95 10k onions ql 95 4k pumpkins ql 93 2k barley ql 92 1k strawberries ql 92 below 90ql: 3k pumpkins ql 85 Cotton 3k cotton ql 93 Small sailing boats birchwood ql 36, locked with anchor, colored R=173 G=77 B=77 pinewood ql 35, locked with anchor, colored R=72 G=72 B=179 Seller and location In game name: Fendir. Time zone GMT+1. Usually I'm on from 21:00 to 02:00, sometime also from about 13:00 to 14:00. During weekends I play more so easier to meet. Location: Xanadu J11 Can deliver for orders >= 4k (max 13.8k each travel). Pickup available at J11. 1s for 1k veggies 1s for one boat Pickup location images: