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Found 53 results

  1. Tired of living in the dark? Light up your life and your home with our lamps! I can be contacted ingame @Kadence, via forum PM, or post here for all orders. Hi everyone! I offer Strongwall services as well as lamps made fresh as ordered! Below you can find a list of services and pricing: Strongwall Casts: Travel cost: 50c to any coast, or 1s to anywhere inland + 1 tile: 1s OR bulk discounts: 2 to 5 tiles: 75c each 5 to 10 tiles: 50c each 10 tiles+: 30c each For example, a total of 10 tiles Strongwalled on a coastal location would be: 3s 50c, MUCH cheaper than 10 shaker orbs! Lamps: (Delivery by mail available, FREE delivery to any coastal location on orders of 100+ to save you mail cost!) Lamps can be pushed INTO walls to hide the pole and make it appear they are attached to the wall, be sure to see the spoilers for example pictures of each style! Lanterns: 70QL dyed bright white, held in inventory as a portable (BRIGHT) light source: 45c each, or discounted 40c each for orders of 3+ Brass Oil Lamp: 50QL dyed BRIGHT white, can be used as a portable light source or decoration, they look GREAT! 40c each Hanging: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 5c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 15c each, 50QL (~5 tile radius) 25c each (Silver/Gold also available @ 10c each @ 20QL, 30c each @ 40QL, 50c each at 50QL) Street/Regular: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 5c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 15c each, 50QL (~5 tile radius) 25c each (Silver/Gold also available @ 10c each @ 20QL, 30c each @ 40QL, 50c each at 50QL) Torch: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 5c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 15c each, 50QL (~5 tile radius) 25c each (Silver/Gold also available @ 10c each @ 20QL, 30c each @ 40QL, 50c each at 50QL) Small Braziers: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 20c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) 40c each Imperial: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 15c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) @ 30c each, 50QL (~5 tile radius) @ 50c each Candelabra: 20QL (~2 tile radius) @ 10c each, 40QL (~4 tile radius) @ 25c each, 50QL (~5 tile radius) @ 45c each for IRON or COPPER (Silver/Gold also available @ 20c each @ 20QL, 50c each @ 40QL, 90c each at 50QL) Thanks for looking and Happy Wurming! In need of enchanted tools or blacksmithing imps? Be sure to check out Budget BOTD!
  2. Bachus's Pottery Barn located at S-13 on Deliverance is open for business. Currently selling Horse equipment ( saddles, bridles, saddlebags, horseshoes, and Barding both cloth and Leather), bulk pottery items (Amphoras, bricks, shingles, and jars ) Cloth and Leather armor sets, and tools all up to 70 quality, military tents at 50+ quality. We have some enchanted items available on our merchants but not doing custom enchants just yet. we do lighting, lamps, lanterns, and candelabras up to 60 quality per item or in bulk. We have 4 speed horses and hell horses, 4 draft horses, and 4 output bison and cattle. BULK POTTERY ITEMS small amphora = 5 copper each 50ql. large amphora = 8 copper each for 50ql. jars/ flasks/bowls= 3 copper each 50 ql. bulk discount of 15% for orders over 10 of the same item. Orders for individual items can be mailed free delivery to Deliverence or coastal pickup at Lonestar Harbor T-13. Current Bulk Items available: 12 crates Dirt -35 copper each. [ 4 silvers for all 12 crates] 8 crates 90+ql veggies or cereals -35 copper each. [ 2 silver for all 8 crates] Cross Server delivery 50 copper for bulk items or animals. One charge for all items delivered.
  3. I'm building a new building. I made the floor plan and planted a lamp at each tile junction that will have a wall. I then planned and built the walls of the first (ground) floor. Next I made the floors above around the outside walls and also 2 staircases to get up to the 2nd floor. I then planted lamps around the perimeter of the 2nd floor and called it a day. When I logged on the next day, the lamps along the 2nd floor south wall had fallen through to the ground floor and were not accessible except for the two that were at corners. The south wall is towards the ships. Notice there are no lamps on the 2nd floor there. You can see how I plant the lamps before planning the walls and how the planned walls look with the planted lamps. So, what I did was... 1. Prepare the groundplan of the building. 2. Planted lamps around the perimeter of where the outside walls would be. 3. Planned the 1st (ground) floor. 4. Built the walls of the 1st floor. 5. Planned the floors above around the perimeter and the internal walls for the 1st floor. 6. Built the floors above. 7. Planned and built floors below for the staircases (4) 8. Planned the staircases and built 2 of them to get to the 2nd floor. 9. Planted lamps around the perimeter walls of the 2nd floor. 10. Logged for the night. 11. Returned the next day and found that the lamps on the 2nd floor south wall had disappeared! None other, just those. 12. After examining the 1st floor walls I discovered that there were 2 lamps at each of the corners of the south wall. It followed that the others were in the walls but I could not detect them to retrieve them. What I expected was for everything to be where I had put it. The above steps may, or may not, reproduce the problem. Since I have an additional 5 - 7 floors to build it would be nice to figure this out beforehand. Thanks for your efforts
  4. This is not the most modern renderer, so ignore this post if it has been fixed in the latest update(s). When the camera (eye point) is fixed, the specular lighting position should not move. Even when the camera rotates, the lights shining from the lamps should keep the same direction and not be affected by the camera rotation. Unfortunately at the moment, the specular lights seem to be rotating in opposition to the camera. Correct me if wrong but it appears that a rotation has been applied to the lighting calculation unnecessarily. It's been a while since I coded any lighting - but I would check that the light hasn't been affected by the camera rotation before or during calculating the specular light direction. Rotating left to right clockwise from a fixed standing position - note the lights on the floor swing clockwise around the lights position: This forum post may help or not
  5. My coal piles have become unlit since the last update, something must have snuffed them. See also:
  6. 100 Iron Lamps all 50ql+ (avg 53ql) 10c each, 10 for 90c, or all 100 for 8.5s 2 rare long swords - 80ql 4s each 24 Sleep Powders SOLD 22s - pickup at T14 on Deliverance 3 rare iron lamps and 3 rare iron torch lamps 2s each, or all 6 for 11s
  7. Magrathea Lantern Shop ! Proudly served wurmians since the year of 980! Placeing an order For the sake of keeping things simple please make a post in this thread and i will send you the item as soon as i see the order. You can also send me a ingame pm, posts here comes first though. Lanterns Will normally be made on order only, prices are as follows: Pocket Sun - 80c (91ql) - made on order Pocket Nova -3s50c (95ql) - made on order Colors available: All lanterns will be painted white (currently: 240,240,240) unless you ask othervise. Example images of painted 91ql lamps: Darkness -White - Red - Cyan Available Stock Current stock available for delivery: Copper Hanging lamps / Iron lamps Will be made on order only, prices are as follows: 70ql - 20c (12pcs - 2s) 80ql - 30c (12pcs - 3s) 90ql - pm for price Picked up on deed (deli) only. Can not be sent must be picket up on deed, Location M8 on the ingame map,. Lamps will not be painted as standard as they use alot of paint, pm me ingame for a price and available colors. Imping Items 70ql - 20c 80ql - 40c 91ql - 80c (large anvils: 2s) 95ql - 4s (Large anvils: pm for prize) Just take the ql you want it imped to and take off the closest cost (depending on the current ql) and you get the imping price. If it is below 65ql the price are as listed.
  8. As many if not all of you know, we can now bless the lamps for some perma lights in tunnels, highway, cave canals and whatnot: No priest, no time, want to do some community oriented job WiTH the community, drop a word here to coordinate our efforts. Remember the need for reinforced cave floor, so some tunnels will need extra love.
  9. Prices: rare seryll: 2s seryll: 1s adamantite: 2s huge sword bracelets: 2s each potion of mining: 3s rare lamps: 1s each Offer me on anything else in a post or PM, I can be reached either here or ingame on the same name. Also for sale: rare forge 53.75ql - 4s
  10. I am offering lamp blessing services at 5c/lamp if you bring them/mail them to me (M8 (The former Waterdeep Area) on Pristine) or 10c/lamp if I have to travel to you! For those of you unaware, due to one of the new updates, blessing a lamp offdeed now allows it to light and snuff on its own as one ondeed would... with no fuel needed aside from the first lighting! So long as the lamp itself is on paved ground (corner tile included if planted from a paved tile) or reinforced cave tile. You can contact me ingame at Aikainnet, or Plutus or right here on the forums! I will not travel to Chaos and I will not travel for less than 3s for xana, unless coastal deed. Coastal blessing will travel for at least 1s
  11. as you know.. outside of caves, if you fill and light a planted off deed lamp, it's lit until it runs out of fuel. Within a settlement, they only light at night. (even without a Templar.) Could we make the outdoor off-deed lamps behave in the same way as on-deed? Sure they'll still run out of fuel but they'll last twice as long. I believe we'll be much more likely to manually refill them if they last twice as long. The roads between settlements could be lit up.. at the moment it's simply too much maintenance.
  12. I would like to ask that signs & lamps and such that can be placed in buildings and on corners. Could we get access to pick them up and to alter them when the wall is there? Especially Improve and repair actions. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
  13. I would love it if the brass oil lamp could be used as a lamp head. I think they would make nice hanging lamps and would look good on top of lampposts when pushed into fences or hedges.
  14. Nippy General Store Bulk Goods Boobaby's Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing 50ql 15c 60ql 25c Shads Leatherworking Resources Cotton 80+ql 1s per 1k Wemp 80+ql 1s per 1k All other veggies 80+ql 1s per 1k Will offer a discount on Bulk amounts over 5k Free delivery on all orders *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As we know not everyone has silver ready to pay with we take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Referral 6s Sleep powder 1.5s Gems 2c per QL Open to other offers Merchant at Freedom Market Located at Nippy Shores 24x 46y
  15. [14:16:15] You may not move that item right now. This is on deed with full permissions. Regardless of permissions, only the person who planted a lamp can push, pull, or turn it, including the mayor.
  16. Right now, lamps can be controlled as follows: On-deed: On at night, off during the day. Off-deed: Either permanently on or permanently off, until they run out of fuel. I suggest finer control over any lamp by characters on-deed with the permission to do so, or who originally planted the lamp if off-deed*, through a right-click submenu or similar, with options such as: Always stay lit. Always stay off. Stay lit at night, and off during the day. Stay lit at day, and off during the night (hey, someone might want it for aesthetic reasons). Some other option I'm not thinking of? This would give finer control over lights on deed, especially, and would allow us to give off-deed lighting similar function, although obviously they'd need manual fueling or a Templar to take care of the oil. For example, maybe I want my deed lights to follow default patterns and only stay lit at night, but maybe I also want a specific lamp, or a brazier pillar, or a fireplace, to stay lit all the time. This is pretty reasonable, and something I've seen requested before. * I suppose it would also make sense to allow anyone to adjust settings of off-deed lamps; either way is arguably fine.
  17. I tried to push a torch into a wall so it would look nice and now my torch is stuck in the wall and cannot be manipulated.
  18. So for filling of lamps and now fireplaces automatically within a 24 tile perimeter on deed we have the huge oil barrel. This barrel will hold up to 2,250kg's of liquid. Impressive isn't it, what I don't understand is why this mechanic is limited to olives. If you wanted to fill the barrel with olive oil you would need to harvest 12,500 olive tree's, that is assuming each olive tree has a olive during olive season. Chances are, maybe 2 out of 3 olive trees will bear this little fruit and then you must turn this olive into oil, so depending on your skill the amount of olive tree's needed to harvest to fill this barrel to the top could well go beyond requiring a person to harvest 20,000 trees. Don't forget that making olive oil use's the beverage skill, for oil that is not actually used as a beverage. Is this wurm logic at its best? What we need is an alternative fuel, one that is more readily available year around such as tar, and a means to turn this tar into oil and in-turn giving us more options for filling lamps and huge oil barrels. Save the olive's for compass building and of course the martini.
  19. Has anyone else noticed planted lamps on and off deed come up missing recently? I noticed several on my deed that have gone missing, as well as a few off deed. Others in the area have experienced missing lamps as well. Does planting a lamp not protect it from theft? Or was there a bug or glitch of some kind?
  20. I am looking for 50 iron lamps. Near Linton on Xanadu. Please PM me in game. You can find me on Aryana, Izzzy, or Taylen with pricing.
  21. Lamps that were on destroyed bridges that were not removed before taking down the bridge are still bound to the former bridge and cannot be picked up. "[04:56:16] You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that. "
  22. In light of the issues of things possible being taken on and off deed, please make any items planted on or off deed unable to be picked up, loaded or pushed by anyone but the mayor or the person who planted them. Currently Hota and turrets I believe can be loaded by people even if they are planted. This of course does not apply on deed unless you allow your villagers to pick up things, which you need to do if you are a villager. Please look at this mechanic and fix it.
  23. I am able to mail cross-servers but bulk orders are not delivered beyond Independence. These are pickup only \/\/\/\/\/ Please Read \/\/\/\/\/ Do you want to purchase from this store but don't have the money? Don't worry! Trade in your animal bits and gain more for your money. I'm currently buying animal bits for 10iron per use (cash) or trade in these bits for items from my store for 12iron per use (credit)! Animal bits include: Bladders, Eyes, Glands, Hearts, Hoofs, Horns, Paws, Tails and Teeth /\/\/\/\/\ Please Read /\/\/\/\/\ I really want animal bits \/\/\/\/\/ Custom Lanterns & Lantern Colours 1 Post Down\/\/\/\/\/ ------Dyes------ Dyes are split into tiers, as the tiers increase the price does too. This is because the colours either require more materials or are harder to acquire. If you want to order a custom colour use the tier system below. Find which colour is closest match to the one you want and that'll give you a rough idea of pricing. ------Tier 1: 10c per kg------(White, Green) ------Tier 2: 20c per kg------(Red) ------Tier 3: 30c per kg------(Yellow, Orange) ------Tier 4: 40c per kg------(Blue) ------Tier 5: 50c per kg------(Cyan, Pink, Purple) ------Tier 6: Varies, PM------(Black) These pictures were taken with white lighting and on a Pinewood surface. Your results may vary. I will however attempt to match or meet your required colour as close as possible. Please remember the surface you are painting has a massive effect on the overall look of dye. If you are unsure about which surface types are best and how they'll look, feel free to ask. ------Custom Dye Orders------ If none of these colours match what you desire then this is the area for you. Simply tell me what surfaces you intend to paint, what colour you want on the surfaces (RGB is normally the best) and I'll take these both into account and make the perfect match. In-terms of pricing, its the same as above, simply find a colour which is the same shade then you'll gain an understanding of the price range. Or just ask, I'm more than happy to help out! Previous Custom Orders Neb: Terracotta on Stone Walls. Ruriko: Blue Steel on Stone Walls. -------------------Smithing------------------------- ------Lamps------ Iron and Copper lamps x1030ql = 1.5s40ql = 2s50ql = 2.5s60ql = 3.5sImperial iron lamps x5 30ql = 1s40ql = 1.5s50ql = 2s60ql = 3sSilver lamps x5 30ql = 1s40ql = 1.5sColoured Lamps(Per lamp) Red = 5cOrange = 5cYellow = 5cGreen = 5cTeal = 5cBlue = 10cPink = 7cPurple = 10cWhite = 5c Jewellery Smithing ------Silver------ Statuettes30ql = 60c40ql = 80c50ql = 1sStatuettes can be painted with the same price as lamps. Although colour is not visible while its being "used" by a person. However colour is visible on the ground. ---Candelabra--- Iron and Copper 30ql = 30c40ql = 40c50ql = 50cSilver 30ql = 60c40ql = 80c50ql = 1s Other Notes Pick up at Freedom market Area Mailing is possible with the addition of 10c mailing fee(20c cross servers) Remember! Trade in your animal bits and gain more for your money. I'm currently buying animal bits for 10iron per use (cash) or trade in these bits for items from my store for 12iron per use (credit)! Animal bits include: Bladders, Eyes, Glands, Hearts, Hoofs, Horns, Paws, Tails and Teeth Any questions leave a comment here, PM me or message me in-game (Headhunter)
  24. So every lamp created will have its Kingdom specified banner hanging from those hooks. Or from Kane's idea to add flags later on as decoration once imperial lamps are done.
  25. since we cannot push lamps into stuff anymore, can we get a wall mountable lamp that we can make so it looks like the lamps we used to push into the wall until you cannot see the pole? 2nd, how about a flowerbed that isnt attached to borders? or is able to be attached to walls, like a flowerbox on windows, something like that