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  1. "im okay with this being broken for others because it works fine for me therefore it is not a problem"
  2. Yet its fixed for WO and there is a fix for WU, it just hasn't been pushed?
  3. Address the numerous others in the thread here as well and not just me as I'm not the only one creating the "inability" here, apparently And actually you're wrong about Shadowplay, because I just tried and it doesn't even show anymore. Why is it so difficult to create a hotfix for your game? Why are you ignoring the fact that this fix isn't coming to us for at least one more month?
  4. been well past mid-january for awhile, thanks
  5. It's almost like those games immediately push hotfixes and compatibility updates for those that cannot play. Go on, tell me I'm wrong when I say we should be expecting the same treatment or at least a fix within a week or two of the reported issue. It also feels like you didn't read what any of us said about rolling back drivers, potential compatibility issues with other games and the loss of support for Nvidia experience features like Shadowplay (Which I personally use all the time). Not like I haven't had serious frame rate or graphical seizures from outdated drivers before with games, nope. Also the analogy you've presented is literally nothing more than a juxtaposition to discredit our current situation when in reality it has nothing to do with our inability to play. Chill and walk away if you've nothing to offer but "CODECLUB DOES NO WRONG"
  6. exactly what i said two weeks ago, i was met with "fix it yourself" by the devs pretty much, pretty bad considering WU updates happen every 2-3 months, so don't expect a hotfix, don't expect any amount of support, they'd rather you fix it yourself instead of push any sort of compatibility hotfix for their broken game lol ^ was the response I got when I told them I wouldn't rollback my drivers because they refuse to fix the game, I'm not risking the stability of other games OR the features nvidia experience provides (Shadowplay, etc) that rely on update-to-date nvidia drivers for 2-3 months because of their lack of support and incompetence much less at the EXPENSE of WU. but i guess thats on us players lol, go home friends, you won't get a fix for this until March.
  7. hi uh that visual placement preview is probably the best thing to come to wurm since ever? thanks like damn whoever suggested and designed this QoL feature gets dev of the month
  8. Which as far as I know may be a month or two from now, knowing the previous releases for WU updates. Why can't something that prevents people from playing your game be packaged alone as a hotfix? Doesn't seem like much of a priority if rolling back drivers is the temporary fix. People who have rolled back drivers and or have gone without driver updates for awhile know the risks of performance and stability with outdated drivers, I am not risking other games at WU's expense lmao
  9. Here's a post of another player having the same issue, I don't even get a log, my game freezes and I have to manually close it through task manager because the second I log in after loading the launcher, the game loads for a split second then just freezes. I've reinstalled it and everything, and this post leads me to believe its the most recent nvidia update since I wasn't having this issue two weeks ago. It just suddenly -happened-.
  10. Hey when are the WU devs going to fix the nvidia driver problem? I can't play with the latest drivers and I'm certainly not going to risk the integrity and performance of an older driver on other games at the expense of WU.
  11. You do realize Sindusk had NO POWER, and NO INTERNET, for three days during that timespan? We have a single dev, and he fixed it the second he was able to.
  12. Actually they didn't. They didn't ban players that were proven (through recording and event logs) to be macroing, they didn't ban fly hackers, they didn't fix bugs with the server, they did not exist. I was around since the beginning, and I was the player Sirus is referring to who was trying to get the attention of the GMs to take care of players like Plopper. But they didn't respond, they didn't make any statements, they deleted threads concerning any drama or situation going on in the server, and they shut it down two months later without even TELLING players.
  13. The situation is being blown way out of proportion at the moment. The victim in question had all of his destroyed items (Only one item as far as I know, could be more) reimbursed, the bug was immediately fixed, and the player had a stern talking to. But the moment it happened, the perpetrator had immediately reported it. Had he done it to tons of other deeds without telling anyone or doing anything about it I can assure you he would've been banned, but as far as I know only a few items were affected, one was destroyed and replaced, the perpetrator brought it to our attention immediately and it was looked into the moment it happened. I can assure you Jonneh and Graham wouldn't have even given a statement about a situation like that.
  14. Graham who? They never did anything. If you lost your stuff on old Wyvern, I can guarantee you'd never get reimbursed or even have the bug fixed because they were never AROUND. They shut down the server because they didn't want to moderate and baby it anymore, as if they ever did anyways.