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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    Question, why didn't WO move to Steam earlier?
  2. Developing a game is usually a job for about 99% of the developers in the gaming industry
  3. Stuff is never implemented because people sit on projects like they have no drive or motivation to actually develop for the game.
  4. I can safely assure you those are his real reasons.
  5. It needed to happen, this has gone on for so long in Wurm without any form of confirmation, just rumors and theories. But now that the community has actual confirmation of said-rumors and theories on while things are so slow, mismanaged, and down right incompetence, and not from just your average player but from someone who had worked so closely beside staff for months, people feel more compelled than ever to believe and speak out about the state of staff and the mismanagement of the game as a whole. I'm sad it took this long, but this is literally a necessary for people to open their eyes to what the so called 'doomsayers' have been speaking of for years.
  6. Ever since Sindusk left I haven't been able to log in once... ?
  7. No one can replace Tich, it's all down hill from here boys
  8. not really, and its not even a stable or consistent number, you're really underestimating the amount of people that play WU plus the appeal it has, I would personally never go back to WO despite starting on WO some 13 years ago.
  9. I've had it happen many time in the past but my previous issue was always me having two clients open at once, or one client stuck in the background tasks despite being closed previously. My fix for this used to be closing the processes themselves and starting a single client of WU, saving binds, and logging out before logging back in later with saved binds. This always worked, however my current issue isn't resolved in the same manner anymore, not since the most recent WU update. This time I've had to edit the bind text file itself.
  10. less than 500 people play concurrently, WU peaks around 600-700 the jump in numbers in october was due to the indie bundle, which was a rare case, definitely not enough to garner any amount of attention to WO
  11. this tbh the WU community is much smaller than you think @Etherdrifter
  12. Easily exploitable when you can buy WU keys for $3 from the indie bundle sale
  13. okay but actual picture of me this time
  14. As the title says, nothing else to really describe other than I set binds through a console, close the game naturally, open it back up and the bind is default back to normal.