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  1. WU - Link

    not really, and its not even a stable or consistent number, you're really underestimating the amount of people that play WU plus the appeal it has, I would personally never go back to WO despite starting on WO some 13 years ago.
  2. Keybinds not saving?

    I've had it happen many time in the past but my previous issue was always me having two clients open at once, or one client stuck in the background tasks despite being closed previously. My fix for this used to be closing the processes themselves and starting a single client of WU, saving binds, and logging out before logging back in later with saved binds. This always worked, however my current issue isn't resolved in the same manner anymore, not since the most recent WU update. This time I've had to edit the bind text file itself.
  3. WU - Link

    less than 500 people play concurrently, WU peaks around 600-700 the jump in numbers in october was due to the indie bundle, which was a rare case, definitely not enough to garner any amount of attention to WO
  4. WU - Link

    this tbh the WU community is much smaller than you think @Etherdrifter
  5. WU - Link

    Easily exploitable when you can buy WU keys for $3 from the indie bundle sale
  6. What do you look like

    okay but actual picture of me this time
  7. Keybinds not saving?

    As the title says, nothing else to really describe other than I set binds through a console, close the game naturally, open it back up and the bind is default back to normal.
  8. Lava spider recolor proposal

    argh! my plan foiled, now the devs will never see it in time
  9. Lava spider recolor proposal

    This is true, hadn't thought about that, though I've very slight hope they'd consider it not only for WU but for future applications to WO if they ever decided to do anything with lava fiends.
  10. Loving the work thats gone into the mob recolors but I feel the lava spider recolor could be done to look a bit more.. Appealing. Recently you guys showcased this example, and while like, 90% of the recolors have been done pretty spot on, I was disappointed to see the embers not taken advantage of on the lava spider. My alternate proposal to this coloration is to tone the embers instead of the skin itself, like here I'm also hoping the same would be considered for the lava fiends, I mean just at this bad boii, what an absolute unit
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    i may like building a little too much
  12. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    Yup it's a low bookshelf! Also built a wooden fence inside of it to give it some real collision. Minor but fun little addition to our spawn,
  13. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    best god damn mod all year EVERY YEAR I designed a bar for Revenant's main spawn and I probably spent like 5 hours total messing around with different configurations and item combinations, this mods crazy @bdew SIDE NOTE THOUGH: we cannot place items ontop of cupboards, coffers, or altars, is that intended? Also, colossus bricks would tbh be very fun to have as surfaces aswell. I also have a minor suggestion that may be impossible, but is there any way you could implement a feature to the mod where we can put piles of items ontop of surfaces? Perhaps not piles themselves but the ability to visually toggle an item's model from single to pile models?
  14. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    Lol.... Trust me, you'd have to be a special kind of special to not even recognize his typing style tbh Also the fact that Enki has now been involved in the case must've gone over your head a bit there too