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  1. Happens on new saves and old saves, here's one I made specifically to show.
  2. any bridge that is more than 1 tile in width appears like this happens on new plans and old plans, no error messages or anything.
  3. like how others got banned for just exactly what shrimpiie wanted to do? idk about that man, some straight up hypocrisy if he was allowed to get away with what he was claiming he did
  4. this is a thing that exists?
  5. considering we dont have low stone walls in any other varieties.. why not just add marble slate and all the other low stone walls?
  6. dear art developerâ„¢ how long until we get different types of wood housing/flooring
  7. "Material quantity and weight for floor boards has been reduced." ten years in the making, this change
  8. Wyvern Reborn has been having huge lag spikes ever since the update.
  9. It's made to look rough for a reason. They aren't fancy, and neither are low stone walls, which are even more rough than these.
  10. As title says, looking for someone to make some tweaks to the LMCs so they can be lockpickable off deed.
  11. hehe prophetear he got you friend!!!
  12. When I played, I used to have a year or two of upkeep paid for in advance.
  13. As the title says, PM me or something as I will not give the mod out freely. The changes are simple as I understand, but I lack the knowledge to do it myself.
  14. why post color picking is an option in compatibility settings that allows you to select items, lamps and stuff through walls incase you ever get them lost in the collision it WAS available in WU, and still is available in WO
  15. Old as hell bug that somehow hasn't been fixed. Wyvern had this problem when the PvP server was up. Player zombies littered the map and they would spawn some crazy items like drake jackets you couldn't improve, shovels made from stone when you killed them.