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  1. You do realize Sindusk had NO POWER, and NO INTERNET, for three days during that timespan? We have a single dev, and he fixed it the second he was able to.
  2. Actually they didn't. They didn't ban players that were proven (through recording and event logs) to be macroing, they didn't ban fly hackers, they didn't fix bugs with the server, they did not exist. I was around since the beginning, and I was the player Sirus is referring to who was trying to get the attention of the GMs to take care of players like Plopper. But they didn't respond, they didn't make any statements, they deleted threads concerning any drama or situation going on in the server, and they shut it down two months later without even TELLING players.
  3. The situation is being blown way out of proportion at the moment. The victim in question had all of his destroyed items (Only one item as far as I know, could be more) reimbursed, the bug was immediately fixed, and the player had a stern talking to. But the moment it happened, the perpetrator had immediately reported it. Had he done it to tons of other deeds without telling anyone or doing anything about it I can assure you he would've been banned, but as far as I know only a few items were affected, one was destroyed and replaced, the perpetrator brought it to our attention immediately and it was looked into the moment it happened. I can assure you Jonneh and Graham wouldn't have even given a statement about a situation like that.
  4. Graham who? They never did anything. If you lost your stuff on old Wyvern, I can guarantee you'd never get reimbursed or even have the bug fixed because they were never AROUND. They shut down the server because they didn't want to moderate and baby it anymore, as if they ever did anyways.
  5. Pst, someone go dig up Echelon. (looking at you Odynn)
  6. People here are also going to have to keep in mind that fixing this mod will require more than just a single fix or two, from what I understand from a few others modders trying to fix ESP for this update, it's very intensive and requires tons of work. I don't think we will be seeing this for awhile.
  7. It just needs to not be updated/made available to the public. It ruins many aspects of PvE and completely ruins PvP. This is coming from someone who has used his own personal ESP for two years.
  8. Not how that works.
  9. I hope this mod stays dead, for the sake of WU's future and integrity, ESP has ruined many aspects of WU, especially PvP.
  10. Sorry for any of the problems we've had lately, we've been pushing Wurm far beyond its normal capabilities! Woke up last night and had to sort out a ton of desync issues involving the huge player count, I guess Wurm was never meant to handle the amount of players we've been pulling in lately haha
  11. The legacy public lottery went over amazingly with roughly 30 players appearing to pick and choose their prize! Players claiming their prizes once called upon Others wait for their names to be picked A cluttered mass of mounts, wagons and carts parked alongside the road to Holdstrong as lotto-goers disembark to their destination
  12. Mythmoor was promoted once or twice in different valrei internationals, kangawu was promoted aswell with no problems, this seems to be a bias case of "I don't like Wyvern why are you promoting them"
  13. Not a screenshot, but a video advertisement I made for Wyvern showcasing a few of our modded features, more details here!