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  1. Finally got myself a Wyvern mount!
  2. So Wyvern added rideable "Wyvern" mounts
  3. this thread feels like some serious PR attempt to change how everyone thinks of Roland
  4. stone high iron fences are the only fences not enabled to be clipped into arches for some reason
  5. LOL you think what you did was original and worthy of merit? You took already available images and retextured them onto already existing models, neither asset did you create nor claim. Anyone with the knowledge of Photoshop can do what you did in one evening. Did you read the part where I said you took already available assets? Yeah. You did nothing but place images from Google overtop an existing texture base for a model. Honestly I'm thinking about taking the exact images you used, retexturing them like you did, and package it all up for everyone to use without discrimination or the worry of being the target of some fear mongering forum user that thinks what he made was the next Mona Lisa.
  6. When will Wurm Unlimited be updated...?
  7. How was this done? I'm apparently not allowed to plan high iron fences inside of any kind of arch...
  8. Still looking for a mod of this sort
  9. rakes are used for harvesting lol... i've been misled for years
  10. Question for whoever made underground abode in the banner image, how the hell did you plan high iron fences inside of arches? Maybe it's because I'm on WU, but the option doesn't come up at all. EDIT: So regular stone brick high iron fences cannot be planned inside of arches, but the newer brick types of high iron fences can, devs, can this be changed so stone high iron fences share the same properties?
  11. Bump for this, numbers rising!
  12. As the title says, I think this would be a very nice QoL change alongside the already existing dig like mining and whatnot. So instead of woodscraps littering you inventory after carving or sawing products, the woodscraps will just dump on the ground.