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  1. Repro steps: Get a wagon and put 4 critters on it Walk wagon into a mine with a minedoor, the bigger the better and easier to test Walk the wagon to the mine entrance but not outside the mine and then turn the wagon around and walk it to the back of the cave, this should bug your critters. Observe that your critters are now no longer on your wagon, but above the mine. Watch RAM usage, it will go up the more you walk the wagon around. Computers with low amounts of memory (4-8 gigs) will notice little lag; however, machines with large amounts of memory (in our case, we have 16 or 32 gigs) will begin to stutter very hard while someone is walking the wagon around.
  2. [19:38:39] <Darwin> so i designed a steak tenderizer thats basically just a 800,000rpm vibrator that you put the steak into and it mulchs it
  3. King Vire with his husbands Necroe and Tortoise. Also pictured is his pet Beastwolf.
  4. all ur witch hats 50c/piece to Jacobacon plz.
  5. You should be social distancing anyways due to coronavirus
  6. Not everyone is bourgeois, dude. And if it's not much money then go found a wagon kingdom. It's easy. It's quick. It's 1.35G. Go make your favorite design.
  7. If you want your own personal flag go play wurm unlimited.
  8. Can't use my DESTROY_ITEM bind on towers. Doesn't respond, but the UI shows that I have the action bound.
  9. Twitter sucks. It's sucked for village message integrations since they implemented the more strict bot requirements. Can we get additional integrations for village integrations? At least a webhook?
  10. As a CornyDog follower, I believe that all corpses should disappear on death. I actually agree with this post.
  11. Don't worry, Kenn Jellon's wagon will be neon green and have construction equipment on it.
  12. +1 Voting would be cool. Wurm's an old game man.