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  1. Not everyone can load 12 alts nowadays... I had to use two computers this time to load the 4 alts plus the commander (fourth auto logged off right after logging in), I hope the upcoming renderer will allow more again on my hardware.
  2. I'll be able to check it later tonight - the total headcount in the knarr was a commander and five passengers. The front seat is not the first passenger seat in a knarr that is for sure. EDIT: the fourth passenger (commander + 4 passengers total) will occupy the front seat in a knarr. That fourth passenger cannot access the inventory of the ship.
  3. Being a passenger in the front seat of a knarr still won't allow to access the hold, you cannot put items into the cargo with the usual message that you are too far... Related to:
  4. Valrei International. 064

    Grats to the winners!!! I'm really excited about the new renderer - isn't there an alpha version we could try? Thank you for squashing the bugs - I wonder some devs have a personal goal to kill 5k bugs? On bloods - nice idea to make them all unique. Two questions: Will the current ones which have a single way to create (like mining, WC, etc) stay, or do you plan to shuffle it around? Is there a plan with frost and acid to either replace them or make them actually useful?
  5. Yes, we actually created such a highway, two long bridges and a tall building as center support (it was a 2 tiles wide one from when bridges got introduced but converted to a highway. Structure decay is minimal UNDER the highway tiles, all other walls decay as normal (including walls on the sides of the highway which are higher than the actual highway (location is east of Kalambaka, S15 on Xanadu)
  6. hell scorps are quite nice too - make sure your shield is between 10-40ql if you are above 70 skill already
  7. +1 for bobsleight rides! I'm okay - and see some uses cases myself - with 40 slopes maximum (flat bridges) - but 23 slopes should really be allowed.
  8. Crossing server borders

    A-A B-B etc. If you check the legend on the side of the ingame map you will for exmaple arrive at "g" on the new server if you leave at "g" ; you will arrive at "14" if you depart at "14" (north-south travels)
  9. I've just finished reading the thread up to this point, I really like most of it! I'm not sure about nolo locate soul, but currently on epic it seems quite useless to me anyway if you have a body nolo on yourself - which is very easy to have permanently. On mounts: I would be glad to see the different types kept available, could find a way to balance them out tweaking strengths and weaknesses. Also definitely positive with the tower chaining and removal of tower capping. We need the current hota gone, and some replacement incentive that is not tied to any given location on a server. I'm really eager to see the first changes and I hope it will be beneficial to increase the PVP population. I've no idea about the Chaos armour situation, but on Epic the armour changes introduced some variability.
  10. Thank you I'm good already - forgot to close this thread.
  11. 60c - 2x rare grindstones, rare rope tool

    Blank rare spindle to Jaz please
  12. Looting off deed

    Items on (ex-)deed of active players should stay planted as well. Don't punish them for a mayor left unexpectedly. I would like to see a controlled way to salvage abandoned things like ships/vehicles too - but only if belongs to a player who did not log in for a long time.
  13. My priest alt is creating shields now for my personal goal, he has a 10+ sec timer and do get Actions Performed counter for about tenth or so actions. Tried using the crafting window, or right click method, same. How is it supposed to work at all?
  14. Cannot load small cart if not owner

    Same happened to me with several locked large chests which I have permissions on them but I do now own them. It was no issues earlier.
  15. epic to freedom skill conversion

    you get the actual skills transferred every time you jump from freedom to epic. I'm afraid jumping from epic to freedom will only use the skills the toon had at Nov 2017 (at least that is what I understand). <- no surprise Epic has very low pop lately.