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  1. Big grats. I will never ever go and try to grind any skill to 100 (well Faith on my priests not included).
  2. The lag spikes after a large event are caused by a lot of people and items crossing server borders and as such it most likely will not be resolved by a restart. When I experience bad lag in these situations I simply log off for 20-30 mins until the exodus from the server in question concludes.
  3. Mikeyyaya/Blackdog

    Thanks for the headsup - despite it is sad news... Not met Mikeyyaya too much but I miss him from the hunting grounds of Cele already. Still I hope that big battle can be won - family is a force frequently underrated.
  4. Looks like they will yield much higher when you are extremely lucky and unveil them by hitting out a cave tile. It will even have an event message ("You find a source spring!"), and my one held about 0.3l of source.
  5. Also when you cross to Deli you won't end up on the border tile but way more inside which is clear of any of the such islands on Deli. I do really love those few unusual spots of the map (may be annoying to live there with the constant server crossing warning messages though).
  6. I play on 3 premium toons. I don't really consider them alts, they are feasible characters on their own right. True, two of them are priests but can defend themselves, have proper gathering and building skill etc etc. Also I have a ton of non prem (but paid prem on them also for some period) alts, having many deeds requires them for sure. Considering that a big chunk of income for the company is premium costs a major revamp would be needed to overcome the situation. BTW in some roadmap post the subscription overhaul was mentioned by the devs... I really don't see why having multiple toons is bad for the game - for cooperative play not restrictions but encouraging new mechanics should be implemented.
  7. Secret announcement of the migration of the two freedom clusters....
  8. Great news! May we get different shapes for us humans too with the update?
  9. Hmm then I guess I now see why I literally never get any rare rolls while imping stuff. Only activities with an actual timer should consume a rarity chance - correct me if I'm wrong and there is any way to roll rarity without a timer.
  10. BTW there is a very easy fix of small private slayings: Make the uniques much much stronger. If there is a group of say 50 good fighters needed to kill it, fights will be much more open. I guess problem solved. Of course strictly freedom only.
  11. Still available - limited time offer until stocks last.
  12. Changing it to another rift style event would kill the quite last interesting competitive activity on Freedom. It would be much better a solution to ADD another mechanic and not REMOVING an entire aspect of Wurm gameplay. Why not add another means of unique loot distribution, either tied to rifts or using something similar to rift mechanics. After a few iterations of event like unique kills the loot from them will lose their value anyway as it will become a basic commodity like any rift drops so the issues with loot and high prices and greed will vanish very soon. But for the sake of Wurm gods, do not kill away something that is actually fun for several groups of players! Anyway I agree on the alt armies, make the unique loot drop only for those that are active in the fight.
  13. Thank you I'll COD it today! With that scale and hide stock is almost dry I can currently help only with very small pieces of each type and colour if needed to change the colour of existing materials by combining.