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  1. What game is this? Am I a flower in a planter? Good I still have my toothbrush and towel.
  2. invisible window

    I'm too noob for Gentoo or Centos ...
  3. Yep should be over 10s. I'd say it is not a bad thing to still have the chance to lure peeps together for sermoning. I'm aware that most of the time it is just AFK eating computer power but still, some nice interaction always happened around the sermon groups I've been to.
  4. I'm happy to be hired for that 5s
  5. Yup we should be able to buy a single weta per player on freedom from jackal points :S All males.
  6. Ahhhaa! Now we know Enki is actually a one-of-its-type-across-all-the-servers unique. Next victim: just pen him
  7. Am I correct that there is no other entrance to that mine to get to the sandstone from the other side? Could try to erupt the surface tile then disintegrate the lava in the mine. Might not work either as the surface will have lava thus opening up is not possible... so maybe it would only turn to rock like when you mine out a vein and something blocks the removal of the tile.
  8. During the last week I've erupted then frozen 4 tiles in a row (slate, iron, sandstone in the mix), all worked like a charm. I think the magic is done when you actively freeze the tile, was it just left alone to let the lava cool off? I suspect there is still lava in the mine layer if so. EDIT: years ago when you froze the lava on the surface the mine layer was still a lava tile, had to either disintegrate or freeze separately. It is not the case anymore, freezing the surface level will turn the mine tile to rock.
  9. Without the erupt/freeze the PoP has nothing much special and unique active perk. All is fine with the current lava except the requirement of Mag domain should be removed. Path changes will also be available for those who cannot live without the ability to create lava
  10. Raise rock corners on the surface too - and let it work beyond the 40 slope current limit of working with concrete. Nowadays it is very easy to destroy nice mountain peaks and it is impossible to restore afterwards.
  11. Also default keybinds are on numeric - and = ... or + ? I don't remember now.