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  1. Very very good idea! I'm so sad we literally cannot meet valrei mobs. I understand the fear and trembling the thought that they may be in the game again caused in many user but I really like to fight them. Camps like the rift ones are a perfect way to be safe and get fun for those who are concerned.
  2. isn't it also possible that some of the horses are heavier (been archered earlier and having the arrows in the inventory)?
  3. Water horses

    Same spotted on North Xana yesterday. Tens of horses in a pack swimming at North border
  4. Hmmm. Since multiple tiles wide doors the new tunnels snap down the top to flat too. Which is bad in my view as makes it no more possible to make a nice arched 3 tile entrance.
  5. Could this include an option to choose the height and build of the toons? Would be nice to see tall and short characters and sturdy to skinny too
  6. At least no more harassment of those weird Enkonuters...
  7. Can test casting Genesis on you ....
  8. Item Duping (1 log)

    Were all the logs the same wood type? Is the leftover log a full one or a partial one? If you take it out from the crate then moving the rest of the logs again, will it leave one more again? Also please check the total weight of the full crate, I suppose the cases wheb you get a log left it is not full weight and the total weight of the crate is slightly different than a crate which was filled with full logs. Are the crates on deed or not? Weight decay off deed may create such a situation too.
  9. I would definitely iterate it to include some form of PVP play into Jackal. It seems Wurm PVP might best working on time limited scenarios.
  10. Thank you! Just sent pieces with a total weight of 1kg in a barrel - one piece is red, if you combine the pieces with a green one selected the resulting hide will all be green (but you surely know it anyway).
  11. You will for sure need a groundfloor building tile below the tower - cannot have a house without a groundfloor. I'd advise to jump on Test server and build it there first (you can spawn building mats there)
  12. Actually it is that way since the multi tile door introduced - it is quite sad in my view, I really liked the entrances you were planning. I'd love it being a thing again - make it necessary to be flat on the top if you want to attach a door but do not auto flatten it when you open a tunnel. I did not bother to post it as a suggestion as I don't see it happen anyway.
  13. When you mine a new tile inside the mine, the height of the new tile will be around 20 only. You need to mine up the ceiling after mining out the tile but it will not allow you to mine it higher than the rockface outside. You will have mine tiles left of the tiles you numbered 2,3,4. Then mining further you will open a tunnel entrance left to tile numbered 1, the entrance lower edge will flatten down to the lower corner and the top edge will also get flattened to the lower corner of it. A mine entrance is always 1 tile high. Only way to get a flat exit is mining from inside to out (if you mine from outside the entrance will always be down by 20 slope). You can either carefully count all the slopes on the borders following from outside to the inside tiles or if you surface mine down the outside corner to the desired height you can go a few slopes higher in the mine and it will connect down to the entrance level (for safety drop dirt to cover the tiles around the desired exit so only the exit tile is kept as rock, that way it won't accidentally open the tile above if you are a bit too high inside). After the tunnel opened you can level down the inside floors to the desired entrance level to be flat. I would recommend to do a test run at a spot so you don't accidentally ruin the work you plan - or go to test serer for the same experiment.
  14. Yes checking from any corner the max slopes added up must not exceed 8 - in your case SE corner fails with 4 south and 8 east. TBH that should be increased - would result in less of those ugly flatraised fields.
  15. Birthday Dragon!

    Happy Birthday!