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  1. The updated fog is pretty for med-distance areas but looks strange on far mountains - the issue is likely that the air is not foggy only the landmass:
  2. Logged in to game today on a tile where lava got spread during the day - it was not a rock tile BTW - but a tile with one corner rock and likely only one corner with dirt - as formerly reported here lava can spread on such tiles. Logging in on freedom servers supposed to be in invulnerable status until moved/done an action. Despite that: [20:07:48] Welcome back, Zaj! The Celebration has been waiting for you. [20:07:49] You enter Freedom Isles. [20:07:49] You feel the presence of Magranon. [20:07:49] You may not move right now. [20:07:50] 24 other players are online. You are on Celebration (602 totally in Wurm). [20:07:50] Type /help for available commands. [20:07:50] You are not invulnerable here. [20:07:50] You feel rested. [20:07:52] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:52] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:52] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:57] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:57] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:57] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:57] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:57] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:59] The server has been up 1 day, 19 hours and 42 minutes. [20:07:59] It is 10:18:15 on day of Sleep in week 2 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 1112. [20:07:59] You may now move again. [20:07:59] You are burnt by lava! [20:07:59] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:00] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:01] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:02] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:03] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:04] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:04] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:04] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:05] You are burnt by lava! [20:08:06] You are dead. Quite had no chance to survive, by the time I could move I was already extremely slow because of the wounds.
  3. No please too much scars on the landscape already.
  4. [18:53:40] You start concentrating on the lava.
  5. Ohh holy set! I'll want one when a glassdoor display stand will be introduced in game
  6. Woodcutting is the more annoying one as chopping max possible ql felled trees usually only the last bit of log is at the ql of the felled tree all the others are way lower (at 96 skill).
  7. We are at 1100+ already I really love to be part of this nonsense and useless project!
  8. Big big big grats! That is something incredible. Only 11 days for the last 2 skillticks? Lucky you! (haha)
  9. Very exciting update - surely we do not know the fine details yet but I'm sure it will be good fun!
  10. It was fun - thank you for catching the guy!
  11. Tried to deposit 222 iron coins into my bank at the token, which is naturally need 3 transactions as a single deposit cannot extend 100 items. The below lines are expected and correct: [19:55:38] You may only move max 100 items at a time. [19:55:38] Deposited 1 copper. [19:55:38] You now have xx gold, xx silver, xx copper and xx iron in the bank. [19:55:38] If this amount is incorrect, please wait a while since the information may not immediately be updated. Then two lines which indicate an error despite everything went fine (I assume caused by the rest of coins above 100): [19:55:38] Invalid amount; must be greater than zero [19:55:38] Your bank is not available at the moment. Please try later. Followed by repeating the amount in my bank. [19:55:39] Your available money in the bank is now <same amount as a few lines above which is correct>. It happened every time when I tried to move more than 100 coins, the last transaction which was only 22 irons worked fine without any erratic messages.
  12. Yaga.host down

    Site is accessible now but security certificate is not matching. Yeah still config is wrong at 1blu.de - it is celemap:
  13. Yaga.host down

    Please also consider the time you could not reach the site was at 6AM on a Sunday at Yaga's timezone. A backup is always a good idea but it is totally up to Yaga and all who contributed to create the tool/app as it is their intellectual property.
  14. Actually rift mechanics encourage to leave as many mobs alive at the end as possible for the extra drops. Keeping the slaying on after the turrets are removed not only useless reward wise but counterproductive - and from that viewpoint can be seen as destroying the end goal and wasting time and materials. Every coin has two sides. ....I'm so glad I'm long done with all the rifts...