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  1. Add ability to use our national accented characters ingame if need to bother with unicode anyway áéíóúöüőű........
  2. Is there anyone doing art who is ever satisfied with the end result?
  3. @Malenatake your time, there will be a 20th year anniversary too - more important to keep yourself comfortable with the project and more importantly not getting hate to think about wurm Appreciate a lot all your works and the timeline is a big feat to me - I'm so bad at putting things back in proper time...
  4. Perhaps trees and bushes stop it as well but I have no real experience of it - but all the tiles lava expanded to were without them.
  5. My experience is that lava easily expands to tiles which are grass/steppe/sand/maybe anything and with only 1-2 dirt on a corner but otherwise close to rock. My lava tiles are happy to expand onto such tiles for quite many months, even consuming a fence in their way. Maybe quite a similar check than other cases like if you can plant a tile partially submerged in water. Checks NW corner (or NE? always forget it). So if NW corner is rock (adjacent to lava) it can turn into lava.
  6. Just finished all the paths of the maze. Spent quite some magic hours, the place is huge and also the enteriors are furnitured full heartedly. Take your time and when you arrive to the actual town in the middle of your journey go around and explore the place, it will well worth the time spent. Thank you Joneya!
  7. Maybe retrieve rune fragments from the items? That way it would not be OP hopefully
  8. Make it a time-limited one then. Will just give a timemachine feeling to have us a glimpse of where Wurm came from. I'm too noob to have any experience of those times like anyone else who started playing Wurm when boats were already in ...
  9. Avengers were quite common on Epic v2 - quite many missions spawned them. I admit only a smaller portion of the playerbase have memories of them - maybe the statuette is a hint that avengers will be back with the exploration update?
  10. I have a bunch of alts. Real quite a bunch. Those I would have no issues to get rid of if a reasonable alternative solution for what they exist for would be in place. But. I have 3 toons which are all kinda mains. I feel they are different entities and they are existing individually and on their own right. Yes, two are priests as they have emerged from the regular "priest alt" category. There are times when they are quite living apart from each other on distant servers / deeds doing their own things. All I wanted to say is that is not that simple to draw the lines.
  11. I would better consider raising armour damage, it is quite miniscule considering how much of a blow is absorbed by the armour. Maybe weapons are fine as is since those not absorbing mostly but deflecting momentum.
  12. I really like the idea of the treasure hunts - what I suggest there is to not just "create-and-forget" it as I'm sure that it will be keeping it interesting on the long run only if from time to time new types of challenges are introduced. Perhaps a very long shot but I really really very much enjoyed the GM created treasure hunts in the past, those multi-step events were incredible. Of course we cannot expect a similar depth logic-generated hunt but a simplified version maybe? In addition to the map/clue rewards from actions is there a chance to trigger them by passing a random tile / entering a cave? I mean the way how the surprise tile trigger rewards already work.
  13. Yes happened to me as well, no gain from a rift but next gave 2 instead. There is a slight chance that I miscalculated but not very likely. Was a lowish points rift, around 30 or so points I collected there.
  14. Yes still teleports leading to the old one from Xana starter towns, I've used one myself a few weeks ago (to clear the abandoned missions on the sign there). @Katrat, if everything fails I'm happy to teleport my priest there and summon you, let me know in forum PM if it would help you out.
  15. Actually there is another set which is still active - to the old Labyrinth on Xana which was at the very middle on a hig mountaintop. That one is also a legit and needed set, I have recently used it to clear the looooong list of unfinished mission progresses related to that event (as you can only do that by teleporting to the site, cancel the missions on the sign located there then teleport back using the designated sign).