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  1. With Ecrir's modification I like it. Have it a timer penalty - that way it sounds way more balanced. [100] power should still have a penalty on timer but way less than a low cast.
  2. you do not always lose the affinity. But that may only be true if there is a single affinity on the defeated - which is unlikely on a champ. I was keeping my single affinity on an alt a few days ago.
  3. I've also found a pinto corpse which was white yesterday.
  4. If you move into a mine at water level, you will see a distorted image as reflection in the water - the image is the reflection from where you entered the mine. I seem to experience this since the last client update.
  5. Yes please let us know if we got lucky. I browse the skill tree rather rarely but would love to know if there is a change.
  6. Very impressive set of changes and fixes, thank you! The affinity changes are much better than feared and seem fit their purpose well. I absolutely love the dig_to_pile and a bit sad I was not paying attention on work on my bow BT in time
  7. I'm fully happy with the increased slope allowed for concrete or perhaps an enhanced version - and if we are there can we get concrete work underwater too, please?
  8. Please increase the range. It is quite hard as need to almost stay on top of the trunk and if on a wagon it usually covers the felled tree ...
  9. As I see the new affinity distribution from PVP is a further step to drive away grindy types from PVP - and nails them more to PVE activities. Nerfing multiple affinities from PVP? Why? What is the rational reason behind this?
  10. I'm a new player to pvp. I definitely not an affinity farmer, quite easy to check Still I'm not a bit concerned that this window is closed now, I have never considered to buy or farm affinities - I did not even switch the single affinities on my toons where it could be more handy on the other account. Thank you - I'm curious about the new system to come. Could it benefit staying on a pvp server for longer periods - like an affinity for being logged in Epic for a defined time?
  11. I've tested it a bit again. Today, unlike yesterday the account who is logging in after logged out in stealth mode properly shows in local tab - tried to log off and on also while others in local or not. The account is still not shown in village and alliance tabs, despite he is talking on the tabs. The account also cannot see anyone in village or alliance tab until relogs again. I cannot find yet the way to reproduce the whole issue - where the account is also hidden from local tab.
  12. A friend cross tested it on freedom using two of his toons - he was not visible on local, village and alliance tab - same buggy behaviour as on Elevation.
  13. That sounds real strange - enemy kingdom players should not count in the mission progress either .. but grats Loetuw
  14. Yes it is also local tab. The account can talk there snd not popping on local. I can see them riding 3 tiles away from me and not shown in local. Loink, yes the bugged account also cannot see most of the others in the tabs. I'll do more tests using my alts as both parties to test it out more in detail.