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  1. We strongly need a log feature of the deliveries - including log entry of outgoing mail waiting for pickup, log entry on pickup or return. It can be so very confusing for heavy mail users. (also please include a transaction log for merchants....) On the bundled deal issue there is a workaround - put the items into a barrel, backpack or similar. That way the recipient can only accept the whole package or nothing, and 1c extra paid for the mailing of the container is not a high "insurance" fee from your side (I always deduct that mail cost from the total so the buyer will not be charged 1c more than expected).
  2. Category: Cozy ranches.... ....maybe better: Whacky and wild! Location: Release Something is wrong with this house... ...a bit closer... From behind... ...And another unearthly structure: Sa
  3. Currently moonmetal items can be smelted. Don't give an idea to devs to disable smelting unwanted seryll plate sets by lore ...
  4. Maybe a hint to a secret patch where hammer is the new meta instead of sickle? Anyway I bought a skin for my hammer......
  5. I did quit Second Life when they banned ingame casinos and could no more camp on seats for pebbles per hour
  6. In the past I would think about allowing macroing to give an alternative to new players to catch up in skills other than buying top notch toons. With account transfers now forbidden it is a playing field which is if though far not level for fresh users but at least it is not exponentially impossible to catch up with all account. Now the account atrition is a thing - older players abandoning Wurm will thin out the high end account pool too (at least in theory).
  7. ...or smelt a little amount of metal out of them like it works already with tools with heavy wooden parts (you only get metal accounted for the metal part)
  8. ..and it is tomorrow ....
  9. There is a fine new mobile app available for archeologists which may aid in identifying fragments of ancient items. Suggestion: integrate the Wurm arch fragments into the tool, help us to identify better http://www.archaide.eu/
  10. Can you check the event log that is saved to the player folder on your computer? It will have a separate line for every log chopped and that way it may answer Pomona's question
  11. Construction missions

    Mission buildings are not locked to missions anymore for quite a while - so can be built anytime and anywhere but of course will only count for mission finished in the proper area.
  12. Took a few hours longer but both sent, enjoy!
  13. Hi, yes have both. I'll send them in about 12 hours when I'm back home. Thank you!
  14. Honestly I don't see all the rage about the "uniques". There is one per sever per roughtly two weeks. It is open season for anyone and any group of players to go and search from them. Not even needed to have any significant skills or to be "whales" or whatsoever. Seriously, why expecting free income from the work of others? Look around the history on Niarja, check the history on the north and south servers, newer groups are really successful on both. Go, leave deed, team up with your friends, enjoy. EDIT: and this post is still off the topic, sorry. There are multiple of the same but this suggestion is about to easily incorporate code to force existing rules.
  15. Hunting uniques is quite the last competitive event in the PVE side of Wurm. As proven on NFI and south too anyone actively looking for them or forming a group with friends will be successful. Why not just leave deed and roam on the maps?