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  1. The horse is visually displaced just for the toon that was riding it - all others will see the horse in front of the wall. If anyone moves it the bugged toon will see it again too (so it seems the client just misplaces the horse when accidentally dehorsed).
  2. Patch Notes: 20/SEPT/18

    Just noticed that since yesterday if a mob targets me and I ride away 25-30 tiles it untargets automatically. Is it a non-documented new feature, or considered a bug?
  3. The kyklops that stomped on the grounds of Release will be poked and slapped on this weekend. Everyone is welcome to attend and get a blood for a leatherworking potion. I'll post a map later, too lazy and tired now...
  4. Hungry hungry dragon

    uh oh poor Cymmy, what rude is when you are back and quite instantly getting chewed on @Archaedthank you for the public event, will try and slap a lot that ugly creature to teach it better manners.
  5. Archaeology Journals

    I did not even start to use them - but in the very close vicinity of one of my deeds there are at least 10 old deeds that are reported - some of them with 2-3 founder names (duplicate records of re-deeded spots I suppose). 22 will fill up in local range easily. Please allow100 pages - and it would be great to delete unwanted reports (if not possible yet).
  6. Valrei International. 068

    Isn't it that way with any other item in Wurm? Can carpenters craft their own imping tools?
  7. Valrei International. 068

    Very much agree. JS people need love! I have runed my statuette when they came out and was quite disappointed runes do not work. Statuette ql should have an effect on power of casts and on casting time too!
  8. Steel mine doors are very high difficulty items to begin with (I'm at 99.88 BS and fail more than succeed regardless using 70-80ql parts). I've encountered insanely high damages on failures during creating multipart items lately. A shocking example was simply trying to attach longsword fragments together - I had a series of 6 fails in a row with severe damage, where BOTH parts took the same damage, around 60 in total. That was at 50+ restoration skill though, but it is insane to see this level of damage on steel mine doors, a crafter with 50ish skill will not be able to create them anymore?
  9. Aye too bad I need to keep one charge now in all those tomes to fill my bookshelf .........
  10. BOTD Tools and Custom Paaweelr Enchants

    Send these to Keselyu please: metal brush, BOTD86: 66c stone chisel, BOTD84: 54c Thank you!
  11. Dragon Fang western trail

    Also the Dragon Fang achievement is not given climbing simply to highest possible elevation. On Xanadu there are a few mountains where the top is flat so I suppose that is the highest level Wurm allows - I've been on several of them and I did not get the "really really high" one there - only on Dragon Fang so it is a special spot I think.
  12. I do like both ideas - maybe yes ibexes should tend to roam to heights and breed only on snow tiles (which we definitely need as a biome )
  13. Wurm needs tons of videos to pull in new flesh I'm sure - I'm happy to see regular new content although these are not for me being a text based guy . Go Google, Go and transcript everything on the video shares!