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  1. The rift mats around the red beacons on Jackal take a lot of damage, last beacon had the mats with 50dmg already. I suppose it is not intended as opposed to Freedom rifts these beacons are not meant to be cleared within days after they appear. Issue: going this rate it will be impossible to gather rift mats from beacons in 1-2 weeks.
  2. I cannot find the reference on the forum (although I remember it was mentioned by Samool at some point): how do I start the launcher for the test server or low mem client using the Linux tar?
  3. The journal goal of imping a tool to 50ql is not triggered by imping clay shaper to 50ql - maybe clay shaper is not considered as a tool? Leggat worked just after that attempt.
  4. Highly appreciated and also grats on the find!
  5. Grats! Dedication also 100 skill...
  6. Welcome back Neville! I'm real happy to see you have all the energy and mood needed to get over the hard times.
  7. Need to be inside the rift area when ends it seems. Also I always burn at least one heart to make sure the server recognizes that I was there
  8. I can nothing but strongly agree. To do the 100 rifts it is very likely that I'll just tag a few mobs on most and stay idle until the rift ends in the current model. Participation / rift points based goal seems to be a big QoL leap.
  9. What I suspect after completing a rift with 2 fighters total is that mob count is now not scaling according to participant numbers. I had a participation score of above 200 on that rift. It is a ton of time this way on a less active server as spawns are now only happening when an already spawned mob is killed and cannot burn hearts until all the planned mobs for the active wave did not spawn yet.
  10. Website overhaul

    Hmm. this is how the menu bar looks for me now (laptop, 1366x768)
  11. Congrats! Now we all others have a little chance to find a living mob out in the wild
  12. Since the rift mob fix on 1 Sep, Serenity rift is bugged out. Burned all required hearts to start Wave 3, not a single mob spawned since then. Burning further hearts is rejected because rift is currently spawning. I've logged a ticket too on #91853.