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  1. I'm living in a part of Europe which is not considered to be a place with good salaries, still it is absolutely no problem to pay my 3 subscriptions monthly - compared to the fun and the time I spend ingame it is quite nothing compared to any other leisure activity.
  2. Thanks for picking up the task! Please add Puli at the red dot.
  3. The "depth" of the texture looks amazing! It is quite hard to evaluate from a single image but isn't the surface of the wall a bit too shiny? I have a feeling like it have a protective resin like finish.
  4. Grats Darklords! New model mapping sounds exciting, though could be fun to hide an easter egg checkbox in a menu to turn back the old vivid colours of animals with condition
  5. RIP - fare well wherever you are now, Zorako.
  6. Thank you, nailed it! Seems stupid file manager will not change the working dir to the one I'M currently in - running from a terminal issuing java -jar DeedPlanner.jar works like a charm!
  7. I have the very same error on a freshly downloaded copy, in my case ubuntu 17.10, extracted to my own home folder so I have all the permissions. 64bit java ofc. [2018-04-09 00:09:03] Error has occurred! Java vendor: Oracle Corporation Java version: 1.8.0_151 DeedPlanner 2.8.10 java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.Arrays.stream(Arrays.java:5004) at pl.wurmonline.deedplanner.forms.Loading.lambda$new$32(Loading.java:35) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) If I close the error windows, the Deed Planner banner stays in the middle of the screen and in focus at "Initializing" and I have to kill the java process.
  8. Yes, that is I call a nerf of Heal (not Light of Fo) healing your target to 100% each and every time. Now it went down to 30-100%.
  9. That was Light of Fo, not Heal...
  10. Heal was a full heal. Healed you to full health on a single cast, all the time.
  11. I did not see Heal that much OP - a long cast timer, easy to interrupt even against real high defensive capabilities. I have only had very occassional success to cast it in fights, now it is off the board to even try it.
  12. I can understand your decision and I can understand it is a hard one. For you and your playerbase equally. I've spent quite some time on Wyvern Reborn, I've enjoyed it a lot for most of the time - and the main reason I've stopped playing there (although I still have a deed going) is exactly the rewards that got too easy to get. I don't see any other way to resolve such a thing except starting a new server - good luck and thanks all the work you put into Wurm Unlimited!
  13. You can always have rare and supreme animals using Oakshell on them - sure, that is a temporary but easy to achieve effect.
  14. (Disclaimer: not a proper scientific test) In all my long term experience it "seems" that you need to use the respective armour smith subskill title (chainsmith, platesmith - and blacksmith for horseeshoes) to have a shorter imping time. Will not speed up the actions but helps with less fails and/or better ql gains per imping action (as it is rng no exact numbers I could test of).