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  1. Enjoy your new simulator called RL farming!
  2. Nice one thank you! One question: are alts welcome to the slaying or only the fighters/healers?
  3. So the same effect why we have water inside the ships then. Yeah newbie buff counts for the leaves being lighted from below - but not the overall light sky at midnight I guess. Also I'm aware it is in test phase and likely all the effects are scaled up for easier checks. The volumetric fog is real strong yet (same reason I suppose) and the light beams are not supressed by the landmass of a mountain yet. I'm really excited how it will look like when ready - good news that my fears of super low fps caused by volumetric light does not seem to happen.
  4. Just popped onto test to look around. Midnight starts are amazing - the sky and therefore the landscape is quite bright even in the middle of the night, I suppose it will be tweaked back for the final version. Maybe because the moons are very bright? Just an idea, maybe a the celestial bodies would be more feeling like part of the sky if they would have a slight halo around? Found a funny effect on the sand, water shows up with the waves of the water on it:
  5. New rift mob models maybe? Of course with new sounds ... Very good news all and I'm positive that all the team changes are leading into the good direction. Grats everyone - and thanks Idunn - no rest for you I can create endless work for GMs... I hope my 1050Ti Nvidia will be able to handle the volumetric lighting...
  6. Please add the following two deeds: Settlement Name: Komondor Location(top right): 545, 300 Settlement Name: Vizsla Location(top right): 538, 349 Thank you!
  7. Give listeners no more but a few minutes window where their god is so pleased with them that allows imping without penalty. Or some other buff that tempts players to actually keep some focus.
  8. More social? Give sermons a chance to get a rival god mad and spawn a valrei mob on top of the sermon group... Those are sadly extinct anyway. No more afk sermons after that I say (evil laughter fading slowly)
  9. Just a side note for those who are planning to return and that may be off for you if already repremmed: Any nonprem toon can be raised to 30 faith and only need to do the 5 prayers per day. Also for the bonus it is enough to go for 20.
  10. Great contests! As an idea - will it be possible to let EU workers get involved in some of these? Starting at 2AM Monday local time each week is... well... out of reach. Maybe if next day is not a workday?
  11. At 96+ skill, 93+ql rare trowel still a considerably high amount are ores/lumps from locations where I farm small tokens of 3 former villages... EDIT: ahh and also those crude stuff, branches, arrow shafts etc etc.
  12. Actually most of the slayings of bipedal uniques are public and lately even some of the winged ones are too - just check the threads of Stanlee. Those are almost always announced with a few days leadtime in the corresponding server sections on the forums.
  13. Pricing changed again - demand and stock dictates going back to "oldschool" levels.
  14. I'm at 70% of the rifts. I hate them, they are boring like hell and there is not even an incentive to actually kill the boss mob. With the rift overhaul these are even more a boring crap, the mobs are weak so everyone just rushes in the middle and it is a dumb hack and slash. Rift tries to solve the issues with the vast number of mobs ... but that only makes it longer not less boring. To be honest I have no idea why I chase that journal tier, it does not really worth the time and effort... other than the med rug on the back. Most of the tier requirements are coming from just playing the game - ok cooking recipes are a chore but can do it in your pace.
  15. I'd be glad if we could smelt them for little amounts of metals