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  1. Good luck on it! I was more lucky on a dragon hunt my tent was only visually missing, after relogging out of local distance it reappeared. I'm afraid this case is different if the horse was still there
  2. It was an amazing sight when the winter season started and my client rendered only the rock tiles snowy. The effect was exactly what you suggest, it looked great. Shame that I did not make a few screenshots.
  3. There is a typo on the map, the correct name of "Triezt" is Trieszt Also now there is a runed mailbox on deed there, next to the token. Not A Ruined ?
  4. 30+k dirt is ready to be sold. Pricing: 80c / 1k if you buy 12k or more 1s/1k for smaller amounts I'll deliver it free to any freedom coast for orders above 5k. Crates holding the dirt are not included in the price, please prepare empty crates in exchange. I also accept sleep powders as payment at the rate of 1s/ each.
  5. From PVE perspective I absolutely like this idea - I have no opinion on the PVP one due to lack of experience.
  6. Some intermediate mobs between trolls and uniques been mentioned already by staff a few months ago, I'm curious what is their planned "feature set".
  7. Not sure who you're talking to here. Zero relation to anything I've ever said. Although my opinions are usually lightyears away from JakeRivers' ones this time I can't do but fully agree. I simply don't see the point. What is holding back anyone to collect a few friends and go hunt for the uniques? Not any group has any superior tools to find them. Yes you need to go social. Yes you need to put in plenty of time to roam the servers. Yes you need to get organized and work together. What is a social aspect if not that? What JakeRivers told above is exactly what you asked for on the quote above... Finding a unique together with your friends is the fun part. The killing is simple slaughter.
  8. EDIT: won't work as a simple download from below, it needs an Oracle account now :S Still accessible if you don't mind to create an account with them though... I would HIGHLY recommend to use a source from Oracle to download the older Java version if you need to, and not from uncontrolled repositories. The 8u131 64bit Windows Java is at the following official link: http://download.oracle.com/otn/java/jdk/8u131-b11/d54c1d3a095b4ff2b6607d096fa80163/jre-8u131-windows-x64.exe
  9. Unstable is still really wonky underground. Walls do not show 30% of the time and still issues with selecting a wall for mining. I select it, nothing happens when I try to mine. Relogging to old client fixes it. Bad thing is I have no idea yet how to reproduce it at will :S
  10. wouldn't that need 22 slopes? 33+30 slopes the first two levels I think (maybe wrong)
  11. I've seen this on Celebration today - it is a corner next to see, big castle on the other side of the 1 tile road:
  12. Point is there... tried to ease up on GM intervention needed
  13. Exactly - a race condition when the mission pops up add a thrill to the game. I think the key is to find the good number of players needed to complete a mission if it is doable at any of the same type of structures.
  14. Could be using some "autofix" like guard towers "fix" fences under them?