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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    Me too... I did not want to bring it up being a person who is actively looking for uniques when my time allows me. I'm fully happy with the way uniques are found currently (another incentive to have a priest). That will be gone with a pendulum which is a one time investment only and does not burn silvers/prem time for the benefit of CCAB. Very valid point - unless the one bite for an affinity can be added like it is with drinks now (although that can be abused to stack a hundred different temp affinity maybe).
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    Ohh yes it seems my unconscious blocked me to believe that. Even better
  3. up for the scale
  4. WTS a bunch of potions

    another bump
  5. Also the rift beam is not red-white but black-white on Exodus, no idea if the two issues are related but seems to started around the same time.
  6. WTS a bunch of potions

    stock update bump
  7. Valrei International. 072

    Just a very short one line comment for now: I have never had this much fun at Halloween (the graphical puns included) - thanks a lot!
  8. Good Bye Wurm

    Thank you for the update, I'm a bit relieved - it was quite sad to see Envy's deed be gone in our neighbourhood and in my minds every time riding there...
  9. WTS a bunch of potions

    WTS some potions (COD included): Mining potions, 2s each: Fletching potions, 1s each: WS oils, 1s each:
  10. Absolutely +1, I'm surprised it is not that way now - I'm a bit afraid about the current damage of the displayed items on my deeds now.
  11. I'm really left without words. Tich's memory will live on in Wurm and in our souls for sure - the marks made on the servers and the great features added.
  12. All the hide is sold but new pieces will be posted in a fresh thread soon.
  13. As far as I'm aware it only happens to me on Exo and Xan. It is quite possible to be present from 23rd Oct, but I surely did not notice it right on that date - being entering those servers later only.