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  1. Poofing meat!

    Maybe connected to the issue of snowballs decaying insanely fast in larder iceboxes since a few weeks?
  2. It is only that the cage had some server related - village or alliance - permissions, the warning is about these won't be effective on other servers (so who only had access to it because of a group permission will get locked out of the item while it is on another server)
  3. Ritual of the Sun

    if the pool is not full I can sail over 9-10 alts to spam prayers on Xana tomorrow. I'll come to the site at the planned time nevertheless hoping for miracles
  4. Ritual of the Sun

    Great news! I would be happy to join with my Mag Zaj and if a free slot is left with my Smeagain too. Both 100 faith. Thank you for making it a public event!
  5. CLUB Market ~Crystal Lake's Utmost Buys~

    Thank you all who bought items from my merchant - more taunting items to come soon!
  6. Imbue service - 100 power for 17s

    Up to the top
  7. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    All older snowballs decayed away, top two on the picture is 2 days old, next two is from yesterday and the rest i fresh from this minute. Now I have picked up larder and then planted, let's see if any difference it makes.
  8. Remove the favor regen penalty on actions

    Now that priests are much more useful in everday tasks this penalty should really go - gods should not be angry on priests doing actions they allow.
  9. Crow Kingdom Set

    \o/ I'll pick it up later today, will need to arrange travel haha
  10. Crow Kingdom Set

    Sniper rifle armed: 19s
  11. Woad Planters

    I'm blue.
  12. Do you need your tool to be imbued to 100 power without the hassle of getting potions and gambling on success rate? Our witch offers imbues on your tools to 100 power level at a fixed price of 17s as a limited time offer. Mail in service! Reply here or PM Annyil or me here or ingame with the imbue you would like to have on the tool and we'll arrange it asap. Available imbues: stonecutting (higher max level of imping) wood cutting (higher ql felled trees - will go above your skill) mining (higher ql products mined - will go above your skill and even vein ql) ropemaking (higher average level of products) blacksmithing armour smithing weapon smithing carpentry fletching tailoring leatherworking Where no effect listed it is supposed to increase the cap of max level you can imp - although I'm not 100% sure.
  13. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    Snowballs on the non-icebox shelves were taking much damage for like always to my experience. But ones in the icebox are at least that fast now - I'll test if there is any difference if the larder is planted or not. No idea if any possible connection but all the larders affected were transferred from their original server to another.
  14. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    All the snowballs that I put into larder yesterday fresh from snowmen are now went poof. It gets worse it seems Also noticed that now the larders have an "empty snowball slot" which is a new thing.
  15. Valrei International. 085

    I took it evident that we'll have a Linux client too - as we have the WU launcher for Linux too. I strongly hope it will be the case.