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  1. For me the bucket helm is at least something that is within the boundaries of the game's setting - teddy bear backpack, candy cane sword and such items should have really been a temporary prank only. Some of the PMK designs like HLL are also off from the setting as the graphics are too fine-detailed and brightly coloured to be in line with the age, setting and general assumed possibilities inworld.
  2. First of all - grats you persistent obsessed grinders out there! I do really like that bucket helm skin seems like a good fun. I -think- the deletion of the deletion of the stray alts is a good thing, surely makes my life easier and as such I welcome it warmly. On the other hand please consider a way to allow the owner to delete such an alt for the purpose of making the toon name available again (for example created on the wrong cluster).
  3. If I rename a cartography map that is hanging on the wall it loses the map image on it until I remove and put it back.
  4. Please make a reasonable way to destroy stray bridges. Catapulting not working, bashing takes ages, only current sane way is dropping a deed over - which is also painful in deep waters... Make them easy to bash if unused for a while at least. I know of bridges that are definitely unused and standing for real life years.
  5. I'm looking for a Crusader wagon, any ql, any wood. If you have one which is only taking up your precious parking space, hit me up
  6. I hope it is not weeks - it is quite a pain to ride currently with the very slow turning in the beginning. Real hassle to avoid colliding into trees in dense forests... Once the turning speed is increased it is great ... but until then... huh.
  7. I did it!

    Another insane grinder Big grats!
  8. Goodbye

    Wish you great future experiences until... ...see you again! Well, a lot of active players here a decade or more older than you - I'm afraid without a proper set of shrink sessions this sneaky addiction cannot be fully cured...
  9. I'm on the other side of the tail. The value of the carpet on our back is fully cosmetic. Quite only the item you cannot buy but only achieve. The side effect it can heal lighter wounds is a nice pun.
  10. Grats Hvergi that is one of the most insane grinds I can imagine
  11. They are my bouncers at my gates so annoy me not but the queue of fans that wanna enter mah venue.
  12. Also the wording says the same: xx copper and yy iron OF THIS AMOUNT... so all okay.