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  1. Gurh: Done, sent and thank you!
  2. I have future plans to go south from Lormere with but there is a deed on the road where I'll need to find the owner..
  3. It would be a really nice boost for caring that is sure.
  4. Thank you for the fast resolution! I'll check it later - it was real fun to play with the effects of the visual bug though.
  5. Grats Ladygodiva! Also that is a nice throne setup!
  6. Since the update today armours are displaying various funny ore and other textures - only in mines, leaving the cave the armours show as they should be. The subject leaving the mine fixes it - even if the viewer is still in the mine they will see the correct texture. It changes even if the viewer walks a tile away. The subject will keep seeing themselves with the correct texture. Happens on Windows and Linux, relog and computer restart does not help it. Removing any clothing item, mask, weapon or helm fixes it until the subject moves out the mine and back in. Equipping any clothing item does not help, except equipping a helm. https://imgur.com/a/YQCgP https://imgur.com/a/CSInM (the real black squad)
  7. This system was what lured me into Epic. I would never do the grind again, and also I have no intention to further grind two times. Yes, this system will encourage skilling on Freedom and playing the pvp aspect on Epic, but this will also ensure that Freedom will not lose deeds and active players.
  8. @melloit is regarding the epic-> freedom skill transfer. You get your freedom skills 1:1 when you go to epic
  9. ahh - so I need to change my habit to ditch the parts without assembling... thanks for the clarification!
  10. do you see the runes if examine the fragment or will it only show when completed?
  11. I'm playing from a 64bit Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 machine, no issues for so far (Nvidia proprietary driver). Now set to unlimited lights and all that can be Core is set to Core. Do you have Nvidia or AMD cards?
  12. Unfortunately not really, this door was fine before the patch... now it is a bit strange https://imgur.com/a/w3ozp
  13. Although I'm sorry i could not use the window of opportunity I think it is a good thing to tweak masks more rare. Also thanks for identifying being possible outside inventory.
  14. Now there is my blown mind Good tip for items which don't fit to containers in inventory
  15. There is a Fo mission on Serenity right now: Name: Everyone: Fo's word Creator: System Started: 11/6/17 12:03 AM Progress: 1.0% Expires: 11/8/17 9:23 AM Difficulty: 3 / 7 Description: Fo requires you to construct a spirit gate. This must be constructed on a 5x5 slabbed area, not inside a settlement, and on a flat surface. It must be built higher up than 100 steps. This must be built in the northeast. Rewards: 250 karma to the completer as well as 750 karma and 75m sleep bonus split between nearby players from your kingdom (max 30m sleep bonus each) upon completion. Despite the description, when the construction got completed in the NE, the following message appeared in Event: [23:16:19] This must be built in the north west.