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  1. Can't be old enough, don't leave this thing to die please! +1
  2. let's start it - 2s
  3. Hmm. I may bring some graffiti dye cans to aid a community facelift of that dirtwall.... (edit: how the heck you call those thingies in English at all?)
  4. I think that weekend I'm available - if so I'll drop myself in for cutting down the backlog of all kind of metalworks (except JS), stonecutting, masonry, sheeps ships and carp - all needed skills are around 90. Will you need 70ish steel or iron to bring with me, let me know.
  5. Do I read correctly that rug rarity adds to the skilltick size? Or simply adds to the success chance? Depends on what power is used for.....
  6. COD to Jaz please, thanks!
  7. Please.... this is such a waste of tropical forests.
  8. #2. Supreme small axe - 13s
  9. Come and hate me - I would revert the ability of wagons entering through single doors... looks silly. Yes, I enjoy entering through single doors myself but still.
  10. You could and will be able to attack back or target mobs through trees. Never happened to me that a tree hooked me up into it and not letting to go. Chestnuts, olives were pretty but now with the slender trunks they will be much less pain to navigate through. You will see the outline of the mobs, the name of the mob and all actions will be available against them just like now. This change will give the importance of roads back - now they are not really more than eye candies.
  11. The modified creature movement already brought down livestock from the steep cliffsides on Celebration - currently they are acting up as lemmings and kill themselves into the ocean. I see the intention and hopefully Budda will have time to punch some code lines there soon to further improve the 0,2,4 and more legged companions we have in the game.
  12. You can see them through the trees, their red outline still shines through. You can target them, you can attack them. Just for the note: turning off tree collisions was a workaround until some bugs got fixed. Was not supposed to be off for this long was not introduced as a feature. On the contrary, please add collision (all three axis) on furniture, would be great to put items on tables.
  13. A nice update thanks! Unless some others I like the tree collision, I'm not afraid about tree collisions with the more slender tree models. A step to the more realistic direction, I hope at some point furniture will have collision too - that will hopefully enabling items put on top of tables etc. as well. Is it ride permission or manage equipment permission? Ride permission should not allow interaction if manage equipment is unset.
  14. I like the idea. Thievery / traps could get some love - and yes please leave net traps for ropemaking unless we could get a new ropemaking item which is impable...
  15. Aren't all the alts of Pingpong anyway?