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  1. Why not just have WurmNode update the math if it's verifiably wrong?
  2. You will need to include more than 50 of the latest messages due to how unique slay events are sent out if you'd like player-produced websites to continue consuming and interpreting those events. Each slaying player gets their own tweet. I'd recommend limiting to ~200 or so.
  3. WurmNode

    Niarja calculated STP by comparing to a lookup table that was just the output of simulations from the Skill Grinder web tool, then multiplying by skill difficulties. That's it. Seeing it "win" in fights against Sindusk's updated STP is 👍
  4. Niarja is offline, thanks for using it over the years! I have provided a full dump of Niarja's data (excluding user accounts and private character data) to Drogos. When he wakes up I'll discuss with him the best way to make this data available to the rest of the Wurm community long-term.
  5. No fun for you specifically.
  6. WurmNode

    That's not recent as far as I know - the "skills dumped at" in the file has always used the OS language. I took the date times directly from the file names, which seem to be consistent.
  7. Leaving the site up over the weekend so people have additional time to download their skill dump files.
  8. Downloads should work now, give it a shot. I'll also do a dump of all public skill data at the end.
  9. I'll properly fix the download link by this weekend. Sorry, I have been exceptionally busy.
  10. The skill dump download was implemented quickly, looks like there is a bug. I’ll figure that out tonight, thanks.
  11. I could hand over all the Lambda-executing code, the Lambda specific portions are actually very small. It could run anywhere with very minimal effort. When Niarja first launched all the processing logic was written in Ruby and in the Rails application - that was a particularly bad, monolithic approach. Wouldn't recommend that. Yeah sorry I should clarify - no issue with handing over the public character data, just not the user data. The only problem is that users have permission to create/edit/delete characters and character data. You'd have a bunch of orphaned characters and would need to figure out a good way to get them back to their owners (or into an owner-less state). Not my problem, but it's worth pointing out the work that'd need to be done!
  12. No one has ever asked me what that weird Niarja word means. Yes, I bought the domain a long time ago to track ganking activity in Niarja. Never ended up making an app, but still had the domain so I reused it. Some good times were had in Niarja a very long time ago.
  13. I've received almost a dozen messages from different people asking to take Niarja over. I'm not against the idea, but it may not be as straightforward as some people assume and I want to make sure they understand what they'd be taking on. Here's an explanation of the tech which you can ignore if you're not into that kind of thing. Niarja isn't a single host that can be handed over. It runs on a variety of different AWS offerings. The Niarja website itself is Ruby on Rails and runs on EC2 instance(s) (there is a Beta instance for manual testing), and it doesn't do much more than render views. Niarja's database uses RDS (MySQL) and contains all of the processed tweet data, population data, and character skill data. The rest is "serverless" - all processing of tweets, population snapshots, and character data happens through AWS Lambdas written in Java, and fronted by API Gateway. Raw skill dump files live in S3. Both the backend and frontend packages push to CodeCommit. The frontend uses CodePipeline to deploy through the Beta and Production environment stages. The backend uses serverless (because this was pre-the AWS CDK being any good) to perform infrastructure updates via CloudFormation and while the tweet-consuming process contains decent unit tests it's otherwise very manual. You'll also need to know a little bit about VPCs and communicating in and out of private subnets. Oh right, the frontend EC2 instances are actually set up via Elastic Beanstalk for some reason I can't remember. If you know what at least 80% of those words mean, you're probably in a decent position to take over Niarja. But, you will have to deal with these problems: - I use the overall AWS account for other projects (best practices be damned) and can't simply hand it over to you. This isn't that big of a deal, but just FYI. - Everything is within limits of AWS's free tiers, except any EC2 instances I'm currently running & the MySQL database. Those end up net-free for me for various reasons, but they wouldn't be free for you. - I created Niarja to learn more about AWS, back before I started using it in my professional life. It's scrappy, poorly tested, and doesn't follow best practices. Ruby on Rails is an opinioned framework and I...kinda followed that? I guess Niarja would be fun to own if you enjoy refactoring bad code that other people wrote. Niarja was my testing ground and the next thing I would have done would be converting the frontend to React, and the backend to DynamoDB. - I also wouldn't want to give you any character skill data, because that's all linked to existing email addresses of registered users. I'd never expose those to another owner, those will die with "Niarja 1.0" and will need to be re-created. So that's what you'd be in for. This isn't very complicated if you've ever managed cloud-based infrastructure before, but if you haven't then this would probably be discouraging. ---- If you didn't feel like dealing with that, I could also just upload stuff to GitHub. The logic for parsing tweets and skill dump files would be useful. I also have a full archive of "unprocessed" and "processed" tweets, though you'd have to keep in mind that manual corrections were often necessary so replaying the "unprocessed" tweets has a lot of edge cases. Just let me know 🤷‍♂️
  14. Well, it's been fun. Niarja has been around least 2015? I think a simplified version existed before then, but it's hard to remember now. I played Wurm at a very different time in my life. That's over now - I have no interest in the game, have no idea what's going on, and probably couldn't name a single developer if I tried. Niarja is very cheap to run (free) but there are still responsibilities such as performing security and backend upgrades on a regular basis. I've kept it running for 4-5 years past my "don't care" point, but I'm done now. I'm still very impressed by how many people have enjoyed the tool and talk about it on the forums or in the official Wurm Discord. It's going away, but I'm confident someone will be able to create a new and better version that has all the features I never bothered adding. All aspects of will shut down on October 1st, 2022. If you've used Niarja Skill Compare before, your "Manage Characters" page now contains a link to download all of your skill uploads into a single CSV file. Whatever tool exists in the future should be able to consume that file and get you caught up.
  15. Thanks for clearly marking the satire. I was really worried that someone was going to get hurt, but you made it safe for all of us.