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  1. I'm picturing Retro fleeing to another country with his windfall of literally hundreds of dollars
  2. People should be able to show their skills in game and through an external site, opt-out by default. Anyone who wants to can opt-in.
  3. This is not against the rules unless you're doing it constantly just to be toxic. This is wrong.
  4. Own the devs by paying for a game you don't play on principle. got 'em
  5. Yes, and Cadence is already there. It was added at launch.
  6. Nice! I had some thoughts on putting together something like this. Definitely expand to the other clusters, this could be a useful tool. There could be separate areas for "available now" and "make on demand". Similarly, there could be auctions. Players are notoriously bad at running auctions, including how they label their items, buyouts, reserves, timelines... The biggest barrier is discoverability. Enough people will need to know about this to get dragged away from the official forums and Trade channel. I think a site like this can do a much better job than both of those places, if you can get adoption.
  7. Clicking the same buttons over and over again for tens of thousands of times gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment and even though I have single digit weaponsmithing, as a future God I would take it as a personal affront if the skill gain was buffed.
  8. Fixed now. Sorry, I was out today and couldn't take a look right away. Easy fix. Wurm has just grown a lot with the Steam launch, and I had to optimize the way the website pulls skill data. Interesting fact: Niarja now tracks 17,815,980 skills over time.
  9. Yeah, that's the source of the problem. I made a few changes so the slow skill graph loads don't affect the rest of the site (uh...mostly), but there will still be problems loading skill graphs. I'm looking into that problem now.
  10. I worked things out with the owner of the Mythmoor Wurm Unlimited server, Xype. He called me a "self entitled s***" and blocked me. FYI - If you're a player on the Mythmoor server, your Admin does not want you sharing your skill dump data. Thanks!
  11. That isn’t how that works, if anything Java garbage collection would be an improvement over a traditionally coded game. Wurm Online doesn’t release unused memory very well.
  12. Anyway whoever you are, all you have to do to have data taken down is...ask. Who are you, and what do you need from me? Just asking someone to do something they're willing to do is a lot easier than threatening legal action fyi
  13. All you have to do is ask you weirdo, do you not want your users uploading Mythmoor skill dumps for some reason? I see two. I can't control your players.