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  1. Can you PM me a copy of your skill dump? You can put it on pastebin if you’d like. Also interested in your account email (share via PM, not here). Thanks.
  2. PM me with the email address you registered on Niarja (and ideally some kind of proof that you own Marlon). Works for me, I'll need more details. And Dadd doesn't even play on Epic vOv
  3. I am keeping an eye on the new skills, and the changes to Epic and how skill gain will work. Any changes to how skill gain works will make the "STP" number invalid, and it will have to be temporarily removed until a new metric can be generated.
  4. This is a little easier:
  5. Will you not play until the end of 2017, or 2018?
  6. Newegg has always been a Chinese company, and Fred Chang (outside a brief period earlier in the decade) has always been in charge. Presence in China (most of their warehouses that export to North America are located there) is how they were able to get an early foothold on online sales.
  7. Up
  8. The "STP" metric itself is kind of controversial. It's there for people who enjoy that kind of thing, but it's definitely hard to come up with the "right" metric. I'm always happy to hear your feedback on it.
  9. That is a good call out. Players no longer get STP from starting values for Mind Logic, Mind Speed, Body Strength, Body Stamina, Body Control, Soul Strength, and Soul Depth. Let me know if you see any issues. Some summaries may take up to 15 minutes to update.
  10. It'll take whatever the dump says your skill is at the moment. To get the correct number, you could upload an older dump or format the text you have above into a dump file and upload it.
  11. I feel like I need to threaten you with legal action for the way you're abusing the English language.
  12. Eggs?
  13. If they're using the textures without permission or attribution, then yeah they're jerks and we agree. We're just making fun of your I'M GONNA SUE YOU approach.
  14. What is your overall point? You're upset that someone stole your stolen content?