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  1. What is Wurm currently using? Do you have any examples of where, and how it is flawed?
  2. Just checked and it appears to be binary, with a default of 15 for PvE and 5 for PvP. Being above ratio also triples each creature's chance of packing enchanted grass, which I didn't know.
  3. I'm up for the challenge.
  4. I thought it was binary, either above or below 15. Is there a reason to keep it at 30?
  5. Hey y'all I don't have a fancy degree or anything but I manage to turn my computer on every morning and off every night so let me share some expert advice: open Microsoft Word and click the "convert java mmo to c++ mmo" button. Like seriously is it really that hard, figure it out. Like 5 minutes. Okay gotta go I got another customer at the drive-thru window.
  6. Will give you 1 silver for each goat, mailed to "Chakron" if that's good. Thanks.
  7. You're the leader of Jenn Kellon now. Happen to know how the error happened? Tweets went like this: 2017-07-26 00:40:44 | Vixen no longer is the Chieftain of Jenn Kellon 2017-07-26 00:40:09 | Vixen is appointed new Chieftain of Jenn Kellon 2017-07-26 00:40:08 | Sgtscum no longer is the Chief of Jenn Kellon 2017-07-26 00:39:13 | Sgtscum is appointed new Chief of Jenn Kellon Anti-spam maybe?
  8. Ill get that fixed tomorrow. I also need to fix Chanpions to go with the new rules, among other things. Thanks.
  9. Works for me. Mailed to "Chakron". Thanks!
  10. 10 silver for the 10 Yule Goats?
  11. Up
  12. Thanks! I've updated Niarja. I think that should actually be 10:52pm GMT (tweets started working again around 11pm GMT) but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Posted. Would also like if conditions could be inherited from Male animals. It has never made sense to me why that is only passed down through Female animals.
  14. Have wanted this forever, still interested.
  15. I've been arguing for the rights of conditioned dogs on the Wurm forums for nearly a decade, I was BORN for this. I will collect the dogs. The dogs will be enshrined. With a dog in each fist, I will fight you. Oh no the dogs are eating each other! Also there's a bear.