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  1. Are you upset that they’re not moving the commercial launch of a video game so it doesn’t coincide with an in game community event? That’s insane.
  2. It sounds like you're talking about the live data. If that's the case, Revenant needs to ask for me to set them up on Niarja by sending me their stats.xml link and a few other details (cluster, etc). The data goes back to Xanadu launch, maybe a bit before that. I wouldn't have your skills if you didn't upload them, that's not automatic. Do you mean events (unique slayings, villages founded, etc)?
  3. Skill uploads are fixed. Hopefully in the future, yeah. Unfortunately I can't just take that as-is because older files still won't have that data. Cluster selection will remain at least for a little while.
  4. I’ll get that fixed tomorrow. The developers were kind enough to warn me about that, but I didn’t update my stuff in time. As a workaround you can delete any extra lines if you want to upload right now.
  5. What do you want cleared up? You didn’t ask a question.
  6. Retro is not a valid source. I get all my Wurm news from my own head. Looking forward to flying mounts!
  7. Wishing Wells are integral to the Wurm Online experience.
  8. Dude just wants to run his own Wurm high low casino
  9. Thanks. I was able to piece things together based on the Tweets, and all the Champions should be correct now.
  10. Could you please let me know which of the main Gods each player God was converted into? I don't know Then I can fix it. You have a skill in your Skill Dump files (Faith) that is greater than 100. Not sure how that happened, maybe that's unique to your Wurm Unlimited server. I updated my system to handle that edge case. Your skill uploads will now work!
  11. I don’t know anything about writing games. What makes Wurm so IOPS intensive? Why would it need to interact with storage that much? Are you running the DB locally instead of using RDS?
  12. That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix those.
  13. I want them to be therefore they are. Checkmate
  14. Perhaps but CodeClub or whatever they're called now definitely doesn't seem to set up to support deployments like that.
  15. You don't test in production you maniac