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  1. Do you really think it's too expensive? It's an interesting way to look at Wurm. People who like and play Wurm a lot...really play Wurm a lot. Let's say 100 hours a month. You can get two months of Wurm for what comes to about $18. That's 9 cents an hour. What's worth more to you: $18, or 200 hours of your life? This applies to MMOs in general. Pricing is odd.
  2. Agreed. I want my forges to take 50 minutes to warn up, and I want single-story houses with two wall types, small expensive deeds, no bulk storage, skill decay, lack of key binds, and skill limits to come back.
  3. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Definitely look into i3's if you're concerned about IO.
  4. i missed the hatemail

    They’re joining villages/alliances and stealing things you mean? Freedom servers have several levels of protections otherwise.
  5. Is it legal?

    I agree with you completely. Sorry, for some reason I thought you were suggesting the opposite.
  6. I will update the HotA timer/process once I’ve had time to learn a little more about the recent update.
  7. Old Rolf PSA

    get rid of Rolf
  8. Is it legal?

    You're suggesting the server should ignore client inputs?
  9. Looked like this was also posted in the Server Bugs forum:
  10. When I attempt to "Place" a Yule Goat, I can't see the item outline. This was reported (and fixed) for some other items but it looks like it's still a problem with Yule Goats. All other items I've tried so far work fine for me and show outlines.
  11. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    Wait a minute, I thought making video game engines was easy? I like this dev blog.
  12. A picture from 5 years ago, neat.
  13. hatchet, steel, 10 ql, 92 coc, 1 s Mailed to "Chakron", please.
  14. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Mallet - Oak - 84QL - 88CoC - 0.80 Silver Carving Knife - Steel - 90QL - 100Coc - 2.10 Silver File - Iron - 70QL - 72CoC - 0.30 Silver Mailed to "Chakron" please.
  15. Hot Food Cooking Guide.

    Yep. HFC is as easy as forever, it's still all up to how much you hate your wrists.