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  1. Thanks for clearly marking the satire. I was really worried that someone was going to get hurt, but you made it safe for all of us.
  2. Well, cut it out. (What page were you on/what were you trying to do when the error appeared?)
  3. Chaos is a meme. I'm sorry, this isn't how we wanted you to find out
  4. I’ve been taking 15 minute snapshots of every Wurm Online server for like 9 years, the might be more effective. Let me know if you’d like a data dump.
  5. You wouldn't be the first!
  6. Odd, my Chrome doesn't seem to do that. What OS/version are you using, if you can share?
  7. Rift - February 16

    Do you still see two times? I only see the one.
  8. Rift Jan 29

    I've never seen that before, I wonder what bizarre situation led to that. I'll figure it out and fix this bug, thanks for letting me know.
  9. Messing around with a few more things this evening, thanks for your patience!
  10. Niarja will be down for a short time while I'm performing some backend updates. Edit: Back up.
  11. No, you’re not. Didn’t you hear what Darnok said? You’re getting 100ql trees. Please catch up.
  12. can someone good at computers make that meme like provides an update on failure to communicate refuses to elaborate disappears entirely
  13. "Our very limited team of developers is going to take on an incredibly ambitious feature, but don't worry it won't affect development time." ??? how does software development work in Wurm world?