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  1. It wouldn't be difficult for me to allow multiple uploads a day (I have the full timestamp after all), I just work on Niarja very slowly when I have free time But I appreciate the feedback!
  2. The Wurm Online Suggestions sub forum has such a hostile community. You need to chill out and stop disagreeing with intent that you've injected into his words.
  3. That's correct, is that what you were trying to do? The multi-upload page is pretty clear about that, but I might not have returned a useful message when you're uploading one skill dump at a time.
  4. I agree, but I solved that problem by making what are basically antechambers for my structures.
  6. FYI, I took it down intentionally until we knew what the new skills looked like. It's back up now.
  7. Uploads are back online, go wild. The two new skills currently don't have an icon and are in the "Other" section, but I'll get that fixed up later tonight. The WO developers ended up directly converting the old Artifacts and Turrets skills to the new skills, so some players may already have points (from things like sacrificing rare items). Some players already have "20" in the skill which most likely indicates a WU account uploaded as a WO account. It's not a big problem but I'll go through and clean those up eventually. For STP purposes the new skills use the "standard" skill difficulty. That will be adjusted if/when we have more information.
  8. I've temporarily disabled Skill Dump uploads to Niarja Skill Compare. I'm going to bed, and the two new skills should release within the next few hours. It's suspected that they'll replace Artifacts and Turrets due to some affinity-related limitations, but that's not a sure thing. The Test Server isn't up so I can't check. Uploads will re-enabled when I get home from work tomorrow. Everything else on the site continues to work normally.
  9. I haven't been contacted about Psalamon. The new owner just has to let me know what their email address is on their Niarja account. Then I can transfer the character to them.
  10. Up
  11. MrCoolMan, you are attempting to upload a skill dump that is not in English. Please note this on the bottom of the upload page: "Note: If your client language is not English, please convert the date on the first line of your skill dump file to an English one. For example, '2015-maj-10' can become something like '2015-Mar-10' or 'March 10, 2015'. Most formats will work, just make sure it's in English!" That is necessary because I currently do not do any kind of localization. I may do that in the future. I will also update the site so you see a better error message when you try to upload a non-English dump. Your previous uploads probably worked because the Swedish to English translation was the same. "Oct/Okt" was not. Thanks.
  12. I'm taking a look at your skill dump now. I'm not sure what you mean by a Deliverance thing. The Deliverance Rift appears correct. Keep in mind that Rifts aren't available after they first appear. Take a look at this for a different view.
  13. Can you PM me a copy of your skill dump? You can put it on pastebin if you’d like. Also interested in your account email (share via PM, not here). Thanks.
  14. PM me with the email address you registered on Niarja (and ideally some kind of proof that you own Marlon). Works for me, I'll need more details. And Dadd doesn't even play on Epic vOv