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  1. Messing around with a few more things this evening, thanks for your patience!
  2. Niarja will be down for a short time while I'm performing some backend updates. Edit: Back up.
  3. No, you’re not. Didn’t you hear what Darnok said? You’re getting 100ql trees. Please catch up.
  4. can someone good at computers make that meme like provides an update on failure to communicate refuses to elaborate disappears entirely
  5. "Our very limited team of developers is going to take on an incredibly ambitious feature, but don't worry it won't affect development time." ??? how does software development work in Wurm world?
  6. I’ve been waiting for a group to take down those Epic uniques so I can take that section off Niarja. Getting closer!
  7. I've been pretty done with Niarja for a while, and that includes me being too lazy to update the process to autorenew the certificate. Fixed, thanks.
  8. WurmNode

    I would 100% love if this was a better Niarja so no worries there.
  9. You can join IRC channels from within the game. I'd recommend operating a chat bot that way.
  10. Fixed Harmony/Melody/Cadence Rifts, thanks.
  11. I'd like to buy the two Yule Goats, mailed to "Chakron" if those are still available. Thanks.
  12. Advertising on MMORPG in 2021...
  13. Interesting. How does this work for skills that don't follow the standard rules, such as Fighting (and I believe Weaponsmithing, though maybe that's just arbitrarily high difficult). And how about the difference between improvement and creation actions?
  14. Wow, that's very combative. You said "can we make a formula", and I was asking if you could do that because it would be a very useful thing. I run Niarja and would have a lot of use for it. I would legitimately like you to come up with an equation, it's a shame you lack the skills but I have no idea why you're being so aggressive.