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  1. You can join IRC channels from within the game. I'd recommend operating a chat bot that way.
  2. Fixed Harmony/Melody/Cadence Rifts, thanks.
  3. I'd like to buy the two Yule Goats, mailed to "Chakron" if those are still available. Thanks.
  4. Advertising on MMORPG in 2021...
  5. Interesting. How does this work for skills that don't follow the standard rules, such as Fighting (and I believe Weaponsmithing, though maybe that's just arbitrarily high difficult). And how about the difference between improvement and creation actions?
  6. Wow, that's very combative. You said "can we make a formula", and I was asking if you could do that because it would be a very useful thing. I run Niarja and would have a lot of use for it. I would legitimately like you to come up with an equation, it's a shame you lack the skills but I have no idea why you're being so aggressive.
  7. Who is "we" in this situation, is it you? Go ahead and write a closed-form equation for all skill gain, please.
  8. This is cool and fun and some of you are very salty about a video game
  9. Reddit is generally where we make the “the devs are incompetent/out to get me/destroying the game” posts not here FYI
  10. Are Gumbo's posts after this has already been addressed consistent toxic behavior at this point? They're getting very annoying to read.
  11. I'm picturing Retro fleeing to another country with his windfall of literally hundreds of dollars