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  1. I'll take all of the Yule Goats, mailed to "Chakron" please. Thanks.
  2. UCLG Marketplace

    I'll take all the Yule Goats mailed to "Chakron", thanks.
  3. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    That's correct - the earliest tweets on Niarja are from April 2014. I think that means only Xanadu is a "complete" record (but keep in mind that the servers may occasionally omit sending a tweet, and servers don't send notifications for events like settlement name changes).
  4. I'll play pretty much forever no matter what. Wurm is the only game that will ever be Wurm. Too few players are interested in games of this genre and difficulty/tediousness. Established game developers will never get involved with this type of project.
  5. Interest in Wurm trading site

    I've seen a few people brainstorm this idea, myself included. I disagree with the first tenet of "No direct connection with a game or forum in any way". I think Wurm should move in the opposite direction. Right now there's no link between Wurm Online/Shop accounts, and Wurm Forum accounts. I think that's a bad experience for customers (it's confusing to maintain multiple accounts, and the way emails and accounts are linked and password recovery works...should be revisited), and it's a bad experience for developers (I want to be able to verify that someone owns a Wurm Online account for several use cases for Niarja. That's not possible). Integrating to a single account system would be better (You can set up Invision board to do this), and would also solve a lot of the problems that'd you run into when trying a make an external Wurm trading website. I really like the idea of a Wurm trading website, I just have different ideas about the design of the account management system.
  6. Mind PMing me the skill dump? I can take a look.
  7. Remaining PvE Population Centers

    Yeah, it would be the end of the game. Imagine a totally hypothetical, not at all real example where we have separate servers for the two main Kingdoms - JK and MR. If players put years of work into them and they were suddenly shut down, it would be the end of Wurm! Hypothetically!
  8. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    If you consider how much time some people spend playing Wurm, the subscription cost is insignificant. It could be a thousand dollars a month and still be "low".
  9. Every time I try to pick a sprout from horseback, I'm surprised when it doesn't work. Considering what we can already do to abuse Forestry, this is a quality of life improvement that has been long due.
  10. People who keep wining the game

    The first player to “win the game”, Thorgot, finished his “bin items” goal by constructing half a dozen trash bins on his front lawn. This looked awful and ruined the property value on my nearby home. Therefore, abolish personal goals please.
  11. 3 goblin leaders 12 hours apart?

    Note: If you click on the spawn time link, it takes you directly to the tweet.
  12. Hota's / Gifts Sale

    3 Yule Goats mailed to "Chakron", please.