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  1. I'll look into a 12H/24H toggle option. All times on Niarja are shown in your local time zone.
  2. While I was busy playing other games you all apparently launched another server! Jackal has been added to Niarja. You can also now upload your Jackal Cluster skills to Niarja Skill Compare. I'm working on building out Jackal-specific views, and I guess we'll need to go with some kind of "Seasons" for Jackal skills and events? I'll start to build that once we know more. Let me know if you run into any major problems because I threw this together in like 10 minutes, whee
  3. Still working on non-desktop resolutions. (Quite a thread necro! Please use the thread in Toolbelt. Mods, can you lock this?)
  4. I believe the rift timers are going to be wrong because the times were manually moved. I will update the timers tonight. Sorry if you were relying on those, I think I’ll miss the first few.
  5. Please send 5kg (each) of Winter White, Dragon Red, and GM Black to "Chakron". Thanks!
  6. I'm not seeing that error when visiting, are you?
  7. I have also not read all the words yet, but yes, online communities like forums and discords inflate the thoughts of certain people that are not the main members of a game’s community. The loudest people are not always the best reflection.
  8. With the trivial ability to exchange Wurm Online money and real life money, there has never been a real “market” and any ideas to the contrary are nostalgia.
  9. The old version had a background image that partially blended into the content - people liked that, and it also made the links and some text easier on the eyes. I’ll return to something like that. The only problem is I need to find/take some good high resolution pictures that I like (that I can then modify to load faster). What so you mean by an OG version without the “fancy colors”? I haven’t added colors anywhere where they didn’t already exist. The only difference is reds are slightly different reds, greens are slightly different greens, etc to help people with different types of colorblindness distinguish between concepts. The colors have otherwise always been there.
  10. I’ll find something that looks better.
  11. How do you plan on getting the data? I was going to add something similar to Niarja, but you can't even copy/paste the Rift window easily. /effort
  12. Agreed, we should be able to put capes on dogs.
  13. Please send me a PM if you're having any trouble uploading skills to Niarja and I'll get it sorted out, thanks.
  14. You join it every day, then rage quit when someone hurts your feelings.