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  1. Eir

    So sad to hear you pass and hard to fathom. I loved to receive the occasional email with recent news about your recent Wurm endevours, thoughts about cancer treatments and learning stuff like the Budwig Protocol. You were always so loving, caring and kept my hopes high although I sensed your struggles. Thanks for all you've done for Wurm and the community. Rest in Peace, Janice.
  2. Even though I've known this might come for several months things escalated so quickly in the end and left me shocked and very sad. I am grateful that we had time to discuss the statue design before things got too bad to log on to chat. Tich you were fun, quick witted, always helpful and benevolent when things were confused and stressed out and you managed to touch many of our hearts both personally and with all these ingame features you implemented. I miss you a lot. See you again when we are thrown back into the light, Tich!
  3. Dude ......i lost my ROLF!!!

    Am alive and kicking! Thanks! Learning new stuff for instance Unity because I suck at c++ although Unreal does seem to be better at certain things. Afraid you can't expect anything new in a good while though, so it's notsoon(tm) Have a nice weekend!
  4. Slow change of focus

    Thanks everyone! As Retro points out I'm still around! Cheers
  5. Slow change of focus

    Hello Everyone! As many of you already know, Wurm is now mainly being maintained and developed by a group of volunteers from the player base headed by our Product Manager Budda, most of which are under contract. My involvement and role in development is diminishing as I've been at it for 13 years now and I feel a bit of a drain. Hence, I am educating myself in new areas since WU brought in some breathing room for Wurm. I will remain CEO and do administrative tasks and stay involved in discussing the direction of the game but this group of active contracted players will henceforth be the ones taking strategic and day-to-day decisions much based on your input. This feels like a the natural way of developing the game and will be good for the longevity of Wurm and its continuous progress. I want to expand my knowledge and work on non Wurm projects for a change and I think the dev team has proven a lot and matured quickly since this spring when it was formed. Wurm is doing well financially and will be around for years to come. In case you are an able coder interested in becoming a volunteer and help improve the game and possibly do some bounty coding, don't hesitate to contact Budda. Long Live Wurm! Rolf
  6. ~~~ Duce ~~~ 1972 - 2016

    This is so sad to hear and it comes as a total surprise. I thought you had a long way left. You fought until the end for what you believed in both here and in real life, refused certain treatment and decided to go in the way you preferred. All respect, Duce!
  7. Happy 10 years Anniversary!

    Hi everyone! It's been quite the fascinating journey over this decade. From a developer standpoint I've seen most of which can be expected from an early access, rapid development project like this - bugs and crashes, hacking, exploits, outrage. All of which I thought we'd be able to avoid when we began the project and for which I would humbly like to ask forgiveness. But I've also seen the stuff that I was hoping for and sometimes not expecting - villages forming and flourishing, sometimes dying and leaving ruins behind for others to explore and finding useful loot. Kingdoms clashing and waging epic war along front lines. Players riding dragons turning into terrible opponents. Religious pagan devotion, meticulous gardening and settlement planning and improbable animal breeding. We've had fantastic community projects and events such as the canals, roads, bridges, impalongs and treasure hunts. Now there are Rifts and cave dwellings added to that list which I think makes good sense. I think that together as both coders and players we've managed to create a pretty fantastic world which has that sense of being alive with a rich history that we once set up a goal to achieve. I'm very thankful and happy for all that you've done in the lands of Wurm up until now, creating all sorts of memories and stories with your actions. It's difficult in a game like this to find the balance between giving every player the space desired while not letting the game feel desolate and empty. Rifts will help with that in a sense, bringing players together and one of the challenges for the future will be to come up with tweaks to existing code and similar features I think. Thanks everyone for playing Wurm and to everyone on the team - both those who left and are still around - I bow down to you in respect. Here's to the next ten years! Cheers!
  8. Is there any chance of making a small change, so deed mayor can have full control over any colossus on his deed?


    I have unusal deed, situated on three great mountain spikes (those from scenario events).

    Main buildings are on the big, central spike. Now I would like to expand on other two spikes (deeded long time ago), but one of them is occupied by colossus. I, as a mayor, cannot move it or destroy it, so it prevents me from expansion. Player, who build it is unreachable.


    Now just waiting month after month to make this change happen (it was already suggested over 7 months ago but don't know if this change is at least at a todo list)



    Any help much appreciated. Thank You very much.


  9. Found a issue on WU which is exploitable not sure how the WO code is diff but it deals with hooks.

    If you imp up a bunch of hooks and get them all to same imp item example 25 hooks needing iron to imp then throw them all in the Bulk storage bin then pull them back out they all don't need iron to imp it randoms what is needed now to imp them. It exploits ever needing iron to imp them up. I'm going to go ahead and remove them from the BSB

    on my server just thought you might want to know WU code allows them in the BSB and there is exploit  with it.

  10. Nathan has alignment issues

    Okay, made changes so that negative alignment deities allows butchering and praying at the Bone Altar. Also some other actions checking hate aligned deities should become effective. Next update.
  11. Web server switch Monday 10 AM CET

    The CDN is involved so it wouldn't be a complete test really.
  12. Hi, we're going to try to switch the web server to a new machine on Monday at 10 AM CET. If things don't work properly we'll switch back but it would probably mean some issues with starting the client for an hour or so while the DNS is updating. Fingers crossed! Rolf EDIT: Okay we did a bit of a ninja test today with Wurmpedia which admittedly didn't work out too well. We're going to do another bit more scheduled one tomorrow Saturday at 7pm CET. Please take note!
  13. Hi, We haven't changed anything so it's PayPal who have done some magic here. I've looked into this but can't find anything in our shop or PayPal business setup pages that would fix this. We'll keep looking though and eventually update the shop pages so hopefully we'll be able to solve it. I've contacted PayPal business support but to be honest I don't expect a less generic answer than you have already received but let's hope for the best.
  14. Team Contracts

    Hi Everyone, As you are all aware, over the past week or two we have had Alex and Erik step down from developing for Wurm. From this I took some time to evaluate what support Wurm needed and looked at contracting several key positions. I'm now pleased to announce the following positions! Product manager: Budda Code Manager: Keenan Web Master: Daryl Payment systems: Taufiq I'd also like to announce that Enki and Alectrys have now been contracted in their respective roles of Head Game Manager and Quality Assurance. These positions ensure that key areas of development continue and also provide greater support to our developer team and you all. In tomorrows news Retrograde will go further into the roles and their respective duties, but for now, welcome to the team!
  15. Thanking Alex and Erik

    After several years of dedicated Wurm duty here in Motala, Alex and Erik have decided it's time to move on and leave for new jobs in their respective home cities. I've received final notice which means they'll leave the team and Code Club towards the end of April. Alex was the first employee at Code Club in 2010, starting his time implementing the Collada model loading and animation system and has been mainly improving the client since. Erik joined in the 2013 on the server side and has lately been busy with the Steam implementation and is currently finishing off the Mod Interface. Their additions to the game have been nothing less than fantastic and it's been a pleasure to work with them all along. Working in the same office this change comes as no surprise, but nothing is final until papers are signed. I've taken some initial measures to ensure continued support and we'll be contracting Tamlin to take over responsibility for the Steam client builds. Alex and Erik will be finishing up their current projects so there won't be any loose ends. At this time I have no immediate plans to replace Alex and Erik as this is a great opportunity to assess the needs of the game as a whole. This does not mean a slowdown in development or less updates and we continue to work on projects such as the rift system, upcoming PvP changes, cave dwellings and an improved food/cooking system as well as the long awaited new client renderer. I will continue to work with and support our volunteer developer team closely and in the future we'll be looking into the introduction of a 3D cave system as well as flowing water. As always, improvements in various other areas happens on a weekly basis as well thanks to our fantastic team of volunteers. I’d also like to thank our dedicated Steam users who are very apt at locating lingering bugs in the code which is a great benefit to development. Again - Erik and Alex: Thanks loads for all you've done for Wurm! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!