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  1. No more new servers. Instead, open up the North/South passage! Wurmians Without Borders!
  2. Next year, Wurm Online will be 16 years old. Unless there is another new map on the horizon, Wurm Online will have 16 maps remaining in 16 years. It is well-known that Wurm Devs have used the land rush as a mechanism for growth, time and time and time again. While that is certainly legitimate and understandable, I do not believe it is a sustainable practice. So, what can Wurm do to sustain itself for the next 16 years that is different from the past? That is the purpose of this post, to get feedback from the players on how Wurm can adjust for the future. Please feel free to lend some constructive ideas. Ok, let the food fight begin...
  3. A Troll Story To Remember. So, I killed a troll by kiting him from one island to another. However, they hate the water and he stopped in the midst like he was afraid. I killed him, not realizing his hide and gold coins would sink. I swam out to get them. The water was too deep! What do I do, I thought? I built a raft. I rafted over them and still could not pick them up. I dropped down a workbench on the shore near the loot. I then constructed a ladder diving board 4 ladders high with a platform. Of course all this needed support, so I dropped beams down in the sand and built them up to support the diving board. I then climbed up and leaped from the diving board into the water, which allowed me to sink low enough spamming 'E' to attempt to get the hide before I bobbed back to the surface. After several attempts, I retrieved the 5 troll hide. Now that, folks, is how you make a game!!!!!!! Simply amazing...
  4. Happy to hear you are enjoying it. If you use a knife in sneak, it will kill even a 2 star deer in one hit.
  5. Left CTRL to sneak. Come up from behind with a knife. They will not see you and you can kill them in one hit. Same for boars. Hit Tab to open inventory. Look over to your right to see some icons at the top. click them. One is skills. Bows are awesome. They have enormous range. Run to the water and pick up flint. Use regular arrows to kill white seagulls. Get feathers. Make flint arrows. Make fire arrows. You can kite and kill the first boss with only arrows. Delete items, just activate your crafting mallet and target object. Middle mouse to destroy and recover some materials. But I bet you knew all these answers already.... right?
  6. 1 Million copies in one week. Impressive. Most Impressive.
  7. Here is a post I hope you will enjoy, where I describe and illustrate one crafting approach I am taking in my game. https://astruggletosurvivedevblog.blogspot.com/2021/02/a-crafting-approach.html
  8. I recently added a new tool to my graphics toolbox. It is called Krita, a free and open source paint program with some amazing features! Have a look at a few of the new seasonal trees with the new snow sprites!
  9. Hello Fellow Wurmians. For those who are following along with my game blog, I wanted to let you know that I have changed the name of my game. Survive And Thrive is now... A Struggle To Survive. This new name is much less used than the ultra-popular Survive And Thrive moniker. Please update your bookmark link to: https://astruggletosurvivedevblog.blogspot.com Thanks, Eyesgood
  10. Nytician, Sorry to hear about the stress. For me, what's most important is that I continue to make progress on my game. I share that progress only when I am able to do so. I have to force myself to have the mind-set that I do not owe anyone anything at this point. In the long run, it benefits everyone and keeps me focused on my goal. Hang in there. Eyesgood
  11. Thanks for your interest. My goal is to simulate wilderness survival with all its dangers and circumstances. Food, Water, Nutrition and hydration reserves, temperature, dry/wet clothing and the effects against the temperature, hunting, trapping, fishing, ice-fishing, as much as I can. Though just a game, I would like for it to have some intrinsic value to the concepts and principles of surviving in the wilderness and take that up to thriving, where the player is able to pick a profession and trade/barter for supplies with NPC traders and villages and eventually stake a homestead claim.
  12. A short post this week regarding my current sprint, seasons and tree growth. Click the link to take a look at the Maple Tree! https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2021/01/a-peek-at-seasonal-tree-work.html
  13. Here is another post that delves into my vision for the game. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2021/01/a-vision-for-survive-and-thrive.html Also, at the bottom of the post and shown here is a video where I talk about the latest features and show some new content. I hope you find it interesting.
  14. My latest post marks the end of the first year of development. I am planning some videos soon which will show off some of the latest game features. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/12/year-one-milestone-year-in-retrospect.html