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  1. Another chunk engine-related post today. This one was really exciting. I figured out how to eliminate chunk edge tile issues without writing any new code! It was all in the technique. I also give the reader code for a method to handle scene fade-in and fade-out. Read all about it by following the link below. https://astruggletosurvivedevblog.blogspot.com/2021/07/eliminating-visible-chunk-edge-lines.html
  2. It's been a while, but I finally managed to create a new development blog post about my game progress. The new post revisits my chunking engine to discuss a design flaw I recently discovered. https://astruggletosurvivedevblog.blogspot.com/2021/07/revisiting-chunking-engine.html
  3. My Event window exposes about 8 lines. Looking at a creature, I have to scroll up to read the gender because it only appears on the second line of a wall of text about the creature. I suggest replacing the following texts to make the information more practical: FROM : [11:12:07] You can groom them again now. <---- THEM? It is just one creature. TO: You can groom him again now. FROM: [11:12:07] This creature is penned, and will search the enclosure for food. TO: He is penned, and will search the enclosure for food. FROM: [11:12:07] This creature has a total of 80 trait points. TO: He has a total of 80 trait points. FROM: [11:12:07] They are not hungry. <------ THEY? It is just one creature. TO: He is not hungry. Using the gender pronoun would give immediate indication of gender.
  4. Ingredients: 1 rare of each fruit: apple, cherry, grape, lemon, olive, orange (would provide some use to rare fruit besides saccing) 1 pottery bowl. Not sure on what skills would be required. Decorative Item for a table.
  5. I have two skins that were given out in April 2020. They are not listed in the monthly program because they were an exclusive skin award for being premium during the time period. They are named "Sturdy Large Chest Skin" but they were described in the post (here) as an exclusive ancient large chest skin. They were offered only once from April 3rd to April 12th 2020. They are exclusive, no-drop, so they cannot be mailed. I don't know what others have sold them for, but I won't take less than 3.5s each (7s both). I am willing to deliver them to any PVE coastal spot for my asking price. Let me know if you are interested by replying here or PM me on Eyesgood in game. Thanks. Eyesgood
  6. I was picking up 2 alts from Xanadu. I returned to Pristine and disembarked/reimbarked. When I embarked back on the sailboat with my 2 alts aboard, the sailboat accelerated to around 54Kmh. It was the craziest ride ever. Once I slowed down and entered a tunnel (doing 10kmh), the client crashed. Just wanted to report it. I should have taken a screenshot. I will do that next time.
  7. Why must Wurm always be so divided? For heaven's sake, why?????
  8. Turning Shadow Details off seems to stabilize to the point where I am only crashing a few times a day.
  9. It appears I am now getting something similar to what others are getting, Java crashes anywhere from 1 minute in to up to 30 minutes. I have crashed 10 times today. Is there no fix for this issue? I have tried reverting to default settings on all game settings and still nothing helps. System Info: hs_err:
  10. So, I was troubleshooting a Java crash issue today and ended up creating a test toon on NFI. I noticed there was mention of going to Epic from the portal instructions. I take this to mean NFI toons CAN go to Epic. Am I incorrect in that assumption?
  11. Yes, I remember that. I personally think NFI has had enough time to establish itself. There are many good reasons to connect. NFI players may want to go to SFI to explore the rich history of the lands. NFI players may also want to try their hand at Epic. Both sides may want to cross-explore or even relocate. Having disconnected worlds with so few population contributes to stagnation both socially and economically. But I also think many of those who remain on NFI are actually just SFI alts. In my opinion, dangling new worlds in front of Wurmians has never been a long-term success. It is always a short-term solution to a larger issue, I think. I just wish the devs would share their thoughts on the subject and give us some legitimate estimate on when such an event might occur.
  12. Is there any plan to open the border between North and South? If so, is it possible to tell the community when this might happen?
  13. If you are using merchants as storage containers, be sure to check in periodically so they do not leave due to inactivity.
  14. Bring back Jackal, but use it to financially support the game. Players wishing to enter the "round" can purchase a token in the Wurm Shop (~$5 maybe?) which grants access to a single Jackal round for the duration of the round. Tokens are good for any round, but only one round. Here's a way to bring back what many considered a very successful feature, but in a way that can also provide recurring financial support for the game.
  15. A sandbox crafting MMO cannot survive without an economy. An economy cannot be sustained without balanced supply and demand. Supply and demand cannot flourish when players are isolated from each other. Isolation is one of the primary tools used to stimulate Wurm's growth. Yet, Wurm is not growing. (In my opinion) Something is missing. What is it? Discuss. This message is sponsored by Wurmians Without Borders.