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  1. The rumors of your demise are greatly exaggerated.
  2. Speaking of borders, I hope 2023 sees the opening of the borders between NFI and SFI.
  3. Well, I thought I would update anyone who might be interested in my 2d survival game, A Struggle to Survive. I know it's been a while, but I am still plugging away at this hobby game. Here is another blog post announcing that I have switched from the Unity game engine to Godot. I could ramble for a long time on how much easier and faster it is to develop in Godot. But instead I will just say that in 1.5 years of Unity development, I have been able to progress beyond that in just 3 months in Godot. In fact, I just finished my resource-based inventory system in Godot and it only took me a month to do. Here is a screenshot. More to come.... Eyesgood
  4. 2009. I was playing EQ2 at the time. I decided to search the Wikipedia MMO list and found Wurm. I downloaded it, created a character, logged in, looked around, said to myself, "Wow, this is crap." I logged out and uninstalled. A short while later repeating that same search, I thought, "You know, I never did give that Wurm Online thing a decent try. How do I know I won't love it?" So, I downloaded it again, logged in, and gave it a proper try. I then jumped on EQ2 and told my guild I just found an amazing sandbox MMO. Three of us came over, and the rest is history...
  5. Brilliant Idea! However, I fully expect the highest-level players will be able to solo via kiting, healing, and other clever tactics, unless the goblins are prevented from leaving their camp? Troll camps using the same game mechanics and creature variations would be an amazing encore to this exciting feature.
  6. If you move your mailbox to the center of your property. If you are mowing your grass and suddenly start wondering what the slope of the ditch-line is. If you always respond to strangers by waving and saying, "Hello, How are you?" If you have a boat on the roof of your house. Your belt holding up your pants has 10 pouches on it. You bob your head when you walk. Or, you don't bob your head when you walk. You try to change your looks by staring at a hand mirror. You keep spiders for pets. You check the local paper for Imp-a-long announcements. You are reading this list...
  7. That was the point of my post. Just as gunpowder would seem to be out of context with Wurm, so are purple little Teddy bears on player's backs. I would have much rather seen one of my old suggestions than this. Come on, Devs.
  8. If tailors have gained the ability to create Teddy bears, surely weaponsmiths have gained the knowledge of gunpowder. Just saying...
  9. opinion incoming... Since there is absolutely no way to know who is selling, who is bidding, and whether the actual auction transaction even ever occurs once the high bidder wins, the auction system via the forums is not and cannot be an accurate representation of what something is worth in Wurm. Who is stopping an alternate forum account of the seller, or a friend from bumping up the bidding? How do you know the person who bid 50s for something actually met with the seller and completed the transaction? I know, they would get reported on the forums as a bad cookie, I get it. But if they win their own auction using an alt, we would never know it. Worst yet, if a few players went together to artificially inflate prices by cross-bidding on each other's auctions, well we would never know that either. Simply put, Wurm Online needs an in-game auction where players can auction items (for a small fee) and the game keeps track of bids, wins, mailings, and and payouts directly from one game bank to another and from one ip address to another. At least there would be some validation that what is seen in the forums truly represents what Wurmians are willing to pay.
  10. Is the font used on the form included in the install, or does it rely on the operating system to have the font or font family installed?
  11. Well, at least the link url tells you what cloud service is hosting Wurm Online, if you didn't know already.
  12. "Divide and Prosper" has been a staple income strategy around here since Notch left. However, I think it has reached the point where it is giving diminishing returns... Someone PLEASE make the decision to merge the code and the player base while you still have both.
  13. Wow, how did I miss that post? Thanks Nordlys for pointing that out. I think I have my answer now.