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  1. don't ever buy that drink again.... whatever it was....
  2. How is Wurm?

    The only thing that hasn't been tweaked for the players is the cost of premium, which is the single-most complaint from every person I have ever tried to get interested in Wurm, "You pay how much to play? Yeah, no thanks!" The second major flaw to Wurm is silver tied directly to a real currency. I still cannot fathom why anyone would pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a Wurm asset - be it character or item. This top-heavy population is eventually going to flip and sink Wurm unless something changes with the economy and the premium costs associated with playing.
  3. Is it safe to move yet?

    Is it safe to load up a boat with tons of supplies and cross servers, or are there any lingering server-crossing bugs to worry about?
  4. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    There are (and always have been) too many servers. But because of the vested time and effort people have placed in their deeds on all the servers, I am certain it is close to impossible that they will close any servers to consolidate. The irony is that the large number of servers coupled with the small player-base makes Wurm feel almost adandoned to me. One obvious consolidation would be to close Epic. Why the devs refuse to bury that corpse is really beyond comprehension.
  5. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    It costs way more than you remember, but that said, the devs are really amazing and cranking out some seriously awesome updates of late.
  6. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    Years ago I saw a movie where a ship (might have been a submarine) was sinking and taking on water. Some people were trying to seal off a section where the water was coming in, but they couldn't get the hatch closed. So one of them sacrificed himself by jumping into the flooded room and pushed on the opposite side of the hatch so that the others could close it and survive. The sad part was when his friend looked through the hatch window and saw him gasping for air, and then a while later he was just motionless and floating dead in the flooded room. We have been watching Epic gasp for air for a long, long time. But there is no hope now. Epic is dead, floating on the other side of a door the devs refuse to open for fear of what would happen to Freedom if they did. So it is...
  7. Sailing trough borders bugs player camera

    It looks to me like you are just in the water at the boat - booted from the boat, just like what always happens.
  8. What other games do you play while grinding?

    Been poking around in Project Gorgon and Star Wars Galaxies Legends lately. Both are excellent.
  9. Future of Wurm

    Right now, the very least game time you can purchase is 1 month for 10 EU out of pocket because that is what it is going to cost you, not the 8EU they advertise. I have said it 50 times if I have said it once, Wurm is too expensive when you compare other games. To prem both my characters for 30 days is over $23 USD as of today's rate. That does not include my deed. Yeah, a buck a day is cheap compared to coffee. But it is not cheap compared to other MMOs. Wurm is not competing with coffee and doughnuts. It is competing with other games. Until Wurm changes its business model, it will continue to decline.
  10. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    Yes, SWG has(had) non-instanced housing, but Wurm takes it to the next level and lets you design that house. SWG only gives you pre-designed templates for housing.
  11. Lately, I have been playing Star Wars Galaxies Legends emulator server because I played years ago and I wanted to jump back in to find out why SWG sticks in my mind as one of the greatest MMO experiences I have ever had. As I am analyzing this question, I am discovering in my own mind what SWG did better than other MMOs, and I am now thinking the same about Wurm. So what do you think? What in Wurm stands out to you as something that Wurm does better than any other MMO you have ever played? Regarding SWG, I think the economy stands out as the best of any other MMO I have played to date. No matter what profession I get into, my efforts are going to be worth something to someone, somewhere in the galaxy. Regarding Wurm, I think the sense of ownership and customization of property is, to me, something Wurm does far better than any other MMO. -Eyesgood
  12. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    Excellent counter perspective. Thanks.
  13. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    Open World, Full Loot PVP (OWFL) is always a selfish, gank-fest no matter which game you look at that offers it. In my opinion, OWFL does not belong in the MMORPG genre. It should remain in the FPS and FPS hybrid realms. With respect to Wurm, the problem with pvp is that nothing, and I mean nothing, can prevent someone with an attitude or agenda from demolishing months of your invested time and energy building a "safe" haven - which can never be made safe or never be made defensible. And this is a catch-22 because if the devs make deeds safer, the raiders get mad. If they make them less safe, the defenders get mad. Personally, I think pvp should not be about loot. It should be about faction warfare and control, with acquired bonuses as a result of your success. Plus, and I think more importantly, there should be some level of enforced chivalry. When you make pvp all about loot, people are going to get frustrated and quit. Especially since the gear they are wearing likely cost them real-life money. Forget that. I am not paying hundreds of dollars for good gear only to have a couple of gankers with an attitude killing it off me. Who wants that? This brings me to my final point that OWFL breeds toxicity. It is amazing how greedy and brutal human beings can be when they play in a game where anything goes. In that environment, the trend is ALWAYS negative, NEVER positive. The attitudes get pathetic and there is no sense of morality or any such thing. You can feel this attitude of, "I have a right to kill you and take everything you care about, and level your home to the ground. Why? Oh, because its a game, and you are the enemy, and I don't give a hoot." If you read this and think, " Boy, this guy is an idiot," well, that's fine. You probably never will understand what I am trying to describe, so it doesn't matter to me. But probably some of you know what I am talking about and recognize this as a problem. Cooperative, group (kingdom) survival against an equally passionate enemy is what pvp should be about. Not this personal agenda of greed and self-absorption that we see all too often. Remove the game mechanics that foster greed and Wurm pvp might become more interesting to the players. My 2c.
  14. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    New account system???? hum........
  15. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    lol, and you popped back in because??????