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  1. Games Best and Worst Aspects

    The Best and Worst are my opinions on the best features/aspects of the game and the worst for each game. I am not comparing games, I am listing what I love the most and what I dislike the most about EACH game. Wurm is a fantastic game. But the price is the thing I dislike the most about Wurm.
  2. Games Best and Worst Aspects

    I was poking around my desktop and found a txt file I put together a long time ago, with my opinions on the best and worst aspects of the various games I have played. I thought it would be fun to share it and see if anyone else can come up with a list. Here it is: Meridian59 Best: Entering the castle and seeing the trolls and others killing them Worse: PK out of the blue with no warning Star Wars Galaxies Best: putting together the creature lab, gathering DNA to make creatures, creating and selling the eggs Worst: The amount of time it took to ride out to a location was frustrating Everquest 2 Best: Resource gathering with the chance to get rares for selling. Worst: Gankers and the level grind made you constantly have to replace your gear. Wurm Online Best: Land Ownership and sandbox designing Worst: Cost Life is Feudal Best: Crafting station simulations Worst: the detail of the world made it hard to see items in the game Shroud of the Avatar Best: crafting mechanics Worst: 2-tier map system and the instancing Elder Scrolls Online Best: Graphics Worst: Housing instanced Eve Online Best: Market system Worst: world was too dangerous to enjoy Albion Online Best: skill tree Worst: graphics, and resource levels that made the whole game wash, rinse, repeat Haven and Hearth Best: complexity of the crafting Worst: too many gankers and too many ways to trap players Lord of the Rings Online Best: Story Worst: not enough to do Xsyon Best: gathering system Worst: creatures way too hard to kill Ultima Online Best: complexity of the game itself Worst: learning curve Voyage Century Best: skill gaining through gathering Worst: cash shop pay to win Runescape Best: always felt like something to do Worst: too much hand-holding for my taste The Repopulation Best: Sandbox feel Worst: Nothing to do Star Wars The Old Republic Best: Theme Worst: Pay to Win Vanguard Best: crafting experience Worst: Market Fallen Earth Best: crafting gear including bullets Worst: Dead community
  3. Which year is this from:

    Premium accounts are basic accounts with active premium time. Premium time can be bought from the Wurm shop for 5 Euros per month, or 50 Euros for 12 months. That should be resurrected! If it were, I would be back in the game yesterday with 2-3 of my toons.
  4. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    One map to rule them all.
  5. I've been waiting for years for...

    Of course, I was referring to two different characters that can very much play at the same time. But you calculated my assumptions perfectly. Yes, I want a deed that size. Most other MMOs give you multiple characters per account. This goes along with what I have been saying for many years now. They finally got the price of deed founding and upkeep very reasonable. They need to do the same thing with the cost of characters. Until the cost of playing WO gets more in line with other MMOs, I will keep spending my money on Wurm Unlimited. It's that simple for me.
  6. I've been waiting for years for...

    I want to play a crafter. I want to also play a priest. I want them to own a shared deed. I want this for less than $25 USD a month.
  7. A decade (very nearly) come and gone

    I was there the day Inde opened. I was in the armada that crossed from JKH. I watched the split: some going straight, some left, some right, as we fanned out to meet the land. It stands out as one of, if not THE, greatest memories for me in Wurm.
  8. Games like Wurm

    I have played hundreds of hours in LIF and thousands in Wurm. Wurm is more relaxed and you can do more and own more in Wurm than LIF. The personal claim size in LIF is ridiculously small, as in the size of the smallest deed in Wurm. You have to pay large sums for anything larger and there is a cap on the size of a personal claim. Solo play is very difficult. You cannot have just one character that can do everything. You would have to train multiple characters (3-4) and each one is $10. Space is limited for personal claims and the last time I was on, the personal area was junked with so many claims nobody could move or breathe. On the plus side, LIF has very rewarding crafting and the skill grind is not as bad as Wurm. The graphics in LIF are insane and beautiful. Prepare to travel long distances for resources, and trade is an absolute must. None of these things are necessarily bad, I just wanted to highlight the differences.
  9. MS-DOS is FUN

    My first PC was a Commodore 64. My first self-built PC was a 486DX2-66. Been building my PCs ever since.
  10. Making Wurm Feel More Alive

    It is, but most won't admit it.
  11. Star Wars IX Trailer

    Star Wars ceased when Disney took ownership of it.
  12. What other game costs as much as Wurm Online, and limits you to a single character for that cost? What other game punishes your actions with fails to make the game more interesting and fun? What other game gives lower skill gains per action to lengthen the amount of time it takes to accomplish something? What other game has no real end game for the first 10 years of game play? What other game still parties like it's 1999? What other game has such a devoted fan-base that is worried sick about it's future! I don't know either.
  13. The grind is real. The cost is real. The solution is obvious.
  14. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    Well, that didn't take long.
  15. Is it legal?

    I said, "mitigate" not "ignore". I am not a fan of putting controls on the client. Developers have very little control over client code because once released, it can be reverse-engineered, manipulated, and so many other things I wont mention. However, the server code can be locked down and monitored. You can never totally control what hits the server, but you can always control what the server does in response. I am merely pointing out that good server-side controls can deal with an abusive client. Every good developer knows the place to deal with problems is on the server-side in a distributed application because you cannot ever really trust what is coming from the client, period.