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  1. I have not been seriously active in WO for a year, just popping in every now and then to check my deed. But, were it not for WU, it would not have been possible for me to stay away as long. The changes that have been and are being made though, are really drawing me back to WO. I think the dev team is really taking to heart a lot of player feedback as well as making tough decisions that I think most will eventually agree are right for the long haul. I congratulate them for that. And to respond to what Wilczan said, there really isn't any other MMO quite like Wurm. It is diamond in the rough!
  2. Well, pooh.... I knew it was too good to be true, lol.
  3. Ok, so I was on a gaming website this morning and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this: I know it's not a direct advertisement for Wurm Online, the game, but still......
  4. I truly hope those that are mad and promise not to re-sub their priests.... WILL KEEP THEIR PROMISES! The priesthood is way too top-heavy anyway. Seriously, nobody like change but sometimes change is the ONLY way forward.
  5. Removing player gods was one of the BEST decisions in YEARS! The whole system was a convoluted mess with no end in sight. Getting back to the core deities was so RIGHT!
  6. [18:55:21] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 3 of the starfall of the Leaf, 997. That's 3896 days, 3 hours and 35 minutes ago. Pushing 11 years... wow, time flies.
  7. How many years of premium does the LMC take?
  8. There are two ways to look at the state of Wurm in 2020: WU is for all intents and purposes, abandoned to the Wurm modding community. Epic is for all intents and purposes, abandoned because the changes there have been redirected towards WOS (steam version). Chaos is for all intents and purposes, abandoned because nobody plays there anymore. Freedom is drying up because it is too expensive and there is too much legacy baggage in the code to be fun. WOS is the next attempt at revenue to keep the lights on. Or WU is for Wurmians who love modding and free-to-play. Epic is for those who love kingdom PVP. Chaos is just never going to die because it is the oldest map in existence. Freedom is for Wurmians who love the memories and cant stand the thought of parting with the investments of time and money spent over the last decade. WOS is the next attempt at revenue to keep the lights on. I am still not sure which of these two ways my mind leans towards the most, but I truly hope 2020 will be the year that Wurm sees the most success ever, because 10 years in, I still love this game! Eyesgood the Torn
  9. Third person has been in the code for years. I activate it often when playing WU. It is a nice change-of-pace.
  10. Stam drain on boats has always been puzzling to me. It is one of those game mechanics that make no sense unless it was made for a very specific purpose (PVP related probably). But to make the whole world put up with it for the sake of one purpose is, well, typical Wogic.
  11. QOL Suggestions... Do away with mailbox fees altogether. These tariffs are pointless and serve only to hurt the economy. And while we are on the topic of mailboxes, everything that can be carried in inventory should be able to be mailed. The reasoning of PVP exploiting of the mail system is probably now completely moot. Wurm needs a Free Trade Agreement!
  12. I would be all over that choice. If Wurm offered a 10EU a month sub but allowed for 2-3 toons but not allow them to log in at the same time, I think that would be splendid!
  13. 10 years ago the average MMO sub was around $15 (14.95) and you got multiple toons. Today most MMO subs are ZERO COST or $10 (9.95) and even more toons. 10 years ago Wurm was 5EU for a single toon. Today Wurm is 8EU for a single toon. See my point now?
  14. I would say Wurm's PVE mechanics are far more polished and extensive than the PVP mechanics. If one would have to go, I say the PVP would be the choice. More play for PVE than PVP and has been that way for years.