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  1. Start a hive. Pick up hive. Bring up crafting window. drag hive into left slot. drag material into right slot. After the first piece is attached, the hive will disappear. Que will still continue.
  2. Eyesgood - a morphed version of "I am good" as in, I always play good-aligned characters. I always choose to be the paladin, the knight, the healer, the dwarf, the Jedi, etc. As Alkhadias said above, if you see Eyesgood in a game, it's probably me. Although once, I had to re-roll with a different name and so I came up with Eyzengude (as in rhymes with dude). It worked.
  3. I agree. There are so many actions where the moment is wasted. Instead of getting nothing from tending, how about the moment granting 10 times the .000001 normally given?
  4. you mean like this: Eyesgood Backslot Idea
  5. Modern renderer. Switching does not act differently.
  6. I am not really sure this is a bug. The highlighted tile side is 23. The bridge was built at max angle (20). I can drag it under the bridge, but when I sail under it, as soon as my toon reaches the bridge it stops, almost like my toon is blocking the ship from going under it. Anyone else had this issue or have an idea what is wrong? Link to screenshot. Server: Pristine. Location: East side of Erebor at water (M14). Ships affected: sailboat and knarr so far tested.
  7. How can you fix server code that is accessible for hacks in the first place?
  8. Some bugs are easy to fix while others may be more difficult due to the amount of code that would need to be analyzed in order to properly fix and test. That's the nature of software development.
  9. I am a titled arrow maker, so I get it. But still, I think it would increase the value of arrows and provide an extra step to our craft. I don't mind that at all. Just saying...
  10. Changes: Coops and Chickens Its ok to have the egg quality based on coop quality, but in turn, eggs laid by wild hens and hens that are not in pens should be low, like 20q else it is better to not use the coop and get 99q eggs all day long. Since hens now produce feathers, why not make arrows require feathers?
  11. Oh my goodness, Sherwood used to be my old deed. lol, I am the one who planted the trader there. How much do you want for it?
  12. I am not sure it is entirely accurate that most people quit after making a deed, or house, or homestead. By the time I had made my deed and house and homestead I was irrevocably hooked for life. But, the very very first time I logged in and saw the graphics, the quirky player models (they were very different back then) and such, that is when I closed the app. I am glad I came back and made that deed, house, and homestead. Doing things like getting rid of on-deed decay, doing away with fails on common building items, adding third person, doing away with RMT and toon trading are examples where I think the devs are knocking it out of the park. Those are the kinds of changes that bring Wurm closer to the masses by delivering common expectations in an entirely unique package. Now, if they would only take it further and 1) eliminate mailing fees, 2) if you can pick it up it should be able to be mailed (both QOL improvements, and 3) provide Marks purchasing in the Wurm Shop (source of revenue), the game would be inching closer to primetime. Hats off to the devs and what they have been brave enough to implement in the last 3-4 months!
  13. This has been suggested many times, myself included. Unfortunately, I don't think the basic sub-per-toon business model will change.
  14. I get it that you want to use the Marks Shop to supplement the game, and I think that is an awesome idea. So, take it further and offer Marks in the Wurm Shop so we don't have to buy premium into the year 2025 just to get more marks to spend on the awesome items you are adding to the Marks Shop! Please add Marks as a purchase option in the Wurm Shop!