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  1. An empty large cart: There is not enough room. An empty Wagon: [17:33:25] There is not enough room in the wagon for the acid turret. The wiki says they can be loaded.
  2. New Item: Cave Planter Box which will function identical to dirt tile for growing crops, but in caves. New Item: Grow Lamp which will provide special lighting for growing crops in caves. New Spell: Sunlight (20 favor, 40 skill) available to all faiths which is cast on any iron lamp to convert it to a Glow Lamp. Create Recipe for Cave Planter Box: plank and plank to start Additional: 1 Dirt, 2 plank, 4 large nail, 1 Grow Lamp May be improved with a plank. Create Recipe for Grow Lamp: (glows the color of the dye) An Iron Lamp dyed any color Casting Sunlight on an iron lamp produces a Grow Lamp. Fuel not required. This is a magical lamp. Grow Lamps cannot be planted. They are an ingredient in the Cave Planter Box only. Model: Square wood box filled with dirt and an iron lamp planted in the center of the square or at the north corner. (an idea). Examine: A cave planter box suitable for growing crops underground. Sunlight has been cast on it so it will grow crops of higher quality. [50]. Weight: 50kg (just to make it easier to purchase and transport). Properties: The quality of the box increases the time to harvest (along with tending). The strength of the cast improves the quality of the harvest (along with skill of farmer). Cave Planter Box may be placed on a merchant, dropped, picked up, etc. Once planted, it cannot be picked up or moved except by owner but may be destroyed by bashing. To Use: Locate flat cave tile and "Plant" Cave Planter Box Cultivate Plant crop of any kind Once crop is planted, the box glows the color of the Grow Lamp Harvesting or weeds will cause glow to stop Tends and harvest identically to crops. Alt Benefit: May also be a source of food for animals. They may graze it. Maintenance: Each harvest does some damage to the Cave Planter Box, maybe 10%, so repair is necessary for maintenance of this awesome item!!!
  3. Suggest a new bridge type: The Drawbridge. This bridge would animate to raise or lower with appropriate sound effects. The tile that receives the lowered edge would not be modifiable or destructible (like other bridges). All existing bridge building/mechanics would remain the same, except: When raised, the bridge span is not passable. When lowered, the span is passable. Would be used to provide/restrict access across deed moats. Should be an easy add for such a talented dev team!
  4. So how are we to tell the "features" from the "exploits"??????
  5. It would be awesome if the number of creatures we could care for were applied across creature types so that with a skill good enough to care for 5 animals, one could care for up to 5 of each kind of animal that has traits: 5 horses, cows, etc, rather than just 5 creatures total.
  6. Purchased. Please close.
  7. Looking for 50 silver. Will pay 50 US dollars plus 5 sleep powders. Reputable sellers only please. Reply to this post and PM me.
  8. I noticed this as well. Sometimes you cant really tell which pen the horse is in when it is standing inside the fence shared by two pens. This should really be looked at soon.
  9. If it is, it is by pure coincidence. I haven't played on a server with this mod (to my knowledge). I am sure it is fun though.
  10. The thought of army alts never once crossed my mind.
  11. Just an idea for PVE... A new quest mechanic for PVE: Compass from Heaven An uber-rare chance that a humanoid mob will drop a "Compass from Heaven". Examine compass --> "This compass appears to have been dropped from the gods and picked up by a creature incapable of understanding it's significance." Right click on compass in inventory --> "Get Bearing" will read, "The compass appears to be pointing {direction}". Alternately, right clicking on the quest compass --> "Make Active" will replace the compass bearing of a standard compass with the quest compass. Following the compass will lead the player to a special loot chest containing random loot worthy of the quest. The compass can be no-drop, no trade and acts as the key, where only the person holding the compass can open the chest. Both chest and compass are destroyed after 48 hours real time if not found.
  12. Just spent 12 hours hunting for that silly mask. Anyway, I noticed a severe degradation in fighting when I took out a large cart as opposed to hunting on my horse. On the cart I was missing very frequently and had to back out on several trolls that normally give me no trouble. On my horse, no issues. Oh, and I wore plate all day and had no real lack of success over my faithful chain set.
  13. Ok, people. It is obvious to me I have struck some nerves, which wasn't my intent. Nor am I an inexperienced Freedomer who has never fought Epic creatures. I lived on Epic for a year when it opened. I also play on WU. Nor am I venting about anything. Nor have I been away for years and just coming back. Been here all the while except for a few breaks along the way. I was just curious what Freedomers would think about such an outlandish idea as this. At least now the devs have a taste of this topic - though I think they probably already knew where this would go anyway. So head back to your forges and fields, your pens and pans, your wagons and whims... You will find no Gumps to bother you. If the moderators would go ahead and shut down this post, we will all probably be able to enjoy the coming holidays. Cheers! Eyesgood
  14. Some great discussion. Let's keep it positive.
  15. In light of the current discussions/decisions regarding Epic character transfers, I would like to see a discussion about how Freedomers would feel about adding Valrei mobs to PVE maps. Let's face it, there really isn't much "E" in Freedom PVE anymore except for uniques and rifts - which many of us cannot frequently participate in due to schedules, etc. The argument I have always heard is that they are too overpowering to roam PVE lands given how many newbies would be mowed down by them. But the truth is, there are far more experienced players in PVE than newbies of late, and even if we were flooded with new players, I have rarely experienced valrei-noob-griefing episodes in either WO or WU. On the contrary, these more powerful creatures provide great "end game" PVE players with more appropriate creatures to hunt/kill. They also provide some additional danger (and suspense) to an otherwise docile (and often boring) PVE environment. And the cries of wee Wurmians needing help only serve to provide another purpose to interact with the community, allowing higher-skilled players to assist in clearing mobs of v-creatures. Personally, I would love to be able to hunt them like Epic and Chaos players can, and I see almost no reason not to introduce them to the PVE lands. Rather than make this a suggestion, I would like to see healthy debate on the pros and cons. What say you? Discuss.