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  1. What happens when you buy an Asset Store product but later find out it doesn't have exactly what you needed? Find out in this week's blog. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/10/sound-randomizations-and-asset-store.html
  2. Don't waste time with coops. Hens lay top quality eggs on the ground. Put them in coops and the eggs are adjusted to the quality of the coop. Coops are a waste imho.
  3. This week's post reflects on my recent development efforts to introduce water depth with swimming, animations, and sound effects. A short video is provided showing the testing of these new features to my game. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/10/simulating-water-depth-with-animations.html
  4. I would not start promoting the use of the word "Expansion"...
  5. Another post this week. This one deals with development tile workflow, random distribution of special tiles using a clustered technique, and a nice C# list randomizing extension method I use to change up the distribution of some tile types. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/09/tile-workflow-and-sub-distributions.html
  6. Here is Part 2 of my journey into Scriptable Objects. This post includes some details about the refactoring process as well as performance comparisons from generating a million-tile test map. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/09/a-look-at-scriptable-objects-part-2.html
  7. The one big negative with Wurm Unlimited is that you could get involved heavily in a server only to have the server owner shut it down on you causing you to lose everything you have invested in it. I have had that happen to me more than once. However, that will likely not happen with Wurm Online. If you choose Wurm Unlimited, you would do well to choose one of the few servers that are the oldest and likely not to shut down any time soon. Go with the numbers of players and choose one of the highest populated servers. Sklotopolis or Mythmoor are the oldest and least likely to shut down. That would be my suggestion. The one big negative with Wurm Online is the overall cost to play compared to Wurm Unlimited.
  8. A new post today introducing Unity Scriptable Objects and what they are for. More to come as I begin using them in my game. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/08/a-look-at-scriptable-objects.html
  9. Maybe it's time to start providing some additional transportation options between servers besides just ship transport and one-way portals...
  10. A couple of new posts today. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/08/the-evolution-of-trees.html https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/2020/08/trees-and-context-menus.html
  11. Greeting Wurmians! If a 2D single-player wilderness survival game sounds interesting, I invite you to visit my blog where I am blogging about my experience creating my game using the Unity game engine. https://surviveandthrivegame.blogspot.com/ Follow me on Twitter for instant updates on posts. - Eyesgood
  12. There was a time when fishing was boring because there was no challenge to it. The new fishing system, just like the cooking overhaul, is all about complexity, immersion, and the expectation of success within a very deep system. If you don't want to dive into fishing (pun intended) then just do something else. I found that spending the time to get ready for the fishing trip is half the fun of fishing. Who doesn't like filling up a tackle box with all kinds of goodies? That was rhetorical.
  13. Some older players might remember my Surviverman series where I created a new player to blog about the new player experience many years ago. I know that feeling well and I appreciate it. My reason for this thread was centered around the business decision that drives CC to isolate new players since this is something I haven't seen in any other MMO that I have played. I agree with most of the posts in the thread, except of course for those who totally mis-characterized and/or perhaps misunderstood my intentions. I have long said the new-player experience is one of the greatest experiences in all of Wurm. I wouldn't want to spoil that for anyone.
  14. Was all that directed at me? You could not be more mistaken. I am not there nor do I plan to play there. I have no interest in starting over after 11+ years of playing Wurm. No thanks. I was simply asking a legitimate question because I don't know of any other MMO that isolates the player base every time some new lands are added and I am curious to know why the devs do this and what people think about it. That's it... Nothing more...