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  1. Animal Crates ETA?

    It seems to me it should be quite easy to do, especially since it has already been done on WU. I am sure the devs are allowed to use code developed by the community. If not, they should have that right. Looking forward to this feature for sure!
  2. Animal Crates ETA?

    What's the latest on the Animal Crates? I can't move to another server and leave my beloved horses behind!
  3. Astaroth | Wurm's Hardest Server

    +1 to the dev for being different.
  4. Astaroth | Wurm's Hardest Server

    I love your concept and I am sure Surviverman would feel right at home. I understand the idea of 1x skill, but not 2x timers, especially in this context. Really, 10x timers would be much more feasible since skill gain is not touched. Gaining skill in a survival context improves the experience imho. With 1x/2x settings, most are going to quit before they even begin to enjoy the added survival features. And not being able to get faith up quickly is just another I-am-not-doing-this-again decision-maker. Just a constructive suggestion and I wish the devs success!
  5. Sounds of Wurm Online

    That's what is strange. Some Wurm sounds are really good while others are crappy as they can be. I agree, the ducks (something not even in the game) sound better than the pigs (something in the game). Also, I think some of the sounds need to be tweaked. I hate living near steppe because the wind is so loud it makes it hard to concentrate. Maybe 2018 will see some "sound" improvements to Wurm.
  6. Sounds of Wurm Online

    I would agree many of the sounds are really sub-standard. Take horses for example. The sound of horses walking and trotting sound more like knocking coconuts with spoons than the do the sound of horses. Whereas, take a game like Life is Feudal, and you just want to jump on your horse and gallop for hours because it sounds so amazingly real!
  7. BOOM Recipe

    First, I am by no means poor. Cheap? Maybe, but not poor. Second, this is about population increase and without a price cut, it will never happen.
  8. BOOM Recipe

    You have been around here long enough to know good and well that a new server always causes a spike in the population.
  9. BOOM Recipe

    Guaranteed recipe for population BOOM! Here it goes... 1. Create brand new PVP server to replace Epic AND Chaos, attached to Freedom cluster with Epic Rules. Call it something original, I dunno, like... WILD! Leave Epic and Chaos open for the time being so people can migrate there. Allow Epic items over to Freedom (whatever you can carry - one time "exodus"). Give it 6 months, then trash those servers forever. Really want to top it off? Have a contest to see who can make the best PVP map in the community and let the devs pick the winner. Then deploy it! 2. Lower premium to $5 USD per character. Yes, USD... in the very near future the Dollar is going to shoot up over the Euro and it will be your loss if you stick with it. 3. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise a brand new PVP server with all the new pvp engine tweaks, a new Wurm UI, the fresh new tutorial, and more importantly, the new subscription price! Watch the numbers and the money pour in!
  10. WO is just too expensive to foster population growth. Go tell a perspective player premium is for just a single character. Go tell him he won't be content with just a single character because that character cannot experience everything the game has to offer. Go tell him he has to pay yet another monthly subscription for a second, or third character. Watch him shake his head when he adds up the total monthly cost. Finally, tell him in addition to that, he has to buy silver to plant a deed and pay upkeep. No wait, you can't tell him that, because he already left the room. Seriously, revert to the original monthly premium per character and maybe, just maybe, the population will start growing again. But nobody listens to that line of logic..... Oh well...
  11. [No Bug] Dog breeding problem - possible bug

    The amazing thing about Wurm is that there is so much to do, a player can focus on some obscure thing (like dog breeding) and uncover a bug that is 10 years old. Who knows... Thanks for logging it. Maybe the devs will have time to verify/fix this issue at some point.
  12. Valrei International. 054

    Since the goal is to reduce the number of windows opened in the UI, I suggest rather than opening the container window after the drag-n-drop action has occurred, you simply show a message that the items were dropped into the container. There is really no need to confirm a drag-n-drop action by opening another window - which is the whole point of the drag-n-drop in the first place. A message will suffice. At least provide a setting to toggle "Open Container on Drop Into".
  13. It's just a graphical glitch. I never worry about the animals. Just stand above or below the wagon or cart on the level you want it to be on, and embark. The cart will insta-move to your location.
  14. what freedom server to play on ?

    The real question is whether you want a shoreline deed or not. With the server travel changes over the last few years, you can pretty much get to any shoreline rather quickly, making your server home less relevant. But if you want an interior deed away from the oceans, I think you will have the best chance of finding something ideal on Independence.