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  1. Thanks for your interest. My goal is to simulate wilderness survival with all its dangers and circumstances. Food, Water, Nutrition and hydration reserves, temperature, dry/wet clothing and the effects against the temperature, hunting, trapping, fishing, ice-fishing, as much as I can. Though just a game, I would like for it to have some intrinsic value to the concepts and principles of surviving in the wilderness and take that up to thriving, where the player is able to pick a profession and trade/barter for supplies with NPC traders and villages and eventually stake a homestead claim.
  2. A short post this week regarding my current sprint, seasons and tree growth. Click the link to take a look at the Maple Tree!
  3. Here is another post that delves into my vision for the game. Also, at the bottom of the post and shown here is a video where I talk about the latest features and show some new content. I hope you find it interesting.
  4. My latest post marks the end of the first year of development. I am planning some videos soon which will show off some of the latest game features.
  5. Thanks. Yeah, the amount of content I want with the initial release will likely take me a few years. I wish you all the best on your project as well.
  6. Thanks. I will be increasing the frequency of videos along with my dev blog posts once I have more interesting content. The goal is a Steam release at some point. But I think that is likely a few years off.
  7. A new PC and a new game update!
  8. You have just described the entire history of Wurm in a few sentences. Good job.
  9. My toons are 11 years old and there is no reason to create new toons with new premium on new servers. It's all about the grind and the premium.
  10. I am happy the blog was archived and now regretting that I removed it.
  11. What happens when you buy an Asset Store product but later find out it doesn't have exactly what you needed? Find out in this week's blog.
  12. Don't waste time with coops. Hens lay top quality eggs on the ground. Put them in coops and the eggs are adjusted to the quality of the coop. Coops are a waste imho.
  13. This week's post reflects on my recent development efforts to introduce water depth with swimming, animations, and sound effects. A short video is provided showing the testing of these new features to my game.