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  1. I want to burry a chest.

    LIF is the only game I know of that does that. It's a neat feature. +1
  2. Looking to buy 25 silver. I am PayPal Verified. 1s @ 1EU is fine. Post here or shoot me a private message. Reputable PayPal Verified Sellers only please. Thanks!
  3. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    Wurmians should age and eventually die. That way, there is a constant replacing of top-end accounts, which should (also) never be bought and sold in the first place. The only way to have a proper economy is to support the concepts of consumption, supply, and demand. Right now, characters are never "consumed" they are mostly just traded. Wurm's economy doesn't need the "bottom to drop out", it needs the "top to be lopped off"!
  4. Valrei International. 067

    lol, isn't "taking longer" the whole mantra of Wurm Online?
  5. Increase Bank Storage to Ten Items

    A totally "why not" request. I never understood such a stingy bank. But - there is no reason why CC cannot or should not make a little money for it. This is a PERFECT cash shop request. +5 slots = 1 time fee per character = $5 +10 .... you get the idea
  6. Hum.... I think I did do some tweaks since I had read in the updates about less memory requirements, etc. Let me tweak my settings again so I can do an apples-to-apples comparison. Thanks! UPDATE: I had set my background FPS limit to 5 so with both instances running on each monitor respectively, the focused fps was good but the non-focused client reverted to the 5 fps limit. I changed that and also turned down the shadow detail and I am getting pretty good frames now. Thanks again Samool!!!
  7. I get a solid 60 fps with one client on Xanadu. The moment I load a second character, my fps drops to 3-5 on both clients. I am running 64-bit java and before the client update, a second load would only drop my fps to around 40, which was fine. Has anyone else noticed a catastrophic fps drop when running multiple clients since the recent renderer update?
  8. Now that animals can cross servers.... Provide a list of (new) traits for horses and other bred animals whereby each map provides a single distinct trait that may be found in animals born in that land. For example, Xanadu horses might be slightly faster since there are so many wide open spaces for them run (silly example). Or Independence horses can climb a little better since the tallest peak in Wurm is there. Just some ideas. But the result would be to desire to have animals from every island because they all have something special someone might want.
  9. Just gonna leave this here...

    Congrats on an epic achievement. Crappy title, though imho.
  10. The Flip Side: What do you LOVE about Wurm?

    Land ownership. No other game gives a sense of true ownership and claiming something as your own like Wurm does. To that end, I will add the building system. to be able to plan, create and update buildings with such a vast amount of mix-n-match pieces and parts will probably be one of Wurm's greatest accomplishments.
  11. What has made you hate Wurm?

    The subscription increase... but I don't hate Wurm over it. It just burns me. Otherwise, that's it. nothing else... ever.... Love Wurm.... Hate spending so much for it though.
  12. don't ever buy that drink again.... whatever it was....
  13. How is Wurm?

    The only thing that hasn't been tweaked for the players is the cost of premium, which is the single-most complaint from every person I have ever tried to get interested in Wurm, "You pay how much to play? Yeah, no thanks!" The second major flaw to Wurm is silver tied directly to a real currency. I still cannot fathom why anyone would pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a Wurm asset - be it character or item. This top-heavy population is eventually going to flip and sink Wurm unless something changes with the economy and the premium costs associated with playing.