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  1. What a misery :(

    I have pretty much left Wurm Online and instead have decided to focus on Wurm Unlimited (Mythmoor) so I can actually learn the deeper game mechanics and enjoy the deeper game content some time in THIS DECADE. Even with 7x skill and 5x timer, the grind is real but at least bearable. Maybe that is what you need, to play in a less-stressful, more productive Wurm rule-set.
  2. wurm unlimited

    There are instructions for logging in multiple characters in the forum. Take a look here.
  3. Useless christmas gifts

    Snow falls from above the snowman. I think those flakes are collected and form snowballs over time.

  5. Free deed to good home!

    Sent PM
  6. I logged off while commanding my corbita. After the server restart, I logged back in and was in a passenger spot on the ship rather than the commanding spot. The same thing happened on my alt with a sailboat. Is this normal or a bug?
  7. Free deed to good home!

    Is there a mine?
  8. I like your website and the roleplaying within the posts are really nice. It is great to see active communities. Thank you for the invite. Time will tell what I will eventually do.
  9. I placed several wrapped meals in a SMC inside a lit hota statue. I noticed the next day they were unwrapped, so I wrapped them again. Next day they were unwrapped.
  10. This is one of those golden opportunities missed by the devs. This is the quintessential Wurm Shop item. Why they do not even speak of such things is baffling to me.
  11. Valrei International. 073

    Now I'll never get to buy a place on Inde. Thanks Retro for making Inde attractive again, lol.

    still looking...
  13. Learning Java advice

    I am probably very close to your age. I started with the Commodore 64 as well back in the early 80s. I am now a professional software developer, so online resources are very familiar to me. Udemy is awesome. Each course is just about 8-10 bucks depending on sales. They are well worth it. Courses are measured in hours not minutes. You will learn a lot! The other good learning place is Pluralsight. Also excellent resources and top-notch training, but it costs more. I am fortunate to have a subscription through work. Of course, YouTube is loaded with training videos of various qualities. Anyway, happy journeys learning Java! Cheers!

    I am looking for a coastal deed on one of the smaller servers. If you have one for sale, please let me know. Thanks!