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  1. Do the cages suspend aging, hunger, and other time-adjusted traits on the animals? Do the cages decay? The crossing of servers - I assume you mean the info is retained when the player returns to the original server? If the care-for property travels with the animal across the server, there will be issues with possibly too many care-for animals on the arriving server, since the list is server-specific?
  2. Have you tried nib and dual-wielding SS in aggressive stance? You might find that to be interesting...
  3. It is normal for MMO populations to expand and contract. When Wurm expanded to Wurm Unlimited, the WO population contracted and that contraction killed any hope of Epic's return. There are now too many maps and too many choices for the smaller playerbase that is Wurm Online. Consolidation of PVP in WO is the only logical solution to a viable pvp community.
  4. Epic died years ago. It is now just E P I C - Everyone Please Identify Crap. In other words, it is now just a test cluster for the devs. Let's just be honest about it.
  5. This is no slam on anyone here, including the OP, just something I want to say. Why is it that many hard-core sandbox PVP gamers (I have seen this in dozens of online games) act like rapid dogs protecting their food any time any attempt is made to sensor their actions? An anything-goes mentality in a sandbox game only seems to foster worse forms of betrayal, greed, and degradation the longer it is permitted. Where does it end and to what end does it accomplish? Maybe I just grew up in a different age, but are there really so many people out there who don't give a crap about what they do to others, how they treat others, or what the consequences of their actions are to those they betray/humiliate/destroy (YES, EVEN IN A GAME)? God help us!
  6. We grind our own coffee three times a day on the best coffee maker this side of heaven. yeah....
  7. Hey there! You probably don't remember, but I still wear what you described as a special chain armor set you sold me half a decade ago. Yup, still have it on. Cheers!
  8. You can try obeying the rules of the game, which sometimes includes developer-directed pauses in the gameplay for the mutual benefit of everyone. Don't forget, the developers have no personal interest in you keeping your stuff. I would be thanking them.
  9. I appreciate any and all work the Devs do. However, I think many of use feel that Epic is a lost cause - a bad experiment that needs to be put to bed. What is ironic about it is the fact that I personally think Challenge was more successful than Epic, even though Rolf allowed the latter to be scrapped and former to survive.
  10. Is this, along with tile edges inside mines, the beginnings of a true 3d world? When will be able to spiral downward???
  11. Here is another related issue with carts and bridges. A big issue I have (and it is reproducible) is to ride a cart onto a bridge and disembark from the cart. Then, try to embark. The cart gets stuck in the bridge. This is especially true if you log off while in a cart on a bridge or lose connection in the same situation. When you log back in, you get transported to the land below the bridge. The only way to get the cart unstuck is to unhitch the animals and push the cart off the bridge.
  12. The rune is worth something as well.
  13. well met.
  14. I understand your valid points. However, needing to try WU or finding another game has the same effect as moving to another server. Only, moving allows you to do what Wurmians are known for - starting fresh somewhere else. Whereas, the former decisions would probably make you more miserable. Learning to live with the lag actually hinders your progress.