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  1. Some of the BEST experiences in all of Wurm are when you have no home and little belongings and have to survive daily.
  2. I doubt they will move forward with the Steam release until they have solved the hosting issues.
  3. The Wiki does not mention it, but chain barding has the dye option and can be dyed. However, once dyed, there doesn't seem to be any visual difference. In other words, it just wastes dye. It should either have the option to dye removed from the menu, or if dyed, the dye should show.
  4. It would be awesome if the devs can come up with some kind of replacement for double-clicking to activate something in inventory. Even a Shift-Click is better than having to put up with the double-click and getting the timing just right. I wish I had a penny for every time a double-click did not take because the timing was a millisecond off. It is very frustrating.
  5. I thought there was an in-game email change option.
  6. Getting wemp isn't the problem for a new player. Making that rope is the problem.
  7. I am messing around with one of my subless toons and I just realized my current goal of making a rowboat is going to be nigh impossible where I am because of the mooring rope. I am asking now why a rowboat needs a mooring anchor? Further, since this is something a new player is definitely going to want to make, I think it creates an undue burden on them to have to make this "medium difficulty" rope. I am suggesting that the mooring rope be removed from the requirements to make a rowboat.
  8. Can we get a screenshot of the character window? I am curious to know if second-slotting a weapon on the back has been added yet.
  9. The sound now occurs after the animation. And, you have to crank up the volume to hear it. And when you do crank up the volume, it sounds like someone literally farted into a microphone and recorded it. Bring back the old sound please!
  10. Explore buffed-out duel-weilded short swords and see what you think.
  11. The chest skin cannot be dropped or mailed but it can be placed on a merchant so technically able to sell it to another player. It is also tradable from player to player. Given the nature of the gift, is this intended or a bug?
  12. Start a hive. Pick up hive. Bring up crafting window. drag hive into left slot. drag material into right slot. After the first piece is attached, the hive will disappear. Que will still continue.
  13. Eyesgood - a morphed version of "I am good" as in, I always play good-aligned characters. I always choose to be the paladin, the knight, the healer, the dwarf, the Jedi, etc. As Alkhadias said above, if you see Eyesgood in a game, it's probably me. Although once, I had to re-roll with a different name and so I came up with Eyzengude (as in rhymes with dude). It worked.
  14. I agree. There are so many actions where the moment is wasted. Instead of getting nothing from tending, how about the moment granting 10 times the .000001 normally given?