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  1. Fishing would be great if there was a comparable reward for all the work involved. Trophy fish should yield some great reward, like maybe silver?
  2. +1 year-round. Anytime is a good time to give a gift.
  3. Sadly, our beloved game was not able to keep a grip on (I will call him Bob). He has veered over to EQ (worse graphics than Wurm) and Star Citizen (much better graphics). Will he return? The more important question is, why did he not stay? He might be back, but if you watch all the videos (I have) you can listen to some of his critiques of Wurm and learn some things about the newbie experience that really should be addressed by the devs. Here are some of my observations and suggestions from what I heard. 1. When a new player chooses the portal after the tutorial, give them an option to arrive at the starter town of a map, but also give them another option to be spawned at a random location out in the middle of nowhere - something Bob really wanted to experience. The same code that determined a safe spot for the rifts of old might be good to use for locating a landing spot for a new player that wants to be a survivalist. 2. I think we veterans forget just how ridiculously long those newbie timers are. Bob mentioned the lengthy timers many times in his videos. Even though I tried to let him know in the comments that timers get shorter over time, I don't think he appreciated something he would not see for many months of game play. I think the baseline action timers in Wurm need to be at least 1/2 of what they are now with the fastest timers remaining as they are. Let's be honest, the return-on-investment for a new player in Wurm is pathetic to say the least. It took him 2-3 hours to mine just a few tiles. Come on, really? That worked in 2006 when the appearance of 3D was awe-inspiring, but it doesn't work today. I actually think that's about it. The devs have done a really good job with the newbie experience overall. Except for the cost of Wurm (always a peeve of mine) there are just a few pain-points to address, especially before moving to Steam.
  4. lol, I was finding myself saying, "Oh, man, you need to read that paragraph" about the time he closed the window...
  5. I just noticed this video on Youtube, uploaded just 2 days ago. Wow, it was fun to watch someone new to Wurm try out the game.
  6. wts Silver

    Don't you mean 1g = 95e?
  7. Preaching my sermon, but I don't mind a bit! +1 definitely.
  8. I would like to say that I am thrilled to see Rolf active on the forum and apparently active in some development capacity in his game again!!!! Just saying....
  9. I get your point, but I think exactly the opposite. I think people will not mind paying a one-time fee as opposed to purchasing a subscription on a game that is free to download. Don't get me wrong, I want WOS to succeed. But I do not believe it can be successful without a serious look at the business model. They will have ONE chance to get this right.
  10. A Steam gamer browsing Steam games: - Oh, what's this, Wurm Online? Wait, didn't I see another game similar to this?..... <searches for Wurm> Huh? Wurm Unlimited? What's the difference? <Spends 5 minutes comparing> Oh, Wurm Unlimited is Free to Play with no skill restrictions, allows multiple toons, has tons of mods, and several servers to choose from. Wurm Online is free to download, skill-capped, a single server and costs $8 a month per toon. Which one do you think the gamer will try? Unfortunately, WU will be WOS' (Wurm Online Steam) biggest competition. Think about it.
  11. I hear you, but I don't think Steam players are going to want to plunk down a 6-month subscription right away. They NEED to feel the whole experience and $8 a pop is not going to fly imho.
  12. I think if you plan to provide a Steam experience for WO but plan to add a subscription that is the SAME COST as the current WO, you will not see ANY net growth in the game. The truth is, though Rolf thought it was necessary to do for financial reasons, the rate increase we had several years back created a serious issue with promoting WO. I hope Rolf and the team realizes that in 2019, NOBODY is going to want to pay PER TOON the current price PLUS pay for coins to maintain a DEED. It's not going to happen because WO with it's 1-toon-per-sub model is NOT competitive with other MMOs, especially those that offer MULTIPLE TOONS with a FLAT RATE per month. Multiple toons are MANDATORY to get the full WO experience and everyone knows I speak the truth. WO is an awesome game and 99% of those who play WANT, NEED, and WILL play multiple toons to get the WHOLE experience. New gamers to WO are NOT going to understand or tolerate paying $15-20 a month for a game without AAA graphics. Heck, even WITH AAA graphics, they wont pay. My humble suggestion that I BEG you will consider: Offer WO on Steam free-to-play with the option to subscribe, BUT, lower the PER-TOON cost to $5USD per toon. That way, a person can enjoy WURM ONLINE for $10 a month with a crafter and a priest. Then, offer good SHOP items and you will have a SUCCESSFUL and BOUNTIFUL launch on Steam. Otherwise, it will be more of the same.
  13. This might be too late to even suggest, but here it goes. I think many Freedomers will want to support the Jackal invasions rather than fight. To this end, maybe it would be more beneficial to turn the Jackal Points into a tradeable currency, the Jackal! Coins earned, via clearing or crafting/trading would return with your character and be used to purchase the vanity items back on Freedom. Perhaps they could be stored in the bank like Wurm coinage is now. Perhaps they actually have a conversion rate to Wurm coinage? Making them a tangible, tradeable item in the game that can be traded and spent is going to make the whole effort more balanced and more interesting, I think. Just an idea...
  14. That'a a totally BAD idea. What if the day of the reset the players had planned to take the stronghold? It should be determined by the players activity, not some arbitrary deadline.
  15. I think it is universally understood by most MMO players that those who are able to put more time into the game get more out of the game at a faster rate than others. I don't think CodeClub can or should be responsible for mitigating that fact. I think if these new Jackal scenarios immediately reset after the stronghold is defeated, it gives a constant active scenario for anyone to pop into and contribute in whatever way they want, gaining a bit of this and that along the way. It almost seems to me to be a sort of extended quest/story line you see in other MMOs. If so, and if it is not totally wrecked by greedy PVP content, it will provide some PVE content readily available ANY TIME for ANY player. I am liking this, to be honest.