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  1. Our plans continue as before and our development work and goals remain the same. We will still be directly working with Rolf in almost all scenarios, or working off our own internal plans. I refer everyone to the original "plans for the rest of 2019" roadmap as to what our goals are, with Jackal out of the way. All of these plans have been shared with Rolf and approved by him, they'll continue as we intend.
  2. Hahaha this isn't about being transparent really, nothing changes on the consumer front, I just felt players may appreciate knowing as well as shareholders who were informed at the start of September.
  3. I know there's going to be a lot of questions and concerns about a company that's not as sentimentally invested in Wurm, but I just want to say that we aren't going anywhere, the people on the team aren't the kind of people to just sit idly and do any changes we think are a terrible idea for the game. So far nothing has come from them in any direction or plans, everything we have done and currently plan to do was discussed and put into action long before any of this occurred, including the premise of Jackal, and a cash shop (remember golden mirrors?) This just means another company sees a future for Wurm and wishes to work on pursuing it with us. Many games run with different parent companies and I know there's all horror stories such as EA's behaviour but that isn't the case here, they're willing to spend time and money to ensure that Wurm gets the best support it can (The move to AWS is being funded by them). We were informed of this around late August/early September, after the Swedish summer holidays, so please remember that before jumping to conclusions about what X or Y change was, Jackal was already out!
  4. The jackal server is and will remain pve, as we want it to be a continuing thing. Feel free to suggest ideas for epic
  5. Not at all! Please remember this is week 3 of 24, and we have this planned as a repeating cycle server that offers various differences each round *cough PoE leagues cough* So feedback on this round for improvements this round, and also ideas for future things are also welcome. Ideas for textures and skins as well, especially since our plan is to release one a week for the forseeable future (in the sheet as "until saroman gets bored") so please feel free to suggest what you would like to see too!
  6. This is a result of Oracle depreciating the java web start launcher and removing it in future java updates. This means we needed to work on swapping to native launchers as the jnlp would not work. I can speak with our client dev to see if the linux version can support your system and work on improving it for future users. I haven't seen this said anywhere beyond microsoft surface profucts as wulfgar said. You can remove windows 10 S mode as well, I don't believe it's "all new laptops and desktops" though. As for hosting through microsoft store, that's not possible unfortunately, they require payment API's to go through them too and take a cut of all of it
  7. Hi! this is known, and is the other side of the bug the hotfix was for (solving that one caused this one) Will be fixed in the morning
  8. I'm not sure I fully understand, you can hunt out the beacons yourself with your group and take them down too, it just requires being able to fight a few jackal creatures. That aside, why can you not travel back to freedom?
  9. Journal titles will be changed to have titles transfer at some point in the future, so no worries there. As for the toolbelt, hotkeys and skill trackers, this is because that's all client sided, not server sided. You can see your toolbelt configurations in wurm\players\Playername\playersettings.txt
  10. Congratulations! You are the first lunatic Wurmian to grind to 100 So you get to pick the title!
  11. There will be a transfer and it's not going to be a formula applied to existing skill. This was built from the ground up and as such we could add some things in the background to make it much easier to transfer across
  12. Theres been discussions about their future as they're not intended to mean income, and never have. That said, we have no active work on them and any changes to them will be shared before they go live