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  1. Thanks for getting the server back up quickly! I am enjoying wurming again!!!!!

  2. brass ribbons are a different item and always have been.
  3. Greetings Wurmians! Todays update is a little bit of a bittersweet one, marking the end of official content support for Wurm Unlimited. Over the past four years we've introduced many new features and shared many things. It's no secret that the mods brought to Wurm have made the game far more than we have with the vanilla version, and this update makes a few things easier for them to implement mods, both mechanics, client AND graphical. We'll continue to work with modders and address any major issues raised and of course, Wurm Unlimited is still on the store and we will still be supporting those with questions, technical issues and the like. With that said, these notes include a guide on how to create a resource pack, easy addition of mods (just place them in the mods folder!) We'd also like to thank ago for giving us permission to integrate his moad loader, as well as those who worked on it and provided updates to it as well. Wurm Unlimited wouldn't be the game it is without you all, and we deeply thank you for that. And as always, Keep on Wurming! Added ago’s modloader to the server and client. You can now, as previously using the modloader, put mods in “mods” folder in both server and client files. You can find mods at Installing mods is at your own risk and can contain potentially dangerous code, make sure to verify their origins prior to using them. Added user resource packs You can place resource packs in “userpacks” folder in the main game directory. Resource packs can contain new or replacement textures, models and sounds. How to create resource packs: Bug Fixes Fixed duplicate SteamID history entries in the database. Fixed journal entries showing 100% but not completing. Fixed forges becoming lit after a server restart for no reason. Fixed getting multiple rare ashes from forges. Fixed quivers in inventory being prioritized over quivers equipped on hip. Fixed metal materials on cache lumps. Fixed being able to cast multiple lurker spells on one item. Fixed being able to put low quality pages in the journal from bulk containers. Fixed wells with items placed on top not filling up. Fixed being able to cast dirt on storage racks. Fixed being able to cast mirror self on yourself, it only worked when cast on tile. Fixed being able to rune liquids. Fixed locks disappearing on server transfer. Fixed being able to fit a corpse into a mailbox. Removed Rift related journal goals. Removed Manage player payments option. Removed pruning of players from the db after 90 days of inactivity.
  4. I think at this point the discussion has reached its peak. We do not offer refunds and all sales are final, your account is still in working order and even if you don't like losing some aspects of the gameplay it's not grounds for any form of compensation, we'll enable faith changes for priests affected in order you get to pick the best priest that suits you.
  5. I worry about your logic. Plenty of situations go through change, some of them are popular some aren't. Again the argument isn't "you shouldn't have removed them" it's "you should have done it sooner" Which, sure, we should have, doesn't mean we're wrong for doing it now. As for pulling WU from your hard drives.... wut? Why would we? And any decision made from a statement like that last one is just filled with lack of understanding of ANY development decision. (plus angel has complained about us soooo much in the past, calling him a white knight for defending this choice is just plain wrong)
  6. With userpacks and the conversion tool it's quite simple to create your own jars and have players download them, they don't need to update their graphics jar and it's really simple
  7. Oh thank you! I thought it was nicer coloured deeds, leave valdor on tundra tiles, vacation buckets and a polar bear in every home!
  8. Using wurm online assets would be a violation of our copyright, and would constitute using them in another game. I'll leave this thread locked but visible for the time being, but will be removing it as well.
  9. Keywords "to be efficient" It's not necessary to play the game, just like circle of cunning isnt necessary to skill. But if you're arguing enjoyment/efficiency then sure, people will have different ideas. Personally I've rarely actively played on two accounts at the same time, and have been a solo account player for 95% of the time.
  10. For sure. I was just commenting on the argument it's necessary to play. I'm not sure on the stance of it but hopefully I can find out and let you all know soon
  11. Most new content has come from modders regardless, they offer a different experience and I'd like to continue supporting them. Notch left like ten years ago, I don't think it's cos he saw in ten years we'd end Wurm Unlimited.
  12. It is a good question! Bl priests and champions will be set to the template God of their template. Mr to mag, jk to fo.
  13. Mate I don't have knowledge of things I said four hours ago
  14. Last Thursday of the month every month is our goal for the big monthly patches
  15. Scratch that, was last patch. Was an unintended side effect of the loyalty system transfer option, it was changed to only be available if the option was selected. Will see about having it re-enabled for the month of Feb and update here. Will be enabled on the end of Jan patch for one month until end of Feb patch. This is the full warning and I'll add it in next week's VI!