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  1. The biggest issue is the impact it would have on crafting, and recipes, which is why it wasn't done in the past. It's a sensible idea, but with being able to dye items black anyways, what would be the main purpose of differentiating the materials?
  2. Here is a handy diagram to help explain how the servers will work!
  3. The water has always shown up like that as the effect is played on the water level for the record. Also, bear in mind you likely have the newbie light buff too!
  4. Out of curiosity, what benefit would this have over using paving? Just the raised height?
  5. At this point we've not had anything constructive in the past 4-5 pages. Thank you all for taking part in the discussion, and as we get closer to the release we'll have an FAQ with details for the launch.
  6. Patch notes?

    For the record:
  7. And the developer team spent a lot of time helping with mods, adding features for modders to use, and working with modders on debugging mods and providing insight. It was a two way street and still is, if you choose to stop harassing the staff for the decision made.
  8. Bdew, So I've spent a bit of time arguing this with you, but I'm going to put it to rest here. The mods added to Wurm Unlimited have stemmed from plenty of ideas on the suggestion board, and just because a modder did it too, does not mean we stole an idea. The only instance where an idea was directly taken was after Budda worked on the Archaeology journal work you did and asked your permission to include it in his update of it, which you freely gave. I have always appreciated your work on modding and Wurm Unlimited in general, and have thanked you several times throughout updates for the hard work you have done. What I will not tolerate is you continuing to push a false narrative about all your ideas being stolen when they were taken from the suggestions board beforehand, and we have spoken at length about this whole situation. I'm going to consider your attempts to further shed Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as deliberate trolling attempts, as I have given you all the information counter to it.
  9. I don't think anyone's said its not worth the time. It's something we'd like to see too, but it isn't as simple as "a quick bit of code" and would actually take a considerable amount of time. It may wind up in the game in some form one day, but not at this moment.
  10. Greetings Wurmians! We're back with a fresh new view of what's coming to Wurm, with major visual work being underway! New Skies Ahead Many have commented on rainbows and moons looking a little different, and there's a good reason for it! We're working on the new volumetric lighting system that we have mentioned a few times, along with breathtaking updated day and night skies! As you can see, they're gorgeous! (I hope Gaffer doesn't go mad trying to find constellations) Volumetric Lighting Volumetric lighting is a technique used in 3D computer graphics to add lighting effects to a rendered scene. It allows the viewer to see beams of light shining through the environment; seeing sunbeams streaming through the trees in a forest is an example of volumetric lighting, also known as God rays. And they're coming to Wurm! Part of this work on lighting is adding a lot more atmosphere to the game, improving the feeling of actually being immersed in the beautiful world we have all built here. As you can see, it adds depth to the world, and I can almost feel the warmth on my skin. Oh, wait, that's some actual sunlight creeping through the curtain, let me fix that) More UI Teases That's right! I'm here with more UI teases! This edition focuses on the new tooltips when you mouseover an item. As you do, you'll see it's material, item type, and enchants! Pressing alt while mousing over will display more detailed information. Z-fighters No, not the cartoon ones! Z-fighting is a term when textures flicker, caused by them being on the same level and the client not knowing how to display them correctly. Long-distance viewing has had a few issues with Z-fighting, and we've taken steps to address that for the future too! This fix means more beautiful views when looking out from a mountaintop across the land, and who doesn't love that! Before: After: The Team Expands! Katspurr There are many ways in which you may know Katspurr, A.K.A. Malena in Wurm. Whether it is through her work adding all the new horse textures, her VEN streams, her gorgeous encyclopedia of Wurm items and their visuals, or just her beautiful renditions of suggestion ideas! Katspurr is not just a dedicated Wurmian, she's also a games industry veteran with decades of art development under her belt, and we are THRILLED to say that she is joining the Wurm team! Katspurr has taken on a short term Art Developer role in which she will be handling various duties from new loading screens, those beautiful shots on the Wurm Steam page, and more! Darklords Darklords is a long term PvPer with a lot of experience under his belt in the world of PvP, and he's come a long way since I first met him. Late-night ramblings and testing catapulting changes, to building up the courage to join the dev team and work on bugs and tweaks and now joining as a contracted member of the developer team taking control of the direction of PvP within Wurm as well as other PvE content. Darklords is fiercely dedicated to making sure PvP is as fun as engaging as possible and will be working with you all via PvP discussion threads as he goes. The first thread is up discussing some of the changes that went live last patch, as well as discussing potential future changes too, so go check it out here: He'll also be taking on other aspects of Wurm and will be working on PvE content too. On behalf of everyone at the Wurm Online team, I'd like to welcome Katspurr and Darklords to our ranks and hope they enjoy their time here! LCM Changes This news also includes a few changes on the GM team. Firstly, after a long period as LCM Idony will be stepping down from that role. Idony has put in a considerable amount of work in ensuring that proper guidelines are created and maintained and that players and staff alike are supported. They will be continuing their role as GM, and I am very thankful for that, I'd like to thank Idony for their work as LCM and hope the post LCM madness passes quickly. Astarte Many of you know of Astarte as the GM who rescues you from a situation and promptly turns you into a sheep. Well, Astarte has taken up the now vacant role of LCM and will be working with all of the staff and players to create a welcoming environment leading up to our launch on Steam. Willow What a long history Willow has! Willow has been a community figure in Wurm for such a long time, starting the Impalong traditions, and building the terracotta army in the northeast of Independence. She has been a GM for a considerable amount of time as well, and has also had the role as Assistant Head GM, which she is now retaking! Willow will be assisting Enki on all Head GM matters, helping speed up our workload and ensure that EnkiBoT2020 continues to operate with minimal breakdowns. A big welcome to both of these fantastic and friendly GM's into their new respective positions, I look forward to working with you both! That's it from us this edition, we'll be hard at work getting things ready for the next update at the end of the month, so stay safe, excited for the future, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
  11. It's based on the server pool, not your own individual allowance
  12. It means that the pool of money that can be obtained this way is empty. It's filled by deed upkeep.
  13. If I haven't said it, it's not true. (And I'd remember having to announce something so big.) It's misinformation, as you said.
  14. They're the same game, updates will happen to all servers, maintenance restarts will happen, we will push updates to Steam at the same time. Not a spin-off like WU was.
  15. Patch notes?

    The question mark bag IS the graphic. Being a 10 year anniversary item it's a play on the actual question mark bags. It's actually a different model to the no model question mark bags Next update. They happen at the end of the month.