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  1. Honestly, the best changes I've seen over the years has been the efforts of the dev teams in addressing bugs and tackling issues. I still recall the off-deed bug that affected you deeply @Brash_Endeavors as well as the server being offline for a weekend due to rolf not getting the message that it was down back in 2015, the work of Keenan, Samool, past and present devs in ensuring that major issues are addressed quickly, nd that server downtime has been kept to a minimum has been a huge change in the game. I do miss @spellcastgiving me a supreme mallet on test as we all played one weekend because I asked nicely, we had to give a reason why we needed it (as it was only for testing) so we said we wanted to test the effects of supreme mallets in combat, good enough!
  2. Lots of interesting points! For the report QL, it's an average of your skill AND the report quality, capped at 85. I have my own findings from experimenting, things such as age of deed, how long it's been abandoned for also playing a part Indy is the best for the big caches, up in the north.
  3. Oblivionnreaver is correct. I also advise this pursuit is pure insanity.
  4. I looked it up the other day, seven years since I took on the name of Retro, helping out as a PR assistant under RedBaron, I didn't realise it had been so long. And it has been long; it's been a significant journey with all of you, team and players alike. We've seen bridges come (!) as well as underground houses, rifts, and the launch on Steam, seriously too many events to cover all of them (Have you ever tried to make a big deal about being able to place things on tables in a press release?) It's not just about what we've done too; it's about what YOU, the players have done as well. Countless impalongs, events, more than one piece of fanart of me (seriously), and years of good times and some bad puns have passed. With that said, it also feels too short, like it passed in the blink of an eye, and realising that it wasn't last month that Tich told me to "F$%k off" when I casually suggested more stair types, or that Grifo has been calling me Bluto for near two years now, it has been fun. I'm sure by now you're all aware of where this is leading, but I've decided to move on from Wurm and find greener pastures to cause havoc on. My replacement will be the lovely @DemonaNightshadea well known and bright member of the community. She is excited at the opportunity to work with you all to build a cheerful and optimistic community together. I'll be around until the end of March as we work on handover and getting Demona up to speed, and I'll still be playing, roaming Release and other servers while I hunt for bug guts and various bits, so if you do see me around, make sure to say hi. As always, keep on Wurming Retrograde.
  5. Because accusing people of using hacking tools is not acceptable in our forum rules, we removed the post and your one quoting it.
  6. Magic chests protect items while they're in the chest, not just on deed.
  7. More that the decay function checks to see if you're on deed, if you are on deed it exits the function.
  8. This is a suggestion to change a feature, so it's a little different. Technically, it's not a bug, it's working as intended mechanically, so the question is about changing it. This is not saying it's a GOOD thing, it's just not posted as a bug report. That said I've passed it to the dev team to consider and will update if a decision is made to change the mechanic.
  9. True, but I'm happy to help bridge the gap
  10. that's a bummer, happy to help move them across to freedom!
  11. This Valentines, we're celebrating with you! We have a special gift for you all, but only if you log in between Saturday and Monday server time! With love, The Wurm team P.S. if you were a different cluster when you received the gift, and would like to transfer it, log a support ticket and a GM will assist!
  12. I am NOT interested in the idea, commenting on something bears no indication of anything, please don't think that!
  13. Thanks for reporting! Will pass it along