To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. That's not what we're looking to do. This is not "no deeds here" it's just clarifying that this is where unclaimed land is
  2. Exactly, which is a pain point we've been aware of in regards to the newer servers, thus we're working on this tool.
  3. This is just deed density. Nothing to do with active players, logged in players or alts. The goal is to give an indication on where new players can go if they do want to find free land, as "all the land is taken" is a common misconception
  4. The issue mentioned in the OP is resolved, so I'll be locking this thread, it doesn't need to become another derailed thread arguing a specific point of view in the absence of the actual issue at hand.
  5. All that repair skill, you'll need it, because you get to carry around a lot of pride now! P.S, you're a gorram nut
  6. Draw me your finest map dump and I shall pay you the finest of birchwood shafts
  7. They're in the works, but even they don't show active deeds!
  8. Hi Everyone! There's been a LOT of discussion over the time of Wurm, about finding free land and the struggles of new players in exploring, I'm sure you all have your own tales of "the guards kindly inform you you cannot do this here" while trying to survive. We've been discussing this experience, and we would like to gather your thoughts on it! We'd like to implement a "heat map" overlay for the in-game maps, showing rough areas where deed density is high, and where it's low. It would look something like this: red = hot But this is where you come in! We want your opinions on whether you think it would have helped your explorations as a new player to find low populated areas (or dense areas if you wanted company)! Leave your vote up the top, and thoughts below if you have any! Please note, this is a general interest poll, nothing in it is binding! To clarify: This would be a toggleable visual option. Please do not vote no simply because you don't want to see it, we've already thought of that!
  9. This is a one off to allow people of different timezones to attend.
  10. Personally I just think these weapons would be cool to have in-game, it's why I like skins so much.
  11. Will we have to hit the dragon one more time?