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  1. title for 100 prospecting

    Wow, great effort! We'll do our usual checks to make sure you're the first, but you get to choose the title if you are!
  2. Valrei International. 060

    Our url shortener host is likely having issues use
  3. Valrei International. 060

    This is adjusting some issues with the existing system before we retire it, allowing people to complete it if they wish before it goes away. The new system will come later and replace the entire thing, but we'll have more on that closer to its release.
  4. Valrei International. 060

    Decay is considerably slowed in houses, so unless you have 1ql junk items such as woodscraps sitting around, they'll be around for a long long time. I've tools in a chest that i haven't touched for years sitting at about 30 damage, it doesn't take long to repair a few times, also raiding long forgotten areas still finds goods and things lying around. Decorations don't decay, but this isn't a system designed to bypass the natural decay of tools and objects, we offer a magic chest with a limited capacity to store things decay free, not a table. The butchering decorations look awesome, and perhaps better focus would be suggesting a butchered mob item for players who wish to keep them around rather than requiring anyone not wanting their deed littered with butchered mobs to walk around and bury them every day. As for the personal goal, I believe catapulting buildings will properly give the achievement once completed after the update We'll also be addressing the winemaking bugs that still crop up (offline players) rerolling more PvP related ones, and tweaking a few others to be easier to attain on freedom.
  5. Valrei International. 060

    In order to go on the table it must fit on the table, i.e. the code dimensions must match. You won't be able to place really large items on small surfaces Items won't stack ontop of each other at this point, it would create a lot of offsets and be a little difficult. Things on tables won't be immune from decay, as like any other item in a house or container, it will work the exact same as before, just being more decorative. And malenas work is always amazing!
  6. Valrei International. 060

    All diamond tome goals will be removed. There may be one or two at the gold level which requires one tome.
  7. Valrei International. 060

    It was fixed moving forward, existing ones that got bugged are stuck and need a GM to help.
  8. Valrei International. 060

    If it doesnt work log a support ticket for a friendly Enki to come by and wizkill you investigate
  9. Valrei International. 060

    Nothing will change for you, you won the game on this system, when this system is removed a completely new system comes in. As for titles/rewards, that's yet to be determined
  10. Valrei International. 060

    Vynora overlooks the land, full image here Dear Wurmians Things have been a little quiet on the news front, and I'm incredibly sorry, and to make it up to you all, I've gone combing through buddas desk, and aside from all the empty bourbon bottles, I found some really interesting things, so lets see it! Personal goals For a long time now personal goals have been a feature that can be quite frustrating to some, with hard to attain goals vs simply getting lucky with RNG. We outlined our desires to improve this system but also explained that a large danger is how the personal goals system draws the goals, without actually saving them. This meant that any changes to achievements could lead to everyone having their goals re-rolled, causing countless headaches. With a lot of careful work, and repeated testing, we're now able to address this issue, and will be removing some of the more tricky diamond personal goals. If you previously had one of these the system will now generate a new achievement of a equal tier. The following personal goals will be removed: Create fantastic item Conquer the world Rule a kingdom Become a demigod Become an arch mage Become a planeswalker Become a shadowmage Become a magician Mine a fantastic gem In the long term, we are working towards a complete overhaul of the way personal goals work, and will be removing the current system in its entirety. If you wish to receive the winner title and rewards for completing your personal goals, we'd advise working towards that, as the opportunity may be gone later. THINGS! ON TABLES! Long long long desired, (and even appearing as a mod) is the ability to place things on tables and shelves. We've wanted this as both players and devs for a long time now, and we're really proud to be able to unveil it today! It's functionality is directly tied with placing objects, so to put an item on a table, simply right click > place. then as you hover the green outline over the table, it will display on the table. Moving the table around (or even picking it up) will carry the object with it. The list of items that will be able to have items placed on it are the following: square table round table dining table bed bench (stone) bedside table open fireplace canopy bed tripod table high bookshelf low bookshelf round marble table rectangular marble table We'll also be introducing three new items: Empty low shelf Empty high shelf Bar top This feature has huge design impact, and will really open up possibilities about showing off and decorating. We're extremely excited to see it finally come, and hope you are too. Once it's launched, we'll be running a room designing competition, so think about what you'd like to do with your decorations! Introducing the content creation club Valrei Entertainment Network! Last news we had a small competition for suggestions to title our new streamer support program, and there were a ton of great ones, we eventually settled on the Valrei Entertainment Network by CIRAY, as the name. We've had a few applicants and will be reviewing them all over the coming week or so, expect an announcement in relation to it soon! Animal crates A little feature no one really knew about that we haven't told anyone about is animal crates! (just kidding, we don't have amnesia) And we're readying up for some public testing with them over this coming weekend and maybe a little next week. Still just a rat in a cage We'll be looking to check server crossings mostly, as our wonderful tester Alectrys has been hard at work breaking them in every other way. We'll have a thread up in public testing detailing everything we're looking for, so I hope you're keen for them! Now, I know you're all wondering "How long until this comes in?" and I have good news! These features should be in with the next update! As for the hard date on that it's not yet firm, but we are planning for this and more in time for wurms 12th anniversary, so buckle up! There's a lot to get ready for, from building tables, to working out which personal goals you want to achieve, to comforting your animals before moving them to the next server, so you all get busy and make sure to come on to test! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  11. Informative Errors

    There's a fair few areas where this happens, including putting items too large for the mailbox. These are great ideas and we'll be looking at improving them, if anyone finds any others that could be useful too please post here
  12. Forum update complete

    It sounds more like a mail issue than a forum update issue, as several have reset their passwords. I'll check with keenan, I assume you're Wonka, PM me with the email it was registered under and we'll get it sorted
  13. Forum update complete

    The forum update has been completed. Unfortunately the latest version has some issues with the CSS and theme, but we are working on correcting that. If you encounter any other issues with the forums, please report them here: Regards, The Wurm team
  14. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    I think we're getting close to everything being dyeable, though I do want a bright green beard. Seriously though, there's been a fair few PvP centric updates and changes, and I know there's more desired, and there's more we're working on. There's a lot more balancing and planning needed for PvP updates, and we work on getting as much information and as close to release before raising them to avoid certain issues (like creature crates). When they're at a stage to test and discuss balance we'll be sharing the info, but these things take time. As for the armour changes, the great thing about Epic is we can really change things up, and impact which armours are widely used without affecting others such as freedom, Chaos doesn't have that luxury, and thus things have to be balanced across both, which is what leads to issues such as both sides feeling a split is necessary. We explained this when the armour changes went live, and have stated this several times. There may be pieces we can carry across, but most of those changes are on epic because they don't impact freedom. I'm not 100% sure if you're referring to PvP ONLY updates, or updates that affect PvP too, since there's multiple of both that have come out (such as the PvP affinity rework last patch) But if there are specific ideas beyond "armour changes to chaos" and "new map" feel free to suggest them and discuss as a community the benefits and drawbacks of these suggestions. the forums are your place to work together for the benefit of all, so try to avoid attacking one another simply because you disagree, leave that for the battlefield.
  15. Animal Crates ETA?

    The biggest hurdle with them is the way server transfers were handled. This could lead to easily lost creatures upon crossing, brandings and permissions and items being lost too. Due to this, and realising it was a bigger scope problem than initially thought, we had to take the time to rewrite a lot, ensuring it kept all the information necessary and didnt cause undue losses. The mistake was announcing it prior to the scope of this bug being discovered. it sucks, and we'd love them out now, but the simple fact is right now they'd be more likely to kill or delete your horses than return them. this is why we haven't shared much about them or an ETA, they are under development, but until we have further information they'll stay behind the scenes, we want to be able to share meaningful news on them and provide deliverable timeframes, so we're not going to be talking about them every news and showing pictures of crates every few weeks. There are many projects underway, and some we share that have begun, others we keep quiet about until it's ready for reveal. The news won't always be "here's whats coming next patch" so some things will take longer than others. This isnt a case of not delivering on a promise or any such thing, this is an in development project taking longer than anticipated. The wurm unlimited mod works quite differently to this, and does not have the same robust capabilities as the WO system will have, so it's not a case of "WU has already done it, why is it taking WO so long?" Tl;DR Ongoing project, we'll share info when it nears testing and release.