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  1. These are questions I didnt have answers to when I posted it, after being asked I spoke with the dev team to get the answer, hope that helps!
  2. Yeah but you're an edge case nut. Though I feel most wurmians are
  3. If you release 100 the harvest goddess visits you Oh wait, wrong game
  4. If you mean efficient as in having to climb multiple levels and lose out on tending bonuses instead of simply farming tiles, sure
  5. Rest assured, these planters will work above ground AND in buildings. Their restriction is 1 per tile so go nuts!
  6. I can't think of any circumstances where mod code has been used, ideas have been used both ways, and many popular mods started as suggestions on the forums, but I don't think we've ever taken mod code and put it straight in, there's a totally different function for us. Obfuscating mods would only hurt other modders and the modding community. This whole aim is to work with the modding community and provide the support they need to make the content they want to see in the game, WU has always been about personal freedom on small private servers, I don't see this changing that.
  7. The Lunalong Building - Dracaa Greetings Wurmians! Retro here with the hottest of goss, the juiciest of news, the most scandalous of tidbits, aka the Valrei International! But first.. Patch Notes We'd be alright if the wind was(not) in our sails! No sea shanties here, but there is something coming very soon! That's right, the long wanted ability to furl sails and remove windspeed affecting the ships movement. This allows for better control when parking and also makes the docks a little nicer looking in my opinion! In the hall of the mountain farmer Also coming soon is the ability to farm underground! We'll be adding farming boxes for you to plant and grow any crop inside caves. These will be able to be built below ground as well as above ground in buildings. They are not able to be tended however. They don't need sunlight either, but that's wogic for you! UI works One of our goals with the UI update is to add scalability to text to allow for 4k monitors to be a lot easier to read, and with that we're working on allowing UI elements to be resized as you can see below To cut down on clutter within the UI the health/stamina bar will also be compacted, showing CCFP and sleep bonus when moused over Wurm Unlimited news As some have already stated, our focus for Wurm unlimited is shifting from content updates from WO to bug fixes and more modding support. We'll be adding the client modloader to the vanilla WU client which will allow for easier control of mods as well as many other features. We'll be working closely with server admins and modders via the Discord server in providing as much support as we can. While this does mean the end of content updates from us, our goal is to provide as much freedom as possible to the modders to continue to push what is possible in Wurm. Community Content The Lunalong is here! In the amazing underground halls of Kappa on Xanadu, located just near Lormere is the annual Lunalong by Dracaa, it's an amazing deed, with amazing people, and just, gosh, so amazing. There's even a This Friday our very own Bloody Drongo will be hosting his annual fashion competition there too, so make sure to get your swimsuit body ready (or harvest one) and attend! There's a lot in the works, and our focus is on making Wurm the best game it can be over the next few months, this includes the loyalty system I have discussed as well as other features including improvements to Animal Husbandry, combat and a bunch of other things yet to hit the table. We're always looking ahead, and it looks great. Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  8. a 4 year necro post just to argue player count is a bit much, I've locked this to stop it from picking back up. As you were
  9. Having individual options it could be difficult, but I'll raise it all for discussion (And I can confirm, those stories are true)
  10. I have to say, on my flight over the south island of New Zealand, the entire land reminded me of Wurm, turns out I just can't relate to the terrain being in Australia.
  11. While I understand the intent behind this suggestion, for the reasons the players have stated as well as others we won't be taking any actions like this. I won't lock the suggestion but I can say it's not one that is going to be considered
  12. Majority of these are UI updates, will pass then along
  13. Apologies for that line, it was meant light heartedly but I understand it came across wrong. As samool said, we will have the rules out clear, but the SDA doesn't just cover items that we allow selling on the community marketplace but all items ingame. I understand that to many RMT is a major selling point on the game, which is why we're spending a lot of time discussing this. The economy will be silver based and we will adjust silver income and sinks accordingly to ensure that it doesn't wind up out of control. The ability to put money into the game by buying silver and then buying items for your use will be possible, just selling silver will not.