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  1. Everything is a shader over the existing colour, the leather on drake is a lighter shade of brown than other leather, so lighter colours work better. If you're working with a red or warm colour, lower the R value and you'll see it work nicely, since a lot of the red for your colour will come through the brown texture
  2. That's a client thing, not an art thing, and will be fixed in the next client update,
  3. The issue is drake and scale armour already have a primary colour, that determines which colour texture shows. This means we need to use secondary colour systems, much like how boats work (wood and sail). When a secondary colour is introduced, the primary colour is copied over to it, leading to all drake armours having the coloured leather. As stated, the secondary colour can be removed with a brush
  4. It's a shader that overlays the leather colour, not a grey or white, which is why it tints it. Don't expect to match the natural blue of the texture, it has a brownish hue for that reason.
  5. The parts that are dyed are the brown leather parts. Parts that take the drake colour do not get dyed. This is as intended, as the sleeve has no brown parts
  6. We do in most circumstances, just missed yours
  7. We use an internal bug tracker for our systems, and while bugs are transferred and noted, we don't always remember to leave a not on the thread, so please don't take it as it being ignored, just the note saying it's been noted is forgotten
  8. We call them baby spiders down under I know there's a lot of discussion about realism vs gameplay, and I think what's being missed is what constitutes enjoyable gameplay, it's not realistic to wear glowing hot armour, but it's not enjoyable to have to wait for it to cool down to wear, likewise with horse gear. Horses go down fast, and without being able to take gear it increases the turnaround time in pvp, which can stack up pretty high if a group loses their horses already. Rest assured, it's considered a bug by us, and we will be addressing it, unfortunately it's not quite fixed yet but it's ongoing, and we'll get it sorted
  9. upped the stakes, now is a metal of your choosing for the sword and shield!
  10. The god of Wurm a.k.a. Bloody Drongo a.k.a. Emoo vs a lead developer a.k.a. Budda Hi everyone and welcome to another Valrei International! It's been a huge two weeks, with the metal crafting update, metal colours, AND dye-able armour! These are some extremely long awaited systems to be introduced, and I'm thrilled you're all enjoying them so much, from sails to scale, tools to, uh... everything else, these updates have everyone tinkering away and it's awesome to see. While it is something that's been long awaited and requested, it's by no means the only things on yours and our lists, and we'll be working on those systems and getting them out as soon as possible. So we'll be mostly recapping the past few updates in this weeks news, considering major content has dropped we'll be tidying up a bit (And releasing WU beta, I promise!) and taking our next steps too. But first... Patch Notes Mac client issues As many mac users know, we've been having ongoing issues with the client running on mac, and we believe we have found the cause! We had hoped to have the fix available for todays update, but unfortunately some last minute errors delayed it, but we will have this out as soon as possible for you all!. One thing that will not be possible on the mac client will be the accessing the settings via ingame. It's a part of why the issues were happening, so you will need to adjust settings prior to launching the game. That said, we are working on a system that eliminates the issue for good, but it's slightly more long term. We do appreciate your patience in this, and hopefully the new client will be out before any updates. The importance of bugs (or at least reporting them!) In all software forms, bugs creep in from time to time, and it's always a developers goal to reduce their impact and eliminate them, and this is no different for Wurm. We've seen a few circumstances where people have complained about a bug in a random thread, or other channel (IRC, Discord, In game) and question why it hasn't been fixed, and one reason for that may be that that's not where they are reported! We have a dedicated forum section for bug reports for many reasons: 1) It keeps them all in the one location. 2) It allows us to address each bug individually. 3) It allows users to check if the bug has already been reported. 4) It allows us to update the status or confirm bugs being eliminated. These are all extremely important factors, as our dev team monitors them specifically, checking for issues arising and adding them to our internal tracker. Now I know some bugs have been around since the dawn of time, (and rumour has it that Wurm was created in order to put those bugs somewhere), but it does not mean that they are not ever going to be fixed or we don't care. Reasons that would slow us down in addressing bugs are: 1) Not enough information in the bug report 2) No way to reproduce the bug and identify why it happens 3) Low impact, and it simply gets pushed down the list as higher impact bugs take priority. What you can do to help with these is simple, when reporting a bug, make sure to do it in the right place, and make sure to include as much information as you can, and please do not use the in game support system to report bugs, if a bug is sensitive in nature, or potentially abuse-able then a support ticket is best used, but if you use the support system to report other bugs, do not take offence if a staff member directs you to the forum, because that is the place to report them It is also very important that you report the bug on the forum yourself, instead of having a friend or staff member report it for you. The issue may be happening to you specifically, or the server you are on, the colour socks you are wearing or even what you had for dinner. The key here is that if a dev needs further information, the person who experienced the issue is the one they need to reach out to, not a friend of the friend who saw it or the staff member who heard about it second hand. If you still don't feel like reporting a bug, then there's no grounds to complain about bugs going unfixed, it's a group effort from players and developers, and we're shifting some attention to focusing on long-standing and important bugs over the next few weeks and months, so please, help us as much as you can, so the only bugs in Wurm are the six legged kind. Dye-able armour Hidden in a link in a previous Valrei International, dye-able armour is here! The types of armour that can be dyed are: Shields Helms and hats Chain mail Plate armour White cloth Leather Studded Leather Drake Hide Dragon Scale Here's a sample of some awesome dye jobs, from gorgeous to "your clown car uber is here sir" There's a lot to style yourself with now, so make sure to get out there and try it out, and to encourage that, we'll be giving away something shiny! Competition time! We'll be giving a rare long sword, and shield, made from the metal of the winners choice with 90 enchants to the best coloured armour picture, judged by the dev team. We'll be judging on colour, how it matches your armour and equipment, and how much it makes Saroman groans when he sees it. We'll be announcing the winner in the next Valrei International, so submit your fashion here: WU Beta Yes, we know it's late, with the metals and armour dyeing out, we'll be shifting all focus to getting that beta out for server admins and modders to break, it's been delayed a little longer to include the metal types and catch all that stuff, there's a lot in it and I know we've been rather slow in getting it out, but it's worth the wait, I promise! The next projects There are some projects in the works, and we'll be pushing forward with previously mentioned ones as well, the UI update being a large one, as well as animal crates and other things hinted at here and there. I for one am hoping it's more unicorns, I'm a big fan of unicorns and always ask for them! So get dressed up, slap on your most eye bleeding dye, and take pictures for us to mock enjoy! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  11. Hi, I believe we have this on the list, but could you also clarify by what you mean with each thing not working?
  12. Greetings Wurmians! To celebrate the release of the armour dyeing, we're announcing the finest of fashion shows, the wurm spring collection of 2018. Open to any and all amateur designers, your task is simple, show off your new dyed armour in any colour (or combination) you want, and our fine judge of panelists (the dev team) will pick a winner to receive a rare longsword, and rare shield. with 90 enchants and the metal of your choosing! Simply take a picture of your ensemble and share it here, the winner will be picked in the next Valrei International! Break a leg!
  13. The horse gear bug is Under work, Unfortunately we don't have a fix for this update but it's underway still The disembark issues are an ongoing investigation, as the old one was fixed once we could replicate it, finding the way to replicate this one is key to fixing it too.
  14. Rare tools allow you to exceed the skill cap, so even if you had 100ql cream, it'd be capped by your skill at 50.60 So it is intended, but thank you for reporting