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  1. Possible unique metagaming concern

    It encourages leaving the deed and adds a little bit of danger to roaming. It doesnt change what is done once those dragons are found, they can be penned, private and public slayings can occur, anything can be done. What it does do is cut down on the ability to brute force finding legendary creatures via ingame or out of game systems. It's actually aimed at being more casual and benefitting the existing players on that server, as opposed to those who travel. As for tomes, you both say they shouldnt be nerfed and also should be nothing but cosmetic titles? Yes, feel free to roam and play and if you stumble across one, say hi for me!
  2. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    I mean, the dev with the colouring crayons is different to the dev with 99% of these suggestions
  3. wtb Sea Serpent

    Yes but traitors despawn at the end of the mission
  4. A New Elevation

    We'll be reaching out to groups about it and there will be an email to reach old players. So there will be work on that front, but the major epic revamp is planned for later in the year
  5. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    Plenty of deer in the wild! I want coloured deer too, and wild spawned traited deer. Unfortunately Saromans crayons are occupied elsewhere but I will speak with him about the possibility some time
  6. Independence Pls

    Currently working on it! Max is on the case and checking it out, will have it back up asap
  7. Tips for Safe Trading

    Well said!
  8. Valrei International. 086

    Probably only new ones, the tether is created at spawn
  9. Valrei International. 086

    We will be changing aggro with legendary creatures and re adding tethers for them. This means they will not spawn within moving range to a deed and will not demolish deeds.
  10. There was a third member with alts stealthed as well. In the end we want an end to this drama, the changes coming to the game next week are an attempt to address the rising toxicity within legendary hunting. We are not going to be wasting our time with players harassing each other over dragons, and if these changes don't help and don't have people playing nice we are willing to remove them until such a time as we can rework them completely
  11. As said, no rule exists. Today a player travelled to a server they don't play on, to stand in local and antagonise the people working on that deed. After watching them repeatedly ask for this player to leave them alone the GM team gave a directive to leave and stop harassing the other players. Because this directive was applied to the player it included the alts they had stealthed in a mine nearby. The other player who had alts stealthed in the mine was not told to leave because he had done nothing wrong. This is an attempt to frame being told to leave for harassing players as something related to the unique
  12. A New Elevation

  13. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Damnit retro! Addressing uniques in a major overhaul is coming, this is a short term adjustment just to see how it pans out, we feel the dominance of the existing unique hunting is too heavily biased towards a select few and would like to see about addressing that, our initial run did not include notices and twitter feeds but some players pointed out the issues that could run into, which made sense. So as a trial we'll be removing that too, yes it may mean less uniques hunted and killed, but we're interested to see how it plays out
  14. WWN Emergent Stories - When part 2?

    Hi Alexgopen, thanks for the question. Unlike the lands of Wurm, Valrei, Jackal, Seryl and Haven have been observed to be round. We hope you have a fantastic day!
  15. Valrei International. 086

    No, it's a code name, we've seen some ideas based on the code name and I can honestly say most of them are incredibly inaccurate, others just being merely inaccurate. Your ideas look cool for a travelling campsite though, I do enjoy a good roam