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  1. Yeah I was working on that lol. Expected around early afternoon server time type /servertime ingame to find out the time!
  2. That was in nzdst! Cos I can't convert it seems. It is on the 23rd for the rest of the world! Morning est
  3. Greetings Wurmians! After consideration of the stars, consultations of the soothsayers and their omens, and whispers from the wood witches, our next update will be on the 23rd of October. This update will include the sleep bonus merge between Northern Freedom Isles and Defiance, and will also have the 10-hour sleep bonus compensation given out. To make the most of the awarded sleep bonus, make sure you are empty by that date! As for the rest of the update, stay tuned for a Valrei International coming to you soon! Regards, The Wurm team
  4. We have come a long way since Friday updates just before hometime with a 50/50 chance of notes being included and only consisting of what could be remembered. Sometimes exploits are not mentioned in patch notes (for a reason) and other times changing A may affect B, the notes include the change to A but B wasn't checked. It sucks when that happens for both sides, I take great pride in ensuring that notes are as clear and complete as possible. When you see the bar down the bottom of the client this is NOT an update to the game. The client updating shows a different window (the standard windows one) and the server updating doesn't show anything. That bar down the bottom is the client checking the details of the graphics, pmk, and sound jar. This system is a little old, and the graphics jar has gotten quite large, so it's fairly slow at this point for older PC's But how it works is The graphics jar creates a hash based on size and contents. Graphics jar checks hash against update server If the hash matches it's fine If the hash doesn't match, it checks each individual file hash against the update server and redownloads the ones that don't match So with a slower hard drive or internet checking each file is slower, but it's not redownloading anything bar what doesn't match. We don't include notes for them because it's usually minor tweaks, but we do include art updates for major changes.
  5. The launcher bar only shows pack updates which are purely graphical. Today's maintenance was a restart, nothing more. Patches come with patch notes unless exploits are addressed.
  6. This thread has been answered. I'm locking this to avoid it continuing.
  7. Just to clarify. The only situation in which quality will matter greatly while the RGB values will be the same is in the case of the exploited black dye. While ql is only an indicator of the starting values, if you have similar starting values the quality will be very close.
  8. As the only thing that was changed is the exploit that fixes black dye, I can firmly say I've been dying ships for years, and combining large amounts of dye to do it. Minor changes to rgb don't make a huge difference either.
  9. Likely in the next major update. as soon as I know the date of that I'll make sure it's known
  10. That gets away from mechanics and more into preferences though, I'd rather not teach any of these things in a tutorial.
  11. More asking for the areas to cover rather than how to do them, I've got plans for that part!
  12. I won't be diving into optimum grinding, more just "how to do stuff in the world" How to understand slopes How to locate paths How to use highways This is beginner level stuff
  13. Hi! Welcome to the market research aspect of a YouTube video tutorial series aimed at the basics of Wurm, each short video would be focused on a particular aspect (digging, mining, woodcutting) aimed at getting the basics covered. I suspect it may get a little more involved down the line, but I'm curious, what areas would you like to see covered first?
  14. Why would a rainbow roof worry you?
  15. Hi everyone. Rest assured, We are aware of the lack of respawning creatures, and we are looking into it. It seems to be a harmony specific issue as other servers are fine, so it's a little more confusing, but we are actively working on it! I will try get more information over the weekend