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  1. Delish Marketplace, Deliverance - Jberg & Crew Welcome to the last Valrei International of 2017! It's been a jam packed year and we've seen some major changes and additions to WO, We'll be taking some time off after the next update and expect to return around mid-January. We'd like to start by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a safe and happy holidays, don't do reckless things and enjoy the time with family! But we can't end there, there's still plenty being worked on into the new year, and we're happy to share some today! Next patch Over the next few updates into the new year we'll be looking at some long overdue quality of life updates, the first to come will be the addition of two new keybinds, PAVE and PAVE_CORNER. Now that each pavement type uses different materials, we've been able to add keybinds to help those poor highway builders over the holidays! There's more in the works, but news on that will have to wait! The next patch, which is the last update for 2017 will be launched on Thursday 21st of December. Map dumps We'll be releasing new map dumps at the end of the year, with a new type of dump being released too! We'll be releasing dumps of the highways of each server, allowing you all to see where the highway networks connect and see the progress over the coming dumps Shiver me Timbers A long long time ago, on a server far far away, each boat wood type had their own textures, from cedar to willow to olive (the best). This was all changed with the addition of new models such as ships and bulk storage, but that may soon change... To the untrained eye, this is a simple sailboat. But to the keenly honed eye, this is a sailboat with a different wood texture! That's right, work has begun on implementing differences in wood types back into boats with the use of shaders, and that's not all, along with this will be the ability to dye specific parts of the boat! Community Content This weeks Community Content is the New Delish Market on Deliverance! Boasting a massive 15 story wall, the marketplace is impossible to miss, we round a noticeboard with all the info at the site: That's it from us this week, and for the Valrei International of 2017! We'll be back next year with all the news and tidbits from Affliction to Xanadu, so look after yourself, don't stuff yourselfs on the julbord too much, and as always, keep on Wurming! Image shamelessly stolen from Mclovin Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. Not to go off topic, but we use the public test board for features we wish to publicly test, things such as this however 1) aren't ready for public testing, and 2) are unlikely to need a round of play testing beyond our QA team. depending on the feature we'll use those threads for feedback and the like through testing phases though.
  3. Do you have pictures of this? We've taken extensive steps to avoid it, if an animal hits a fence it turns around and takes several steps towards the center of the tile. visuals help here because it's not happening in all cases, so the circumstances surrounding your instances will help
  4. The major issue is the zigzagging slows down wagoners by a massive factor, as they turn slower to avoid getting stuck. We had several reports of wagoners taking an unusually long time to deliver a package, which we then investigated only to find massive parts of the highway were zigzagged and wagoners spent a huge amount of time navigating them. This also introduces numerous more chances of getting stuck while turning, and Zigzagging was never intended and the implementations were there from the start, it was always protecting a 3x3 area from testing onward, people who believed a zigzag pattern was necessary were mistaken. Due to the nature of each tile coordinate belonging to the NW corner it's not possible to shift them as it would affect 2 tile wide roads too (you'd then have a 2 tile wide highway with the catseyes running down the center of one side) with that said, using a 2 tile wide highway would solve this issue for any OCD you feel. The system was built around 2 tile wide highways, but for those who have used three tile wide ones, there has to be some flexibility to cover it. if you are building a highway in the future, I'd advise doing a 2 tile wide one if you want the catseyes to run symmetrically It's totally understandable that many of you built highways with zigzagged catseyes prior to knowing about the wagoner, which is why we're happy to help you all correct any instances of these. Just log a support ticket for a GM to come and look over it, and we can work out any potential issues from there
  5. They protect a 3x3, centered around the tile that owns the NW corner the catseye is planted on
  6. I'll be sure to raise this with the devs, I'll have to be quick before it melts though!
  7. There is zero foundation for any speculation beyond items called saddlebags being on test, commenting on a placeholder container is premature and unnecessary Their functionality will not be a system to bypass horse weight mechanics, and it was always clear that it would play a part. their volume and what they can carry is a minor detail, our focus is getting the proper mechanics in.
  8. Given that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS AND IN NO WAY FINALISED I think making a suggestion on it is a little premature. It's being worked on and will continue to be.
  9. The renderer is not built around third person, and does not take clipping, collisions, height, or any factor into consideration, shadows and terrain renders forward to improve performance, and a whole host of other factors. It's pretty to offset the camera in a mod or as a proof of concept, but a functioning system would require far more effort and just isn't in our focus at this point.
  10. Autumn Evening at Crystal Bay Estates, Independence - Finndar Another short and sweet News this week as we gear up towards the end of the year, with the final Valrei International for 2017 being released next friday. Christmas is around the corner, and I hope you're all getting your shopping done and not leaving it until the last minute (like me!) But anyways... Ongoing work The two main focuses of our work currently are ongoing discussions and balancing of the 1.6 update based on your feedback including: Mission requirements and rewards - High difficulty missions and balancing, rewards splitting, champion creature availability Archaeology mechanics and fragments - high failure rate at high skill, low frequency of archaeology specific fragments Restoration results - Enchant powers and rune frequencies have been mentioned as being a little low. Epic skillgains - Stat gains, action skillgain vs speeds Many of you have taken the time to provide feedback (and report bugs) and it's greatly appreciated, there's likely others apart from the ones listed, but we'll continue to look at addressing each issue as we go. The other main focus is the previously announced features of saddlebags and animal crates. They're ongoing works (though some may have noticed the graphics slipped in in the last update) and the creature crates will likely have a public testing round prior to launch, so keep an eye out for that when it comes up. There's no ETA yet though. Client Update As mentioned in last weeks news, yesterdays client update introduced a new system of rendering player models, with improved memory footprint and performance, we'll be popping around to check out gathering and be relying on your feedback too, if you encounter any high memory usage situations with many players in local, please be sure to provide feedback, every little bit helps us! WU Beta We've received a fair few questions about the WU beta, and it is ongoing, we have no firm ETA yet, but are reaching a point where we consider the current system stable to go into WU, so watch this space! Christmas break As stated earlier, next week will be the last Valrei International for 2017. Over the next week or so we'll be winding down to the Christmas break, there's still a bit of work to be done, but after that we'll be taking the Christmas and New Years period to rest, spend time with family, and get ready for next years work, there's plenty we've shared coming, and a lot more we want to get out of there. Community Content It's the second annual Shrimpalong! Also known as the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong, hosted by Shrimpiie (I prefer Shrimpalong) Launching today in approximately 15 hours and running until 17th, The impalong is the perfect way to get to know people from other servers, and work together in games, imping, and all round fun. We'll be dropping in from time to time to slaughter the locals, as well as turn shrimpiie into a carrot. Hope to see you all there! For the full details, check out the thread here! That's it for this week, I hope to see many of you at the Shrimpalong this week, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  11. only works with newly created ones, older ones were going to remain bugged.
  12. Vyn missions will be returning in some form.They were removed a long long time ago (before player missions even) due to JK on epic having two gods to support and two chances of winning tomes. The freedom system is based on the epic system so changes there come across. The old missions didn't work fine, and were based on a lot of old mechanics that needed updating, which is why the new missions have come in, they likely will undergo tweaking with Freedom, as no system comes in flawlessly, we've had them in for a month (and the new expiration system for a week) and will continue to monitor failure and completion rates for any adjustments to make in the future.
  13. Mission completion and failure rates are also being monitored, but these missions ARE designed to be difficult at high levels. On Exodus you have a 5/7, 6/7 and 7/7 difficulty (champ trolls, cloth sleeves, and clay shapers respectively) so they are designed to take time to complete. You're pointing out that if you spent 5-8 hours focusing on them you could finish 2/3, but if that's split across a dozen players that becomes 30 or so minutes to do a large chunk of two missions. The community working together to complete these missions is the goal, if they're not doing so due to the high difficulty missions being too big then we can look at adjusting that in some fashion, but they are designed to take time and investment to accomplish.
  14. They expire 12 hours longer than they did before, and give larger sleep bonus rewards Missions are aimed at being participated by everyone on the server, not spammed out by a few individuals. If they're too hard, when the missions reroll they will be of lower difficulties.
  15. This is the general rule of thumb with our announcements and we've worked very hard on sharing information in a reasonable timeframe to release. The two things we've mentioned here, animal crates and saddlebags are long desired features, and usually come with "why isnt this in yet?!". So being able to share that these things are being worked on helps offset the suggestions always coming up. Saddlebags will be in very soon, we announced it less than two weeks ago, so there's no issue there, it's just a matter of working out some of the mechanics with how they interact with horses Animal crates have been delayed due to server crossing systems, and requires significant time investment in doing so before it can happen reliably, they were expected out much sooner and thus were announced. Delays happen, sometimes the scope of something changes, and unforseen issues arise, but we'll continue to be working on getting it out as soon as possible once it's stable. And no, we won't be offering any intermediate systems while waiting for these changes to come.