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  1. As we've learned, if we simply create a zone to replenish trees players hang around skilling on them. Starting zones are always chaotic with a large influx, but it's possible for players to plant trees and build in it too, a curated experience there may result in limiting what players can do
  2. If you are launching with steam it will detect if your steam location is not in an english speaking country and open the non english channel. While we can't do every language, it's clear a separate Russian language channel is needed, we'll look at that!
  3. Yeah the red X shouldn't be there, as you have to send the cancel to the server last I was told!
  4. The only true ownership of land is by purchasing. Claiming via other means is temporary and does not carry the aspect of ownership when it comes to gm review
  5. Yes! The wrong dump was used to make the map. It will be fixed and updated soon!
  6. Just for the record we don't support running more than one client on Steam. If you're having any errors with doing so it's up to the community to help. As such I'll be moving this back to Community Assistance!
  7. I'm not sure what delay you mean, we addressed it in numerous posts to discord, social media, and in patch notes
  8. Error code 35 was mostly an issue with user devices, and we worked closely with getting it addressed. Compensation for the hectic week will be discussed but it will not be in awarding sleep powder. Also for the record sleep powder is 100%, not 10%, meaning every three hours and twenty minutes equals one hour sleep powder.
  9. Rest assured, very little moonmetal is actually in circulation. We had intended on it not being available from the start but it was missed.
  10. In the past, first time purchases of premium gave players a referral. This referral allowed a player to nominate someone to receive 20 days premium time or 3 silver. When we reworked premium prices, we added the special first time premium packages and removed the referrals as we felt the cheaper prices gave better value than a referral. By a mistake in our shop code, Steam-purchased first time offers gave players a referral and 2s extra to the actual offer. While it was never intended, we see that inconsistent shop offers can be misleading and players can follow the word-of-mouth in deciding what to spend their money on - for that reason, shortly after the server restart today we are granting 20 days of premium + 2 silvers to all accounts that have not received the referral when the same Steam Store purchase offers gave it away. Those are accounts that have purchased the starter packages from our website in the time since the Steam release until now. Referrals are with this update no longer given away for any shop offer, as per the original intention since the latest shop changes. Regards, The Wurm team.
  11. hey everyone! We are aware of this issue, and while we're not sure how it happened, we will make it right. Our first step will be correcting the bug that gives referrals then working out the best way to compensate those who were affected. I would like to personally say thank you to everyone for your patience as we work through this. This steam launch has been absolutely massive in terms of numbers and we're working through the issues raised as quick as we can! Hopefully everything settles down soon and we can begin working on the next steps we will be taking with Wurm.
  12. If people chose incorrect names then they are welcome to recreate their proper names, I'm not sure as to what the issue is there, but we have no process regarding requested name changes at this point. Paying for premium prior to ever logging the account in is something that is clearly unintended, but we can investigate if its traceable, but golden Valley is not intended for premium players. As for the last one, the steam launcher allows for steam integration. We explicitly stated in the faq that we wouldn't be supporting multiple clients being launched, and any attempts at a workaround were unsupported. There's no doubt lingering issues, but if you have questions about these things feel free to ask.