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  1. It's related to the addition of the new wall types and having to change the data type, it's harmless, no need to worry
  2. Just skills
  3. The formula above the last graph is a link to a calculator
  4. I havent seen this happening, but I'll keep an eye out for it and any reports
  5. if the magic chest is in your inventory food will take damage, so don't have it in there.
  6. Which is why shifting to a much more fluid skillgain system will be coming too, changing requiring hard skills to achieve certain thresholds to effective skills and so on. 70 in a skill is 91 effective, and 90 in a skill is 99 effective, the curve benefits lower skills and shortens the gap. Having to work on your account for 3-6 months in an mmo in order to go toe to toe with established players of years is not a bad thing, I think expecting it to be feasible to pvp with zero skills would quickly bore anyone.
  7. Nothing has changed about that, we said from the start it was a matter of working out how to do it. Flat out unequivocal no
  8. I don't see why it needs it's own thread, unless you want us to say no there too?
  9. This is what windows called High DPI scaling. You'll need to disable it in the file properties of the shortcut in windows.
  10. Balance changes and mechanics changes are in the works and will be coming to epic with this update too
  11. Leaving will be possible, it's just not yet determined what will come along with that. We won't be allowing transfers of items/tomes/karma though, this would be skill only
  12. Thats... that's not how it works at all. as you gain skill tick size shrinks, so while 47.5 might be 95/2 it's not halfway in terms of ticks. Since ticks get smaller as you gain skill it means that it might be 50 ticks to go from 1-5 skill, but 500 ticks to go from 5 to 10 (arbitrary numbers) so halving wouldnt put you down near 5. But aside from that, the only reason I pointed out the 2x skillgain difference was to highlight why it's not so straight forward. It wont be halved to 48, you can rest easy
  13. I've never seen you complain about too many missions to do!
  14. Given epic is an a unique position that it's completely separate from freedom, it allows us to introduce new, unique PvP centric mechanics and systems and even items without worrying about bleed through into PvE servers and requiring balancing for both with the same mechanics. a definitive split allows us to change lots of various mechanics and systems for optimisation in PvP while not influencing PvE mechanics and systems. This update will also include some epic specific pvp mechanic balances and changes too. And as we've said, it's not a no to transfers, just time focusing on the details of the shift and how we'll be doing it, it's a lot more tricky than from freedom to epic and has a lot more to take into consideration. We're committed to working with epic because we truly believe that the cluster has a lot of potential in being a solely pvp cluster, and the unique factors that presents, as well as the overall valrei system, it just needs some TLC, which we intend on doing. We'll be working with feedback and balances over time, and I hope to see many issues and concerns already raised addressed. And as for stealing attention from freedom, I think the sheer amount of freedom focused updates out this year should do enough to dispel that notion.