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  1. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Not forgotten and I'm glad it's stable, but we aren't resolved with the situation yet, we'll let everyone know when we're done
  2. Developer Diary : Bring it back.

    Rolf lost the hat, unfortunately we cant bring this back But I am working on something, so stay tuned
  3. No news yet, still working on tweaking and adjusting the stuff in WO. We'll have news when it's ready for a beta
  4. [Fixed] Valrei mission for non-existent items

    Thanks, added to the list to be removed
  5. Valrei International. 077

    Vaelir's Deed. Greetings Wurmians! Apparently this news is a little late, oops! We’ve been pretty busy dealing with some rather unfortunate hardware issues, we’ll fill you in on that in this week's news, so let’s get on with it! But first... Patch Notes: Independence issues. The lag independence has been experiencing was identified as a failure on one of the drives on the server, which was causing major delays when reading from the database. Upon identifying this our server hero admin Keenan performed extended maintenance during which the databases were moved to another hardware setup. This is a temporary issue while we perform maintenance on the Independence hardware and some time in the near future we will be undergoing an extended downtime period for all servers to perform necessary system maintenance as well. Alongside this we are also investigating the causes for the recent upturn in lag, this will take some time as we run profiling software on each server, identifying when it lags and why. We know dealing with lag is a major pain so it’s our current priority to address and resolve as soon as possible, we do appreciate your patience with it and once we’re in the clear we’ll look at what forms of compensation might be worthwhile. ‘Tis the season! Almanacs, examine, mouseovers, so much text to see if your tree or bush is ripe for the harvest, but what about the items? Coming very soon is a graphics update that displays fruit, berries and all those harvestable goodies directly on the tree. As you can see below, Saroman is always working hard on making Wurm look as alive as possible! This is expected to go out in the next few days, so if you see a graphics pack update, that will be why! Animation polishing Samool has also been hard at work on polishing general animations from a first and third person perspective, including having the camera move with certain animations! Of course it will be a toggle though, motion sickness while playing is never fun. HotA rework The ongoing HotA rework testing is still available on text, we have several devs working with feedback to ensure that any system that comes achieves the goals we have and creates something engaging, be sure to grab a chum, buddy or comrade to check it out and leave any feedback! That’s it from us this week, we’ll be hard at work addressing the hardware and lag issues and hopefully have some more info soon about the dates for the extended downtime. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  6. As bdew explained, increasing the height limit would add a huge amount of memory consumption by the layer, so it's not likely to happen anytime soon.
  7. W. S. A. Independence lag

    We're still monitoring for further issues and investigating the causes of it all. So not yet
  8. This is because of the cave height limit of 256. The reason for this is because cave height is stored as a byte. There was a discussion on this some time ago: Hope that helps a bit
  9. Immediate Crash After Loading Client

    I think the issue is with fullscreen mode, try loading in windowed resizeable and see if it happens. A fix should be out with the next update due sometime soonish
  10. Sleep bonus?

    I don't believe any solid plans on sleep bonus compensation have been announced, I checked the twitter feeds and do not see it, do you mean the text in the launcher? That was in relation to another issue at the end of January, could be that
  11. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Hi everyone, As you may have seen independence is currently experiencing some significant lag. Our investigations are pointing towards hardware issues, which mean swapping independence to different hardware. We aim to have an interim solution up tomorrow and will work towards a longer term solution over the coming days. Edit: In 7 hours we'll be starting maintenance to transition Indy to the new hardware. Downtime likely to be 1-3 hours and will apply to ALL servers. Edit (Keenan): Down time updated to reflect the data transfer speed (or lack thereof). Sorry folks!
  12. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    The lag issue is ongoing and it's becoming clear its not a software issue. Keenan is investigating and currently rebooting independence to hopefully get us a bit of time until tomorrow, when we will need to look at moving the independence server to different hardware . We know this will be a laggy period and do apologise, our focus at the moment is getting Indy up and running properly and we will look at the next steps once thst is clearer tomorrow
  13. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    It's been ongoing for a bit now, but we're investigating what's causing it. It's not related to havens landing but we'll be doing polling checks. A restart is planned tomorrow morning and we'll be going from there.
  14. white dye

    As Bdew said, it's more a result of how the colour system works. Sadly this isn't something that's easily done, as touching it would affect all dyes, which then creates more issues so it's not high on any priority list
  15. Patch Notes 31/JAN/19

    For the record pmks are the ones that control their graphics. They are able to update them as they see fit depending our approval, but when you purchase a pmk item for its design please be aware the pmk may change it.