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Found 83 results

  1. Black dog isle - Lyhrinae Greetings Wurmians! It’s been a busy two weeks for us, as I’m prepping for the first official Wurm devstream, and we get everything ready for the update going live next week. So let’s get to it. Devstream! That’s right, we’re down to less than 3 days until we go live with our first Wurm Online devstream! This devstream will be an introduction to the devs on the stream (who will be rotating depending on availability, hosted by me), our history with Wurm, and go into what’s coming in Mays update while we show it off and start our very own developer deed in Wurm! We’ll also be unveiling and discussing the roadmap for the rest of this year, which is a big thing and we know you’ve all wanted it, and finishing off with a quick Q&A for all your burning questions. We’ll be doing this regularly so make sure to follow us below! Coming update With the planned update on the 30th of May I’ve snuck behind the scenes and grabbed a list of patch notes early! Please note this is not the full list, as usual anything sensitive would not be shared and other things currently in testing may not be confirmed as of yet, but here goes: Change: Some Journal issues addressed. (see notes) Added % value to skill points needed. Made adjustments so some past legendary kills are credited. Previously built colossi should now count. Previously built guard towers should now count. Bugfix: You can no longer drag paper from bulk containers into an archaeology journal. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which prevented you from drinking from a well if it had an item placed upon it. See note below. Bugfix: Adjusted threshold for actions while moving preventing spell casting while in motion in addition to other actions. Bugfix: Fixed a placing issue for one per tile items when being placed on same tile. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which caused siege machines to play animation even if the firing was unsuccessful. Bugfix: 20+ fighting skill is no longer required to repair guard towers on PvE servers. Bugfix: A hot, unfuelled bee smoker will no longer say (smoking). Client Changes New: Distant tree rendering has been greatly improved with the modern renderer. New: Rarity and detail normal maps have been added for player textures with the modern renderer. New: Added an option in settings under the game tab to Swap Mouse Buttons for left and right click options. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused planted buoys in deep water to be invisible if you enabled contribution culling in adv. Graphics. As you can see, there’s a lot of bug fixes in this update, along with the huge distant tree view, check it out! Keybinds One thing in suggestions for a long time is the addition of more keybinds, and we’d like to see them too! So we’ve catalogued a lot and kept on the lookout, if you can think of any to add please add them in this thread so they’re all in one place! I’m off to do my hair, put on my makeup (takes forever, always gets clogged in the beard), paint my nails, get everything ready for the devstream coming up this Saturday, there’s lots to do and I’m already otterly exhausted! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  2. Oceania Terraces At Fairview - Lyhrinae Greetings Wurmians! We touch base this week to share with you what's being worked on and where we're at with things. So take a break from binge watching whatever is on Netflix and jump into it with us. But first.. Patch Notes Shine bright like a diamond With all these fancy normal and specular maps, one question has gone unanswered... What about player armour? Well, the Saroman and Samool dream team (The S&S for brevity) have been hard at work, and are pleased to showcase, shiny armour!!! Not only that, because these guys don't do things by halves, they've gone and added the ability for rarity to show too! When these guys get together, nothing can stop them (bar performance impacts, and the odd ripply naked man). Expect this to go live in the coming weeks. Crusader PMK gear Well the votes are in, and my favourite one won! (I swear I had nothing to do with it, I just have good taste) We'll be doing a few tweaks then get them in-game for you all to continue to show off your cool PMK stuff. Movement and desync devblog In the patch notes during this fortnight a little single bugfix was posted "fixed a number of movement issues" While it looks small, Budda took the time to jump into just how big this "simple" fix actually was and what it means. Check out all the details here: WU Beta The WU beta is ongoing, with a small patch released last week. We'll likely be including one more update before it all goes live, so hang onto your hats, that's gonna be huge! It appears to be one of, if not our biggest update we've done code wise! Community Content Forum member Gawain has started vlogging his life in Wurm! He shares his adventures via YouTube video, and updates a forum thread here: That's it from us this week, by next news the WU beta should have gone live, and we'll no doubt have more to share with you about what we've been working on. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. Pifa stars in sharknado prequel Greetings, Wurmians! It’s been a bit of a rough week here for the Wurm community. We’re all still a bit shaken by the news of Tich’s passing, but it’s been incredibly amazing to read all the kind words and to see so many people coming back from long absences to share their stories and experiences. Realising how much Tich touched players’ experiences throughout the years is heartwarming, to say the least. This week’s news is understandably on the lighter side, new-content-wise, but first… Patch Notes Fish for Tich As previously mentioned, a commemorative statue will be added to the game for our dear friend and developer, Tich. The statue of Tich’s character fishing will be craftable and should be coming soon in a future update. Tich’s last major project was a massive overhaul to the fishing system, which the developer team plans on continuing and releasing in Tich’s honor. It's a huge system that has Tich's usual level of depth, and it'll be a lot of fun hanging out in a boat with a friend! We currently have no ETA on this update, which is why it was not announced earlier, but we will share more information as the time comes for public testing and release. Goodbye Halloween It’s been a great load of fun with the new masks and witches hat added, with hunters on all servers thinning the population of mobs. It was awesome to see everyone travelling and seeing what they could get, it’ll definitely be a system we have to use again in future events! Over the Hedge Continuing his work to beautify Wurm, Saroman has a new Oleander hedge model coming soon. I foresee a lot of replanting on a deed, some poor padre will be quite feisty during this Also, based on feedback, the new Camellia hedge model will be tweaked in size, as it is currently a bit shorter than the original model was. The updated model will be raised slightly to match the height of other medium-sized hedges and fences for consistency’s sake. Horsing Around The results are in! As per The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018, the five new horse colors that will be added to Wurm Online are: (drumroll please!) 5th place: Chestnut, with 84 votes 4th place: Blanket Appaloosa, with 109 votes 3rd place: Gold Buckskin, with 110 votes 2nd place: Skewbald Pinto, with 121 votes 1st place: Black Silver, with 130 votes Unfortunately, Dapple grey did not make the cut. #BlamePing Thank you again, Malena, for your work on these new textures! We cannot wait to see the final results. Lunalong Be sure to stop by Dracaa’s first ever Lunalong, November 11th-17th, at the deed Kappa on Xanadu! The host deed looks like a beautiful location for an impalong, and Dracaa seems to have a few fun activities planned for the event! I will definitely have to check it out next week and bring some of my own shenanigans along. Community Content With the passing of Tich, several stories and memories have resurfaced. Here are a few of our favorites: Tich as a dentist: Attack of the sharks: Tich builds a boat: On behalf of the entire developer team, we’d like to thank you all for your condolences and well-wishes. The coming days won’t be easy as we navigate the hole Tich left in our team, but with the spirit of the Wurm Online community, we know we can make it through. We hope each and every one of you knows how special your words are to all of us. Thank you for your support. Keep on Wurming! Retrograde and The Wurm Team
  4. Ultima Nostalgia - Katspurr (twitch) Malena (ingame) Greetings, Wurmians! It’s another fortnight down, and it’s time to share what we’ve been up to as well as recap the archaeology update. But first… Patch Notes Archaeology work is groundbreaking! Last week’s update saw a whole new layer added to archaeology with the introduction of caches. This system provides a greater sense of progression and goals for archaeologists, and we feel it gives the skill a solid end goal. We’re extremely pleased with how it came out, and thrilled to hear such positive feedback about it! To recap, archaeology caches are found by collecting reports about old deeds. Once the report has been filled enough, you can use the “get direction” function to locate the token site of the deed. The cache includes more statue pieces as well as increased chances of higher end archaeology items. The cache also includes a memento of the old deed in the form of a miniature version of the old token model. These can come in any metal type, giving players many opportunities for collection. Speaking of collection, the update also saw a few new statues added to archaeology, as well as smaller statuettes. I like to call these the “Wurmians at Work” collection by Saroman. The update also introduced the ability for wooden items to be discovered as any wood type, including types that were not previously available, such as lavenderwood: New Cloth Armour A discussion thread about existing coloured cloth armour and dyed armour led to a dev discussion about possible resolutions. The result of this was sitting Saroman down with a needle, a loom, and 300kg of cotton. He came up with a few new pieces for you all to enjoy! Cloth jacket Cloth striped sleeve There's a lot of trust in here, colours that clash make bunnies sad There will also be a plain white cloth hood, in case you want to roleplay a novice nun. Public Priest Testing Public testing on the priest overhaul will begin this weekend! Expect to see it live on test on Sunday server time. We will be providing full notes, discussing our goals, and accepting feedback on the many changes during this round of testing. We know these changes have been long anticipated, and many are excited to see them come to the game. (Yes, there will be a full faith swap option.) DAS BOOT To celebrate 500 followers, the dev team got together to come up with an item to recognize Emoo’s success as a streamer for the Valrei Entertainment Network. As such, we decided to create an item that is easily the most recognizable feature of his streams: The Shoey. A supreme drinking shoe was given away on stream, and a fantastic one was given to Emoo as a gift to memorialize his hard work. (I made him cry.) That’s it for this week! I hope to see you all on test server this Sunday. Until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
  5. They wait - Shmeric Greetings wurmians! It’s been a slow news fortnight as we’ve been busy working on a few big projects, I’m excited to tell you more about them but unfortunately they’re not at that point yet, so this week we’ll touch a bit more on priest stuff as well as some client works. Saroman won’t let me show what he’s been working on sadly, I’m quite grumpy. But first… Priest stuff Priest testing has been opened to the wurm team and we’ve had a bit of discussion about many features. We’ll be working towards opening it for public testing once we’re aware of the major bugs (and fixed them hopefully) and such, then you’ll be able to test to your heart's content! We’ve added a few features to help with testing, such as the ability to set your own faith and favour, as well as spawn statuettes and vesseled gems via the test menu. We’ve also added a feature that outputs spell power for testing purposes, which is really cool and will help with feedback too! We’ll continue to check out helpful suggestions with ideas to do with priests and improvements, so keep up the good work. We expect this to open to public testing either this weekend or next week, we want to make sure we can help as much as we can with scenarios, so we’ll include information on how to grab a GM if needed! Client improvements 10,000 large amphorae in the desert, 10,000 large amphorae in the desert, you take one down, kick it around, still 10,000 large amphorae in the desert. No, this isn't my backyard, this is our client developer, Samool’s testing ground. One improvement to the client will be how it renders multiples of the same object. Currently if you had all 10,000 of these large pottery amphorae there they’d be rendered individually and slow your system to a halt, but here? The game draws the item once, and simply copies it around, meaning amazing performance improvements in areas with a lot of the same objects. Now, if you had 10,000 different objects there’d still be the problem, but we’re continuing to work on extra features to improve performance, make sure you check out the modern renderer and the preview client! Community content This weeks community content is a huge shoutout to Valrei Entertainment Network member, Bloodydrongo, who has hit over 500 followers! We’ll be thinking of a few ways to help him celebrate, so keep an eye out for his news! His love of wurm, discussion, and drinking from a shoe has all found us something to connect with him (except drinking from a shoe, that's on him) Check out his stream here: That’s it for us this week, short and sweet, just like me, right? We’ll be back snappier than a rubber band on a bunny next fortnight with hopefully some more news, including progress on the priest testing and plans for live launch! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  6. Calico at night - Pristine - Joelle Well, the update beat me to the news this week, so we'll be recapping what went out (because that's what I had prepared!) and also touching a little on some big things in the near future! But first.. Patch Notes Armour updates Last nights update saw a bit of a change to how armours work together, with base DR rebalancing, and adjusting DR based on damage type. This helps improve the effectiveness of studded leather and chain, while also giving some love to plate, reducing the movement speed penalty. Don't forget the values listed in the patch notes are for iron specifically, meaning plate and chain gain extra DR benefits from other metals over studded. It's a change that increases the viability and surviveability of all armour types, meaning more choice, more work, and more fun. Sindusk has shared a snapshot of a calculator he built based on the epic armour code for his wurm unlimited server, bear in mind these are at 100ql values, so real results will vary! WU beta With this update out containing some fixes that needed to go in before we launched a WU beta, we can now begin work on a new beta with all the goodies from the past few updates! We'll also be including some special WU centric stuff to make server management a little easier, so stay tuned for that! Priesty stuff Today I spent part of the day zapping Budda, and copping some seriously heavy hits as part of internal testing of the priest and spell system. There's a huge amount of work in it, and the dev team have been hard at work on it, with bug fixes, tweaks and further balances expected to continue this week. After internal testing, we'll be providing details about whats changed and what to expect, along with the opportunity to jump on the test server and check it all out, find bugs, and all that fun stuff. But what would the fun of that be without some teasers? I snuck through some notes and gathered a little bit of intel to share ahead of the full release! Demise Rework There are two components to the new way demises work: Non-deity demises, and deity demises & protections. Animal’s Demise, Dragon’s Demise, Human’s Demise, and Selfhealer’s Demise are all remaining as weapon enchants. They will no longer grant increased accuracy and crit chance versus the targets. Instead, they will offer a small damage increase. Dragon’s Demise is being renamed to Legendary Demise and will affect all legendary (unique) creatures. Selfhealer’s Demise is being renamed to Monster’s Demise and will affect all monsters. These changes should open up more choices. While Dragon’s Demise previously overlapped with everything affected by Selfhealer’s Demise, these new demise changes do not have any conflicts and every target is only affected by one of the demises. The move from hit chance and critical strike towards damage increase was done to try and improve the clarity of the effect. While it was previously extremely difficult to know how much a Demise would increase your chance to hit, the new iteration will give an exact amount of power increase that can be easily understood and weighed against other options. Protections Deity demises and protections, such as Fo’s Demise and Libila’s Shielding, have all been reworked into jewelry enchants. These new jewelry enchants work around increasing and reducing damage from a certain damage type. Each deity will receive one offensive and one defensive enchant from these new spells. There is a built-in rivalry between Fo vs Libila, and Magranon vs Vynora. Fo: Increased Poison, Reduced Acid Magranon: Increased Fire, Reduced Frost Vynora: Increased Frost, Reduced Fire Libila: Increased Acid, Reduced Poison These new jewelry enchants all conflict with each other and Nolocate. Players on PvE will now be able to obtain meaningful benefits from wearing certain jewelry, and PvP players will have to make a choice between increased combat prowess and inability to be located. The change into jewelry enchants was done to combat the deity-specific spells being rather underwhelming and archaic. Jewelry enchants are a bit of a void, and this felt like the perfect opportunity to tackle two birds with one stone. We’re interested to see what type of combinations players are able to figure out in order to maximize their power. Puzzle labyrinth! The factional fight brothers are back, and have finished their long awaited labyrinth! I dropped in for a tour of it, and attempted to crack it, it's a maddening puzzle that just shows how awesome things can be created in this game, and I hope the brothers are extremely proud of what they've done! To celebrate it, we've joined with them to provide a unique prize for finishing it! I've asked them to write a little bit about it, and I'll provide a link to that post when it goes up! Hope to see you all there though! Newspring makeover It's about time for another starter deed remake, and this time eyes are on Newspring! The rocky island located on Xanadu, home of seals, seals, and more seals! We're looking for a starter deed design for Newspring, and want to give you all the opportunity to design and build your dream start deed! As usual we'll provide the materials, you get a team together, plan a design and get to leave your mark on the game! Check out the full details and a copy of the deedplanner design here: That's it from us this week, we'll be zapping each other, freezing and burning, and all sorts of other things, I need to take down Budda and reclaim champ title, expect victorious shouts (I hope) Until next time, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  7. <Fabricant> Keenan does his deeds like he does updates. It's going to take three attempts. - Upon seeing Null Point founded three times. Hi Everyone! Been a huge weekend with the friendalong on pristine, and I hope everyone had a lot of fun attending! The GM's and I got plenty of kills, and enjoyed terrorising you all. Coming off last weeks update there isn't huge a huge amount of new things to discuss, but we'll do a little recap but first.. Patch Notes: Titles and more Last update saw the new titles come in, along with the surprise of double barrel titles, AND village role showing! We hope it generated some excitement to see, and certainly enjoyed watching you all work out which titles corresponded with what skills, as well as showing off your best combination (I'm still a fan of Tim the toolman tailor). It's awesome to see people working together to figure things out (as long as it's not unbalancing to not know) and it was fun for us too, I'm still working towards Sturdy Light Bastion myself! Friendalong Vynora overlooks a foal as white as milk The pristine friendship bay impalong, or friendalong, was on this weekend, and it was fun! I dropped in several times, and managed to score a total of 9 kills! (Sorry elsa and tomatoes). It's fun to see everyone working together and helping each other, and some of the fights were pretty fun! I let pingpong win a fight against me, once I actually tried though we decided to call it a draw before i turned him into pingpong paste. I also received an offering from our Valrei Entertainment Network streamer Fabricant! Priest and spell overhaul Along with a discussion about the PvP changes that went live last update, Sindusk mentioned that he is currently working on the long desired priest overhaul. It's still a major work in progress, but the aim is to touch on almost every facet of priests and each spell individually, as well as how they fit on the whole. It will soon be entering internal testing, where we will focus on balance and mechanics working, before opening to public testing for players to jump in and see how it feels and flows. We'll keep you all updated on how this goes, but in the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on rite spells in this thread here: Modern renderer The new modern renderer is now live, and what a difference it can make! The biggest current one is in lighting, with much improved systems that enable more lights with better performance! It's not all the new renderer brings though, and we'll be working hard on realising our goals with it, changing the visual landscape of Wurm greatly. This, along with saromans work on normal and specular mapping as well as various other projects are a concentrated effort not only in updating our rendering systems, but improving the visual feel of the game as a whole. To enable the modern renderer, in the launcher click on the gear icon, and go to the graphics tab, selecting modern from the rendering options will enable the new renderer upon launching the game. Just popping in As part of our ongoing visual works, Samool has been working on reducing the "pop in effect" of trees and objects. The pop in effect is when an object goes from distance rendering (e.g. the 2D images of trees) to the 3D models, this is quite sudden and makes it painfully obvious what is happening. To help eliminate how jarring it is, we'll be introducing a fade in effect that is less sudden and hopefully makes it a little less in your face: That's it from us this week, I know it's a little light on all the juicy things but I'll be working with the dev team on making sure that there's plenty more to come, so stick around and stay tuned, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team. Oh wait, there IS one more thing: Until next time!
  8. Kalaheo Escape, P14 Xan - absy Greetings wurmians! Today we bring you a few reveals including a new rendering system, the launch of the Valrei Entertainment Network, and a little bit more, so lets get into it! But first.. Patch Notes Leave A Light On We've shared our desire to improve the overall visual feel of Wurm over the years, along with major improvements in performance and we'll be taking some more gigantic leaps with that soon! We're working on introducing a new client renderer that has significantly improved lighting performance, reducing flickering and massively boosting FPS on most systems. This also removes the dynamic lights limiter system as all lights are rendered together, creating a much more ambient world. You'll notice some of these shots are from the live game, and one of Glasshollow, a place well known for taxing the most powerful of systems, we use it as a performance testing ground in a few occasions and this one wound up with significant improvements over the current stable and preview clients! Due to this not being supported by older systems (pre 2010 or so) and Macs, We'll be including this as a client option for players to disable and play on the existing renderer. Valrei Entertainers! A few newses (totally a word) in the making, we're finally rolling out the start of our Valrei Entertainment Network! We will be starting with a select few and building it up, ensuring we can shape this how we want and provide the support we want. Initial support will be cross promotion via social media, a special ingame title (all of my suggestions were apparently too lame) , and may include further things down the line such as sneak peek news for players to check out, and giveaways for you! The initial members that we can announce are below, but we'll be reaching out and inducting a few more over the next week when we can get in touch with them first! The current members are: Emoo Punishlife Fabricant We'll be working with them to create this platform and make sure it's the best it can be, so make sure to show them support! WU Beta With the dust settling from the anniversary update we're going to begin working towards a WU beta, aiming for internal stability testing and then a beta launch, from there we'll be launching it live, so expect it soon! Decoration time As announced in last news, we're doing a decorating competition! Simply decorate a room by putting things on surfaces (not unidentified fragments!) and submit your designs to this thread, the grand winner will receive 2 supreme archaeology statues of their choosing, second place receiving 2 rare, and third place receiving 1 rare. We'll also be including a rare marble table to the fourth and fifth place, so get designing! Title Suggestions There's been a huge amount of suggested titles and plenty of discussion about them, which is awesome! We'll be sifting through the suggestions and categorizing them all, choosing which ones we want to use and will be implementing them! If you have ones you would like to suggest it's not too late, get in quick! The great derby of 1075 Last weekend saw the great derby of 1075, with players joining IRC to take part in the quizzes for a chance to win an entry ticket to a race on Golden Valley! With our ten entrants: Briwerion, moirai, jaz, joelle, ostentatio, oblivionnreaver, klaa, williamwierd, rocklobstar, and Thorakkanath the race was setup, and was a really fun event, with the winners being Moirai, Briwerion, and then Jaz. To catch the full stream, we took our new VEN member Punishlife to golden valley to stream it, and check out the highlights video here!: That's it from us this week, we'll be working on a few things, adjusting and adding some player suggestions as well (saromans been busy all week learning table making etiquette!) for the next patch, so stay tuned for that! Until then though.. Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  9. Celebrations! - Xallo (Totally needs a puppet) Happy Anniversary! Another year down as Wurm continues to roll on, that makes it a whopping 12 years since Wurm went gold! We've celebrated by releasing some LONG LONG awaited changes and additions. As they say with things, better late than never! But First... Patch Notes Personal Goals As previously mentioned we implemented the changes and fixes to personal goals with this update, which we're extremely glad to do so. The major reason we were hesitant to touch it was the way they were generated at server start and we have encountered a few issues with this. Today's update corrected the goals that shouldn't have rerolled while changing the ones that were (tomes, PvP oriented goals). We do apologise for the issues and confusion raised, but after this it's smooth sailing. As previously mentioned, there are plans for a completely new system to replace this one, though there is no ETA on it, so get in and get that title before it goes away! Anniversary Celebrations We'll be popping up ingame with lots of random trivia and some other events throughout the weekend and into next week, with plenty of things to give away, unfortunate newbies to get killed by 10 raging nogumps, and harass pingpong, who we all know is to blame. Keep your eyes peeled for funny shadows and warning of events ingame! Room Decorating With the ability to decorate expanded, we want you to show us what you got! To help with this, we'll be doing a competition for you to submit your decorated rooms! Submit your room in the thread below, and we will be organising a tour and showcase of the rooms during Emoos Wurm Wednesday stream! Titles Galore! As you all know, titles are awesome, and a fun thing to collect and show off, but there's some skills that don't currently have them, and we want to change that. To do so, we're requesting your ideas, after all, you'll be the ones wearing them! Community Content This weeks community content is another awesome work by Absy, a master architect! From palaces on Release to now Xanadu, check out their latest work! That's it from us this week, I hope you all enjoy the awesome updates and think of some awesome titles and decoration ideas and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  10. Hi Alectrys! #ItsLightRed They're back, and colourful! That's right, todays update brings back all the good colours, and I'm excited! We'll get right into that, but first... Patch Notes Creature conditions At long last, they have returned! Todays update brings the long awaited return of creature conditions showing as colours. Unlike the conditions of old times, creatures may be a little more subtle in their colourings, so in the efforts of ensuring wurmian safety, the newly formed Wurmian Union Representitives of Mobs (W.U.R.M.) have compiled a few snapshots of these elusive conditions in the wild: We hope this guide helps you be prepared when adventuring, and as always, carry lots of cotton, three waterskins, and a woodscrap for good luck! Over yonder As part of our general visual improvements in wurm, we've begun work on improving a lot of things you see everyday, namely, terrain textures. First task is improving how distant terrain looks, with better blending near and distant terrain to eliminate the choppiness and smoothing it out a little, as you can see below: As you can see, the distant textures are much less choppy, and blend in a lot more smoothly. We'll also be updating some of the older textures in order to work with normal and specular mapping and also increased resolution (Performance requirements were very different ten years ago!) These features will go a long way to improve the overall visuals of the game, and give it a much needed facelift when out and about. PvP affinities Other changes that came in today are changes to the affinity system for PvP kills, and I'd like to go over them a little. We've increased the chances of gaining an affinity when slaying someone, but have also adjusted how they are given out. It now rolls the first recipient randomly, and will try to give them the affinity, if it cannot, it will then roll another random slayer. It will do this until all slayers have had their chance, then apply the largest temporary affinity to the first person rolled. This should mean greater chances of them transferring, as well as a more evenly distributed system down the line. We'll continue to monitor these as we go, but expect it to flow nicely from here on out. WU Beta With this update out, we'll be rolling out a beta version of it all to WU tomorrow, friday the 27th of April, for modders and server owners to double check everything works before launching live. We'll also be including a new system that generates archaeology data for servers that lack the history our official ones do, this is not data from the official servers, and generated according to the size of the map, so be sure to check it out! Community Content This weeks community content is a shout out to long xanadian Inspira, who not only completed two legendary titles, but did them in the same day! It's an awesome effort, and I'm sure one she will be proud of for a long time, so congrats! That's it from us this news, we'll have more next fortnight as we move to wednesday news (Need to farm those likes before the updates!) and showcase all the weird and wonderful things coming to Wurm. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  11. Magranon's Run - Jakerivers Hi Everyone! I'm back with more news, after surviving on Emoos stream, defeating a silly noob who dared to pick a fight with me, and have all the latest of what's been going on in the dev halls (at least what I'm allowed to share) So let's go! But first... Patch Notes Mac compatibility Now some mac users have been experiencing a lot of issues with the client on mac, and we're pleased to announce with the latest client update the issues should now be resolved. As previously mentioned, settings will not work correctly when launched from ingame, but will work via the launcher, so use that! A better solution is in the works but may take a little longer to come, so stay tuned. A new dev on the block Last news we mentioned increasing our focus on addressing some of the long standing bugs within the game, and our plans to ramp up addressing bugs. While we slay a significant amount with each update, all games seek to remove as many as they can, and we're no different here. As part of this, Someone who may be recognised from the forums, Darklords has joined the dev team! Darklords will be working on us in addressing bugs and testing of larger features, he's been a long time player of both Epic and Chaos and we look forward to working with him, so give him a round of applause! (Or condolences) Visual improvements One major thing in the works is the addition of specular and normal mapping to textures. To those of you unfamiliar with these terms (as I was, Saroman nearly went mad explaining it to me) I'll touch on them both: Normal maps: Normal mapping is a layer placed over an existing model, that simulates more lumps and bumps, allowing for rendering of shadows and light without actually requiring complex lighting calculations or more heavily detailed models, this means models and textures will look less flat without causing major performance penalties. Specular maps: Specular mapping is a way of dictating how a model or texture "shines" on certain parts, e.g. Making that golden part of a model shine without the stone part shining too. both of these will add quite a significant change to just how a lot of things look and feel. Their introduction will take some time, as they require creating a normal and specular map for every texture, so they will be coming out in batches over a period of time, and we'll be sure to let you all know when they do! Shades of green, and red, and yellow, and blue Last news had a riddle, which many of you all had guesses at, and some got it right! This week, I get to show off the new creature condition colours returning! Now I know what you're all thinking, creature colours looked like they'd been playing around in my workshop, and all left drenched in dye (or blown out of a nostril), but fear not! Saroman has been again hard at work (along with Samool too) and is in the process of giving these fine creatures makeovers, check it out! The lovely little cave bug models in this picture also have the normal and specular mapping, as you can see their shells look very different (and not just because of the colour!) Wurm streaming and content creation! We (I) are (am) currently in the works of introducing a program to support those who take their time and showcase just what they get up to in wurm, be it streaming or youtube, we want to support those who make wurm more fun to watch and play, so we'll be working on helping you all through various means, including promotion through our social media and the possibility of partnering up with us for some streams! Of course there will be some requirements and expectations from streamers, but stay tuned for that coming out soon! Now there's more in the works, and soon we'll be able to share it, along with a semi firm release date and perhaps even public testing (now what could that be?) Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  12. The god of Wurm a.k.a. Bloody Drongo a.k.a. Emoo vs a lead developer a.k.a. Budda Hi everyone and welcome to another Valrei International! It's been a huge two weeks, with the metal crafting update, metal colours, AND dye-able armour! These are some extremely long awaited systems to be introduced, and I'm thrilled you're all enjoying them so much, from sails to scale, tools to, uh... everything else, these updates have everyone tinkering away and it's awesome to see. While it is something that's been long awaited and requested, it's by no means the only things on yours and our lists, and we'll be working on those systems and getting them out as soon as possible. So we'll be mostly recapping the past few updates in this weeks news, considering major content has dropped we'll be tidying up a bit (And releasing WU beta, I promise!) and taking our next steps too. But first... Patch Notes Mac client issues As many mac users know, we've been having ongoing issues with the client running on mac, and we believe we have found the cause! We had hoped to have the fix available for todays update, but unfortunately some last minute errors delayed it, but we will have this out as soon as possible for you all!. One thing that will not be possible on the mac client will be the accessing the settings via ingame. It's a part of why the issues were happening, so you will need to adjust settings prior to launching the game. That said, we are working on a system that eliminates the issue for good, but it's slightly more long term. We do appreciate your patience in this, and hopefully the new client will be out before any updates. The importance of bugs (or at least reporting them!) In all software forms, bugs creep in from time to time, and it's always a developers goal to reduce their impact and eliminate them, and this is no different for Wurm. We've seen a few circumstances where people have complained about a bug in a random thread, or other channel (IRC, Discord, In game) and question why it hasn't been fixed, and one reason for that may be that that's not where they are reported! We have a dedicated forum section for bug reports for many reasons: 1) It keeps them all in the one location. 2) It allows us to address each bug individually. 3) It allows users to check if the bug has already been reported. 4) It allows us to update the status or confirm bugs being eliminated. These are all extremely important factors, as our dev team monitors them specifically, checking for issues arising and adding them to our internal tracker. Now I know some bugs have been around since the dawn of time, (and rumour has it that Wurm was created in order to put those bugs somewhere), but it does not mean that they are not ever going to be fixed or we don't care. Reasons that would slow us down in addressing bugs are: 1) Not enough information in the bug report 2) No way to reproduce the bug and identify why it happens 3) Low impact, and it simply gets pushed down the list as higher impact bugs take priority. What you can do to help with these is simple, when reporting a bug, make sure to do it in the right place, and make sure to include as much information as you can, and please do not use the in game support system to report bugs, if a bug is sensitive in nature, or potentially abuse-able then a support ticket is best used, but if you use the support system to report other bugs, do not take offence if a staff member directs you to the forum, because that is the place to report them It is also very important that you report the bug on the forum yourself, instead of having a friend or staff member report it for you. The issue may be happening to you specifically, or the server you are on, the colour socks you are wearing or even what you had for dinner. The key here is that if a dev needs further information, the person who experienced the issue is the one they need to reach out to, not a friend of the friend who saw it or the staff member who heard about it second hand. If you still don't feel like reporting a bug, then there's no grounds to complain about bugs going unfixed, it's a group effort from players and developers, and we're shifting some attention to focusing on long-standing and important bugs over the next few weeks and months, so please, help us as much as you can, so the only bugs in Wurm are the six legged kind. Dye-able armour Hidden in a link in a previous Valrei International, dye-able armour is here! The types of armour that can be dyed are: Shields Helms and hats Chain mail Plate armour White cloth Leather Studded Leather Drake Hide Dragon Scale Here's a sample of some awesome dye jobs, from gorgeous to "your clown car uber is here sir" There's a lot to style yourself with now, so make sure to get out there and try it out, and to encourage that, we'll be giving away something shiny! Competition time! We'll be giving a rare long sword, and shield, made from the metal of the winners choice with 90 enchants to the best coloured armour picture, judged by the dev team. We'll be judging on colour, how it matches your armour and equipment, and how much it makes Saroman groans when he sees it. We'll be announcing the winner in the next Valrei International, so submit your fashion here: WU Beta Yes, we know it's late, with the metals and armour dyeing out, we'll be shifting all focus to getting that beta out for server admins and modders to break, it's been delayed a little longer to include the metal types and catch all that stuff, there's a lot in it and I know we've been rather slow in getting it out, but it's worth the wait, I promise! The next projects There are some projects in the works, and we'll be pushing forward with previously mentioned ones as well, the UI update being a large one, as well as animal crates and other things hinted at here and there. I for one am hoping it's more unicorns, I'm a big fan of unicorns and always ask for them! So get dressed up, slap on your most eye bleeding dye, and take pictures for us to mock enjoy! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  13. Coloured chairs - Kasumi Hi Everyone! A quick news this week while we do an update today covering a few of the issues raised with the recent update, our next major update is a few weeks away, but there's a bit to touch on here, so let's get into it! but first.. Patch Notes: Wurm Valentines! Love is in the air, and it's not just for the ability to dye chairs, it's valentines! This year we're giving out some valentines pottery to give to your valentine, or keep it for yourself and place it in just the right spot! The valentines can be redeemed by typing "/redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY" without the quotation marks into your chat window ingame, but you do need to be premium, so don't forget that! WU Beta We're looking at a huge beta coming to Wurm Unlimited, with everything from 1.6 until today's update. This of course includes Archaeology, Restoration, the wood shaders and everything in between. It's been a long time coming, but we hope to have the beta ready either this weekend or early next week, barring any major issues that arise. Preview client! As mentioned before we now have a public release of the preview client. This client includes the new rendering library (LWJGL 3) which may not mean much for players, but opens up a huge amount of potential for us and allows us greater steps in improving performance. To play with this client, use this link here: Do bear in mind this is not yet considered a live release and may include crash issues. One known issue is common crashing on startup with linux, we're investigating the causes but it does launch eventually! As usual, if you encounter any crashes post the logs to our client bug reports section along with the preview tag and our client developer Samool will look into them. Shader feedback Having wood colours back and everywhere is a pretty big adjustment, and we've been monitoring the feedback thread over the past two weeks, discussing all feedback and identifying areas we can address. From this, we will be testing out a few tweaks to the shading colours, with cedar being nudged a touch redder to start, and will continue to tweak where we feel is necessary moving forward. Community Content This weeks community content is a village tour by samusen on his deed Alexandria, on Celebration. It's a huge project and looks awesome, I don't know if it's still for sale, but check it out below! That's it for this edition, next edition we should be post WU beta, and also have a brand new thing to tease and show, I'm looking forward to it, and so should you all be! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  14. Jackal - Icbash Hi Everyone! Retrograde back with this edition of the Valrei International, we've got a few hints and teases coming today, so lets get started! But first... Patch Notes Affinity review It's been a week since the affinity system has been implemented, we've followed the effects over the past days, with nearly 200 affinities being gained across the servers. We'll be looking at making some adjustments based on observations, feedback, and the general flow, but we're extremely happy with how this system is working, congratulations to those who have received one so far, and good luck to everyone else! (Myself included, I need PAS affinities!) Preview and LWJGL (bless you) With work on the client coming along at blistering speed, we'll be launching a new development client, called preview. The preview client will be used for early release of major updates, much like the testing phase for the 4.0 client, and soon it will be used for another major update. The first release of the preview client will be running the LWJGL 3 library (stable is currently running the LWJGL 2 library) so it's a big step up With this will come improved memory usage, more modern graphics rendering systems, and is the first step on implementing the new UI (As the new UI relies on the updated LWJGL 3) This preview client will be fairly limited in it's testing phase, so we will urge everyone to try it out once available so any major issues can be reported and addressed before it replaces the current client. Forge cleaning A long running request has been to have a way to utilise forges in order to generate ash, and in the next update we'll be adding the ability to collect ash out of unlit forges It will take a few things into account including firemaking skill, and we'll have the full details available in the patch notes Keeping track Another change coming will be the ability to add little notes for your friends. Reminders such as who you purchase bulk goods from, or what deed someone is in will be a huge help in keeping track of everyone, especially if you're a social butterfly! Upcoming works There's a lot more in the works, with muttering, tinkering, and the occasional cry of triumph coming out of the dev team quarters, I've been given a few hints and teases and I must say, I am so excited for what's coming I can barely wait to share more with you, but alas, I must! Community Content This editions community content will have a few! Wurm Unlimited eSports! Launched by Darklords, a competitive 3v3 group PvP competition was held on wurm two weeks ago. With the aim to teach players PvP tactics in an environment that had no items lost or skills to grind, a 2 gold prize pool lured some players out to find out if they had what it takes to win. The competition was fierce, but the team "The Abusement Park" took home the title and the winnings! The full thread of details and videos from the fights can be found here: Q&Emoo Last Wednesday, Wurms lovable Fosters drinker jumped on stream to ride around and kill horses, collect coins, and invited some watchers into Discord to chat, I was among those who joined in and we chatted a little bit about the game, as well as plans for 2018. Emoo is back with his Wurm Wednesday streams, and I'll certainly be thrilled to sit down, imp plate armour, and listen to him deny having a Fosters tattoo on his upper right shoulder. Check out his thread and stream location here: Naked and afraid Getting started in Wurm is scary business, wolves eat you, pigs eat you, and don't even talk about what the pheasants used to do. Our very own Yaga has been working hard on building an updated wiki guide to getting started in Wurm, with information about guards, stamina, finding other players, and even why so many actions are failed. What other questions would you like to see added? Check out the guide (and recommend it to the next newbie you see) here! That's it for this edition folks, I'll be back next fortnight, with more news of what's coming, what's come, and what Keenan had for breakfast. Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  15. “The sea is not our enemy! It’s those blasted ungainly large rats that chewed through the hull and helped themselves to all of the rum in the hold! They are the true enemy we face.” Sir Nimoy at the loading docks Hi everyone, A short and sweet news this week, as most work focusing on under the hood features and ongoing feedback discussions, there's a few things that may come but we haven't reached a final decision on the hows or whats, but we still have some things to go into this week! But first.. Patch Notes Community Assistant applications Community Assistant applications are now open! We're looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic players to join our CA team to help new and old players alike, if you would like to join the team, and meet the requirements, make sure to apply! If you would like to join, but aren't sure how to go about it, we require a minimum amount 30 days of playtime, and we do use participation in CA HELP channels to ensure you know what you're talking about, so keep playing, answering questions, and learning! Ongoing optimisations A big focus of ours is improving performance with the new client, and part of that is focusing on large groupings of players (Be it through travelling, community events, or PvP encounters. One specific area of this is a new player texture system using a compressed format, which will result in faster player texture building (less stutter and faster switching when equipping armour) and less memory consumption when many players are around, as well as less stuttering when players enter local. These are improvements we've all been eager to see, just in time for the Christmas activities! Community Content This weeks community content is an awesome little plaza I found while travelling Release. Built by Leifar (and maybe others, sorry!) It uses multiple paving types, and diagonal paving to build an awesome design, helpful for anyone lost (especially with how bad the roads are on Release) Have you seen any intricate paving? Share your favourite down below! That's it for this week, next week we should have a firmer date on the WU beta, and hopefully closer to the release of saddlebags and animal crates (fingers crossed!), so keep tuned for that! until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  16. “You never know what you will find in caves, so send someone else in first.” Sir Baggins at the foot of an old abandoned cave Hi Everyone! Another week down, and it's a bit of a slow news day today, with ongoing updates and adjustments, as well as collection of feedback and all that fun stuff that comes after a major update. But first... Patch Notes Branding WSA In today's update we introduced a new permissions group for branded animals, grouping anyone with the brand animals permission on a deed. Previously they were all individually added, which had the downside of those permissions staying even if that person left the village. With this update if someone leaves the village, they no longer have permissions to manage the creature. You can also deny permissions to this group if you have a personal horse. W.S.A. Currently this group does not copy over to the corpse upon creature death, so the items will not be able to be looted. This will be rectified in an upcoming update to address this issue. If you are concerned a bout losing gear and not being a ble to collect it please use specific names Discord! A few weeks ago we launched our own Official Discord channel, and this week we were verified! Our server now has A custom invite link at and higher priority voice servers. It also means that our server is verified, and totally cool! (It was already cool, trust me). If you're not familiar with discord, it's definitely worth checking out, it's a great way to stay in touch with Wurmians outside of the game, and also join your own little communities, there's several community ones out there for servers already, so check them out too! But for the official one, check out: WU Beta I know with the release of Archaeology, Restoration and all those other goodies, many of our Wurm Unlimited players are chomping at the bit to get their hands on them. Right now our focus is getting it all working nice and smoothly in WO, and we'll continue to adjust and work with feedback until we're satisfied it's running perfectly, then release a beta. There's no ETA on the beta yet, but it's being worked towards, so keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming weeks! Creature Crates Each weekly news is rightfully met with the question "but what about creature crates?!" I know it can be tough waiting for these to come, and the last thing we want is another bridges, but work does progress on them, just a bit slowly, given the many areas we need to address, and in some cases redesign systems that were never intended to include creatures crossing. It's a long process and one we hope improves border crossing as a whole in the future, but until then though, we have no set date for their release. Community Content In this weeks community content, veteran grinder Ondar shares their tips on grinding as well as what drives them to the grind. I cannot fathom the statement "Yeah, good old WS. Its easier to grind it 3rd time around", clearly a sign of a deranged mind! Ondar has an awesome little blog where they share their wurmian adventures, and also what they focus on to grind, what do you grind and why? That's it for this weeks news, we're beginning to set our sights on future updates and looking ahead into 2018, with plenty more in the works. What could be coming? You'll just have to wait and see.. Until next time though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  17. “I cannot change the laws of physics Captain, but give me a good hot forge and a strong hammer and I bet I can bend them.” - Sir Burton while bartering at a market Hi Everyone! We're another week into our 1.6 update with further tweaks, adjustment, calibrations, and any other words you can think of for the ongoing updates aimed at smoothing out any bumps that popped up. We're also looking at more things such as addressing fragment decay rates and other issues raised from both Epic and Freedom players. But First... Patch Notes Transfers Unfortunately with the update last week we had to delay the transfers from epic to freedom. While our initial estimates were some time early this week, with the major hotfixes and issues from the 1.6 patch that was unfortunately delayed. This is our focus at this point and we will have it out as soon as possible. The good news is that it shouldn't require anything more than a restart to update databases, but there's an awful lot of comparisons to do, as this affects every single account that's ever been on epic. We do understand it is frustrating to wait for this, and we want this out asap, just like you, and appreciate your patience. Archaeology Adjustments This update we also made a few adjustments to some Archaeology things, including making actions slightly easier to succeed at high skills by lowering the difficulty. We also adjusted the amount of fragments needed for masks, and feel that 10 is an achievable number either solo or by purchasing pieces, we'll also be looking at other rare item fragment requirements over the next few weeks. Skill feedback With one update to stat gain on epic this week, we launched a feedback thread on the skill system and skillgain/statgain rates. there's a few key things to understand with the new system, but the thread is there for people to share their logs and experiences, ask questions, and allow us to fine tune the system as time goes on. Check out the thread here Mission tweaks and fixes We've also been making tweaks and adjustments to the mission system, addressing bugs as they're raised, and boosting sleep bonus per participant, and ensuring that they scale/balance correctly. If you encounter any issues or bugs with the valrei mission system please report it, so it can be addressed in a subequent update! Leaky roofing begone! This last update introduced a long desired feature, and one of the benefits of the new client, rain occlusion! This means that rain will no longer show indoors! This has been a long frustration for many a wurmian, with leaky roofing leading to poor sleep and all sorts of maladies, but no more. If you are experiencing performance drops or stutters since the last update, disabling GLSL shaders should fix the issue for the short time, with a client update to address the issues, so make sure to turn GLSL shaders back on after that! Community Content Step right up! the Summerholt Fall Festival, hosted by NEXA is on! Show up, take part in the horse races, imping, games, and sermons, and get to know the people who live in north eastern Xanadu as well as travellers from afar! That's it for this week, we'll be working hard on the issues raised and the transfer over the weekend and early into next week, so report any bugs you find, and take part in the feedback threads to let us know what you think! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  18. "Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime. Yeah, well, try it! I am so sick of fish! Fish for breakfast. Fish for lunch. Fish for supper. Day after day, meal after meal, fish, fish, FISH! I am thinking of taking up mountain climbing just to get as far away from fish as humanly possible!” - Sir Witwicky on board ship in the middle of the ocean HI Everyone! Well, a big week with some big announcements, I've been keen to share them all with you, for a brief overview check out this link But first... Patch Notes An Epic plan Starting with the upcoming large update, we’ll be changing how transfers from Freedom to Epic work. Instead of how it works now with your Epic and Freedom characters being completely separated, when using an epic portal to transfer from Freedom to Epic your skills and characteristics will follow with you, overwriting anything on your Epic character where the values are lower. This will only be a one way type deal, so any transfers back from Epic to Freedom will act as they do now where you’ll be back on your Freedom character with their skills. For an example of how this works, if you have 60 carpentry on Freedom and 30 carpentry on Epic, the next time you transfer to Epic your carpentry will copy across and be set to 60. Any skilling up done on Epic will stay on Epic and when transferring back to Freedom you’ll be back to your 60 skill on Freedom. Transferring from Epic to Freedom is a little more difficult, and we'll continue to discuss our options with this prior to the launch. We are hoping this will make the option of playing on Epic much more viable for most people that spend the majority of their time on Freedom since the dreaded skill regrind will not be necessary. In addition to the above, we will be changing how skilling works on the Epic cluster in a few ways. First is switching the skillgain system over to the ‘new’ system that is mostly used by Wurm Unlimited servers where using your skill is all that is needed to gain in it instead of the current system that relies on timer length and successful skill rolls between 0 and 40. In addition to this, the experience rate on Epic will be set to 2x as well as the action timer rate being increased to 2x. This will make most actions take half the time and give twice the skill gain, making things a bit easier for new players to get into the game on Epic. The curve will still be in effect. With PvP being the endgame focus on epic, we want to ensure that getting to that stage is not too long for players starting out. Not only that, but hopefully these changes make regearing and preparing tools, weapons and other aspects of the PvP system a lot easier to recuperate after a loss. This coupled with the ability to drop in and out via epic portals straight to Freedom means it's a lot easier to get into the action faster, and hopefully encourages more activity. Meditation Meditation has long been an issue raised and we've already mentioned plans for an overhaul in the future works, but we'll be making some small changes to it in this update on epic as well. As has been stated in many areas, meditation on epic is somewhat different to how it works on Freedom. Given the curve hinders rather than helps in this case, (requiring 70 actual skill meaning 91 effective) it actually makes it harder to raise. In this update we'll be changing this from requiring actual skills to effective skills. This means high path levels in meditating are much faster to gain, with level 11 requiring roughly 47 meditation instead of 70, but that's not all. We'll also be halving the time it takes between each path up, meaning the maximum length of time between path increases is 12 days instead of 24. This of course is aimed at both new players and existing players crossing from freedom to get pvp ready and in on the action, and we'll continue to monitor it once implemented to see how it pans out. Sleep bonus We'll also be making changes to how transferring between clusters affects players, and that will be by granting sleep bonus to the opposing cluster (going from freedom to epic will give sleep bonus on freedom and vice versa) This is aimed at encouraging travel between the two clusters, and also gives a nice little bonus. As you can see these are major changes focused on improving flow and feasibility of getting into PvP on epic. Valrei Changes There are a fair few changes going on with the Valrei system on Epic and Freedom so we’ll just touch on a few of the main points for now and may expand upon these at a later date. First up, and one of the larger changes to how Valrei works, if that player gods will no longer roam the board on Valrei. Players that use the key to the heavens will still exist on the Valrei board while they are demigods, but once they fully ascend to godhood they will be removed from the board to live out their days as gods. Existing player gods will also be removed from the board when this update goes out, however they will still provide missions and all other benefits of being a god to players. Missions for player gods will act as other missions, but will not affect the Valrei board in any meaningful way - instead they will just provide bonuses and rewards to the players completing the missions as normal. We’ve also revisited all mission types, difficulties and rewards to hopefully be a bit better than currently. Each mission type will have its own related difficulty levels and rewards scaling with difficulty. More info will be available in game for these missions than currently available, showing what needs doing and what the player (and god) will receive when the mission is completed. Successfully completing a mission for a god will cause the next mission to spawn at a higher difficulty (and higher reward for completion), where failing a mission will cause the next mission to be at a lower difficulty. Related to this is a rework of how end of scenario rewards work, where the rewards have been split up into different tiers based on scenario participation by the player. More participation in missions across the scenario will mean a higher chance to get a reward at the end of the scenario, and also a higher chance to get a better reward than those with less participation. The god that wins a scenario will also have a reworked reward system over what it currently used. Lastly for today, we’ve changed how the entities on Valrei fight each other when they move. Currently the entities on Valrei have two stats for their attack and vitality - these stats are used in fights when one entity tries to leave a tile that contains an enemy. These stats will be completely changed and reset in this update to instead be related to the 7 characteristic skills that are in game - Body Strength, Body Stamina, Body Control, Mind Logic, Mind Speed, Soul Strength and Soul Depth. All of these stats will be used in a more complex fight system where the entities can move around a smaller game board with various actions available to them - such as ranged attacks, casting spells, and melee attacks. Once a fight occurs, a history of it is then saved on the server and will be available to players in game where you will be able to watch a replay of the battle and see exactly how your favourite god lost (or won!) Other Epic changes There are other planned changes for Epic as well, some of these will be Epic specific changes to PvP mechanics and other game mechanics aimed at eliminating some of the less desirable meta and also systems that haven't worked as intended over time. More info on those will be available later. Highway rules changes As we advised with the launch of the new highway system, we’ll be phasing out the existing highway rules in exchange for a new ruleset with the next update too. The focus will be on returning the majority of control of the highways to players, but still allowing for accountability and control by the GM team when necessary. This is subject to change prior to launch, so please do keep an eye on the GM rules in the city hall on our forums. Wurm Unlimited on Humble Bundle! This week saw the launch of a special Humble Bundle, one with Wurm! We’ve seen a LOT of new players on the servers and I’d like to say welcome to them all, we hope you enjoy your stay, and only get eaten by like, five spiders. If you haven't checked out the bundle yet, here it is! Community Content. This weeks community content is a beautiful screenshot by kasumi, who routinely travels the lands and takes some of the best pictures of wurm I’ve seen, it’s just amazing! That’s it for this week, I’ll be back next week with some more news, and some might say we’re saving the best for last.. That’s me, I’m the one saying it, next week will blow your woolen socks off! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  19. Patch Notes 2015-10-23 Game ClientSettings should now be saved correctly.The "Cancel Refresh" button will now be enabled on start.The Quit keybind will now unbind itself if bound to the F12 key.The Quit keybind will no longer default to the F12 key, uses F11 instead.Screenshot binding now defaults to F12. ServerMissions should no longer be generated with the objective of slaying 0 creatures.Logs will now be created in the current server folder, for instance in Creative/Logs.Removed some logging that is no longer used.You can now change which steam query port to use, enabling multiple server instances on the same machine.NPCs should no longer stay in local chat when they die or are too far away.You should no longer start with the hatchet and carving knife equipped.Kilns should now be movable.Amphorae are now turn-able.
  20. Eclipse - Yaga Hi Everyone! This week saw a (slightly bumpy) update which will be the last content update before the big one, with the new skill, Valrei overhaul, and a whole bunch of new systems and changes. We'll go into detail with each one over the coming weeks, starting today But first... Patch Notes The wagoner! The introduction of the highway system was part 1, with part 2, we introduce the wagoner! Remember this hidden person? The wagoner provides a way of sending bulk items (e.g. bricks, etc) to a particular deed in a semi-automated way. Deliveries may be pre-paid or CoD. A maximum of 20 large crates may be sent in a single delivery, and transport runs between deeds. Wagoners operate a special wagon for their deliveries. When making a delivery, the wagoner will load his/her wagon, and drive it from the origin to the destination, unload the goods, before returning to his/her home deed. Wagoners use the new highway system to navigate, so the origin and destination need to be connected to the same highway network. The wagoner will be available via a contract sold on traders as well as public ones at starter deeds. They may be set to charge a small fee per crate delivered, or free use. Mine door showcase We've teased the gold and steel mine doors, but today we reveal all four of the new ones! The rock one will remain the same to blend in of course, sometimes standing out isn't in your best interests. Community Content - Official Discord As discord becomes more and more popular, there's been a few questions about getting an official discord up and running, and today we launch it! Discord is a text and voice chat system that can be used on mobile, in a browser, or on a desktop client. It's a great way of connecting and getting to know your fellow Wurmians out of the game so jump in and try it out today (we may even include some giveaways!) Simply follow this link, sign up if you haven't used Discord before, and get started! There's more to come before the next update, We'll be catching up with the guys from Factional Fight and we'll be revealing all the details about the new skill in a special video starring myself and Budda! I know you're all as keen as I am for that, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  21. Reflections - Shmeric Another week down, and despite that pesky dev team stealing some of my thunder with releasing unteased works, the latest update is out! Sure, it's old news, but we'll touch on these new containers and a little on the enchant fix too, but first... Patch Notes Bulk Container Unit The bulk container unit is the next level in bsb technology (I did want to name it the bsb 2000). This unit not only has the capacity of 4 bsbs, but also has them as shelves inside, meaning you can store and sort based on any attribute you desire. This functionality does come at a price though, not only does it take 4 finished bulk storage bins to build, it also requires a minimum of 50 fine carpentry. It's also quite difficult to build, so get those parts high quality before you try! Rack for empty bsb The rack for empty bsb's also comes in with this update. With all the new racks and containers, many bsb's are left lying around, unfilled and unloved. We can't help much with the unloved, but we can provide a save place to store them without cluttering up the place (and also improving performance by not having to render them all!). The rack for empty bsbs' is easier to make than its bulk container unit partner, and will happily hold up to 30 bsbs until you need to use them. Enchant decay changes Along with this update comes a few changes to how enchant power decays, and we'll go into them here. Previously, every 5 seconds of an action an enchant had a small chance of lowering by 1, this meant that if you were extremely unlucky, you could lose more than 1 point per action. This new system gives one chance per action, with the length of the timer determining the chance. This change also reduces chances of enchants being lost on actions under 10 seconds, in some cases enchants are up to 30% less likely to go down than before. This of course stacks with enchant power affecting it, with a 100 enchant being half as likely to lose a power, and rarity, with rare being five times less likely, supreme being ten times less likely, and fantastic fifteen times less likely. we'll be tweaking this slightly with leveling actions on dirt, but Enchants don't affect leveling anyways, so don't use your enchanted tools! Tapestry reveal Of course, the fanart tapestries had three very deserving winners, and Saroman has been hard at work adding them into the game. I managed to score a sneak peak, and reveal the ingame versions of these winners, so without further adieu I think they all look fantastic, and have three tapestry stands waiting to build each one, which will you build first? Animal cages I've seen a few requests for an update on animal cages, so I figured I'd touch a little on them to keep you in the loop. They're currently still in the works, with the intricacies of crossing servers and not having them needing to be put back together by Enki and a pot of glue. On the bright side, Enki has developed an eight legged horse that we think could win the Kentucky derby, but there's currently no ETA on their addition to the game (the cages, not the eight legged horses). When we get closer to their release we'll do a complete showcase and go into detail about how it all works. Community Content This weeks community content is the unlucky burglar! The unlucky burglar is a small inn located in celebration, right on the edge of hunting grouns and other ammenities. If you're in the area, or want to visit Celebration and see what it has to offer, make sure to book a room! That's it from us this week, I know you're all busy building those bulk containers and eager to find out more about what the new skill is and what's coming to wurm next. You'll just have to wait and see! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  22. Underground abode - Leifar Hi Everyone! Later on today sees the change of the 4.0 "unstable" client as the live stable release! It's a big change, and Wurm never looked better, but we're aware those on a lower end PC and some configurations are having issues, so there will be two additional clients along with the stable. But first... Low memory This client doesn't use the dynamic memory system of the stable client, and instead has the same memory limitations as the previous (Legacy) client. it will be useful for systems with limited ram, or using multiple clients. Legacy This client will be the existing stable one, given to those who continue to have issues with the stable client and the low memory one doesn't resolve them. This client will receive very limited support for issues, and only critical errors will be addressed. These clients will be available for those who need them, but we'll be working hard on ensuring that everyone can get on the stable client and running smoothly as soon as possible. The stable client brings a whole lot more opportunities to the game, so don't miss out on the fun! Wurmpedia users We're looking at opening up the applications for the wurmpedia to be much more streamlined, simply requesting an account via the Wurmpedia itself. Wurmpedia editor accounts are open to all players, and can be used to add and edit wiki pages, as well as write your own user profiles and record your history in wurm. In the meantime, you can use our current method to apply for a Wurmpedia editor account via the link here: CA applications open We're also looking for community assistants to join the team! Community Assistants are a vital part of the team, helping old and new players alike with questions about game mechanics and information when new updates land. Successful applicants must display a good level of knowledge and activity in CA help (so we can see you know what you're talking about!), good standing with the community and meet minimum playtime requirements. If you're keen on joining, head to this topic and apply to our Lead Chat Moderator Idony today! Community content - you have died of dysentery This weeks community content is an idea from Bloodscythe to create a wurmian Oregon trail. Players meet at a specific starter deed on Xanadu and wind their way throughout the lands, using only limited resources and equipment. It looks like a fun adventure, and gives a good excuse to tour the land and check out all the wild spots! That's it from us for this week, work continued on the updated textures for the steel, silver and wooden mine doors (Rock remains the same to be sneaky!) along with a few other things. But that's for another news day.. Until then, keep on Wurmin Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  23. Hi everyone! After a few hiccups we're pleased to see the new huge update live! There's all sorts of things, from highways, to crate racks and new fence types, so let's get to it! But first... Patch Notes Highway update We've been busy setting up all starter towns with the catseyes and waystones. They will extend into the perimeter of all starter deeds allowing you to connect them to your highways. The highway rules will continue to operate for a while, we'll give notice when we begin to phase them out and replace them with the updated ruleset to incorporate catseyes. Map dumps! As promised, we have the new map dumps to coincide with the release of the highway update! The map dumps were taken earlier in August and we're currently looking at adding a new dump type into the roster showing off highways in the next rotation! The folder of all dumps can be found here: Unstable client With todays update the unstable client is very close to launching as the stable client. While we will offer the stable one temporarily as a legacy client, it's really important you test this as soon as possible to avoid any major issues when we switch over. For info on what feedback to leave and how check out this thread here: Blossom voting The blossom starter deed design contest is now open for voting! I think all designs look awesome, and I'm keen to see how wins! check them out and submit your vote here: Battle bards! This week I was shown a little podcast by a group that covers MMO music, and this time they checked out the Wurm Online soundtrack! From Gurubear's quirky songs to the atmospheric soundtracks by Tom E. Morrison, Check out the podcast here: Community content This week the factional fight guys check out one of the surprise additions to this weeks update and talk about how it impacts the game for them, what's your favourite part of this update? That's it from us this week, we'll continue to monitor the update and take any action necessary over the next week. There's plenty more in the works as we've hinted at before. What is it? You'll just have to wait and see... Retrograde & the Wurm team
  24. Karma - Angelklaine Hi Everyone! A surprise in this weeks news with a long suggested and requested addition finally coming, and that's not all, we'll recap what's been going on this week as well! But first... Patch Notes A crate surprise With the launch of 1.3 we introduced several new storage options with the barrel and wine barrel rack, the planter rack, and the amphora rack. Today we tease a new rack coming, one that's been asked about for a while now, the crate rack! The crate rack will hold 30 large crates and a whopping 50 small, stockpiling just got a whole lot easier! Highway testing We've had a few races this week using the new highway routing system which is a lot of fun and really easy to follow. We'll be continuing to hold random events with a little notice, but we also encourage you to jump on and try it all for yourself. It's a huge system with a lot of possible uses so make sure you spend the time learning it! For testing and a guide check out this thread here: Midsummers event all wrapped up! I'd like to thank you all for attending the Midsummers event and providing your feedback. It was a lot of fun and I've learned some valuable lessons for future events (not so long!) We have some more events planned in the future, so stay tuned for those. Unstable client! The unstable client is extremely close to going stable and replacing the existing one, so it's incredibly important that you try it and report ANY issues you have with it. if you have bad performance, crashes, anything that could hinder your play compared to the stable client it's incredibly important that you do report these before it goes live as the stable client. Failure to do so may impact your play if any issues arise from the use of the unstable client and we definitely do not want that to happen! The unstable client link can be found here: Community Content - Tapestry comp There's been some amazing submissions to the tapestry competition, (I'm torn between so many!) I thoroughly advise taking the time to look through them. I may have to nag Saroman about more than one winner... Not only are we working on the highway system, work continues on the valrei overhaul, the creature movement changes and the new skill coming to the game. There's a lot in the works, and I'm keen to share all the information on them as they near completion. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  25. Crystal Bay Estates - Finndar Hi Everyone! Patch day has come and gone, and the java update issues have been addressed. We're aware of the horse and cart issues, as well as the water sources, and will be looking at that over the weekend. There's lots to share this week, so let's jump in! But first... Valrei overhaul So we mentioned we'll be sharing some more details about the valrei system and the planned overhauls some time ago, and now it's time to share! So let's jump into it. We have some planned changes for Valrei, the mission system, and Epic in general. These changes are well underway and due in the next few weeks to a month or so. To start off, with the larger number of player gods that have been added to the game over the past few years, it is necessary to look at how those gods impact the Valrei board. Coming with this set of changes will be player gods being removed from the Valrei board once they are changed from demigods into full gods. When a player uses a Key to the Heavens, they will still be added to the Valrei board as a static entity paired to their god, but once their god wins a scenario may become a full god and removed from the board. When this happens the player god will still generate missions for players to complete, but these missions will not directly affect the Valrei board in any way or give scenario points. Scenario rewards are also being changed slightly. Coming with this update will be a requirement for players to be premium in order to be rewarded scenario points as well as karma upon completing a mission. If the player that participated in the mission is non premium, they will only be rewarded karma and sleep bonus, but not scenario points. At the end of a scenario, there will be 3 tiers of rewards The top tier will be available to those with the top 20% of scenario contributors, and contain the highest rewards of a single use tome, or a small chance of a Key to the Heavens or dragon egg for those in the top 5%. After this tier will be a second set of winners for the top 50% of contributors where there will be 3 prizes of a yet to be announced item. The final tier for the full 100% of contributors will have 5 chances for either the above unannounced item, or a moon metal lump. This will only impact the Epic servers, as Freedom does not receive scenario rewards. In addition to the above is a full rework of all mission types, difficulty and rewards. Some existing missions will be removed, some new mission types will be added, and we’ll be going over all mission types to make sure that their difficulty to complete, and reward amounts (of karma, sleep bonus and scenario points) scale properly to the difficulty of the mission. As a larger overall change to this system, the difficulty tiers will be changing from a system of 1-4 to a system of 1-7, where the difficulty of the mission is determined by the number of successful missions in a row for that god as opposed to the number of source items that god is currently holding on Valrei. This means as more missions for a given god are completed, the difficulty and rewards of the mission will increase. This applies both to Epic and Freedom, where an additional bonus on Epic will be increased help for the given god, reducing their move timer more depending on the mission difficulty. Similar to now, some missions will be available in friendly territory, and some will be available in enemy territory only according to the difficulty. As mentioned above, the sleep bonus and karma rewards for participating in a mission will be changing from a flat 1000 karma and 30min sleep bonus per mission, instead scaling with the difficulty of the mission with the very low difficulties giving less than the current defaults, and the higher difficulties giving more than the current defaults. There are also more changes planned for Valrei and Epic in general, but we’re not quite ready to release details of these changes yet. More info about these will come in the near future. All caged up A long requested addition is the ability for creatures to be loaded into vehicles, and I have a very special surprise this week, without further ado... That's right, in a coming up date creatures will be able to be loaded into cages, and onto vehicles! Different creatures will take different volumes, and they will need to be led prior to being loaded (meaning no ships full of spiders!) Upon crossing servers they retain all info about traits. Parentage and cared for status will return upon returning to the original server. Highway testing push we're gearing up our public testing of the new highway system in anticipation of releasing it with the next big update! We'll be looking at how best to organise public testing, but the best thing you can do is jump on the test server and play around with paving the catseyes and building highways! The ongoing discussion thread with the technical gory details can be found here: Wonders of Celebration Iberis (known ingame as Hexd and Mizova) is at it again! This time she's taking her sightseeing tour to Celebration and is looking for your input on what's great to see across the server. If you have a suggestion, or know a landmark she might want to check out, let her know! Community content This weeks community content is a video by qwizat, with a tour of his twin deeds eden and dune. His village is open to all new players, so if you're looking for somewhere to start your journey, contact him! There's a lot coming in the next few updates, and we haven't even begun to tease you all about the new skill coming to Wurm, what is it? You'll just have to wait and see Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.