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  1. Selling a rare 71ql Cheese drill cedarwood. PM me here or ingame (Marlon) with offers
  2. Illl take all 4k stone brick delivered to U16 on Deli! Marlon ingame
  3. As title states! Preferred unchanted.
  4. Can we get another use for woodscraps, and, similar to gravel, make a woodchip paving type?
  5. 10 Copper Hanging 50ql to Marlon please! Can they be mailed?
  6. Whispering Bay is disbanded Foggy Harbor (new deed) 968, 1951
  7. Not mine but
  8. [12:47:55] You think the beer might give you more of an insight about medium wooden shield! Im Marlon. Trying to get a half barrel for beverage making!
  9. No, but I never originnally had an issue with it, as long as it was done responsibly. Steam does not allow RMT
  10. Game is based on Java. For that alone it will not ever come to PS5. Also, the compatibility control wise would not work either with PS5 so -1