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  1. Bump
  2. I won't be on for a week .-.
  3. Can you PM me the discord link Hexd-Marlon
  4. @Enkican you check that place out?
  5. Post your rift screenshots here!
  6. Bump! Price update
  7. bumpity bump before I sleep
  8. Addy Lump 83ql .34kg-2s
  9. +1 in Australia where the aboriginals lived they carved steps out of stone so let's use stone too perhaps?
  10. Close
  11. If anyone needs me, know that I will be gone July 15-22nd on vacation and ill be getting away for a short break of technology
  12. This makes me wanna make wurm videos sadly I have a crappy mic :/
  13. We already have a bell, why not have a guitar, or some other medieval instruments with a set sound (kinda like the bell).
  14. The sign that pointed to what was the Factional Fight Deed, Autumn Twilight
  15. I know what one too XP