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  1. Graphics.jar not installing

    Ok graphics installed now I have the same issue with PMK
  2. Graphics.jar not installing

    It doesnt fail it just freezes. Its been sitting at .35% for over an hour
  3. So I have built a new PC and was going to install wurm, but all day, the installer on the launcher has given me issues with the graphics.jar file. It wont install even after deleting all files and restarting MULTIPLE times. I am on my last leg and getting fairly upset with this issue. Any help?
  4. [Resolved] horrifying lag

    Moved to Technical Issues.
  5. Deliverance historical maps

  6. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Oooh exciting stuff!!
  7. Valrei International. 084

    Yay! I sadly won’t be able to watch the live stream. Can I watch it somewhere afterwards?
  8. Release Rift - 04/30/19

    Shoot, I won't make it cause I have a final at the same exact time .-.
  9. Moved to Merchant Ads.
  10. I had this happen too
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    So I got a warm welcome
  12. CLOSE

  13. CLOSE

    Is your mailbox runed? If it is I will take 20 iron lamps
  14. Oven Bug

    Tried it all Finn. Gonna just go ahead and bash it