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  1. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    I think its time someone else takes over the map
  2. Memories of Deliverance

    Where was this? :O
  3. New Festival Cove

    Ahh gotcha
  4. New Festival Cove

    You should consider asking @Gumbohow his Deal or No deal thing was set up and recreate that
  5. Store and Licensing

    Would love to see a return in the merch store. ID kill for a old wurm mug
  6. Memories of Deliverance

    I know that I myself have had a large love for deli! Probably the most outstanding thing in my eyes is the community that is involved. I remember when I started playing back in 2013 and everyone was so helpful and to this day Deli is in my eyes, a beautiful server. What stories do you guys have?
  7. Fog

    +1! Oracle would love this
  8. [11:08:03] You successfully identify the fragment as a large nails fragment [1/3].
  9. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    Pendelton Derby is at R22 along the shore
  10. Surviverman?

    What happened to the surviverman blogs? Would be cool to see whoever wrote them return to writing it if they are still around in wurm
  11. WTS Last of This Lot !

    99 QL Fireworks 4.00kg ...............50c COD to Marlon
  12. WTB Black Cloth Set

    PM or post offers thanks!