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  1. Unable to login into my character

    Hey did you ever get it fixed?-Windrune, MBS
  2. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    Ok. Looking forward to this!
  3. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    Im gonna try to make it. Is that tunnel big enough for a larger ship or only knarr?
  4. Lets tell a story...

    So Magranon sent down a “pink” curse.
  5. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I’ll try to make it! But that week is finals week for me so no guarantees
  6. Things I am looking forward to in Wurm...

    Fishing and meditation update Also actually building up my deed lol
  7. Old Elevation

    Can this be done with Deli?
  8. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    I think its time someone else takes over the map
  9. Memories of Deliverance

    Where was this? :O
  10. New Festival Cove

    Ahh gotcha
  11. New Festival Cove

    You should consider asking @Gumbohow his Deal or No deal thing was set up and recreate that
  12. Store and Licensing

    Would love to see a return in the merch store. ID kill for a old wurm mug
  13. Memories of Deliverance

    I know that I myself have had a large love for deli! Probably the most outstanding thing in my eyes is the community that is involved. I remember when I started playing back in 2013 and everyone was so helpful and to this day Deli is in my eyes, a beautiful server. What stories do you guys have?