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  1. Mine is English but here’s my gf! (Korean) 새해 복 많이 받으세요
  2. Just an update. Had a family emergency. Will get to it asap
  3. Hey all busy atm but will add these tonight when I am free!
  4. Oh and some further usages for sand besides mortar. Also more wall types! and larger building sizes
  5. Moved. See PSA in red on main forum page
  6. it is def a steam issue. Cant connect to any servers via unturned.
  7. There are alternatives to this that could be crafted such as hats, bales, maybe a bed? Or a new tile type. The options are out there! Heck even a scarecrow!
  8. If every gift is craftable, why have gifts given out anymore. I stand by my statement. 100% no. There is tons avail on the player market anyways and usually only cost 50c to 1s usually.