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  1. Hi all! Will be updating this saturday! Out of town at the moment! Thank you all for continuing to utilize our map
  2. Translated! Remember to please translate any non english posts Thank you!
  3. And kill the value of ingame items as well. No.
  4. See this is good. Im fine with this but something more handout like is kinda eh
  5. Ahh im afraid i dont iknow how well that works I use OBS
  6. Do you have a mic somehwhere on your system? Also what are you using to record? Whitenoise may be coming from that mic if ya have one
  7. No -1. Use a priest its usually a lot cheaper.
  8. New map is up for Harmony! This thread is now unpinned and locked!
  9. Also issue with things not showing up fixed Typed in an extra digit heh
  10. Happy to update that map is updates as of 3/24/2021 at 1500 EST