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  1. Southwest corner of 6y 36x The Northern Historical Society
  2. Well picture below shows it. Water is deep and this fella still chased me thru it.
  3. Deli is a really great place!
  4. Seems slayers rest is now known as Waters Edge
  5. Actually the concept is simple. Create a character and you can launch it thru the steam "version".
  6. Except the steam version isnt a separate version. Its WO. Not to mention the servers can be accessed from the launcher without steam just not with already played characters.
  7. Like said in the past. WU would have needed to pull in more money to properly have people working on it. It did not end up making as much money and thus it was halted development wise.
  8. And? That is an if. Not a will lol. @Retrograde got any input on version exlusives?
  9. I cant remember what exactly I chose but another good one for PvE would be Atinawab