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  1. Why fix something that hasn’t been an issue ever? -1 This is Wurm. Not Skyrim
  2. Will be away from streaming for a little while as I’m in the process of moving! Will stream once I am back and settled
  3. Can we can a laughing reaction alongside the heart reaction for posts on the forum?
  4. The Mahasattva Bodhisattva Sangha 3478, 3270
  5. They arent used in trellis recipes either
  6. No to any form of pvp or stealing on PvE. -1
  7.,1196 Autumns Rest
  8. I am working on a two lane highway in front of my deed slowly. I’m on the east side of the middle lake. I think it would be good to have one coastal or a bridge going across
  9. Ended up forming my own. Close please