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  1. [11:08:03] You successfully identify the fragment as a large nails fragment [1/3].
  2. Pendelton Derby is at R22 along the shore
  3. What happened to the surviverman blogs? Would be cool to see whoever wrote them return to writing it if they are still around in wurm
  4. for sale

    99 QL Fireworks 4.00kg ...............50c COD to Marlon
  5. PM or post offers thanks!
  6. COD the two serylll to Marlon please
  7. Haha okay
  8. Ok that’s just too much. Sure do it after the policy was in but anything before wouldn’t be a good move.
  9. There a good spot I can do puppet shows at?
  10. I’m currently working on a quirky puppeteerinf one 😂
  11. It’s my account I’m just grinding skills slowly. More focused on making my deed haha
  12. Just wondering how much this would be worth blank and by itself. Skills dumped yesterday