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  1. Because jackal is a server made with unique creatures that was announced before launch that it would reset. So no, we do not need to introduce weta's on Freedom.
  2. No. They should stay unique to Jackal.
  3. Moved to community assistance. Gawain Board Moderator
  4. Eir

    Oh no this is so sad While I never knew her I wish I did as she seemed like an amazing person!
  5. Would be cool! Wish Deli could get another one. Only think there has been the one at Bp's place
  6. McGarns events were cool Wish @Willow could hold another Impalong heh
  7. Okay my favourite has to be when Battlepants hosted it at his deed on Deliverance (it was also my first impalong). I remember jumping off the lighthouse jump and wishing I hadn’t cause I completely missed the water ? Needless to say it was a long walk back to his deed. It also was my first experience with how laggy an impalong a could be. Has me looking forward to this years! Where ever it may be hosted
  8. Hey all! So this is a interesting thing I’ve thought of! What has been your favourite impalong (year), location, and why (will post mine later)
  9. +1 Would be interesting! Maybe have a graphic of some sort of wood thing that shows until it has reached the set height?
  10. Real life got in the way unfortunately
  11. I really love this idea! Might post something after my deed on Indy is at least started haha!
  12. So I need some help with streaming setup. When testing my stream, the video is stuck on a single frame although the audio keeps running. Any clue as to why that is?