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  1. COD the two serylll to Marlon please
  2. Ok that’s just too much. Sure do it after the policy was in but anything before wouldn’t be a good move.
  3. There a good spot I can do puppet shows at?
  4. I’m currently working on a quirky puppeteerinf one 😂
  5. It’s my account I’m just grinding skills slowly. More focused on making my deed haha
  6. Just wondering how much this would be worth blank and by itself. Skills dumped yesterday
  7. So Logi turned me into a dragon today lol
  8. Nah. This was a gift so wouldn’t be wanted
  9. @ChakronIm the new owner of Marlon and I wanted to update the skills on niarja but I cant cause I didnt make it on there what do I do??
  10. Same. US East Coast
  11. Maybe we could have the song on the garden gnomes be usable only on Christmas day? So that way its not wasting such a perfectly creative song!
  12. -1 Sorry I would rather only runes and horse gear affect speed as many other likely do