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  1. -1. This honestly isnt really needed as yu can alt tab and manage the other client just like that. Or you can Go ahead and try to fit both clients on the screen at one time
  2. How so? Also to note I thoroughly agree with majority of this suggestion! Although for the leather lines I do believe we already have leather strips which essentially would be the same thing. Also would you say the small tiny crate would be something a player can pick up?
  3. Highway help

  4. -1. This isnt really skyrim.
  5. Hi! Message @jasminthor @Morhedron
  6. With this post, it seems you just want to knock out the middle man and let every player breed for themselves, even though they already can?
  7. Moved to proper forum section
  8. I mean if those resources are off deed they are free for anyone to take.
  9. -1. BUT if something similar were to be added, there should be an option on whether or not a player wants their deed to show. Similar to the highway
  10. Do you have any tour vids?
  11. How much for all Yule goat and reindeer?
  12. COD 1 Barrels worth to Marlon!
  13. Shoot me a PM with what ya got and let me know what you are looking for cost wise Open to any offers!