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  1. This is a fantastic idea. it deserves support and backing. imo the game is lacking demanding sinks that give reason to things like wagoneer system and open trade. now that people have massive established deeds more so than ever. there needs to be a reason to maintain the community that has been spread across servers.
  2. are those fireworks for sale? if so please pm me ig redbearing
  3. Does this not fall under violation of the no gambling rule? "Gambling Definition: *Gambling is prohibited in Wurm Online due to Swedish law. *Gambling is considered to be any type of activity where the winning of a prize is determined by chance and requires payment of any form to participate. *Contests of chance requiring NO form of payment to participate are allowed. Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation." i'm asking cause i am interested in this but don't want to participate in something that's not allowed, moderator or someone please enlighten?
  4. id like to purchase the rare chisel for 4.5s if still available, aswell as please pm about rare two handed sword if available
  5. Requesting price check 85ql Two handed sword, Seryll enchants are: Nimbleness 96 Life transfer 98 Circle of cunning 98 Mind stealer 93 A single tin rune of vynora attached, increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%). thank you for your help.
  6. Supreme knap sack 3s, if accepted, COD redbearing.
  7. Thank you for your business, helpful and quick to respond with friendly service. 100% would deal with you again.
  8. id like to see if youd sell your shovels for 5s per.
  9. didnt see shydows bid same time as mine. *retracts bid sorry sorry*
  10. Please close this topic, thank you.