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  1. So far all I've gotten this to do is crash my launcher. lol. Hopefully this gets worked on an gets easier to set up cause the concept is great.
  2. [Release] [Client] Discord

    This is very cool! Thanks!
  3. Some key things not mentioned, the person capturing can't be in combat I think.
  4. Becoming The King

    Our PvP server was a few weeks old, a player that had joined 3 days ago became king. lol Terrible. Might as well make a dozen alts and take turns taking the test.
  5. By "action" you must mean this ridiculous post. lol
  6. I play on World of Wonders and have never seen these textures on wagons or anything else. Good thing too because the look kinda stupid.
  7. Unlimited Lamp Fuel Mod/Spell

    I apologize if this has already been suggested (couldn't find anything on the subject) but would it be possible to have a mod to effect light sources and make them not need fuel? Perhaps via a spell/enchant? Thanks in advance.
  8. Leveling road question

    20.10 Body Strength
  9. Ages of Urath

    Sanfrid is right. Skill gain isn't crazy fast like other servers. That's good. Still faster then WO which is what I'm used to. I've also tried servers were creature spawn was out of control. That isn't the case on Razors Edge. There are dangers that lurk in the forests, but now so much that you cannot go anywhere. This weekend the server will be having some player ran events. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are already GM run events taking place. There are community projects. I think the next one is trade posts. It's still the best WU server I've tried and I've popped on to a few of them.
  10. Ages of Urath

    The event so far has been awesome. Getting actual loot drops, while its rare, is very cool and makes combat more fulfilling.
  11. Ages of Urath

    Omg Razor is so old. Thankfully that means he'll have to retire soon and work on Wurm full time. Lol
  12. Ages of Urath

    Best Custom map I've found on WU. I highly recommend.
  13. Good group of friendly guys on this server.
  14. How do you contact a GM outside of the game?