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  1. Make shield bash actually work on mobs.
  2. Plan for a Plan

    You can actually do that. only thing you need is to bind the mouse_look to a key. Idk why people keep asking for something that was already implemented several months ago.
  3. Horrible update, please revert. I'm fine with the other points. but this is just plain awful.
  4. Can you extend the reveal creatures parser to the "Get info" action from PoK?
  5. Indeed, and as everyone knows. nordics geographical areas are full of roaming buffaloes, mountain lions, gorillas, hyenas and anacondas...
  6. I can't be more exited. BTW clearing cache does nothing to fix it.
  7. I just see a bunch of empty squares all around, probably people using other browsers don't have this issue, but I rater stop using the forums that switch my browser just because someone decided to trow a bunch of incompatible crap.
  8. Sorry but this new forum is totally messed up for Chrome users, its a sad move.
  9. If the ghost walls are occurring in that LBCast that you planned on your stream vids, I think the reason is because you plan the house in an uneven terrain. Try leveling the entire area, plan the house, remove the unwanted sections and then redoing the terraforming. While using the focus zone feature as a GM allow you to overcome the flattened requirement, it does it with the cost of getting a buged house.
  10. It all depends on your goals. As said before, for PvP a shield is a must for everyday use. but I think you also need some proficiency with 2h, for some situational cases, you can see on lots of PvP vids how people not being focused usually pulls a 2h to grind down a focus target. On PvE while you can choose any combination, even dual welding 1h weapons, I think the best strategy is to chose a 2h first, then raise it on aggressive fighting until you hit at least 70 in both skills (weapon skill and aggressive fighting), this is above all to be of some help wen you go into unique fights.