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Found 160 results

  1. Title says it all. Both pieces are 73 quality and blue. Hoping to get around 36 silver for them.
  2. Closed. Order filled

    WTB Dragon Shoulder Pads x2 Would Prefer 75QL with 0 smh Please PM me with Requested price I am willing to pay generously
  3. WTS rare and supreme items, blood, hide and more whisper in game or post reply Rare rock shard qt 71 dmg 40 : 10c Rare rock shard qt 71 dmg 20 : 10c Rare rock shard qt 69 : 10c Rare rock shard qt 68 dmg 30 : 10c Rare rock shard qt 67 : 10c Rare rock shard qt 48 dmg 10 : 10c Rare rock shard qt 39 : 10c Rare rock shard qt 29 dmg 10 : 10c Rare yarn wool qt 63 : 20c Supreme wool qt 80 : 40c Rare fence bars iron : 20c Rare green apple qt 77 : 10c Rare acorn qt 73 : 10c Rare sprout camellia wood : 15c Rare Dirt qt 62: 10c Shoulder pads : boar shoulder pad : 50c left layered shoulder pad : 50c Blood dragon x2 : 2s each Blood dragon hatchling : 3s Blood goblin leader : 2s Black dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 91,1 weight 0.14 : 5s60c (40c per 0.01kg) Black dragon scale qt 90,59 weight 0.15 : 7s50c (50c per 0.01kg) Troll mask : 3s White dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 93,13 weight 0.15 : 6s (40c per 0.01kg)
  4. -- S O L D -- I am selling 0.31 kg of blue dragon scale: [20:38:18] Light but extremely tough, these scales will withstand even the hardest of blows and the sharpest of cuts.. Price: 15.50s PS: I know it looks like a red scale, but it actually is a blue one
  5. Purchased. Please close
  6. Looking to buy a black dragon scale armour set. QL, enchants, rarity and runes optional. I am serious about buying. Verified PayPal. PM me in-game or on the forums. I'm giving up trying to find this...
  7. Wts fully rare scale set Black. High castes web Looking for 300s or best offer . also willing to trade for the right items. Thanks.
  8. WTS Dragon HOTA 50s OBO

    WTS A Red Dragon HOTA Statue 50s or best offer received by the end of the month if it hasn't sold yet. Pickup at Ten Boer (x:19 y:33) will consider payment in USD Verified Paypal only at the rate of 1s=1E at current exchange rates Post your offers here for all to see or PM me offers
  9. Selling this white drake set, asking for 80s. Creator: Aum Location: Deliverance Darkwood Stormhold Pickup or COD
  10. WTB Dragon scale/Drake hide

    Drake hide I need 0.40kg maximum. Dragon Scale 3.60 kg for now. PM your offers per 0.01kg or for the entire weight needed if you have Also willing to buy Black Drake Hide Cap.
  11. White Drake set with cap

    I am selling white drake sets with caps unimproved. ~20QL Buy the best LW grinding experience of your whole life in Wurm Online. Where to pickup? Pickup at Blossom on Pristine! How much? NOT SELLING ATM What's drake armor?? Drake hide is the best leatherworking based armor existing in Wurm. Its protection rating is equal with plate, yet more vulnerable to cutting and piercing than chain armor. Drake hide armor has the lowest penalty to attack speed and walking speed (16.97km/h on cobble) and is very lightweight. How does drake armor look like? © Kristel taken by Lotte
  12. 2x black drake dragon blood 2s each message me @ MrZodiac
  13. 2 Sets for sale. Red is all rare, except the feet. Nice WA casts. - 225e White is clean and no rares. - 225e 50e below market
  14. Dragon pen

    Today I was surprised by a big red dragon while climbing down my tunnel. He has now taken residence there, and I have to climb to my place since I can't get past him. I thought I would go teach im a lesson, but I don't want to kill it since it's really darn pretty. I can't have it in my tunnel either or I will be climbing up and down to and from my place all the time. So I thought of putting it in a different cave. But then maybe I want to look at it from time to time. Keep it as a sort of trophy you know... So I came up with this plan: 1. build a tunnel. This will be the tunnel I lure the dragon in. 2. at the end of the tunnel dig a larger underground space 3. in the middle of that chamber build a house with a floor on top. 4. build another tunnel to that chamber. This will be the one i come in after I lured the dragoon inside, to see it. 5. make a bridge from the house in the middle to where tunnel2 meets the dragon room At this point I should be able to walk on my bridge on top of that house and the dragon should not attack me, since he cannot reach me. However I have the following concerns: 1. I read that they can "mine down" walls. And was wondering if he will get aggro of me and break into tunnel 2 before I reach the bridge. 2. If 1 is possible maybe reinforcing the walls would help. 3. Was also wondering if he can randomly decide to destroy my house and my bridge. In this case the whole thing would be rather pointless This is a sketch of what I had in mind . (deed planner 2.8.9) Btw, I won't be hiding it or anything. I am on epic and there are a lot of uniques atm that no one wants to kill. Because we're such nice people here! I will open the place to the kingdom so people can also visit it. Or visit it and kill the dragon... whatever. What are your thoughts on this? Does it seem possible, and has someone tried anything similar?
  15. Sold! Please close

    Selling My Full Blue DRAKE Set. Rare Chest and Pants 110 Silver / USD (Negotiable) Sold. Thanks
  16. Close please

    Consolidated posts, Close please
  17. Both jewels and shoulder pads were never worn. Contact me (Luttuosa) or Davih here, in game or leaving a message on the forum. Feel free to make an offer for all the items without a specific price. Below you can find the links explaining how all the different kind of shoulder pads and jewels work. Here a complete list of what we have. SHOULDER PADS: boar shoulder pad (Ql 75). chain shoulder pad (Ql 75). crafted shoulder pad (Ql 75, Ql 25). curved shouder pad (Ql 25, cotton). double shoulder pad (Ql 75, cotton). dragon shoulder pad (Ql 75, Ql 50, steel) 4 silver the 75 Ql and 2 silver the 50 Ql.. exquisite shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather). human skull shoulder pad (Ql 75) 5 silver. left basic shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron). left elaborate shoulder pad (Ql 75, Ql 25, leather). left layered shoulder pad (Ql 75, steel). left shielding shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron). ribboned shoulder pad (Ql 75). right basic shoulder pads (Ql 75, iron). right elaborate shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather). right layered shoulder pads (Ql 75, steel). skull shoulder pad (Ql 75). small shoulder pad (Ql 75, cotton). JEWELS: artisan necklace (Ql 75, seryll). bracelet of inspiration (Ql 75, seryll). dark ring (Ql 75, seryll). fist bracelet (Ql 50, seryll). huge sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). necklace of focus (Ql 75, Ql 50, Ql 25, seryll). necklace of protection (Ql 75, seryll). ring of the eye (Ql 75, seryll). short sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). socketed ring (Ql 75, seryll). soul stealer necklace (Ql 75, seryll). soul stealer necklace (Ql 75, seryll). spear bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). spear bracelet (Ql 50, seryll). Here the Wurmpedia page for shoulders pads: Here the page about jewels:
  18. PLEASE CLOSE - bought

    I'd like to buy as many kg's of drake hide as possible in order to make a full drake set. will be the first to have my own signature on. any color is acceptable. TY in advance.
  19. I have 0,26 kg green dragon scale for sale, 83,40ql - 13s. Please leave a note here or pm me here or ingame if you're interested
  20. [WTS] Shoulder pads + rings

    Hi all, I wish to let go of some stuff I don't need: Feel free to make an offer. The items can be bought seperatly. Best regards, Bitter
  21. WTA Black Dragon Skull

    i am setting up a 7 day Auction for a Black Dragon Skull starting bid 3.5 Silver I will take offers 1 hour Sniper Pro,
  22. As the title says looking to sell 3.39kg of Black Dragon Scale @ a price of 60c/0.01kg! The lump Sizes are as Follows: PM me here or ingame -Thanks in Advance- -=Jakeii=-
  23. WTS Blue Dragon Hatchling drake hide leather of 0.10 kg 4 s (0.40 c per 0.01 kg) SOLD thank you for the trade
  24. WTS Blue Dragon scale of 0.25 kg 12.5 s (0.50 c per 0.01 kg) SOLD thank you
  25. [SOLD] I am selling 0.25 kg of blue dragon scale: [21:19:22] Light but extremely tough, these scales will withstand even the hardest of blows and the sharpest of cuts. Price: 12.50s PS: I know it looks like a red scale, but it actually is a blue one