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  1. So, what? No frequent, random zombie attacks?? What's Halloween without zombies all over the servers looking for brains....oh wait, just answered my own question. Happy Halloween!
  2. There is a definite problem with the mechanics of using a still. I understand that the distilling process takes time, so I have to ask myself why there is no way to stock a still with sufficient fuel to last for longer than 1-2 hours. While I enjoy playing Wurm, there's really no way that I, or most players, can realistically be expected to remain in game 24/7, no matter how much I may or may not want to. Just as unrealistic is the expectation that players are able to log in every 1-2 hours to keep a still fueled. I think it's odd that forges and ovens will stay fueled for many hours, even though most activities using it only last for a short period (not including mass impings and grinding, of course), but a still which, by nature, must remain lit for a very long time burns out very quickly. So, my suggestion is that a still be coded so that it will remain lit for a longer period of time when properly fueled, such as 10-12 hours. This would allow for real-life necessities such as work , sleep (I know, I know...sleep is for the weak...), going out to a movie or dinner, and all the other mundane nuisances we play Wurm to get away from.
  3. I've been noticing something missing from rose trellises lately: flowers! So my suggestion is to make them bloom more often, or at least have flowers persistently like the rose bushes in game. One way to do this might be to make them like herb/spice planters where they bloom during certain times of the year, such as late spring through early fall, and can be harvested more often, maybe weekly or monthly. Or perhaps players can choose not to harvest them. In either case, after a certain time interval the flowers would disappear, and then reappear at the next time interval simulating the flowers dying or being picked and then re-blooming. Another cool idea might be to make different rose colors available.
  4. My Magranon priest is looking for work collapsing tiles at 1s per tile. He can also perform most other spells, but his channeling skill is still in the mid-50's, so success rate and quality of casts are not guaranteed. Please send message to me, or contact me or Liam in game if interested. Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring Island, Xanadu
  5. Hello. I recently got my priest's body control high enough so that he could ride a scorpion. The graphics for the scorpion appears to be bugged, though, as the scorpion appears to be swimming through the terrain instead of walking on it (at least from the rider's perspective). I am also disappointed at how slow the scorpion is: so far I haven't seen a speed faster than 7.5, even down hill. Pretty much makes the whole effort to ride one worthless. Alendhor
  6. Greetings, fellow Wurmians. I'm afraid I'm the bearer of sad tidings for this post. I believe that one of our fellow gamers, Faith Edgerton, has passed from this life. She was my neighbor on Newspring Island on Xanadu, who owned several deeds, and also played for some time on Celebration. She had many alts, and these are just the few I know of: Rysann, Tenbrie, Serthia, Eidetica, Butrani, Rydetica, and Zassie. For the past 2-3 years she has played very little while battling lung cancer and its subsequent treatment. The last email I received from her was dated 31 April 2017, and was very positive, but I never heard from her again. Towards the middle of May I tried looking for her obituary, and unfortunately found one that matches all of the information I learned from her during our in-game chats and emails. I apologize for waiting so long to make this post, but I guess I wasn't ready to admit it could really be her. Although I didn't know her well, I enjoyed our short chats when she was able to play. She really enjoyed playing Wurm, and all the friends she made here. I would personally like to thank all those who helped with the upkeep of her deeds on Xanadu; your support and generosity was truly inspiring. Here is the link to her memorial page for everyone interested in paying their respects:!/Obituary Alendhor
  7. +1 I've wondered ever since I started playing why ovens and forges never produced ash. Let's see some action on this idea!
  8. I thought it would be a good idea to uninstall my current version of WurmClock before I install the new version. I'm not very good with software, and I haven't been able to find a way to uninstall it. So what I'd like to know is: do I need to uninstall first, and if so, how? WurmClock is pretty awesome, by the way! Thanks!
  9. Yes, the bridge sections I was able to hit and damage (regardless of successful launch) were the first four tiles on the lower, ground end of the bridge, so the first two connected to the ground, and the next set of two.
  10. Recently I was trying to destroy an unfinished, off-deed bridge I'd started, and other than the first 4 sections, I couldn't hit anything. Here are the details: 2x15 stone bridge, angled upward at a slope of 15-20 Was able to destroy the first 2, 2x1 sections with little trouble. Only the first 4, 2x1 sections were completed. At various angles I'd watch the rocks shards pass through the sections I wanted to hit but never get a hit message or do any damage. I was also able to pick up the rocks from the tiles directly under the sections I was trying to hit. My Catapult skill is around 20, and the catapult I was using was 60Ql, and was firing from the foot of the bridge, so no farther than 3 tiles away. It sure seems that I should have been able to at least hit something inanimate like a bridge, even with low skill, from that range. Maybe someone with higher skill and more know-how could test this to see If there's some sort of bug. Good luck!
  11. After I installed the recent Java update (1.8.0_131) yesterday (21 Apr 17) and tried to start Wurm, I had to delete the desktop shortcut which used the Wurm icon. I've managed to get the game to start up by putting a shortcut to the wurmclient_jlnp file, but I can't find the Wurm icon anywhere in the installation files. Is this a known issue with the Java update, or am I not looking in the wrong place? ** Did a browser search for this issue and found the fix at this link: Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring, Xanadu
  12. Okay, so here are links to images of the mountain pass and highway I mentioned. It's pretty easy to distinguish the stone slab areas from the rock tiles. Imagine how it would look if all the stone slab areas looked just like rock tiles (sorry, I'm not an artist at all, so I don't know how to actually make the pictures look that way). Sorry about the links, I couldn't figure out how to attach the images.
  13. I suppose that would depend completely on how it is used. Used in construction areas it would look really nice. Of course, just paving random areas to make them look like rock could be confusing. There's a large mountain pass that was refinished by Ostentatio on Newspring Island (New Sealand) on Xanadu in the SW corner of R10 which is very nicely finished, but all the dirt areas are, out of necessity, paved with stone slab which, in my opinion of course, looks terrible. It would look so much nicer if all those stone slabs looked like the surrounding rock. (I'll get a screenshot of it and post it when I get a chance.
  14. All I'm really suggesting is that we have a new craftable item for paving called a "rock slab", that actually looks like a rock tile when used to cover dirt on hills and mountains.
  15. I'm sure this is just a minor pet peeve of mine, and it really doesn't add to/detract from game play, but I have a suggestion for a new paving surface. I'd like to be able to pave tiles, on the sides of mountains, for instance, and have them actually look like rock tiles. The current options don't allow us to make a natural looking rock surface on hillsides. Using stone slabs to pave next to rock tiles just looks terrible, and gravel or very steep grass slopes aren't much better. For example, I surface mined a path up the side of a mountain, but had to lay down dirt to pave it, which consequently created very steep slopes down on one side. I planted trees on the slopes in an attempt to make it look natural, and it does look pretty good, but it would look so much better if I were able to pave the lower slopes like rock tiles, so it actually looks like a path up a mountain. Just a thought. Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring, Xanadu