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  1. First meteor found on Indy? [14:56:12] A strange rock sent from the heavens, glistening with flecks of pure metal. It is searing hot. Ql: 97.69576, Dam: 0.0.
  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Shrimpalongs for the past three years, and it has been a pleasure to be part of the staff team. Shrimpiie, would you please post your fiancé’s email address so we know where to send the condolences? Bu seriously, Congratulations!, and thanks for all your hard work and dedication to make the Blackmoor Shrimpalongs such great community events!
  3. I just encountered a very strange bug on Jackal. I placed 8 hitching posts in a 3x4 area: 4 on the north side, and 4 on the south. The troughs face into the yard on both sides. The 4 on the north side are against a Stone Wall and appear to be working well. The 4 on the south side are against a wooden fence and are really messed up. I can unhitch the horses from the north side of the wooden fence (inside the yard), but I have to hitch them from the south side of the wooden fence (outside the yard). I am also unable to move the hitching posts while on the north side of the wooden fence (inside), but I can move them while on the south side of the wooden fence (outside), ie, through the fence. When unhitched, the horses appear on the trough side of the hitching post (inside the yard), but when I try to move the horse to the south side of the wooden fence (outside), the horse immediately appears on that side. By the way, I had Shydow verify this, and he said it was dumb as a post. (He actually only said it was dumb; I came up with the pun). Stable yard: Can't lead horse. Fence is in the way: Horse jumps to other side; can lead now: Horse hitched: No option to move Hitching Post: Option to move Hitching Post from wrong side of fence:
  4. I've played quite a few MMORPG's in the past, and the general rule of thumb for all of them was "Don't log in on patch day". From what I've seen during my time with Wurm that isn't the case. Sure, there have been/are some issues, but from my perspective they've been addressed and handle with much better efficiency than any of the other, larger games, and with far less openness. Just my opinion, but it seems to me that griping about it here, or attempting to rake any of the dev team over the coals about it shows a distinct lack of grace. It would be much better to offer productive assistance than scathing condemnation. Thanks for the updates, Keenan, and for all your hard work making sure Wurm is a fun place for us to play.
  5. Evidently there are still issues with items planted in mines popping to the surface. This may be linked to server restarts/patches. I was having this problem on Newspring, Xanadu: 3 trellises and 2 lamps along one wall of a mine would not stay underground. And it looks like it has followed me to Hermit Island on Indy: found a pillar, correction 2 pillars, on the surface today. After speaking with Astarte I realized that both pillars were right next to ore veins, so it looks like this is that bug, and it is still active.
  6. Forgot all about that, but it worked perfectly! Thanks loads!
  7. Is there any way to expand the borders of my plan, or maybe shift the plan to provide more room on an edge? For example, the current plan shows the deed border 4 tiles from the southern edge of the grid, but I expanded my deed to the south and it would be very helpful if I could shift the whole plan north 5-10 tiles (or more).
  8. Ritual of the Sun

    Sounds awesome everyone! I confirmed we have 4 priests lined up (3 from the alliance and 1 from Zoranah), leaving up to 7 available links. I wanted to have my priest cast, but we’ll with whoever has the highest channeling. If we end up with more available priests there is always the possibility of hopping servers for multiple casts. I know a great spot on Indy just a very short trip from Newspring. Hope to see you all in a few hours!
  9. Ritual of the Sun

    Newspring Isle Alliance will be hosting a casting of Ritual of the Sun at the All Faiths Temple, Whispering Mountain deed on Newspring Island, Xanadu (S9) at 1700CST (US time) tomorrow, 15 June 2019. All Magranon and Smeagain priests are welcome and should link with Liam for the casting, and will receive credit for the Benediction entry in their journal.
  10. I am selling the items listed below. Please contact Alendhor or Liam in game, or post message here, for more Info. Sleep Powder, 15 available.....1s ea red dragon scale, leather, 80ql .04.....1.6s white dragon scale, leather, 83.23ql .06.....2.4s green drake hide, leather, 86.44ql .02.....60c Blood, Green Dragon 2ea.....1s ea
  11. Ritual of the Sun

    I have a Mag priest (100 Faith, 70.15 Channeling) who would like to attend, as well. He is currently on Xanadu, but is willing to cast/link on any/all servers.
  12. I've been thinking about this for a while, and the first thing I'd like to mention is that I really like the new hedge varieties. What bothers me, however, is that the new hedges look a little ragged (I've noticed this primarily on camellia hedges). A wild hedge will, of course, grow out and look uneven, and eventually lose it's shape. But a well-tended hedge should have nice, even sides and tops, without individual shoots or branches poking out, up, or in different directions. Of course, this is only my opinion, based on what I've observed in neighborhoods I've visited. Would like to hear what others think.