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  1. WTS Misc rare and unique items

  2. Ritual of the Sun

    Sounds awesome everyone! I confirmed we have 4 priests lined up (3 from the alliance and 1 from Zoranah), leaving up to 7 available links. I wanted to have my priest cast, but we’ll with whoever has the highest channeling. If we end up with more available priests there is always the possibility of hopping servers for multiple casts. I know a great spot on Indy just a very short trip from Newspring. Hope to see you all in a few hours!
  3. Ritual of the Sun

    Newspring Isle Alliance will be hosting a casting of Ritual of the Sun at the All Faiths Temple, Whispering Mountain deed on Newspring Island, Xanadu (S9) at 1700CST (US time) tomorrow, 15 June 2019. All Magranon and Smeagain priests are welcome and should link with Liam for the casting, and will receive credit for the Benediction entry in their journal.
  4. WTS Misc rare and unique items

    I am selling the unique and rare items listed below. Please contact Alendhor or Liam in game, or post message here, for more info. HOTA, dragon R107,G0,B0.....23s HOTA, Lady of the Lake R30,G48,B72.....23s JK tall kingdom banner 2ea.....2s ea JK kingdom banner 2ea.....2s ea rare marble nymph statue, 60.74ql.....4s *SOLD* rare marble nymph statue, 60ql …..4s *SOLD* rare small anvil, iron (WoA72, CoC91), 81.22ql.....4s rare forge, 75.29ql.....4s rare iron lamp R184,G184,B184, 30.92ql.....4s rare polearms rack, oak, 50.43ql.....2s rare dredge (WoA75), 91.44ql.....6s supreme lump, adamantine, 82.79ql.....2s red dragon scale, leather, 80ql .04.....1.6s red drake hide, leather, 85.94ql .19.....5.7s *SOLD* white dragon scale, leather, 83.23ql .06.....2.4s green drake hide, leather, 86.44ql .02.....60c Blood, Forest Giant 4ea.....1s ea *SOLD* Blood, Green Dragon 2ea.....1s ea Blood, Red Dragon 8ea.....1s ea *SOLD* Blood, White Dragon 3ea.....1s ea Blood, Goblin Leader 7ea.....1s ea Blood, Kyklops 3ea.....1s ea *SOLD* Potion Bottle w/metallic liquid, 75ql make offer *SOLD* source salt 39@.03 1@.01 3c ea or 1.2s for the lot
  5. Ritual of the Sun

    I have a Mag priest (100 Faith, 70.15 Channeling) who would like to attend, as well. He is currently on Xanadu, but is willing to cast/link on any/all servers.
  6. Valrei International. 072

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and the first thing I'd like to mention is that I really like the new hedge varieties. What bothers me, however, is that the new hedges look a little ragged (I've noticed this primarily on camellia hedges). A wild hedge will, of course, grow out and look uneven, and eventually lose it's shape. But a well-tended hedge should have nice, even sides and tops, without individual shoots or branches poking out, up, or in different directions. Of course, this is only my opinion, based on what I've observed in neighborhoods I've visited. Would like to hear what others think.
  7. Xanadu Community Map

    Hi. I am the owner of Aven Linuath on Newspring. Please add my alt, Cordon's, deed, Arvaelonne at 951, -7256 Deed dimensions are: west-16, east-20, north-5, south-7. I also have a deed named Kender Hollow at 1055, -7274. I'm not entirely sure of the deed dimensions. The current mayor of Kender Hollow is Thiedari.
  8. Please close

    All charges have been sold. Want to sell red tome of magic with 1 charge left for 60s. PM Alendhor in game, or post reply here.
  9. Selling Sleep Powder

    I would like to sell sleep powders for 1s ea. I have 8 available. PM Alendhor in game, or reply here.
  10. Highway work just east of Newspring

    The east road between Newspring and the GH market was designed and built by Ostentatio and several others, myself included. The road running north from that intersection all the way to the north coast of the island, including a massive mountain pass redesign, was rebuilt and improved be Ostentatio and several others, myself included. One day I logged on to find lamps and signs all along the east road labeled Newspring Market Highway, all planted by the GH market team, who never laid a single brick or dug a single pile of dirt to help construct it. In summary, NO section of ANY road on Newspring (except on their own deed) was built or improved by anyone from the GH team, and yet they continue to take credit for it.
  11. Please remove

    Post to be deleted.
  12. Highway work just east of Newspring

    I, personally, am very tired of this whole scenario, but Newspring is my home. I believe it is not unreasonable for me to be concerned when someone who does not call Newspring home steps in and attempts to claim their deed as the true Newspring market, disrupting the highway system which I and many other inhabitants built (regardless of whether it is the penultimate highway design), as well as destroying the landscape which many of us have worked to maintain. What completely dumbfounds me, however, is that even though I believe it is highly unlikely that this market deed has ever returned a profit, the owners of the deed continue to maintain and expand it. From what I have learned speaking with other Newspring inhabitants no one living on Newspring shops there, and I find it very hard to believe that the collective new players who have found their way to, or passed through, Newspring would ever have been able to spend enough coin for the deed owners to recoup their investment. If it were simply a deed someone was playing with, ie. building a home, making/growing/raising stuff, sure. But if a market isn't profitable, then what use is it?
  13. Highway work just east of Newspring

    If you will please refer to the map graphic Ostentatio posted at the beginning of this thread, I will explain exactly what Sila is planning. They have expanded over an existing highway, built by several of Newspring's inhabitants, so they can redirect the road through their market. They have built a bypass running north out of their deed and then west where it will rejoin the existing highway about 10 tiles north of the current intersection. The reason for this is obvious: they are planning on destroying a portion of the existing highway so anyone desiring to travel it must pass through their deed. When one must resort to underhanded tactics which could tarnish one's reputation in order to achieve one's personal goals, then it is very likely that those same goals are less than desirable. This is something of which I was reminded several days ago by the author of this thread. Thank you, Ost, and I hope you will accept my apology.
  14. Highway work just east of Newspring

    I live on Newspring and have maintained my deed, Aven Linuath, for nearly four years now. I am also a member of the Newspring Isle Alliance. I am posting here to go on record that I am opposed to the Glasshollow expansion on Newspring. I see it as an aggressive, hostile attempt to control all local markets on Newspring and, as evidenced by other posts here including Sila's own, all other local market areas on Xanadu, and evidently other servers as well. In my view the Newspring by Glasshollow deed is an ugly scar on Newspring, and based on Sila's plans for expansion will only continue to spread like a tumor. I invite all the inhabitants of Newspring island to voice their opinions here, as well.
  15. I've noticed lately that light sources seem entirely too bright. This was reinforced in my mind at the Christmas impalong at Blackmoor. The main imping building was blooming like a supernova from the light of the forges and the candelabra around its perimeter. This is just my opinion, of course, but forges should give off more of a dark orange glow that a bright yellow light, and candles, while bright at the flame, really shouldn't cast an extended area of illumination. I've also noticed this in caves and mines, where light sources seem to illuminate areas far too completely. Just my two cents.