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  1. Alendhor, Aven Clair, Hermit Island, Independence. Eilonwy, Aven Clair, Hermit Island, Independence (alt) Today I noticed an incorrect message in the Event tab at the destination location after using the Recall Home skill. Alendhor was on the Blackmoor deed on Hermit Island, Independence and used Recall Home. Eilonwy was on the Aven Clair deed on Hermit Island, Independence when Alendhor appeared at the token. Eilonwy was not in Alendhor's local area when he used Recall Home. The Event tab lines read: Alendhor: [13:34:15] You feel the presence of Vynora. [13:34:20] You stop recalling. [13:34:20] You enter Aven Clair. [13:34:20] You feel the presence of Magranon. [13:34:20] You close your eyes and let your spirit fly home. [13:34:26] Eilonwy starts to pray at the altar of Vynora. Eilonwy: [13:34:11] You finish your prayer to Vynora. [13:34:20] Alendhor shuts his eyes and suddenly disappears. [13:34:26] You start to pray at the altar of Vynora. Eilonwy should have seen a message in the Event tab that reads something like: [13:34:20] Alendhor suddenly appears and opens his eyes. Also notice that the messages in Alendhor's Event tab are out of order and should be: [13:34:20] You close your eyes and let your spirit fly home. [13:34:20] You enter Aven Clair. [13:34:20] You feel the presence of Magranon. [13:34:20] You stop recalling and open your eyes. Hope this is helpful. Alendhor
  2. Hi, I'd like to request adding Sapphire Lake to the map. WMADD LatLng(284.979745, 635.375)=Sapphire Lake ; W18, E31, N11, S31; Lake name should be Sapphire Lake, too. Thanks
  3. Please remove. Item sold.
  4. I set asking price above.
  5. Knarr is sold. Selling custom built knarr with choice of wood type. 60 ql. - - 40s - - Knarr will be ready for delivery within hours of order, following last piece attach and imp. Post offers here or PM Linuiel in game.
  6. Edited for more info. Looks like you may have located the deed at 6 8 8, instead of 6 6 8
  7. Hi, My toon on Harmony is Linuiel, and my deed is Sapphire Lake located in the NE corner of M23. Coords are 1271, 668. I was also the first person in the area, so I named the small lake located here at the head of the inlet Sapphire Lake. Just looked at the map, and you have Sapphire Lake too far south. It should be right on the southern shore of the little lake (Sapphire Lake). The deed is 17W 20E 11N 30S (38x42). Still showing 1271, 668 as good coords.
  8. +1 +1 +1 Absolutely +1. If it's night time, it should be dark. If you're in a cave, it should be dark. The current year in Wurm is 1094. Light sources should just barely hold back the darkness, not light up everything like a rack of Klieg spotlights. There's been a lot of hype lately about how gorgeous the new volumetric lighting looks. How about making the light levels look just as natural and gorgeous?
  9. +1 Would really like to see this suggestion implemented. It's so difficult to see arrows sometimes. Being able to paint them, or at least the fletching would really be helpful.
  10. Might as well throw in my two rocks worth. I don't care for the new server names, either, especially Rumble which sounds ( and is ) completely foreign to Wurm. Not to mention just plain stupid.
  11. First meteor found on Indy? [14:56:12] A strange rock sent from the heavens, glistening with flecks of pure metal. It is searing hot. Ql: 97.69576, Dam: 0.0.
  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Shrimpalongs for the past three years, and it has been a pleasure to be part of the staff team. Shrimpiie, would you please post your fiancé’s email address so we know where to send the condolences? 😜 Bu seriously, Congratulations!, and thanks for all your hard work and dedication to make the Blackmoor Shrimpalongs such great community events!
  13. I just encountered a very strange bug on Jackal. I placed 8 hitching posts in a 3x4 area: 4 on the north side, and 4 on the south. The troughs face into the yard on both sides. The 4 on the north side are against a Stone Wall and appear to be working well. The 4 on the south side are against a wooden fence and are really messed up. I can unhitch the horses from the north side of the wooden fence (inside the yard), but I have to hitch them from the south side of the wooden fence (outside the yard). I am also unable to move the hitching posts while on the north side of the wooden fence (inside), but I can move them while on the south side of the wooden fence (outside), ie, through the fence. When unhitched, the horses appear on the trough side of the hitching post (inside the yard), but when I try to move the horse to the south side of the wooden fence (outside), the horse immediately appears on that side. By the way, I had Shydow verify this, and he said it was dumb as a post. (He actually only said it was dumb; I came up with the pun). Stable yard: Can't lead horse. Fence is in the way: Horse jumps to other side; can lead now: Horse hitched: No option to move Hitching Post: Option to move Hitching Post from wrong side of fence:
  14. I've played quite a few MMORPG's in the past, and the general rule of thumb for all of them was "Don't log in on patch day". From what I've seen during my time with Wurm that isn't the case. Sure, there have been/are some issues, but from my perspective they've been addressed and handle with much better efficiency than any of the other, larger games, and with far less openness. Just my opinion, but it seems to me that griping about it here, or attempting to rake any of the dev team over the coals about it shows a distinct lack of grace. It would be much better to offer productive assistance than scathing condemnation. Thanks for the updates, Keenan, and for all your hard work making sure Wurm is a fun place for us to play.
  15. Evidently there are still issues with items planted in mines popping to the surface. This may be linked to server restarts/patches. I was having this problem on Newspring, Xanadu: 3 trellises and 2 lamps along one wall of a mine would not stay underground. And it looks like it has followed me to Hermit Island on Indy: found a pillar, correction 2 pillars, on the surface today. After speaking with Astarte I realized that both pillars were right next to ore veins, so it looks like this is that bug, and it is still active.