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  1. Wow, congratulations! That's amazing.
  2. I am still looking for someone selling a completed deed
  3. Harmony is the Northern Freedom Isles, I'm looking for one on the Southern Islands, thanks though!
  4. bump due to edit - I'm now looking for any property on any SFI and not just restricted to Indy/Deliverance
  5. I'm looking for an active sermon group on any of the SFI islands.. I have 1 priest and 2 premium listeners I can bring along. Anyone know of any running? Please let me know. Thank you!
  6. Looking forward to the update! I've been using it for what seems like forever now, and can't imagine not.
  7. I'm looking to buy a completed (or mostly completed) deed on any SFI (Indy/Deliverance would be preferred, but I'm open to anything) - with a few requirements. - On deed mine (at least the entrance) - Coastal, or at least able to access the coast without too much issue - Mainland with access to wagoneers / highway system - At least three completed buildings - No more than 2-3s upkeep a month (without guards) I'm not interested in terraforming, I'm looking for someone who is moving on or looking for their next project or who owns too many places. Any extras that come with would be nice but are not essential to my purchase. You can message me here, reply to this thread, or find me in game as Stargrace if you're selling. Thanks!
  8. same in-game as on forums! Thanks for the PM reminder, I thought I would be out bid, lol.
  9. Experiencing this lots of times, and it seems random which one of the animals is invis. I have one branded, two not branded. Some days one is missing, some days two, some days none. They come back after re-hitching. Also varies as to which is missing depending on which character I have looking at them.
  10. Oh noes what?! Why would we ever consider having the community do something in a game that is community based! Do you hear how that sounds? Of course it is placed on the community, because it IS a community based game, and it is the entire point of having events and rifts. Let the community handle it. The events will space over time, just like they do / did for every other server out there where one happened to land at the same time as another. Patience. It will be OK.
  11. You call it 'bad game design' - but rifts are spawned based on when players closed them last, they're not purposely coded to happen at the same time - so you (players) can technically adjust this if you want to hit both. Either hold off going after one together, or stretch them out so they're not lumped on top of each other. It WILL spread out over time. It just happens that right now, you're finishing them at the same time on each server.
  12. There's a spreadsheet, just ask for the link at the sermon and someone will toss it your way. You sign up for a slot, when your sermon is done you post your gains to the sheet, it updates everything for the next person. To be polite you just sign up for one slot at a time, once you're done your sermon you can sign up for the next one. It's also polite to leave your character as a listener as much as possible for the others preaching, but of course this is not always possible and that's OK too. Gains today have been around 0.3 - 0.32 it has been lovely, with a great group of players.
  13. Had a lot of fun, thanks for hosting!