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  1. I got everything I was looking for, this can be closed, thanks! I'm looking for the following to be COD to Stargrazer in-game please (blank, no enchants) (40-50ql on each): A discount for doing a bulk order would be swell but otherwise just let me know total cost. Rake, small anvil, trowel, file, stone chisel, shovel, saw, pickaxe butchering knife, carving knife, sickle
  2. Instead of spreading players out even MORE, I'd love to see some innovative ideas to encourage new players to join up to the older freedom clusters. There's lots of space (hi, 10 players on celebration...) and offering a handful of perks or some encouragement could go a long way instead of (yet another) server.
  3. Made it over with Blesse and Stargrace just before servers went down, yay!
  4. I am on my way! Some bad weather knocked out my power, but hopefully it's stable enough now
  5. I've found an alliance - thank you all for replying, if you need anything at all in-game please don't hesitate to send me a tell, I'll do my best It's nice to be back.
  6. Mousing over a stack in your inventory will tell you how many of that item you have (17 logs) on the tooltip. I wish the same was said for items in containers so that you don't have to expand the container UI to see how much is in there. Right now there's a huge box with very little information displayed. It feels disjointed to see different display tooltips depending on if it's in your inventory or in a container.
  7. Like the title says, I'm a veteran player looking for an active alliance. I've been playing wurm off and on for 10 years, a place where people recognize that life happens would be ideal. My play time are sporadic, I take extended breaks, but I always come back. You can reach me here or in-game (same name). Thanks!
  8. Been forever since I've been to an impalong! I'd love to come.. I'm bringing myself (Stargrace in-game) and can help with BS, WS, Carp, Fine carp, (70+) Also going to drag along an alt for a spare sermon body (Blesse in-game, Fo) and maybe a few more bodies depending on how many alts I prem before the event..
  9. Me, I'm Stargrace in game, same as the forums
  10. If you're willing to sell for 2s each I'd love to buy two, can just COD
  11. was looking for any ql, and just the dioptra - got one on the way now so I am no longer looking
  12. Also looking to buy a dioptra, just COD it my way Got one, thanks!
  13. Please COD Looking for 1-2 snowman (paying 2s each) Thanks!
  14. This does not work for all time zones. For example in NFLD Canada, they are .5 hours different from everyone else, not 1 full hour - so for them, :53 would not be the right time. Anyway, the point is not to debate it, it is just to share for others out there who may be interested - not interested, that is good too, just move along It's a simple hands free method that doesn't require WA/reminders/manually tracking and that is all.
  15. As a visual person, I like looking at a sheet and seeing "oh, it's 18 minutes to the next sermon" - and going back to doing whatever I'm doing, rather than "Oh, last sermon was at :54 so now I have to wait until.. hmm lets see, 30 minutes from :54" and then figuring that out, and scrolling through local, especially if I'm some place where I don't have WA installed, or BL & WL are doing sermons together so my alignment timer is all over the place. Again not saying one is better or that there isn't other ways, just that this is a really hands off simple way for anyone who enjoys that sort of thing.