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  1. I will absolutely be there! I'll be bringing Blesse (my Vynora priest) who is trying to inch her way to 100 faith (can leave her on 24/7 for others as a listener) & Stargrace who can help imp BS/WS/Carp etc. If you need anything in specific please don't hesitate to give me a nudge! Otherwise, I'll see you there. ❤️
  2. The Vyn one - as a priest - is very lack luster to me. I don't see a reason to be here, I can't imp, and the biggest reason everyone else is here is for the imbibe buff / bonus rares while imping. Sure, there's the sleep bonus pulse, but since rite of spring is being flung around everywhere it's really not much incentive to hang around. I went to the Fo one but only 1 person was there and there were angry mobs everywhere in the middle of the woods so that was not exactly a lot of fun for (again) a priest character with a lot of soft squishy skills, so I didn't stick around. The mag one I didn't go to or participate in - but I loved the meteorite bit since I lived nearby I got to benefit from it as a non-mag. Overall? They are cute, and are "new" right now, but they also feel unbalanced for both followers and priests. Convincing people to come out and hang out is as difficult as it ever is in Wurm when they live far from the sites. Veteran priests can summon, but I'd love to see things a bit more balanced for both new/old player & priest/follower alike.
  3. Found someone! Can close this now, thanks! Transaction went smooth ❤️
  4. I'm back for more already... lol Paying: Stargrace Mail to: Stargrace Affinity Key: preaching Size: 2kg Affinity: Weaponsmithing, Tailoring, Hot food cooking, & Woodcutting (amazing job on the last batch btw, thank you so much)
  5. Sure why not, sent! (slow mailbox, it'll be there eventually ;))
  6. Whewps, meant to have my place added (er) 3 years or so ago, but in any case, the deed at 64x62y is mine and can be added please: Quail Cove Also the deed at 57x58y is mine: Quail Landing . Thank you for all of the work you all do with keeping our maps going. ❤️
  7. Everything sent out - updated the OP Thanks!
  8. Hello! Paying: Stargrace Mail to: Stargrace Affinity Key: weapon head smithing Size: 2kg Affinity: Weaponsmithing, Tailoring, Hot food cooking, & Woodcutting Paying: Stargrace Mail to: Blesse Affinity Key: small maul Size: 2kg Affinity: channeling, meditation, beverages, farming - Thank you!
  9. Random Stuff (drake, supremes, rares, etc)


    20 silver for your drake hide, 4 silver for your spring flowers



  10. I've got a random collection of bits I'm looking to sell, name a price, no reasonable offer turned down. I'll mail what I can, and if I can't, delivery can be discussed just PM me here (or in game, as Stargrace). I also have 15 sleep powder for sale on top of the items in the image, 1s each.
  11. I've been looking for a market to set up shop at (and to shop at), and I was really sad when I came across the start of this post, and saw that it had disbanded. I kept reading and it made me smile to see how much hard work you guys are doing to restore it - if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. In the meantime, I've set my merchant back up (rares, some drake, some supreme stuff!), and look forward to browsing what others are selling. Safe travels! (and thank you for all the hard work you're doing)
  12. I have 1g on NFI (Cadence) Looking to trade it 1:1 for 1g on SFI Can reach me here or in game as stargrace, thanks! This can be closed, found someone to trade with.
  13. I messaged you Nvm I got my north and south confused and am looking for the same thing ><