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  1. *waves* I'm the one who has taken up residency at Festival Cove - the gates remain open so people can access roads, and while you may see some (decorative) changes, the deed will be staying the same (I'm just repairing it, updating it with some of our more recent game additions, etc). For those who don't know me, I've been a long time wurm player (though I did recently take a small break as I just had a baby) and I'm looking forward to keeping the deed running in the tip-top condition it deserves. My first impalong was at Festival Cove, and I have some very fond memories of the place (not to mention Willow and Tamorlane. <3) If you see me around please don't hesitate to say hello! I don't bite.. (much..)
  2. This can be closed, I've found what I was looking for.
  3. I'm looking to buy a completed deed on the Independence server - paying in silver. Must have: access to the coast a mine completed buildings area for farming area for animals Nice to have: anything else extra Can PM me with details, or post them here. Thanks! Found what I was looking for, thanks for the interest!
  4. Should be able to make this one, will bring cotton / gems / etcs to help out.
  5. Nice clean sale, thanks Aeryck!
  6. How much time comes with it before it disbands (plus the questions above)?
  7. Any time I try to launch this since update 68 it just crashes to desktop, no warnings given (it downloaded the update first). Trying to run the stable windows version for Wurm Online. Doesn't matter whether I run it as admin or not. The Wurm Unlimited version runs fine. Rebooted my PC a few times and got the WO version working - thanks!
  8. Friendly bump, added 10 rares or so (tools) to the Lumpy market section my merchant is hanging out in.
  9. Sure can, just give me a ping here on the forums when you're ready.
  10. Looking to sell 15 sleep powder for 10 silver on Xanadu - meeting at Glasshollow Market (token). All sold, thanks!
  11. Just a reminder that the market is still here and going strong! There are currently 6 stocked merchants, with room for many more. You can find a more detailed description of inventory on our market post here which I'll be updating monthly. The canal is fully functional and open for use. The area has lots of room if new neighbours are looking for a home. We're excited to offer a steady, reliable market in the South East, and please remember even if we're a bit quiet on the forums, it doesn't mean you can't still contact myself, Naitey, or Vannin in game if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Happy shopping!
  12. Updated merchant posts - we still have room for lots of merchants, so if you're looking for a nice market on Xanadu, around P22, please come by and place yours!
  13. Both have been sold at the market already - sorry!
  14. Looking to buy a beginner priest, extra stats not a huge deal but always nice. Prefer a female character. Can pay silver or paypal (verified) (prefer silver) Doesn't need to be premium. From any server is fine, but if on Xanadu that would help. Found what I was looking for, please close - thanks!
  15. Ohh exciting! I'll be there and can help out with randomness that needs doing (still a ways away, so I've no idea what my skill set will look like, but pottery, carpentry, bs, ws, masonry are all there for now). Thanks for organizing the event!