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  1. Rarity on a ship never added more volume space though ? It only ever added a speed bonus(one passenger worth or something I think) For that matter rarity never added any volume space on any container far as I am aware.
  2. And Fireworks... I have over 300...
  3. I completely agree on rare items staying rare but pearl necklaces are a cosmetic item, not a functional item like a weapon or a tool. There are likely more capes in the game than there are pearl necklaces. I do think they are a nice item to keep rare but this is beyond rare, supreme, or fantastic, this is neigh impossible at this rate...
  4. An incredibly unknown feature to Wurm is gaining clams when fishing, from these clams when pryed open you have a chance to gain a shiny pearl. These pearls are actually used in the construction of a pearl necklace. The unfortunate part is a pearl necklace also requires a black pearl. Here is the annoyance... I have found perhaps 3 black pearls(all turned into necklaces) that have ever existed in the entirety of Wurm. This came in with the "new" fishing system 4 years ago or so? Regardless, after cracking open 600 clams and getting roughly 10% to receive a regular pearl, not a single black pearl was garnered, I think it is safe to say that the drop rate for a black pearl could be tweaked to a bit more realistic value... Results of my clam cracking:
  5. The only catch with an instant timer is if you accidentally click it, hence why I gave it a short timer, otherwise the other option is for a confirmation popup, which no one wants on every wall floor and fence.
  6. Quite simple, wall, fence, and floor removal takes a full 30 second timer to bash. Ondeed there is a massive bonus to damage done, but why not shorten the timer as well to say, 10 seconds, for PvE deeds that you have appropriate permissions to? I don't necessarily see an upside to sitting for such a protracted period of time, to remove an item, on your own deed, on PvE
  7. It would appear that this thread was prematuraly closed due to a report that had been assumed to come from the seller but had not. The last bid seemingly was within the last minute of the auction and had triggered the 1-hour sniper protection window and thus a full 60 minutes should've remained to allow others to bid. I have informed the seller of the error and it is up to them to restart the auction from here, repost the auction, or to go with the final bid. To be clear I am NOT restarting the auction, this is to let everyone know what happened, and let the seller decide what to do from here. EDIT: Additionally, it appears there was further interest in the item, they are more than welcome to PM the seller indicating their interest, which may contribute to a reopening/reposting of the auction.
  8. Can you perhaps describe more about the nature of the "weird glitch" you encountered earlier? Also specifically are you using Java 64-bit on your machine, and thus downloaded the "WurmSetup64.exe" to match? I am also assuming you are on a Windows system?
  9. In an unfortunate case of miscommunication, the locator of the unique had brought in another team to trap the unique and coordinate a slaying and believed the intent of that trapping team to be to coordinate a public slaying. The locator was fine with either a public or a private slaying, but due to the prior mentioned miscommunication about private vs. public, had made a post about a public slaying. As per our posted etiquette rules, the player to perform the first action on a tile near the unique is the owner, and in this case the trapping team were that first(confirmed by tile logs) and thus the actual owner of the unique. Additionally this is not a case of someone swooping in to steal a unique from someone as the locator was invited to the slaying as well. All this was, was a miscommunication about if this was supposed to be a private or public slaying, and to everyone that had arrived under the thought that it would be public it is up to the unique's owners to reach out and invite folks for an intended private slaying.
  10. The % to create is assuming the game stores information on prior attempts at creation, when in reality it is just % to create each time it tries. So say you have a 50% to make an item, that does not mean every other item created is successful, the game doesn't have anything to take into consideration anything other than the attempt you are working on. You could succeed 50% 10 times in a row or fail it 20. The most entertaining is failing to create something at 99% or even 100%(99.5%+).
  11. Tower Chaining in PvP It has come to our attention that there exists the ability for someone to use an alternate account to found a deed as part of another kingdom, and then convert that deed to their own kingdom, effectively bypassing Tower Chaining mechanics. The existing mechanics for Tower Chaining require an influence connection back to the capital deed or starter deed in order to found a new deed for a kingdom. Circumventing this mechanic is a clear exploit, and while we are working on a fix for this, those caught circumventing this will be/have been penalized in addition to the forced disbanding of the deed(s) in question. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  12. Then what about splitting it down the middle here. Locks on doors and gates, in addition to their existing-ness on new vehicles? This would avoid inconveniences with containers getting a lock, and still leave room for warnings and mechanics teaching about the value of security of items with locks, but in a gentler way. That would at least in my opinion help to dull the cases that I have seen come up far too often of folks getting things stolen in some terrible ways and other access problems.