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  1. Ah, the Evenstar explains so much!
  2. The Steam client is only used to connect to accounts made through it, and same for the web-based client for accounts made through the Web. Logging into NFI or SFI isn't NFI=Steam and SFI=Web, it is only based on which client the account was made through.
  3. The First Wurmian among Wurmians.
  4. Hello, we have confirmed ownership, reset, and emailed you the new password to the account and updated your ingame ticket to reflect the status of the case.
  5. This bug has been resolved via ingame ticket.
  6. Yes it is a legitimate use of a deed.
  7. Thread cleaned up a bit. Keep it civil folks. Anything not strictly relating to the test such as personal disputes will be taken to PM instead.
  8. Serious Sam: The First Encounter is the only one I have played but I know another one was just released a few months ago.
  9. Scythe to Shrimpiie. 1x each of the Jackal skins to Shrimpiie.
  10. Raid Ban(Chaos) - 12/26/2020 ENDED - 12/31/2020 ~ 00:30 CEST Effective immediately all Raid related activities on the Chaos server are suspended. The reason for the implementation of a Raid Ban at this time is due to a bug with influence generation regarding new PMK's. This Raid Ban will remain effective for an indefinite time or until stated otherwise. There will be a 24 hour warning when we are prepared to suspend the ban. A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  11. CA Help would be the only channel /ignore would not work on, and that channel is strictly moderated by CA staff. Anything not relating to a game mechanics question or an answer to one would be entirely disallowed and shut down immediately. Should anyone decide that is a genius place to bypass a /ignore, say when CA staff are not online, when reported they would face repercussions later when staff are again online.
  12. Thank you for another wonderful Impalong Dracaa!
  13. The issue is what defines useless? Sure there are some skills that most can agree on are useless sure, such a warhammers, thievery, hammers, stealing, even something like traps, exorcism. But you can quickly get into gray areas with what is "useless." Take weapon heads smithing, or blades smithing, which historically were much more necessary when components had a chance to be destroyed when combining like sword blades, or yoyo which used to have the function of grinding Mind Speed. How about other gray areas like tracking? It is arguably one of the least used skills due to it not yielding as valuable as information as people would like. What about grayer areas like any of the war machines skills, as those are helpful to PvP but not nearly as helpful to PvE(which a majority of folks play on). What about something like climbing? The suggestion here should not be "prevent useless affinities" it should instead be "add usage to under-utilized skills" or "make all skills have a purpose" because with those, it is very singular and achieves the goal of people feeling like they are getting only useful affinities vs. basing the adjustment of game mechanics on the quite gray area of what people feel are useless.
  14. A reminder that CA staff in the CA Help channel are more than capable answering questions such as these, in fact many times they do so after consulting with GM's via staff channels. The official answer that you would be seeking is: No that is not something we would go and rename as it opens the door for an incredibly staggering amount of items people may want renamed in the future, not accounting for the idea that you may want it to be a different name in the future in which case you would have no ability to do so as you are not the creator of it, meaning we would then have to pickup and give it to you to allow you to drop the mailbox to claim ownership which opens yet another can of wurms for items that people would want to have that they cannot have because of oversights in the game code not allowing for mayors to have ownership over certain items on their deeds. What this would need is a code change that you can make in the form of a suggestion here on the forums, to allow mayor rename/ownership rights over any items on their deed. As for the note in this thread about GM-renamed items, that has nothing to do with the matter at hand as they are generally actual renames to the items(Long Bow, changed to "Featherdraw", or something similar) rather than wiping a player input name(Long Bow(Featherdraw) on an item. GM-renamed items generally are done for special occasions, events, or as certain gifts.