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  1. The monthly upkeep to Blackmoor: The monthly cost is 10 silver, 90 copper and 20 iron.
  2. Except I can prevent you from seeing my items by locking it up in containers, in houses, in walled up deeds. You don't have a right to see any of their contents either. You can see what I am wearing, but you cannot see what I have in my inventory. You don't have a right to see any of that either.
  3. You pay for your account. I pay for my account. You ain't got no right to view the skills of my account, full stop. -1
  4. Longer timers for repairing is what you want. Most folks leave out stacks of backpacks and other items that naturally have long timers, then just queue up actions and sit.
  5. I have moved the tent I believe to be the problem to an offdeed location and updated your ticket as such. Please let us know if it was the proper one and if the ticket may be closed out now
  6. It is also not the first time the idea was brought up. About 7 years ago someone brought up the idea, and actually attempted to start it on Exodus but was laughed out and not helped as the depth at most server edges is so insane, placing any sufficient amount of dirt out there is infeasible. It has the same probability of occurring as someone else's idea of surface mining an entire mountain on Indy down
  7. Just so happened to be rocking out to "Jackie Chan" by Tiesto
  8. Same birthday as me haha

  9. No, it is not griefing. There is no realistically fair way to distinguish between an "alt" and a "main" when it comes to ingame accounts, due to the fact the game allows ownership of more than a single account. They have as much a right to any plot of land they deed over as anyone else in the game.
  10. More like the graph is hardcapped, I doubt the game is hardcapped.
  11. It is the half-full graphic. Due to food's low size, it generally is not seen that often unless you have a huge stock of food for generally priests, or are a large farmer. It is the same as the bsb getting another small crate on the top of it when it is half full.
  12. Except for most items a key does not designate the owner, the person able to manage the permissions is owner. The entire point of the permissions system as it is was to move away from the need for a physical item to designate ownership, and instead allow a remote management system that cannot be lost on losing a "token" of some sort. As the system currently is, the receiving owner does not need to be online, just the sending owner, for a vehicle or something with permissions, which ensures that ownership transferring is deliberate on the part of the sending owner. (Exception being accidental misspelling new owner's name in which case we usually assist with reverting the error) I personally do not see the ability to place a physical item on a merchant for ownership transferring as outweighing of everything gained by having a remote, "paperless" system.