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  1. Stay with me here, this is an odd bug that I just dealt with on a ticket ingame. This bug prevents the owner of a small cart, from taking items via the drag/drop method to inventory, if they have both the newbie buff on AND it is underground. Anyone manually added to the permissions listing OR does not have the newbie buff, is uneffected. The ability to r-click take worked just fine in all cases. This was tested with players without the newbie buff as cart owners as well as on small vs. large carts, above and below ground. The only change here was the newbie buff for this very, very specific set of circumstances that likely is hardly ever encountered.
  2. Was just thinking of you the other day Cerb, glad to hear you are still kickin' If you find yourself near Portland Oregon, hit me up!
  3. In such a case as to removing the inventory from dredges, it would just force their contents out into the next container up, even if it puts that container above the 00 item cap or the volume cap, it would ensure no one lost their items.
  4. Rotate keybind can be bound in the r-click menu on stairs/floors but nothing happens when pressed, nor if keybind is set via other means.
  5. RIP, onto greener pastures I hope!
  6. Player report that hell hounds have lost all fight sounds following the update adding new sounds for Jackals.
  7. How about a big, fat, nope. There is more than just a monetary value connected to someone's deed that you simply cannot compensate for. Many deeds have been around for over half a decade, tons of money into them, time put into the terraforming, materials, ect. There is just no way to properly compensate for it. The amount of servers arises from previously higher population counts, where there was a legitimate need to expand the Wurm world, but removing servers now would decimate the existing playerbase for virtually no gain whatsoever. -1