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  1. Small chests are mailable, as are small barrels believe it or not. You can mail items to yourself but the catch is that items sent to someone(yourself included) arrive instantly at the server their recipient was on when the items were sent, then they wait X amount of minutes depending on the courier cast of the sending mailbox before they are available for retrieval. So it is useless to send yourself items.
  2. Ah, in which case a red title of some sort should rectify my title? Also is that 6 or more, or just a flat out 6 tops?
  3. So I was aiming for the title "Shadowmage", which has a requirement of "More Black than Red or Other, with a total of 5 or more abilities." I already had the White Cherry(red), White Tome(other), and Black Tome(black) on my account. Based on that I used the Smoke From Sol(black), and Libram of the Night(black), which should've met the requirement for Shadowmage, but instead I received the title "Death Knight", which has a requirement of "3 Black abilities total, more Black than Red or Other." I fulfill the requirements for both titles yes, but does that mean Shadowmage is unobtainable? As to have a majority black and 5 or more abilities would always require the use of the 3 black abilities, which would appear to first satisfy the Death Knight title only.
  4. [22:27:16] Guards from guard tower runs to the rescue! Should be "Guards from the guard tower run to the rescue!"
  5. In graphics options it should be able to go at least 144, mine is set for that at least?
  6. Based on the post I quoted yes; "they will remain viable" would mean they can still be used I would think.
  7. In response to just the same inquiry earlier:
  8. I usually hop over to Overwatch, Apex Legends, or Rainbow Six Siege and shoot things until I need to Wurm to unwind
  9. Appears tile decorations are being checked against the ability to unload large/small carts inside a structure yet you can simply unload them on another tile then drag them over to the desired tile. [14:40:54] You cannot unload the "z - large cart f" here, since there are too many decorations here already. [14:41:30] You cannot unload the "the temp storage" here, since there are too many decorations here already.
  10. You can keybind "destroy pavement" but the bind doesn't appear to actually work.