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  1. Added cherries, oleander, and cumin to the yes category and branches to the no category. Any versions of rare food such as ground, chopped, ect, are entirely ok and retain the same value to me as their regular unprepared counterparts. Note I have added meals themselves into the NO category due to space constraints after receiving in somewhere in the vicinity of 150 or so meals all at once Note ash, woodscraps, arrow shafts, and war arrow HEADS, now reside in the NO category. Lastly, please don't go sending me ORE, smelt it first then send me the lump version.
  2. No one said anything about a need to play 24/7. The fact is that firstly the 24 hours buffer won't do a thing, is unnecessary, and a bit confusing to those who may not know the mechanic if implemented. The next is that even if someone isn't able to be on often, would being on within the past 30 days qualify really as being active in the game to any degree? If it is alt deeds we are talking about I cannot imagine much in the way of valuables being stored at those deeds, and if there was, then that would be a bit higher on the mental priority list to ensure to login at least once within 30 days. It isn't any QoL improvement here and only hurts those that are still actively playing/contributing to the game realistically from deed hunting. The real QoL improvements, again, is better notifications to deed owners in some form that their upkeep is running low/about to expire. This is via emails or some other system ingame, and could be as simple even as the adjusting the 30-days-until-disbanding message in the village tab on login to instead give an exact number of days on EVERY login that could be an adjustable setting that sits right next to all the other existing chat settings that regulate login messages.
  3. Not at all. Unique slayings is an event with a purpose, to locate and defeat a high level game boss with others in Wurm, it is not a forgotten about and/or discarded piece of the game, a deed disbanding is just the natural end to failure to pay for it. Additionally, unique drama was escalating out of control in ways that deed disbandings do not. In the event you overlook a deed running out of upkeep, then the point still stands that 24 hours even is still going to do virtually nothing for the owner if they were unable to notice the flashing messages that start appearing on login in village chat when the deed has less than a month's upkeep.
  4. If the deed disbands due to purpose, I would imagine the deed owner has amply secured their belongings before then if there was any care about them. If it disbands due to upkeep then 24 hours isn't going to make a difference seeing as they were not online recently in the first place, or didn't care in the first place to be able to get online to pitch into upkeep. A timer before a deed can be looted is precisely the time before the upkeep runs out, there is zero reason to make any other buffer. As for disabling of twitter feed announcements, there is no reason to hinder others still paying and/or playing the game thus contributing to it in some fashion from receiving the benefits of acquiring the contents of a just fallen deed. The correct approach is to ensure that the deed owner is notified often and clearly that their deed upkeep is running low via the email associated with that owner instead.
  5. Except everyone there is not a god, and new players are more than welcome to enjoy themselves there as well. We were all there, we all went through the steps for higher mind logic to get more actions. You don't get to start the game and get everything, you have to invest time in getting there.
  6. Even if the mechanics are not quite equal, CA staff would still be there to assist with those mechanics(as it shows what server someone speaking in CA Help is currently on) should a player on Jackal ask. Furthermore, CA staff that happen to be on Jackal as well would be able to help Freedomers with Freedom questions from Jackal.
  7. Needed to update this, I've actually acquired now all the hats I need this moment. Thank you both though.
  8. Looking for the following: Rare Gems - 1s Each Rare Unenchanted Jewelry - Price Negotiable; preferably 1s range Weapon Skiller Jewelry - Price Negotiable
  9. Currently enchant is quite useless for trees/bushes, as they cannot be harvested or have their sprouts picked when enchanted. As in title, have it halt the growth of the tree/bush, so that we can have decorative bushes/trees ondeed always looking good instead of being random stages of growth. (PvE decoration suggestion basically)
  10. So come to find out you can pack then pave tiles that are fully submerged(I would assume any depth but my tests were 25 dirt deep). However, you cannot cultivate a tile should it be say the wrong one, perhaps just the NW corner is underwater, or even trying to remove reeds/kelp. Sure of course you can drop dirt, then have the need to dredge it out, but that is a long roundabout way to correct the issue. So simply, remove the restriction to depth for cultivation to make easier correction of packed tiles.
  11. I appear to have missed a few items from some folks so if you had a return just send it back +1c. Got quite absorbed in some terraforming activities and entirely neglected my mailbox.
  12. Eir

    The first thing she did when I walked into the hospital room a couple days ago and said I knew her through Wurm, was to give me a hug. I am glad to have met her when I had the chance, and wished I could've had the opportunity to get to know her better... Rest in Peace Eir