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  1. Let us plant a range pole at the end tile, instead of needing a second account to hold it. It is a silly restriction that is even more hurting towards solo Steam-account players who have to use convoluted methods to log in a second account or get someone to come all the way out to where they are to hold it. There is also the niche case where an alternate account of someone doesn't have the stamina to hold the range pole for the length of time required for the main to plan the bridge; despite having a long timer tohold it takes stamina, kind of weird in itself...
  2. Allow anyone with sufficient deed perms, or the mayor(if allowing anyone with deed perms is too much) to push boats that are moored, wagons/cart-types-that-are-hitched, around ondeed. Intent here is there is a considerable number of tickets that have to be put in to get us(the GM Team) to come move hitched/moored vehicles to offdeed locations because they are unable to be moved by anyone on the deed. (Before anyone says it, the griefing potential is minimal here, as someone who nefariously blocks off someone's vehicle would be subject to GM intervention on behalf of the owner of said vehicle in the first place).
  3. Well, my guess is it was fixed already then and I look incredibly crazy since as of this post it appears they don't! (Ninja fix or bug/fix was a byproduct of something else is my bet) *Click*
  4. I fail to see how. Would take as much as flipping house walls currently does...
  5. Meditation rugs for some reason now pile up with other items, wrecking deed designs.
  6. Let us rotate fences(primarily gates) like we can house wall, so that we can choose the direction the gate swings to. In the same vein flipping which side it swings from in addition to the above swing direction would be great.
  7. Hi. Just rediscovered how annoying it is not be able to paint them. Let us paint them. Thank you.
  8. Except the house inside the perimeter area is subject to decay and thus maintinence, it requires more effort than flinging some coins into a deed for upkeep.
  9. Pavilion

    When attempting to place, it always snaps to the center of a tile despite where someone may want to place it. i.e. it fits across a 2x2 area rather well but cannot be placed across that 2x2 area because it after deciding how to place it, it just up and decides it wants to be centered on a single tile.
  10. Looking for the following: 2x Template MR(called Mol Rehan) - Regular Banners 2x Template JK(called Jenn-Kellon) - Regular Banners 2x / 2x Knights of Valrei - Tall Banners / Regular Banners 2x Spartan Empire - Tall Banners
  11. What I posted here?
  12. And again... Small Bow Bow Long Bow Right now the skills are named... Small Bow Medium Bow Long Bow So maybe we should make the item "Bow" into "Medium Bow"?... Maybe while we are at it change "Small Bow" into "Short Bow" to make a tad more sense?...
  13. Ok you are right, edited the OP. Just remove the cooldown, just, remove it.
  14. Then change the skills' names if you are going to drop metal and wooden from their names, either way it is annoying to have the discrepancies