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  1. steam trains

    Not in the slightest. -1
  2. Change How Deed Disbands Are Announced

    There is no problem here that needs fixing. To block access to other players, yet those other players are also folks who are looking to loot the deed, and have just as much an equal chance as anyone else to loot. Unlike uniques, the disbanding of a deed isn't meant to be a community event where everyone should get something. It is simply the outcome of failure to pay for upkeep. Even someone that makes a full time job of deed looting isn't a scumbag either. If that is what they want to spend their time on then that is fine, they have as much a right to the items that are left behind as anyone else. The only anger comes from sources who didn't happen to get there first. The deed disbanding won't be using it's contents anymore, so why not let those that are still paying for the game make use of them. This is truly a case of deed it or lose it. -1
  3. For note, the Kristaa account has been dealt with by the GM Team.
  4. Wsa silver sales and safety

    For note, the Kristaa account has been dealt with by the GM Team.
  5. If men had periods...

    Wow, 4-year thread necro much?
  6. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    Yes and yes. Updated.
  7. Make name change Possible.

  8. Add basic mirror to traders again

    Nope, a mirror was never available for purchase from a trader. And the only ability to trade them was due to a bug in which you put the mirror in a container then traded. Would be nice to have them available for simply 1s from a trader though, or even just the ability to change your appearance at any time, as I hardly see any harm in it.
  9. Scrap or nerf Light Breeze

    How about something different altogether. The game can measure depth below waterlevel, so why not have it adjust the wind depending on how far you are from the sea floor. Say within 10 dirt of surface a lightbreeze(usually for docking) and so on. Just an example, numbers could be adjusted of course.
  10. My planted ones have suffered no damage but I am unsure if it is due to that condition, or them being decorations.
  11. Keep someone off my deed

    I would highly recommend getting rid of keys(usually by sacrificing in an altar) as they are nothing but an Achilles Heel when it comes to permissions. There is no reason really to have them anymore.
  12. Can't Rename Ballistas

    As in title, not sure if intended or not, would be neat if we could.
  13. [No Bug] Item CoD Bug

    It may very well be that way for that reason, or not, who knows!
  14. [No Bug] Item CoD Bug

    When items costing more than 1c to CoD are mailed(such as a 64kg iron lump with a mailing fee of 12c) are returned, the pickup fee is only 1c. Return pickup fee I'd imagine should be whatever the initial mailing cost was.
  15. Stop Bee Mssg on Deed

    Or an option to disable it in general...