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  1. And thus, more Impalong goers have fallen to the forces of the GM Team! [15:49:52] Reflekted slain by Defeated Foe #1, Defeated Foe #2, venerable champion BIG FURRY PUFFS, aged champion BIG FURRY PUFFS, venerable champion BIG SMASHIES [15:53:41] Anthmelk slain by aged BIG STINGIES V2, aged BIG STINGIES V2, aged BIG STINGIES V2, young BIG STINGIES V2, adolescent champion BIG FURRY PUFFS, adolescent BIG SLITHERS V2, aged BIG SLITHERS V2, Defeated Foe #1, mature BIG STINGIES V2, aged BIG STINGIES V2, Defeated Foe #2, old BIG STINGIES V2, aged champion BIG FURRY PUFFS, adolescent champion BIG FURRY PUFFS, old BIG STINGIES V2 [16:14:11] Reflekted slain by aged BIG TORTLES, aged BIG BURNIES, Defeated Foe #1, aged BIG TORTLES, old champion BIG STABBIES, adolescent champion BIG STABBIES, old champion BIG STABBIES, aged BIG SLASHIES V2
  2. I have a moat in the back of my deed that would benefit greatly from increased SM rewards! +1
  3. The forums is entirely unconnected to ingame and website login credentials. Anyone can have any name with any password when it comes to the forums, the ingame and website login would be what she is missing.
  4. You crazy son. I like it.
  5. I remember visiting your place when I was just a young nublet, the zoo you had was fantastic!
  6. That is unfortunate. That said, it was a player-created app that while immensely useful, is not under our ability to maintain and/or control...
  7. Ah, the Evenstar explains so much!