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  1. Not the same thing at all. Buying premium doesn't guarantee you any kind of affinity and it is not any kind of numbers game(I have gotten only 2 affinities since the new system was introduced), paying X amount to a trader does guarantee you an affinity.
  2. As in another suggestions thread... To avoid screwing over people that have used it on Chaos for skill, move the warhammer skill itself to being under the mauls weapon tree, and add an actual weapon you can craft, nothing complex, called a warhammer, 2-handed of course. Nice and simple.
  3. Quite simple and small... [18:30:42] After you finish puppeteering you will start selecting awards. Please remove checking rewards from an action queue, there is no reason to have it tied up by that. There are plenty of things that open up and function outside an action queue, this would be nice if it was one as well.
  4. Straight pay-2-win. I don't like it at all. -1
  5. Looking for a villiage to join

  6. What is this?

    The original intent of the /snipe was to give players a hard-to-abuse ability, to deal with chat disruptors when moderators were not available. The requirements for achieving a /snipe are really unknown, but as per the Devs at the time they are not easy to achieve. Just because it was done, does not mean this was abuse or trolling or anything of the sort. Furthermore, I would be more curious to read the chat log first, before simply going off of someone's word that the content they were putting out was innocent Lastly, the /snipe penalties are exactly the same as a moderator mute, meaning that yes, ALL channels are blocked for communication during the hour window, to avoid any abusive PM'ing or further abuses in any other channels. The idea is the player has lost their privilege to communicate in any channels due to their behavior in chat.
  7. Ok, where are my Doomies at? Many hours in now and absolutely loving it!
  8. [21:25:54] Nogump the dirty has given birth to this foul two-headed giant wielding a huge twohanded sword. The "twohanded" should probably be something like "two handed" or "two-handed"
  9. Way back in my DAoC days, there was a character class called Inconnu, they were primarily best as archers, which is what I was trying to create. Well if you know anything about DAoC or that particular class, they are incredibly small, so I pulled the size slider all the way down to make it even smaller, then I wanted a name to par, so I tried various iterations of "shrimp" until I caught one that wasn't taken, Shrimpiie. (I also had a big orc named Cheezball ) No, the name does not come from the sea creature "Shrimp", but rather it was such a long drawn out process to explain where the name came from to folks, and most folks immediately assumed it was a sea creature related name, so I decided many years ago to just embrace it, and thus you have it!
  10. Suggestion as old as time... I would love them, but with keys having virtually no use nowadays, there really is not much need to implement them. +1
  11. Also, far as I am aware, lag wouldn't effect the server the item is being mailed from, as items in the mail arrive at their destination server instantly, and then wait the X minutes based on the power of the sending mailbox before they become available. This is why you must be on the server you were on when an item is sent to you, vs. being on it within the X time to arrival.