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  1. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Table_of_weapons No other sources so far. Please keep in mind that this table is 1 year old, so there might be some changes since that time.
  2. Ooops, sorry - didn't seen the response until now! From what I see - there are some differences indeed, this calculator is still accurate for Freedom but no longer for Epic. I will update the calculator with newer values and few additional options after getting the DP update done.
  3. If this can be considered documentation, few calculators I wrote few months ago (all should be still accurate): https://warlander.github.io/Wurm-Toolbox/
  4. Make your pick.
  5. Status update - 2.9 is still WIP, I want to focus on more interface improvements and graphical changes that will make it much easier to add some often requested features (like making screenshot of the entire map in desired scale). Edit mode for isometric view will likely appear later due to engine lacking several important features that would make isometric editing "feel right" (mostly raytracing - thing that allows you to select any 3d object/creature in Wurm world, DeedPlanner currently uses much simpler technique that only really works good for 2d), but view mode for it is already done and will appear in 2.9 as experimental feature. When it comes to analytics, user count is very stable since 2 months at these numbers: 400 users per month 160 users per week 55 users per day One statistic surprised me more than others - I always thought DeedPlanner is used occasionally mostly when someone needs to plan a new deed (that's my personal use case). It turns out that over half of the users use it regularly (at least once per two weeks). I decided to publish donation stats for transparency and added extra section in OP about them. If you made a donation and would like to see yourself listened here (by default only "donations per year" gets updated), please send me a private message. This applies to both old and new donations as long as I can verify them (up to exactly 3 years in a past). Donations per year (since March 2015): 2018 - 0€ 2017 - 71€ 2016 - 30€ 2015 - 25€
  6. You can get "positive" reading (as in, getting info about deed) based on chance - the higher your skill is, the better chance to get a reading (and more accurate one) is.
  7. Yes, the same way as you can rotate floors, by changing floor orientation.
  8. If this helps, DeedPlanner maps DOM model is always backward compatible and it will remain this way unless I will need to make a radical changes. There are few failures in it I might change sooner or later, but they doesn't slow down the development yet so they will stay (for example, object positions being stored as constants instead of coordinates)
  9. Texture is not overwritten correctly, bug in a program. Will be fixed in next update, existing bridges should be automatically updated.
  10. This error usually happens when DeedPlanner is unable to load its needed data, did you moved the executable somewhere out of the folder or run program in location where it can't access files?
  11. 45
  12. 2.9 will bring major interface changes, small teaser below (still subject to change): It's possible to put the toolkit on a left side of a screen if someone is used to that.
  13. Trust me, I'm an engineer!