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  1. Just dropping it here. I'm not 100% sure yet if perfect isometric projection is ideal (every floor is EXACTLY one tile higher, so for example floor level higher appears the same as floor on tile with (1, 1) coordinate shift), but most important thing is that it works already, together with editing.
  2. No way to copy anything so far, between the floors or on the same floor.
  3. Floor levels can go into negative values, which switches view from surface to underground.
  4. Max map size is 1000X1000, as long as it fits in this size it should, saved map will be pretty huge through.
  5. Several interesting facts I can share after first 5 days thanks to analytics: most program users are from USA (over half), then UK, Australia, Canada and Russia On average, between 18 and 21 users use latest DeedPlanner version daily, 60 users used the 2.8.10 version since its release On average, there are between 1 and 4 active users at the same time depending on hour Average time spent by single user in program is 28 minutes - for Australia, 1 hour and 2 minutes Cave planning is almost never used together with surface planning, separate plans are used for both. Height editing for caves seems to be rarely used most likely due to it being too unintuitive Height editing is usually used only for small changes, rarely for complete terrain overhaul - suggests that it's difficult to edit large parts of terrain in 2d and/or most maps are exported from game Animals are rarely used, but when they are used their usage is extensive Planning usually starts by changing ground, and then cycling between setting walls and floors until part of a plan is ready to add objects and other details to it, then the process is repeated in another part of the map A LOT of people used latest version just to check new archaeology statues.
  6. Hmm... <looks at Wurm and DeedPlanner> When it comes to programming my primary areas of interest are (obviously) game development and tools/utilities, but other than that I love procedural generation and image processing/generation. I'm also interested in web development, especially single page applications. Second primary interest is gaming - I tend to enjoy games that offer hardcore experiences with delayed gratification. Other than Wurm I keep periodically coming back to War Thunder, EVE Online, Path of Exile and Guild Wars 2. Other than programming and gaming, I enjoy physics, astronomy, geography, history and mountain walking (I live in completely flat area with no mountain or even a hill in over 200 km radius which could be the reason for that, haha).
  7. DeedPlanner 2.8.10 released! Changes: Added Google Analytics to monitor the program usage and potential problems Added update notifier and auto-updater Added few quality of life minor features to bridge creation GUI and improved its layout Added flat and uneven tiles highlighting in height edition mode Added carrot and reed fields (big thanks to Malena! ) Added archaeology statues Made HOTA statues subcategory of statues to reduce visual clutter Fixed "select height" height mode and made it work for flat tiles Fixed arched bridges arching slope not being updated bug Sorry that this release took so long - I need to finish my engineering thesis before second half of January, so most of time I reserve for development time goes into it. Also... Program have update notifier and auto-updater now, so it finally includes all features that were present in first iteration of the program. (better late than never, right?) One small fact - DeedPlanner 2.8.9 was downloaded 2181 times. Link to this release: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-2/releases/tag/v2.8.10
  8. Could I ask for link or file please? (either in this thread or via PM)
  9. +1 answer, always happy to help.
  10. Native Pole here, living in Poland since birth and staying here for at least next 1-2 years - in case of Poland it depends a lot on age and view of the world and/or job. People who were born and went to school before 1989 more often than not know Russian instead of English, while these who received their education after this year usually know English but not Russian. It also seems it's very difficult for these who learned Russian first to become fluent in English (most likely because Polish and Russian are in related group of languages, while English and most of the other European languages are very different). In case of people who actually know English, their knowledge of the language depends a lot on their view of the world and/or job - Poland is uniform country with very little minorities, so there is no reason to know other languages unless you work in services in a big city or want/need to communicate with someone from other countries. It's pretty easy to spot Poles both in text and speech - our grammatical rules are very different and it's difficult to use correct order of words all the time while you still use Polish as your primary. In speech, our accent is impossible to miss. And yes, people over here who are interested in what's happening in a world WILL know a lot about USA politics and other current events and have an opinion on them.
  11. Wurm Toolbox 2.0.2 released! Changes: Deed calculator - changed epic guards calculations to follow the new formula
  12. discord

    Moved to Wurm Unlimited PvE Server Listings & Advertisement.
  13. I'm posting Dream Theater pretty often, but... One more won't hurt. One funny fact about guitar solo in this song, from Wikipedia: "John Petrucci wrote and played the guitar solo, and then reversed it. He then learned how to play this reversed version, and after recording it, reversed it once more. This resulted in a solo like the original but with a unique twist to the way the notes sounded."