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  1. My original nickname and first character Mackordian, currently Vynora priest alt in Wurm: just a merge of my two real world names. It was one of my primary nicknames for many years, but over time I slowly phased it out and it just remains in some MMO's where I have very old accounts. My current primary nickname Warlander: completely random nick. I needed new nickname for character in MMO with perma-death (I couldn't reuse the old names) and came up with combination of two random words I came up with at that moment: "war" and "landing". Over time I liked how it sounds like more and more, until it became my primary nick everywhere.
  2. In my case it's difficult to point at just one item and say "this one"... Got many such items but most of them are sentimental in one way or another, for example: settlement form with name of my oldest village, 0.4 kg butchering knife, rare rose, rare forge on my deed and several items with signatures of long inactive players.
  3. You are trying to run the DeedPlanner from source code. Releases prepared for use are available here: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-2/releases
  4. Only static models can be converted using this tool - any models with animations won't be exported or will be exported with errors.
  5. 64 bit DeedPlanner 3 release for Mac which should work out of the box after unzipping: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BejPNjT2Gvk_X5jY0NzQ2FQPWryjBeDN/view?usp=sharing I would be grateful if someone with Mac could check it - as a bonus, it contains unreleased (but already finished) features like materials calculations and deed warnings.
  6. I will make sure to bundle 64 bit version of Steamworks as well, thank you for information.
  7. Good point, I will make sure to update the build system to fix this problem.
  8. I don't have any Mac or OSX knowledge, but as far as I know unzipped program folder should be executable on its own.