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  1. WOM Model Viewer 1.4

    Version 1.4 released: added support for transparent textures modernized the open file dialog That's most likely the final version of the program except potential bugfixes or minor QoL changes.
  2. Deedplanner 2.9.8 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Hello, Assuming you use one of newer versions (like current 2.9.8) you can switch floor to edit using number buttons on right side of the screen, between the deed view and rest of the interface. After you are on second floor, you can put walls, floors and objects there.
  3. Deedplanner 2.9.8 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Small post-Christmas progress report - multi-camera system and new GUI! (it's not the same prototype you see in one of posts above, it was made many years ago so I decided it's better to start from scratch) Multi-camera system is already functional and reacts to input, but still needs few extra GUI elements to have more control over it. Possible camera configurations are: 1 big screen (default and the only one available now) 2 vertical screens 2 horizontal screens 4 small screens 1 wide screen on top and 2 small on bottom 1 wide screen on bottom and 2 small on top What do you think about new GUI look? Obviously there is still a lot of work to do on it, but I will keep all remaining interface elements in the same style.
  4. [EU] Gniazdo / The Nest

    [19:12:36] 20 minutes to shutdown. [19:12:36] Reason: Server closing. Thanks everyone for these 3 years, we created a tight knit community which will surely stay in touch even after the server closing. Everything must come to an end through, and after few months of almost no activity on server we made a difficult decision to close the server. Server files will be published on Polish forum, but I can post them here as well if anyone is interested. Map dump at the moment of closing:
  5. Hotfix 18/DEC/18

    That's some hardcore fishing!
  6. DeedPlanner poll

    Added in one of latest versions. Yep, DeedPlanner in its current iteration is still using home-made rendering engine having its roots back when I was still in high school, and the program depends on it so much that it's impossible to optimize it properly without rewriting the entire program (last rework in camera system adding isometric view took waaay too long because of this). I introduced some changes to improve the performance over time and at least 2d view is relatively well optimized now, but 3d still suffers from issues. Change to Unity would immediately improve the performance based on just the frustum culling and better batching alone, and there are way more things that could be optimized after the switch.
  7. DeedPlanner poll

    No reason, I just set it at this value, but there is no reason why it couldn't be lower. I believe you can forcefully edit it in DeedPlanner configuration file for now (which is simple text file).
  8. DeedPlanner poll

    So far it seems like 3d editing would be a highest priority, with multiple camera support being second, so I would focus on these two first. Placing objects on furniture also seems more popular than I expected and would need to be planned for. Graphics improvements seem to be much less popular than I expected they would be, so I probably won't be spending much time on these. Day/night cycle, lightning and pretty water are must-haves, through. From web version and adding custom models/textures, first of these options seem to be more in demand. Adding both of these features at once would require huge time investment, so it's likely that adding custom models/textures will be removed, at least in the beginning. Web version would be identical in most aspects to desktop version, so it would be matter of preference between better performance of desktop or convenience of web version. I'm guessing most people will want to use web to see other players deeds and desktop to plan deeds, but both versions will be capable of doing all of that. Why? Personally I have much more experience with Unity than with UE4, so it's my first choice for projects like this. I'm sure performance will go up even with graphical improvements, currently DeedPlanner uses rather crude rendering techniques that work good enough for small maps, but are problematic when number of walls/objects on screen go up.
  9. DeedPlanner poll

    How do you see ability to edit heights in 3d, possibility to select multiple points to operate on larger area at once in addition to being able to grab some handle on a terrain and move it up/down to modify heights - like in 3d modeling applications, but simpler?
  10. DeedPlanner poll

    Just to note - a lot of people mentioned that something in the interface could use improvements - what are the least intuitive things or ones that could be improved?
  11. DeedPlanner poll

    Hello everyone, small poll about DeedPlanner here. I'm thinking about porting the entire application into the different engine (Unity), to allow me to do things that would be either impossible or difficult to add right now. What are your opinions about this, do you think it's needed? Maybe current iteration of DeedPlanner is good enough for all tasks it's meant to do and no such change is necessary? "Ability to add custom models/textures into the program" mentioned in poll is something that currently exists in the program, but I'm thinking about removing it in 3.0 to make the development more streamlined. There can be only three questions in forum polls, so I decided to put the ones I think are most important there, but please feel free to ask any questions or give opinions in this thread!
  12. Deedplanner 2.9.8 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Screenshot feature is something I would like to add sooner rather than later, it was one of the reasons why I recently reworked cameras in the program (the other one being adding isometric view). Program never had day cycle (or lightning system at all), there was a possibility to view deed in various seasons, through. There were seasons, but I removed them in one of earlier 2.x versions due to being very rarely used while needing lots of maintenance to keep the database up to date. I might re-add them together with adding a lightning system if I will ever make a 3.0 version, but I don't plan working on them in 2.x versions. Some time ago I made a small prototype:
  13. End of Wurm Jan 2019?

    It's just a clickbait article. Using Oracle JRE will no longer be free, but using OpenJDK - which is the exact same thing but without the Oracle support - is and will remain free. On development side of things there are no changes as well, so it's just something companies who need direct Oracle support for some reason need to worry about.
  14. Deedplanner 2.9.8 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Hmm... I used wrong class in this location, I will replace these calls with proper ones and remove dependency. Edit: done. I still use Java 8 both as development Java version and JRE currently bundled with program, which is probably why I didn't noticed missing dependency.