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  1. In 3d view hold middle mouse button (usually scroll wheel) to move camera around. Currently there is no way to move camera view up and down using keyboard.
  2. Functionally identical, but Steam version got auto-updating and cloud saves. I might also utilize more Steam features later on.
  3. Latest 2.x update was in October 2019, while latest 3.x update was in June this year.
  4. Loading from web (for example, pastebin links) seem to work for me on Firefox, but loading from file is broken on Firefox. All saving options work properly. Loading from file is not working on Firefox due to security reasons - in Chrome loading from file is implemented by clicking invisible "load" button which triggers the loading dialog, while the same action is blocked in Firefox. I will take a look at enabling it on Firefox by adding extra prompt after clicking the "load" button in program.
  5. 2d and isometric views only show current floor (and floors below, in darker color).
  6. Is the problem occurring with Steam WO or standalone WO?
  7. This should be easy to add, the biggest problem is putting it somewhere visible in GUI. I will likely add it it in top bar and assign keybind to it. Easy fix, I will make it scale dependent instead of constant speed. Good idea, will likely require a lot of work. I will get to it after bridges and heightmap optimization are done. For moving up/down the floors? Good idea and something I will add as well. This one will unfortunately require a lot of work, but needs to be done - this is one of these things that can't work the same way on desktop and web, so I'm thinking about typical "open and edit save like in document editing programs" approach for desktop version and "store last edited map in browser memory" for WebGL. Not possible without huge performance impact and/or a lot of extra work due to most objects not having their own simple collision boxes, so that's out of scope. I might add smaller brush-like eraser, but you will still need to target ground below object instead of object itself. Good idea, and something that is easy to add under new input system. I will be on 2 week vacations starting tomorrow so all development will be halted, but I want to dedicate more time to DeedPlanner once I will come back from vacations and catch up everything at home and work.
  8. This shouldn't be a hard task - DP3 XML saves are almost identical to DP2 saves, with just a few exceptions - I think the only potentially tool breaking change is a way in which objects/decorations are exported. Instead of word describing where the object is located, program saves X and Y coordinates of object on that tile.
  9. Unfortunately I don't know answer to this question - @Yagashould be able to say more about this issue.
  10. I'm working on them and they are one of priorities for next major version, but unfortunately can't give any estimate yet due to significantly less time than usual IRL. For now, I will add what are the top priorities for next version and what's their status: bridges, built from ground up based on good and bad elements of DP2 bridges (written design doc, started experimenting with bridge-related math) heightmap optimization - will significantly reduce loading times of larger maps, allow web version to load larger maps and make program less resource intensive while editing heights in 3d (I already figured out what's the root problem and how to fix it, will likely take just 1-2 days once I will get to it) new input system, likely together with in-game keybindings editor - not actually new feature, but adds extra accessibility and makes it much easier to have different control schemes for different platforms (mostly implemented and feels good on mouse+keyboard, still needs testing and adjustments for touch and gamepads)
  11. Currently it's not possible out of the box, but there is a tool made by @Yagawhich does exactly that.