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  1. DeedPlanner 3.0.3 release features bugfix of map-corrupting bug related to undo/redo, as well as changes to text readability and database update. Check it out! Standalone (Windows/Linux) version: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-3/releases/tag/v3.0.3 Web version: https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/ Changelog: Added Jackal trees Added Jackal structures (beacons and lodestone) Added all types of flower pots Added cupboard Added chicken coop Added small and large pottery amphora Added missing archaeology statues Made different types of marble planters actually different Improved readability of most text in the application Improved handling of long entity names in GUI lists and trees Changed names of all trees and bushes to include "tree" and "bush" in their names Changed names of archaeology statues to their in-game names Fixed undo/redo stack overflow and added safeguard to make sure it won't lead to map-corrupting bugs anymore I'm in the process of setting up secondary development environment on Linux, for easier debugging of Linux-specific issues. This should allow me to fix the issues related to the Linux version more easily, and might also help with Mac issues I cannot directly debug. (but I cannot guarantee it will help with Mac issues, depends on how platform-specific they are)
  2. You can export map from the game to DeedPlanner, but cannot import map from DeedPlanner back into the game.
  3. You can click and hold middle mouse button to move the camera around. I had to change it from right-click, because 3d view can be now used for editing, too. In addition, "R" and "F" keys can move camera vertically up and down.
  4. DeedPlanner 3.0.2 release featuring vastly improved performance and many bugfixes is out, try it out! Standalone (Windows/Linux) version: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-3/releases/tag/v3.0.2 Web version: https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/ Changelog: Optimized ground and grid rendering Optimized texture memory consumption Fixed Pastebin and web version saving working incorrectly in WebGL version Fixed being able to toggle all editing modes off Fixed mouse picking overlay of floors, walls and roofs Fixed decorations updater being able to get stuck during setting rotation Fixed incorrectly rendered models after using undo/redo on different floors Fixed banners not having kingdom textures Browser version: added ignoring ctrl+key browser shortcuts to make ctrl+c/ctrl+v work properly
  5. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Tom+E+Morrison+Wurm+Online&i=digital-music&ref=nb_sb_noss https://open.spotify.com/search/Wurm Online
  6. Would adding setting new map width/height with "clear map" button be ok for this function?
  7. Last 15 minutes of sniper protection, go get it while it's still there! Moon metal weapons/armors won't go rare on their own!
  8. I went ahead and grouped all your points in few categories, my comments will be inlined like this text: When talking about "sandbox MMO's", I mean MMO's with core concepts similar to Wurm - land ownership, no exclusive/on-demand instances etc.
  9. Starting bid: 10s Minimum increments: 1s Sniper protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 25s
  10. I would say no artificial skill boundaries is the big one. Many MMO's - even when they offer extensive crafting/sandbox options - tend to limit you to mastering only few professions on a single character, while in Wurm you can become master in all of them.
  11. Bridges are not implemented yet. When it comes to sandstone bricks and lamps - are they loading fine in DP2 but not in DP3?
  12. Standalone version of DP3 shouldn't need web connection to operate, altrough it does make connections internally to load its resources from HDD/SSD. This way all program data can be loaded the same way in every program version, without any difference if it's on HDD/SSD or web server. I can add standalone-specific version if it triggers AV when trying to load its data. This might be also the reason why Mac version gets stuck on loading screen.