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  1. Hmm... DeedPlanner works for me on laptop with the same integrated GPU, but I'm unable to test this issue on Windows 10 (I'm running dual boot Ubuntu 17.04/Windows 7). In general Intel integrated GPU's handle graphics standard used in DeedPlanner poorly, exception you posted happens in case if GPU is unable to handle given capability. In this case this capability (GLSL shaders) is required for the program to run and cannot be worked around without significant effort.
  2. It seems that your GPU or drivers have problems with supporting the shaders - do you have the latest version of the drivers?
  3. I will take a look at them soon - could I just ask for screenshots of single banner of each of these PMK's please? I will deduce everything else from there. Small heads up - starting with next version, DeedPlanner will use Google Analytics to collect the usage data - this feature will be on all the time, but before first launch after this version release you will be shown information message about that asking if you want to use the program despite of that or not. All data will be sent anonymously, only things that are important for program development will be sent - most personal of them being your system and graphics card data, everything else being related to usage of program itself and its configuration. Why do I want to collect it? Currently I have no way at all to monitor how the program is used, so I can only decide on development priorities based on user feedback in this thread/private messages and my own initiative - both aren't most reliable to see the big picture.
  4. Moved to Community Assistance.
  5. One suggestion from me - make it so left click increases the level while right click decreases it.
  6. Try to install openjfx package if it's available in your distribution.
  7. DeedPlanner 2.8.9 released! Changes: Added possibility to place objects in tile corner Added highways Added new fence and parapet types added in 17 August 2017 Wurm Online update Added large storage unit Fixed hell horse missing texture bug Fixed few incorrect categories mappings
  8. Moved to Community Assistance.
  9. Welcome back, Rosedragon.
  10. Low ql CoC only pickaxe for skilling (preferably steel one), high ql WoA/BotD one for just getting rid of that rock/ore and mining higher quality, apply gathering rune and/or imbue for extra effect.
  11. Please make sure you run the program from DeedPlanner directory by running the program start command ("java -jar DeedPlanner.jar") directly from this directory.
  12. Converting code between some programming languages is possible indeed if they are based on the same platform (for example, C# and VB.NET both working on .NET platform or Java and Scala both working on Java platform), but between development platforms and frameworks is in most or all cases impossible - this includes switch from current Java-based engine to Unity or Unreal Engine. Such conversion can be compared to trying to make a plane using only parts from disassembled car - both are vehicles and take people from A to B, but work in too different way to make it possible. In addition, learning new development platform/framework takes much more time for experienced developer than learning a new language. I need to add one thing - I'm not sure if many posters in this thread know this, but MMO's can (and often are) using different technologies and/or programming languages for client and server. In case of Wurm through switching technologies of either a client or server is task for years of work. In most cases where client is using engine like Unity or Unreal Engine, server uses C++ or Java as engines bring too much overhead for a large server and their scopes are very different.