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  1. We all know what will happen with the deedmate during the fight with the goblin leader.
  2. Yes, DeedPlanner 2 have backwards compatibility with legacy DP1 and WAK saves, which was not added back in DP3.
  3. Most likely Firefox-specific issue - on Chrome and Vivaldi it opens a dialog to select a file from your PC, I will investigate. I'm guessing it's Firefox specific as well, and outside of program control - expected behavior after clicking this button is to show browser-specific download dialog which allows you to confirm map download to your PC (usually to "downloads" folder).
  4. No materials calculation in current 3.x version, it's coming in the next version (3.1). Labels, borders, bridges and mirror functions will be added later. This is thread dedicated to the "old" but complete DeedPlanner 2 (including bridges and other functions not present in DP3 yet), DeedPlanner 3 thread can be found here:
  5. Cave designing is planned, wurm view with actual physics... Sounds like interesting idea, I will think about it.
  6. Miniature army forces are growing they are getting everywhere send help
  7. Second one is result of a bug from back when I was experimenting with animations.