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  1. Export issue with in-game exporter. I will need to update it to export the sandstone roads properly. Hmm... I never thought about scrollbars right inside map view. Obviously they don't make sense in 3d and could be problematic in isometric view, but sound like something very useful for 2d and shouldn't be difficult to add as optional feature (likely on by default). I also need to add more in-program help in general, currently even basic controls aren't explained at all.
  2. It was bug related to materials caching combined with memory management, will be fixed in the next minor release.
  3. DeedPlanner 3.1.0 is released! This is first major update to the DP3, adding easier to use and more powerful version of materials calculations back, together with map warnings, visibility toggles and performance improvements. Standalone (Windows/Linux) version: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-3/releases/tag/v3.1.0 Web version: https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/ Changelog: Added materials calculations for: Everything on map Single building Single floor of a building Single room Added map warnings for: Walls outside of known buildings Walls on sloped terrain Added visibility toggles for: All objects Trees Bushes Ships Added materials caching (will improve performance for models that share textures) Added windows fade in/out animations Added support for movement multipliers for vertical FPP movement Added several tooltips to clarify some common questions about the program Made sure placement of objects won't be interrupted when pointing at walls Made program run in background during initial loading and map loading Made program cache models and textures in WebGL version in order to prevent excessive bandwidth use Improved performance of model and texture loading Fixed maps exported by in-game exporter not handling walls on map edges correctly Fixed map loading heavily slowing down or stalling completely when loading huge maps Upgraded Unity to 2019.3.0f3
  4. As a side note to this great song, it also got one of best song titles and lyrics I ever seen.
  5. Hmm... This sounds interesting. Do you have any experiences with Unity games not being launched? If your computer is a laptop with dedicated GPU, you could try to make sure DeedPlanner is launched using it instead of the integrated one.
  6. @heirothis looks like map size mismatch or corrupted bridge. I can take a look at the map file and manually fix it if you would like to send it to me here or via private message.
  7. Another test, it's interesting to see changes over the years.
  8. My original nickname and first character Mackordian, currently Vynora priest alt in Wurm: just a merge of my two real world names. It was one of my primary nicknames for many years, but over time I slowly phased it out and it just remains in some MMO's where I have very old accounts. My current primary nickname Warlander: completely random nick. I needed new nickname for character in MMO with perma-death (I couldn't reuse the old names) and came up with combination of two random words I came up with at that moment: "war" and "landing". Over time I liked how it sounds like more and more, until it became my primary nick everywhere.
  9. In my case it's difficult to point at just one item and say "this one"... Got many such items but most of them are sentimental in one way or another, for example: settlement form with name of my oldest village, 0.4 kg butchering knife, rare rose, rare forge on my deed and several items with signatures of long inactive players.