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  1. I plan to do first Steam release together with bridges update. Steam-exclusive features like cloud support will likely come later, on version after bridges I want to focus on quality of life features.
  2. Development version is current version of code and assets on tool public GitHub repository, so not officially built and released yet. (but with enough programming experience it's possible to build and use it)
  3. Sure, I will add it. Edit: Added in development version.
  4. Unlike DP2 which had different movement keybinds for 2d and 3d (right-click in 2d, middle-click in 3d), DP3 uses middle-click for both.
  5. In 3d view hold middle mouse button (usually scroll wheel) to move camera around. Currently there is no way to move camera view up and down using keyboard.
  6. Functionally identical, but Steam version got auto-updating and cloud saves. I might also utilize more Steam features later on.
  7. Latest 2.x update was in October 2019, while latest 3.x update was in June this year.
  8. Loading from web (for example, pastebin links) seem to work for me on Firefox, but loading from file is broken on Firefox. All saving options work properly. Loading from file is not working on Firefox due to security reasons - in Chrome loading from file is implemented by clicking invisible "load" button which triggers the loading dialog, while the same action is blocked in Firefox. I will take a look at enabling it on Firefox by adding extra prompt after clicking the "load" button in program.