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Found 61 results

  1. Fort Huntsman is located at X15 : Y14. See the map here: Contact In-Game: Jakeii / Trentasaurus / Eviscera / Casimiro Contact On Forum: Jakeii Spirit Castle: [05:55:48] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [99] Fast 3 Minute Mail-Time! [1c Postage fee for All Mailed items] Sleep Powders accepted as payment at a value of 1s. Referrals accepted as payment at a value of 6s. Current Skills: Gardening Supplies Bulk Goods: Black-Smithing: Black-Smithing Level Currently: Armour Smithing: Carpentry: Carpentry Level Currently: Fine Carpentry Level Currently: Cloth Tailoring: Ship Building: Ship Building Level Currently: Mining: Mining Level Currently: Prospecting Level Currently: Woodcutting: Woodcutting Level Currently: Masonry: Masonry Level currently: Misc Items: Shield Smithing: Shield-Smithing Level Currently:
  2. So. I was actually working on building things, and then I came up with an idea: Cellars. ON the ground level of a house, it allows someone to dig up a hole in one of the tiles. Though, it is still limited to the 'width' of housing as normal, using the floor-level system used already, but on a negative scale rather then positive. The bigger the house, the more digging skill (or maybe mining, or both) is required to dig up the cellar, at a same rate as the carpentry skill needed to plan a building. (Expanding the house would also require the one to plan the expansion with an existing cellar to have the digging/mining skill to also do the expansion down there) Now, what is the point of a cellar? It could have a few effects. Historically, wine ages better when placed in a cellar. A larder placed in a cellar also would not require snowballs to preserve food. The other good point of having a cellar, is security. Since the cellar is actually further underground, destroying the floor does not open the way to the cellar. The only way is through the shaft that leads down to it (stairwell, or just a trap with a ladder) ... if you placed walls inside with a locked door, folks would also need to bash down, or pick that lock to access the content of that cellar. Great for storing your valuables, but as it is impossible to actually go down there with a horse, dropping crates with stuff down there would be impossible, so only for storing small valuable objects, food without requirement of snowball, and accelerating the aging of wine slightly. On another note, if the writ owner destroys a house with a cellar, all items in the cellar are destroyed, burried under a thick layer of dirt never to be found again. This is a draft of an idea I had. It might break things, or it might be impossible, but it is an idea that I like. So lets discuss about what could be broken with that, or fixed! and other possible ideas to come with it!
  3. [13:21:23] You start to build a sandstone fence. [13:21:35] You lay the foundation to the sandstone fence. [13:21:39] You continue to build a sandstone fence. [13:29:22] Masonry increased to 2 Is this an oversight that they're missing a masonry skill requirement, or is this intended? Same for marble walls.
  4. Delivered to Celebration T13 or we can pick up. We'll give the cash to those who deliver first, of course!
  5. Hi, I am looking for someone to help me finish building my dock and add a bridge and a few houses. Pm me if interested.
  6. Masonry 35, Carpentry 40. Was building a multi-storied stone house, got to the fourth floor, built the floors and made wall plans, but when I activated my trowel with a mortar and brick in my inventory and tried to build a stone wall, it triggered an event message saying that only craftsmen of greater skill could build walls. Tried building the same wall on a lower floor and was able to, but when I went to build it on the fourth floor, the event message was triggered again and I was unable to. This could easily be me not understanding game mechanics, but at 39+ carpentry I was able to build the fourth floor, and all that is required to build stone walls is 30 masonry. Can be replicated by trying to build a stone wall on the fourth floor of a house with 30+ masonry and 39+ carpentry.
  7. Hello i am Raycg the Master Mason and i have been gone for a few months. it seems my old thread is done for and dosent look like i can get it back so i'll make a new one! So i imped lots of forges for people for a very long time and i would love to bring it back! i will be useing the same prices and adding new things and will make this post look better again eventualy i will allso do mail box enchanting too.Would be nice if i could have my big thread back but this will do for now. thanks for your support! Masonry - imping up to 90ql in some masonry items! Forge - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c and if you want a nice big shiny forge! 95ql = 5s Oven - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Guard tower - can make for you fo a charge of 5s. 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (50ql free) Pillars - 1s building 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (50ql free) Well - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (No bulding charge, 50ql free) Spirit cottage/Castle - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Casting Courier (Mailbox). (cant say i will get 80 or 90 easy but can give it a try) 30+ power: 1s 50+ power: 2s 75+ power: 3s 90+ power: 5s Stone Cutting - imping up to 90ql! Mine door - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c whetstones 90ql = 10c 80ql = 5c 70ql = 2c Grindstones - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Fountains - 90ql = 2s 70ql = 1s 70ql = 50c 1k bricks = 1s pickup only at reborn docks (reborn) Blacksmithing - imping up to 90ql! Tools - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (Stone chisel, small and large anvils, Pickaxe, File, Scissors, Leather knife, Hammer, Horse shoes, Shovel, Awl, Hatchet, Needle, pots and pans, Trowel, saw, and Lantern.) Lamps will be an extra 20c You can send me your allredy made tools with or with out chants and i can imp them too, depening on what ql it is the price will be lowerd. Weaponsmithing - Imping up to 40ql Any weapon - 30ql = 20c 40ql = 30c "note only get the 50ql for free if buying something"
  8. Just wondering what you folks think this character may be worth. He is currently warm on the path of love (can refresh) [18:39:59] You have been premium consecutively for 2 months since Dec 2013. [18:39:59] You have premium time until 27 Nov 2016 00:53:56 GMT
  9. Blastonia Smithy & Wares! Blacksmithing Prices (Any Items Listed at 20c or 35c are Buy 4 Get 5th FREE!!!) Tools 70 Quality 80 Quality 90 Quality Pickaxe 20c 35c 80c Hatchet 20c 35c 80c Shovel 20c 35c 80c Chisel 20c 35c 80c Trowel 20c 35c 80c Hammer 20c 35c 80c Saw 20c 35c 80c Rake 20c 35c 80c Leather Knife 20c 35c 80c Awl 20c 35c 80c Scissor 20c 35c 80c Needle 25c 40c 90c Small Anvil 20c 35c 80c Large Anvil 60c 80c 120c Horse Shoe 20c 35c 80c Lantern 25c 40c 90c Bulk Materials (Crates will cost 10c each if taken) Quantity Rock Shards Bricks Mortar Dirt Sand Planks Iron Ore S/L Nails Support Beams 100x 8c 20c 20c 8c 8c 8c 10c 10c 3s 1000x 85c 2s 2s 85c 85c 85c 1s 1s 30s 2000x 1.7s 4s 4s 1.7s 1.7s 1.7s 2s 2s 60s 3000x 2.55s 6s 6s 2.55s 2.55s 2.55s 3s 3s 90s 4000x 3.4s 8s 8s 3.4s 3.4s 3.4s 4s 4s 1.2g 5000x 4.25s 10s 10s 4.25s 4.25s 4.25s 5s 5s 1.5g 6000x 5.1s 12s 12s 5.1s 5.1s 5.1s 6s 6s 1.8g 7000x 5.95s 14s 14s 5.95s 5.95s 5.95s 7s 7s 2.1g 8000x 6.8s 16s 16s 6.8s 6.8s 6.8s 8s 8s 2.4g 9000x 7.65s 18s 18s 7.65s 7.65s 7.65s 9s 9s 2.7g 10000x 8.5s 20s 20s 8.5s 8.5s 8.5s 10s 10s 3g More You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! In your dreams! Most Items are Pickup Only and Small Discount Applyed for doing so. Leatherworking Prices 70 Quality 80 Quality 90 Quality Leather Set 50c 75c 1s Studded Leather Set 85c 1s 1.5s Drake Hide Set Not Availble Yet Toolbelt 80c 90c 1s Saddle 85c 1s 1.5s Leather Bardings Upon Request Only Located at Xanadu Q25 East of Esteron Coastal Imp-ing Policy: Prices are Subject to Change and Delivery will Come soon. More Content will be added as well.
  10. I feel it would be nice to have an option to make the current god colossus statues on a small scale, about the size of the nymph statue so they can fit on 1 floor of a building. Many people like to make churches and most community markets have an alter square with all 3 main gods, I think it would be quite welcome to simply have scaled down models to put behind each alter or to decorate a specific god themed church. I have very little idea if it's easy or not to scale down existing models or if Rolf + team would prefer to make new models with perhaps different poses for such an idea, but decided I would throw the idea out here and see if it sticks. P.S Also the ability to cut down off deed hedges with a hatchet would be nice
  11. Was at a slaying event recently and thought about the use of a corpse for this unique...okay "very-rare mob". Idea, allow it to be used as a model for a statue creation in which it transfer the age and pic/image of the creature into Marble/Rock/Slate? copy of the creature success being founded on the masonry skill. But this would increase the value of the corpse. Then have the corpse decay in "memory" as it is successfully copied/etched forever into stone. Keeping it simple.
  12. Buying stonecutting and masonry potions over 50ql, or troll king bloods. Paying 2s each. Edit: Stonecutting pots covered.
  13. Dear players of Wurm, I had been living in Elevation, under a deed named Silver leaf until owner of deed had abruptly left game with little to under a weeks upkeep, i log in a couple days later to find the deed disbanded aswell as a Drake Spirit killing me, i was unable to return to my corpse and am lost where to go i have bare minimum tools, and not sure of a good starting area all i really require is some tools, armour, and weapon of any description or ql, could anyone please give me any advice where i should pick myself up from this situation. -Thanks Bruz If anyone has an offer to keep me under their deed i will be more then obligated to help you with any labour, etc, etc, i can make bricks, arrows, anything you may require i am just asking for means to level up my skills.
  14. How our prices work: I have a 70ql hammer I want improved to 90ql. Going by the table for blacksmithing it’ll be 0s 30c + 0s 40c, or 70c in total. Simple, right? Hatchet, Hammer, Anvils, Shovels, Rakes etc. 50ql : +0s 10c : 0s 10c 70ql : +0s 20c : 0s 30c 80ql : +0s 30c : 0s 60c 85ql : +0s 20c : 0s 80c 90ql : +0s 40c : 1s 00c 92ql : +0s 50c : 1s 50c 93ql : +0s 50c : 2s 00c 94ql : +1s 00c : 3s 00c 95ql : +1s 00c : 4s 00c 96ql : +1s 50c : 5s 50c Mallets, Spindles, etc 70ql : +0s 30c : 0s 30c 80ql : +0s 30c : 0s 60c 90ql : +0s 40c : 1s 00c 92ql : +0s 50c : 1s 50c 93ql : +0s 50c : 2s 00c 94ql : +1s 00c : 3s 00c 95ql : +1s 00c : 4s 00c 96ql : +1s 50c : 5s 50c 97ql : +2s 50c : 8s 00c Fresh Made Mallets 70ql : +0s 00c : 0s 10c 80ql : +0s 00c : 0s 20c 90ql : +0s 00c : 0s 30c Short bow, Medium Bow & Long Bow 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 50c : 0s 90c 90ql : +0s 60c : 1s 50c Rope tools, Presses, Looms, etc. 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 40c : 0s 80c 90ql : +0s 50c : 1s 20c 92ql : +0s 70c : 1s 70c 93ql : +0s 70c : 2s 40c 94ql : +1s 10c : 3s 50c 95ql : +1s 50c : 5s 00s Loom / Trebuchet / Etc imps Travelling costs, or deliver to our location. Contact us to negotiate. Carving knives, Butchering knives, Swords and other pointy things 50ql : +0s 10c : 0s 10c 70ql : +0s 30c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 30c : 0s 70c 90ql : +0s 30c : 1s 00c 91ql : +0s 30c : 1s 30c Masonry.. things? 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 50c : 0s 90c 90ql : +0s 60c : 1s 50c 92ql : +0s 70c : 2s 20c 93ql : +0s 80c : 3s 00c 94ql : +1s 00c : 4s 00c 95ql : +1s 00c : 5s 00c 96ql : +2s 00c : 7s 00c Forge / Oven / Tower improve. Travelling costs plus eventual material costs + price in above table. Contact us to negotiate. Forge / Oven Create Delivery costs + price in above table. Contact us to negotiate. Studded, drake, saddles, etc Studded Leather armor set: 70ql : +0s 50c : 0s 50c 80ql : +0s 50c : 1s 00c 90ql : +1s 00c : 2s 00c Toolbelt: 70ql : +0s 50c : 0s 50c 80ql : +0s 20c : 0s 70c 90ql : +0s 30c : 1s 00c Saddle: 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 20c : 0s 60c 90ql +0s 40c : 1s 00c Barding: 70ql : +0s 70c : 0s 70c 80ql : +0s 30c : 1s 00c 90ql : +1s 00c : 2s 00c Bridle, backpack, quiver and waterskins:(18ql): 5c per item. We will never guarantee a cast over 70 power due to the extreme randomness of priests and religion. Aura of shared pain 0.8 copper per power Wind of Ages / Circle of Cunning 1.0 copper per power. Nimbleness. 1.5 copper per power For any other Vynchants just send us a PM and ask! Cordage Ropes - 2s per 1000 favor. Cloth Squares - 1.8s per 1000 favor (Counting Fo Sacrifice bonus, 500 favor for other priests.) Door Locks - 1.8s per 1000 favor (Counting Mag Sacrifice bonus, 500 favor for other priests) While we prefer payment in cold hard coin, we also accept the following. FIXED PRICES FOR SPECIALITY ITEMS Drake hide - 31c (PER FULL 0.01 KG) Scale piece - 41c (PER FULL 0.01 KG) Sleep powder - 1.2s Source salt/liquid - 1.1s/1000 karma. Spyglass - 8s Twig - 3.5s Saccables 10c Rare & unusable (shards, logs…) 20c Rare & usable (planks, shafts….) 30c Supreme & unusable 50c Supreme & usable Rare/supreme/fantastic tools: Talk to us. Maybe we can make a deal. HoTA Statues Talk to us. Maybe we can make a deal. We will NOT cash in speciality items at the rate we state here on the page. Contact us if you wish to negotiate a sale, we may be interested.We will always reserve the first right of refusal to an order, please do not be offended if we do - we may just simply not have the time.Prices can and will change at any point in time. An order made and accepted before a price change will always cost what was first agreed upon.Casts that are of higher power than ordered will not be charged extra for. You got lucky.Items going rare/supreme/fantastic while being improved by us will not be charged extra for. You got lucky. (This does not apply when we’re making a fresh item)Response times and order fulfillment times may vary due to Real Life. We’ll make it as quick as we can, but sometimes ###### happens. We apologize in advance.CoD is always paid by the buyer. Delivery prices are always negotiated. Travelling fees are always negotiated.Bulk orders will get a percentage cut from them. How much will always be determined by two factors; How much you’re buying and if you’re a regular.Orders where you provide part of the materials required for your order will in many cases be cheaper. Contact us to negotiate.We do not deal in speciality metals (Seryll, Adamantine and Glimmersteel) due to its limited availability.We accept Euros in the stead of Silvers at the ratio of 1:1 S to €. Contact us in advance if you wish to pay this way. Buyer pays any transaction fees.There is an extra 20c charge on ordering enchanted “skiller†tools due to the annoying habit of them to go BOOM during the enchanting process. This fee covers the multiple times we may have to make more items just to keep casting.
  15. I'm auctioning a perfect tool for all of your brick-spamming or forge imping needs. Only a handful of these rare steel chisels exist, as they are normally not possible to create. [00:44:05] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Enki'. [00:44:05] A straight tool with a strong hard blade made for cutting stone. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [00:44:05] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [102] [00:44:05] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves stone cutting max ql [100] 100 Imbue was added to this chisel, and to top it off, a 102 WoA cast. Auction ends Sunday, July 26th, at 14:00 Central US. Starting Bid: 20s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Offers Considered No Reserve, Private Bidding Accepted 1hr Sniper Protection Happy bidding!
  16. Project 1: Crystal Canal June 2nd 2015 - July 5th 2015 The time has come for a new project. This project has been green lit by the deed owners involved, and they seem very excited to move forward with production! This current project is a bridge spanning across Crystal Canal. Thank you to everyone who contributed the materials below! 1 Dioptra1 High Mason - 94 skill2 Builders - 40+ masonry4000 Dirt2900 Marble Bricks2000 Mortar800 Rock ShardsWe'll keep you updated on the progress of this project and post pictures when available. If you're interested in helping, please do comment, and we thank you ahead of time for your contribution! Thank you Broken, Joykill, Kraten and Jberg for your help and assistance with this project!
  17. I would like to see Gilding be used in the game. My first idea is the use of gold/silver applied to statues to detail characteristics and add some accent/beauty to them. Then I would also like to see the use of Slate applied to Marble and Stone creations for Black created versions of these items..and the Gilding would make it "Pop!" even more. Gilding could also be used on houses on the Non-Plain Stone builiding, benches and even Water Fountains to really add a lot of style to all of it. Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper and Brass could also be incorporated..but my focus is Gold and Silver for this article. Better use of Jewelry skill could applay here to especially on "Upgrading" of tools to better receive enchants???? Just an idea..what do you think?
  18. Hello fellow wurmians. My name is Mikhail. I'm a newb player with some skills that allow me to play & work for some coins in here. My in-game name is Nekoexmachina. Also you can contact Nekotwo or Travor to place an order in-game. We're working for cold coins with iron, dirt, wood or stone. My current crafting skills however are not so big, so I can't yet do the high-quality tools. We however accept bulk orders with following prices: Stone bricks: 1.5s / 1K (this means I will supply bricks in the regime of "done when its done", according to original deal made with the requester.) Mortar: 2.2s / 1K small nails, large nails, rivets, hooks - 1s / 450 ribbons, frying pans, sauce pans 1s / 150 Small crate: 3c each Iron under 30QL 1s/1K Other things masonry/blacksmithing. Delivery - depends on your whereabouts. The deed I'm in is located in Exodus, north shore. It is called "Port in Storm". Coordinates is E14. Also I myself kinda enjoy terraforming, so if you need dirt moving jobs, provided you will provide me food and temporary shelter, are welcome as well. Price depends on the amount of job to be done & will be discussed individually. Order list: 16.06.15 -> 18.06.15 : 1k frying pans, mr Silvertail. Order done, delivery done, started panfilling once in a while. 19.06-> current : 10k stone bricks, mr Sighx. (done, only 3k needed)
  19. Land Of Infidels Smithing/Carpentry/Masonry Localization:(12/13-C Xanadu) Order Status: Open Contact (ingame): Kgorski ,Kilamplaga ,Rafaello Contact (forum): Sizar (only Sizar) Blacksmithing Item________50_____60_____70_____80_____85_____90 Tools_______10c____20c____40c____80c____95c__1.1s Anvil/L_____20c____30c____60c____1s_____1.5s_____ Chainsmithing Item____________50_____60______70_____80_____85_____90 Iron_Set________80c____1,40s___2s_____________________ Copper_Set______80c____1,40s___2s_____________________ Steel_Set_______2s_____2,70s__________________________ Chain_Barding___1s_____2s_____________________________ Carpentry/Fine_Carpentry Item________50_____60_____70_____80_____85_____90 Tools_______10c____20c____40c____80c____95c______ Mallet________________________________________20c We do all the available furniture to order prices can be negotiated Masonry/stone_cuting Guard_Tower_______3s colossus_________15s Forge/Oven_ql80___1s Whetstone_ql98___10c We do everything from masonry and stone cutting to order prices can be negotiated
  20. I am currently in need of a Master Mason of 94+ skill. If you have at least 94 skill in Masonry I will pay you to plan a bridge for me. You won't have to do any of the labor work of the project, just lay down the bridge plan itself. I live on Independence. Comment or message me if you're interested, and we'll negotiate the pay.
  21. Marble statues or even statuettes, maybe even colossus. yay or nay
  22. I propose in addition to current statuettes we should be able to make statuettes out of other materials such as rocks shards when used with a stone chisel. Also these could be made out of logs when used with a a carving knife.
  23. Greetings, You've just entered the shop of Ravenholm. We're selling several Smithing goods and provide magical services accordingly. Bows: 70 QL 50c, 80QL 60c *lrg anvils cost twice **mine doors cannot be mailed, we do NOT deliver them The price for Enchantments is 1c per power. I can only supply Vynora enchants. Merchants attached to this shop: Independence - Freedom Market Deliverance - Puzzle Plaza Market Celebration - Tap Dance Market Exodus - Gold Pearl Market (X11 - Y25) Delivery: Usually, there isn't delivery. I live on Chaos, it may be risky or take long times to deliver. However, big orders may be arranged. Mailing possible. Contact PM either me or Taya on the forums. PM us ingame. (My ingame nick differs, I am Reincarnation.) Friend's Shops: Blazer's Fletching Cheers and happy shopping 8) Reincarnation
  24. Hello, This is my charecter, that I'm offering! Two other charecter auctions are going to be set up soon, (Skilled miner, and vyn priest). Anyway, I want to get ride of these account to raise my money. Please make some offers on this auction! Inventory: Skill dumps: Religion: 1.8823916 1.8823916 0 Prayer: 3.3258471 3.3258471 0 Channeling: 1.0 Preaching: 1.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Healing: 13.205634 First aid: 28.614483 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Archery: 1.0 Short bow: 1.0 Medium bow: 1.0 Long bow: 1.0 Thievery: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 War machines: 12.336189 Catapults: 19.994905 Polearms: 1.0871207 Staff: 1.3481514 Long spear: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Prospecting: 13.153997 Coal-making: 7.0333595 Milling: 1.0 Tracking: 5.818873 Paving: 31.975204 Climbing: 9.842483 Thatching: 1.0 Firemaking: 14.670577 Pottery: 5.5699096 Mining: 29.69309 Digging: 68.98572 Ropemaking: 22.76088 Smithing: 31.325535 * Blacksmithing: 68.23981 Locksmithing: 7.9916577 Jewelry smithing: 11.007399 Metallurgy: 5.2870636 Weapon smithing: 11.742123 Blades smithing: 13.740478 Weapon heads smithing: 7.753647 Armour smithing: 3.4441383 Shield smithing: 6.204944 Chain armour smithing: 4.9740276 Plate armour smithing: 2.0750296 Tailoring: 9.261756 Cloth tailoring: 18.108347 Leatherworking: 15.045707 Masonry: 63.24005 Stone cutting: 26.622032 Cooking: 7.006949 Hot food cooking: 9.573818 Baking: 1.0 Dairy food making: 1.0 Butchering: 15.042164 Beverages: 2.6693997 Nature: 24.449425 Fishing: 2.0008588 Gardening: 13.596124 Foraging: 12.792537 Botanizing: 10.991509 Animal taming: 7.244966 Forestry: 17.474712 Farming: 47.719494 Milking: 2.4353373 Meditating: 1.0 Animal husbandry: 15.24071 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Toys: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Puppeteering: 1.0 Fighting: 70.63336 Defensive fighting: 2.515931 Normal fighting: 8.184835 Weaponless fighting: 1.322726 Aggressive fighting: 31.485804 Shield bashing: 1.0 Taunting: 3.1370666 Miscellaneous items: 51.22999 Shovel: 56.77316 Rake: 34.737194 Saw: 24.464584 Pickaxe: 29.979416 Repairing: 25.397726 Sickle: 13.07349 Scythe: 2.3128262 Hammer: 58.942184 Stone chisel: 16.825409 Alchemy: 3.6355798 Natural substances: 9.23822 Shields: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Axes: 34.410065 Hatchet: 35.22376 Small Axe: 1.0 Large axe: 19.251116 Huge axe: 40.813137 Swords: 14.806509 Longsword: 1.5366229 Shortsword: 1.0 Two handed sword: 25.39097 Knives: 13.259948 Carving knife: 11.829218 Butchering knife: 17.83476 Woodcutting: 42.619087 Mauls: 1.0 Medium maul: 1.0 Small maul: 1.0 Large maul: 1.0 Carpentry: 66.56688 Bowyery: 1.0 Fletching: 1.0 Fine carpentry: 23.833942 Toy making: 1.9877942 Ship building: 20.693327 Characteristics: 0.0 Mind: 27.19406 Mind logic: 30.78836 Mind speed: 20.437876 Soul: 17.745079 Soul depth: 21.579977 Soul strength: 20.868507 Body: 30.771454 Body strength: 29.575516 Body stamina: 23.597158 Body control: 24.49426 Religion: 0.0 Faith: 3.8144808 Favor: 3.8144808 [18:14:20] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 1 of the White Shark starfall, 1005. That's 1673 days and 21 minutes ago.[18:14:20] You have played 95 days, 8 hours and 2 minutes.[18:14:20] You have been premium a total of 11 months until Dec 2013.[18:14:20] You have been premium a total of 10 since Dec 2013. [18:14:20] You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013.[18:14:20] You have not paid for premium time. Charecter sells with a Knarr loaded with 42 large crats, Wagon loaded with 7 rafts and other enchanted tools!Ownerships: My old deed buildings. Kitchen loaded with goodies! 3.5k of 70ql iron in the mine and much moreThe Charecter has no warnings, and a nice reputation. Atm he's located on Independence with 2 other charecter (Getting for sale soon)The auction will last for 1 week/ 7 days. Starting bid 150e Lowest increase 5e Hidden reserve Buyout offers accepted! Private bids accepted! (Payment through paypal!) Happy bidding!
  25. Welcome to Fringe's Workshop .: Welcome to my shop :. We are located at LunatiC Fringe on Celebration Map (x17, y16) / ingame map( H 13 ) Our status: Free & Take orders Some items can be mailed (courier 90)rare mailbox. Fee for each item: +10c for Celebration +20c for other servers For orders, you can pm: - Tclunatic (ingame or forum) updated: 1 november 2014 Chain Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Chain sets(iron) 55c 80c 1s10c 1s50c 2s Chain(single piece) 8c 10c 15c 20c 30c *Jackets & pants = +10c Chain Barding(iron) 50c 60c 70c 80c 1s Shield Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Small metal shield 8c 15c 20c 30c 40c Medium metal shield 10c 20c 30c 40c 50c Large metal shield 15c 30c 40c 50c 60c Plate Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Plate set 1s 1s70c 2s50 3s75c 4s50c Low stock on ql80 steel Plate gauntlet 5c 10c 15c 18c 25c Plate legging 25c 40c 60c 80c 1s15c Plate breastplate 30c 50c 75c 1s 1s45c Plate sabaton 10c 15c 25c 30c 40c Plate vambrace 15c 25c 35c 40c 50c Plate Helm/basinet/great 10c 15c 20c 30c 40c Weapon Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Iron weapons 25c 35c 50c