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  1. Jackal 2 when?

    Id be up for another run on it as well
  2. I would say that improved improve would be a MUCH better addition to the game for new players and casual players. Not having to activate tools would make the game much less clunky and confusing for new players. Which should go a step in the right direction towards player retention.
  3. I am also confused as to how its harder... they gave you another option to complete it. The reward is pretty good already and worth doing it.
  4. +1 literally all kingdoms on chaos saying this...
  5. 95ql + only please Willing to pay 50c/1k. I will take smaller amounts. Drop off will be t22 celebration, willing to pick up if on coastal location that is easy to get to and not on Xanadu or Chaos. Contact either Necroedarkslayer, Jaymie or Lukane, Bengerrr (not me) Or you may contact viremental (not me) as well OR Galigan or Siegfried (not me) Looking for upwards of 1 million wemp! Updated amount due to contributions to the Wemp Forever Fund.
  6. Thank you for getting to this promptly, loving the attention that the dev team is putting into things. Also the treasure hunt system is not bad on live, already done a couple and they were quite fun, especially on chaos.
  7. Freedom players fit your description a whole heck of alot more than chaos players. I mean look at that User guy above, he is a Deli player and guy is an absolute bully.
  8. Great changes, appreciate them.
  9. I felt this nerf was a bit too much, could do without having to fill water bar with coffee maybe. I dont mind using more of it if I dont have to have someone use a special move on me to be able to keep the buff going. -Necroedarkslayer (Casual Fo Priest BTW)