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    [00:17:37] <Dadd> hilarious seeing Jukimo with Necro in the same kingdom tbh LOL


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  1. Not much pvp on chaos either when groups leave because 2-3 people get a kill against the 15 man group. Or just flat out leave because 5 people show up to defend.
  2. Oh man -1 because this might actually result in pvp. Oof
  3. Id absolutely be for this if there was a deed limit attached, because we lack some of the mechanics that exist on the other server to stop deeds from being built as crazy monstrosities. So +1 with the amount of deeds a kingdom can have being limited in some form.
  4. That is what I want to see though, means more possible kills. How is that a bad thing for anyone, gives you a chance to redeem and the enemy a chance to get another kill.
  5. What a weird way to state that its as if you are saying my deed is getting solo drained, I can't remember that happening.
  6. I mean not sure why you are accusing me of having anything to do with anything, just dont like your suggestion. You seem pretty mad tho.
  7. You mean those mechanics that JK used to lay traps like everyone else because the "zerg" kingdoms wont take anything near an even fight? So yes you are wrong
  8. +1 Surface mining needs some love
  9. Description: Libila demands you to create 112 large large signs.
  10. Try playing around with the liquids that change tiles, seems to be a good way to grind nat subs. Just make a small amount each time.