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    [00:17:37] <Dadd> hilarious seeing Jukimo with Necro in the same kingdom tbh LOL


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  1. Try playing around with the liquids that change tiles, seems to be a good way to grind nat subs. Just make a small amount each time.
  2. I could be wrong but I do believe that when you block someone their posts on the forums are still visible to you it just puts them in a "spoiler" that you would have to click on to see the post.
  3. Time does fly only seems like yesterday when I rehired you to the staff team as a CA. It turns out it was in 2015 though lol. Hope you enjoy whatever you move onto from this though.
  4. [14:30:17] <Neimo> eh i would join hota but i have work tomorrow and a date with an escort in about 5minutes
  5. FYI I don't play on northern because grinding yet another toon fully is not something I want to dedicate myself to at this time. But if you were to pm me I could certainly answer any questions about pvp servers in general and/or direct you to a group that might fit your play style good. Know people from pretty much every one of them.
  6. Have you given any thought to trying pvp servers? You do not have to pvp on them most groups are happy to just have people around actively, usually great communities (seriously very few that were or are not) Most have many active players and do group stuff together whether it be building towers, building deeds, digging, pvp list goes on. PVP is often mis judged in the fact that you cannot go there and play as a "freedomer" that is almost always certainly an option. The way things generally function is as if you are a large family/community and people will play other games together in the group often as well. Maybe consider trying it, if not well now you see why some of us DO NOT play much on any of the freedom servers
  7. Beastwolf I will date you. Please change your location to taken and report to my house to be shackled in the basement. Kthxbai.
  8. I am 100% positive he saw this, but I wouldn't expect him to respond you might have proof to show...
  9. This guy is a huge troll, don't interact with him. Also he doesn't even play the game.
  10. Yeah that guy, I heard he hasn't played in like 6 months or something....
  11. Just shorten the casting time... literally the solution to the problem looking you in the face.
  12. +1 I would like to play a priest on pvp but that will shortly be ruining my gameplay on pve.
  13. Question why not make it so if you walk out of range of the link it just delinks you. Solves that entire problem.
  14. I did manage to kill my alt via taking a 98 damage wound and the resulting "healing tick" killed it. This was almost right after the fishing system was release and I was using a 93ql enchanted spear tbf though.
  15. Rare Horseshoe 53ql 5s Start Bid 1s increments No buyout If the bid goes over 12s I will throw in 3 53ql non rare horseshoes to the winner