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  1. What negative effects would this have on the game? Bdew you SHOULD look at it as a similiar concept to Copyrighted materials, if you want to use someone elses copyright you pay them. PMK's cost money to found, and they get a handful of small items that only they can craft. Why would you not have to pay for ability to make them too? This is indeed a medieval game, so why bring into the discussion a car and the brazilian flag? If you wore a tabard from another kingdom in the medieval days you would likely be in some serious trouble. Same goes for flying the flags of another kingdom. If you want this to be a medieval game but you want to be able to craft items from a PMK you have not joined, then they should be able to do exactly what they could have done then and raid and pillage your village. I'm glad in the modern society you can do as you wish like this but you are the one who made the point this is a medieval game.
  2. Why is it that you feel a player from another server that doesn't play in the kingdom should be able to craft the gear from that kingdom? What sense does that make? If you want to get free kingdom gear of a kingdom GO JOIN THEM. None of the kingdoms to my knowledge charge anyone for anything as long as your part of them. As well being part of a kingdom does not mean you have to pvp, you could very easily just craft, build, maybe defend and your kingdom mates would generally be happy with you either way. I don't think this would be horrible so long as in doing so it require the same costs and the same player needed requirement otherwise this will become a horrible amount of work for the art/dev team. But thats for another suggest, let me know if you make it I will 100% +1
  3. Here we go the pvp hating pve player... This would have little to no effect to you why even comment? +1 GREAT SUGGESTION
  4. Redeemable Bonuses

  5. Plans ?

    I just noticed your sig... meanie.
  6. Plans ?

    8k overall skill points (niarja), below should put me damn near there. Finish 90 in every weapon, 4 left to go, missing 10 points or less. 90 (47) Milking, 100 hfc (93), 90 (78)stone cutting.
  7. Concrete

    3k concrete for sale 1s per 100 Willing to deliver for free any order over 5s Buy it all for 28s.
  8. When can horses be attacked?

    Unless tamed the rift mobs don't attack a ridden horse that I have seen. Though traps can be triggered on your horse there.
  9. Animal grooming

    +1 with skill related requirements
  10. Kingdom shields

  11. Beastwolf

    Glad to see the toon in good hands. Do it justice and mention capes at least 1 time daily please.
  12. supreme / fantastic item "crafting"

    The time period that the negative votes and positive votes have happened is irrelevant, why are you trying to make this about you? This has 0 to do with you except that you are the one that made this poor suggestion. Again this suggestion is horrible. -1
  13. supreme / fantastic item "crafting"

    Well I do have something to add about the suggestion. The suggestion itself is greedy. Oh and once again: -1
  14. supreme / fantastic item "crafting"

    No I will not just move on because I do not like this suggestion, just because you are the OP does not mean that others are not entitled to comment here whether you like them or not. I am sorry that you are bringing past into this suggestion thread. I do not like this idea, never said a thing about you. Anyways once again, regardless of how you word it I still don't like the suggestion so... -1