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    [00:17:37] <Dadd> hilarious seeing Jukimo with Necro in the same kingdom tbh LOL


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  1. Valrei International. 084

    I have missed rolf's streams, he was funny.
  2. CLOSE

    Iron Rare smaul with bt and rare fruit press for 6s total? If so cod to Necroedarkslayer
  3. Affinities in non-action-based skills

    Large Wooden and Medium Metal Shields as well as huge club.
  4. Dem Capes!

    See I could have done something about this but in fact my hope was to get someone like you to click it and wonder why it wasn't working
  5. Dem Capes!

    From emoos Stream. Thank you Retro!
  6. Devlog thread closed?

    Honestly the excuse of having a small development team is getting old. There has been at least 10 people I know that have applied, most of which never even got a response. You cant grow the team if you don't even try. It is clear help is needed, start allowing people to help and stop keeping everyone in the dark.
  7. Devlog thread closed?

  8. [No Bug]Essence drain on bow

    Considering LT doesn't work on bows I very much doubt it, but you can however cast it on the arrows and it should work.
  9. Volume Indicator

  10. WTA Supreme stone chisel

    Supreme chisels are one of my favorite tools, well worth picking up one peeps! Free bump.
  11. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Keenan, I just want to say... Thank you for keeping us updated and for doing this. It is much appreciated.
  12. Cannot imp Catseyes on Chaos

    Not sure if its a bug that I cannot even imp them on chaos, but seems so. I understand you cannot use them but seeing as imping them is best way to grind paving skill and it cannot be done on chaos this is silly. Again if not bug can we maybe get it looked into to allow imping and creating them atleast?
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    Could even go as far as incorporating something similiar to DND where you have some math behind a check to see if getting hit interupts your cast and have some skill like maybe mind speed be the determining factor on whether you successfully concentrate well enough to keep casting.
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    Don't you get a nerf to CR while casting? I do believe so... which means you are more susceptible to being hit while casting. A huge axe to the face can 100% stop a cast just as well as a tangleweave. I am not saying a priest should block with shield while casting, that I could see being changed. Actually above makes perfect sense more i think about it. A priest holds statuette with both hands ( has to concentrate on casting) would not be any different then pulling out a huge axe and no longer having shield available to block with. Would maybe make a small fight more viable against priests.