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    [00:17:37] <Dadd> hilarious seeing Jukimo with Necro in the same kingdom tbh LOL


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  1. Beastwolf is both mine and Virementals pet, we love him dearly. He leads us to our deaths often, we play fetch with him with random boats across chaos he never fails to bring them back to us. He is capable of many tricks including video editing, being bad at pvp and being the best toaster pawner this side of Valrei. In summary he is the greatest pet either of us have ever had.
  2. Maybe give prayer reset with only 1-2 listeners, but no faith gains from them?
  3. Since the removal of the player gods give us the ability to choose champ slots as before. No limit to one of each god for each kingdom. Also add key bind for bashing walls/towers/mine doors and what not. Also keep in mind as far as making vynora viable. Sure she has spell spam... Mag however has pretty close to same spell spam, damage bonus, res stone, healing spell. Last time someone brought this up I saw staff say something like: "vynora has utility spells" none of those are pvp utility spells and the pve side has nothing to do with pvp. So in order to balance out vynora a bit you have to look past the pve side of the priest and look towards only the pvp side of it. As it is with fo and mag being the way they are you WONT see vynora priests other than champs for pvp and that is only because we are forced to have one to compete. The kingdom management going to some other titles or people would be super handy as well. Since sharing is down to two people now that would help alot. There are times you need to have access to the kings permissions at a moments notice. It could potentially be treated similar to deed permissions. Please revert the sailing changes for pvp they killed boat pvp pretty hard. As far as alts go, dont let people start a new account on the server and that would atleast be a step in the right direction. Giving a timer once you hit local of an enemy to be able to karma out could help combat abuse with caves changing as suggested. On top of this maybe making it so an enemy in local doesn't affect skill gain until they are gone, maybe after 1-2 hours it goes on cd for a couple hours or something. (Or just do away with that in general)
  4. [21:03:17] <Beastwolf> i already have 4 scammed credit cards in that name
  5. [13:51:55] <Wargasm> Just visiting with Andderson and ANALICE in a 3 way
  6. Except when vynora missions were added back they WERE on chaos too. But were removed again.
  7. Pretty sure they are now called MRF and are on exodus. Might be a good place to start
  8. Yeah its miserable to do much of anything there, its gotten to the point that some people are having to go elsewhere to skill. It has been going on for a significant length and should be treated seriously.
  9. Can also confirm it works with bricks
  10. As a Vyn follower, I also disagree.
  11. Servers down?

    Chaos also down. Wurmageddon?