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    [00:17:37] <Dadd> hilarious seeing Jukimo with Necro in the same kingdom tbh LOL


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  1. While in combat with a toon could not cast six sense, or wisdom of vynora on another toon. [15:48:03] After you finish attacking you will start casting.
  2. The Infidel Problem

    [15:43:55] Paaweelr would never help the infidel Necroedarkslayer. With or without faithful on. This is from me attempting to cast hell strength/willowspine on Necroedarkslayer Necroedarkslayer is a Vynora, toon casting is Paaweelr Clarifying this is while in combat.
  3. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Keep in mind... This absolutely one of the biggest updates they have done to the game, fundamentally changes so much code. Its gonna be alot of work for them to implement it all and what not. I for one appreciate that they are not rushing it in and are taking their time on this. I do want to get in like everyone else to play but I truly do appreciate the time being taken.
  4. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Looking forward to this update rolling in all the way, should definitely make for some interesting pvp and gameplay. Huge shout out to @Sindusk @ausimus and Darklords... whom i cant seem to @ for the pvp changes in general. Also thank you to samool and budda for the potential good client changes. Worth the wait
  5. Just don't pull a Threap on him.
  6. Ban character selling/sharing

    Definitely -1 As much as not allowing accounts to be sold from the get go would have been a wonderful idea, it was not done. I would not want to punish players who spent tons on accounts now in order to appease a very small group of people who have something against it. As well for account sharing... While I realize some people have something against it... In reality this is one of, if not the most grindy game out there if you do not allow people to share accounts to in order to not have to grind every skill in the game to support themselves or in an attempt to make people buy everything you would truly end up with a nightmarish situation for PVP at very least and possibly some PVE. I am not an account buyer or seller myself.
  7. -1 It sounds like a cool idea in some ways but in reality... I do not see it working out well.
  8. Capes ...add capes! Please?

    All about dem capes!
  9. Please close

    I mean I would imagine that he sells the one that he got first to sell. I mean I could be wrong but that would make most sense.
  10. 100 Restoration Title

  11. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    FYI, I was "kicked" from the group for not being active enough on the servers anymore because I played on chaos.
  12. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    I hate to say this because there are some great people in the P/R group, but there are also some of the most greedy players I have met to date in this game. I was part of this group for a long time, I actually started this group along with Aum, wkm and a few on release. It did used to be very community oriented, but it has long since devolved. I can't get on board with shaming Oblivion for taking any uniques from a group like this, in fact I applaud him for doing so. I hate to say it like this, but P/R group... get your heads out of between your legs and pay attention to what your doing to yourself. The friendships lost, the people harassed, the greed you allowed take over the cluster over this stupid hunting group.
  13. Chaos Skirmishes thread moderation

    I mean Mclavin, I get your point here truly. But I was on the forum team and the skirmish thread is alot more heavily moderated then it used to be and stuff has always been reported ALOT. Niki will know this as well as she was also on the team. The difference between now and then is purely the way its moderated.
  14. Chaos Skirmishes thread moderation

    +1 bring back lighter moderation on skirmish thread please