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    [00:17:37] <Dadd> hilarious seeing Jukimo with Necro in the same kingdom tbh LOL


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  1. Suggestion- Add links to those VODs or youtube videos to your news posts or a thread so people that don't generally watch them or have the ability to watch them see this kind of stuff easier
  2. New players do NOTHING for this game if the game is not making money off them.
  3. Full Steam Ahead

    The non striked out part is basically what improved improve does but only for improving. It does nothing for fighting or anything else in the game. On that note though, allowing you to do dig or mine without selecting the tool if it was on your toolbelt would be handy as well.
  4. Yes like those times people get banned for bashing bridges they did not bash because the staff did not even check who did it. Then when its found out they didn't bash it instead of reversing the wrongful ban its decided to find some other reason to keep the ban in place. Like the name of a deed which doesn't violate the rules in any way what so ever. A lot of people feel the whole being banned anytime thing is definitely a thing, especially when following incidents like the above they get banned because some other person in their kingdom abuses some "bug" (once again no proper investigation was done before hand, just ban handed out). If you expect people to not feel that way... well I don't know what to tell you. Many do and will probably not stop feeling unsafe any time soon. Also this is not me challenging moderation this is me bringing examples as to why people feel the way they do.
  5. Congrats @Samooland you will be missed @Budda Glad to you around again actively @Rolf I am excited for all that comes from this.
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    Or maybe potentially some way for the skills to still raise past 20 but the effectiveness of them to be capped at 20 to entice players to purchase premium. Also I think linking them to epic would be a smart move as then that would provide the opportunity for pvp without the opening of a second server right off the bat. I think wurm pvp has some draws and would be a silly thing not to include with this in some form for sure.
  7. One of the funnest things I get to do every year in wurm is "staff" at the impalong shrimpiie throws. As always I look forward to this
  8. All hail the new supreme overlord EMOO. Long live the leader. Give us those birds.
  9. All of the shrimpalongs Because I get to pester shrimpiie the whole time