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    [00:17:37] <Dadd> hilarious seeing Jukimo with Necro in the same kingdom tbh LOL


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  1. I felt this nerf was a bit too much, could do without having to fill water bar with coffee maybe. I dont mind using more of it if I dont have to have someone use a special move on me to be able to keep the buff going. -Necroedarkslayer (Casual Fo Priest BTW)
  2. [18:44:49] You reinforce the cave floor. [18:44:49] Mining increased by 0.0003 to 81.6191
  3. +1 with proper ratio, no reason to alienate a community in the way the current system does.
  4. It gives mining skill actually so would stand to reason its mining action.
  5. Join Kenn-Jellon today and play alongside legends like Hellfang, Jacobaconaked, Breastwolf and cornydog.
  6. Not much pvp on chaos either when groups leave because 2-3 people get a kill against the 15 man group. Or just flat out leave because 5 people show up to defend.
  7. Oh man -1 because this might actually result in pvp. Oof
  8. Id absolutely be for this if there was a deed limit attached, because we lack some of the mechanics that exist on the other server to stop deeds from being built as crazy monstrosities. So +1 with the amount of deeds a kingdom can have being limited in some form.
  9. That is what I want to see though, means more possible kills. How is that a bad thing for anyone, gives you a chance to redeem and the enemy a chance to get another kill.
  10. What a weird way to state that its as if you are saying my deed is getting solo drained, I can't remember that happening.