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  1. I did it!

    Thanks again everyone Lot of it was forges yes, but doing grindstones and mine doors for stone cutting did it's part too That would be A LOT of bricks haha
  2. I did it!

    Thank you everyone, appreciate all the support I'm out of likes, I'll get you tomorrow Felt
  3. I did it!

    Yup that's right it's finally done! [12:13:03] Masonry increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 Yes, i know i'm not the first 100 or anything, sadly lost that race a while back But hey, lots of you out there knew that this one of my long term goals and it was finally done yesterday. Special thanks to @Madnath for the push really, many hours of forge imping. Same to @ChampagneDragongot it on her last forge as i was about to leave I would keep going in the past but it will be too many people so thank you everyone through the time i have played this game Happy wurming!
  4. [12:13:03] Masonry increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 Stay tuned for a store page revamp (eventually lol)
  5. Goodbye

    Didn't get to know you too well, but i have always seen your name for how long I've been around. Good luck out there, maybe Wurm will take you back as it did to me when i "quit" haha