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  1. it is a feature that we hardly use on WO servers. You probably use it more on WU servers now. I looked in the WU code, and it was headers or something I think it said so probably why the fonts are so large. I'm sure someone could clean it up, there was just never a priority on it for us since we do not go modifying terrain or setting up zones other than when a new server opens sometimes, which is not that often.
  2. the window that comes up when you 'create focus zone' that is what I mean by the menu. in that window there are options (some not related to focus zones even)
  3. scroll down in the focus zone menu, delete zones is at the very bottom
  4. you create binds in the console window. F1 to open the console. then type bind <key> "flight" example: bind x "flight" (you must have the double quotes)
  5. activate ebony wand, right click ebony wand, Servers > Set Faith
  6. I have not done it myself, but I have been told it is just the steam long id, and not combined with anything else.
  7. #toggleca to make a ca #setmuter to make a CM
  8. Seems like a complicated way to get onto those accounts. All you really need to do is go ingame on your existing gm character, change the password of those other 3 deed holder accounts and put your own steamid as the password. then simply log into them as your own.. There is no need to go into the database at all.
  9. you do not need to turn the tile back to a wall to bring the rock tile back. Just right click the ground in the cave and use 'repair'. It will collapse the tile back to rock.
  10. i think loaditemfromhell is changed to just loadItem in WU changemodel works in WU, i've used it.
  11. GM Toggle

    You could simply log off and back on with a GM character when you need GM abilities. There is no limit to how many characters you can make.
  12. not all servers have a CA help chat ie: pvp. So that is likely why, i'm not sure how to enable it.
  13. I always wanted a food overhaul that brought buffs and negatives myself. so you might get a temporary buff from something but also a negative factor for it's use. Ql of ingredients and skill would impact ql of final food, which would impact the buff/time. Possibly some rare ingredients to lessen the negative sides. I dug out my old spreadsheet I was using before for it, looks like it had a lot of new cooking utensils, intermediate recipes and final recipes. An example of intermediate: Pie Shell Apple Pie Filling Blueberry Pie Filling Cherry Pie Filling Lemon Pie Filling Pumpkin Pie Filling Strawberry Pie Filling and Apple Pie Filling would use: Baking Mixing Bowl Wooden Serving Spoon Pie Shell Apple Butter Flour Sugar The plan was in some cases to allow 'any herbs' to be used to make the food item in some cases as well, not always specific things. Really to give players a reason to use each food and even temporary skillboost or exp gain in some things possibly.
  14. lets you choose your decompiler, people say cfr and procyon work the best.