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  1. Please make topic clear binding with numbers of items help a lot Thanks!
  2. Starting bid: 5s on RARE and 30s on Supreme min: 1s sniper: 1s reserve: none buyout:none
  3. I really hate this man... he ask me to make 20 minedoors to 80ql then he left them for Capybaras... SHAME
  4. i got also problem today with 2 clients with connection refused problem. then when i try to login its looks like wurm client dont want to work... after 10 times try to run it its start to working normal
  5. lets back old drake/dragon system with butcher uniq to get big scrap of hide/scale
  6. Sleep Bonus November 8th - City Hall - Wurm Online Forum it was soo good itming for cast
  7. Bull*** another mag cast without letting know ppl WHO want journal... Thanks!
  8. Public messege in event about them spawned like before will solve problem a bit. All players will know when they spawn so will be more roaming to catch it
  9. +1 i dont want kill @user more horses
  10. there is no template MR i JK kingdoms. Only HotS are basic