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  2. rare long bow from willow for 4s? to Gomeo if accept
  3. Yes i understand that but skill transfer to SFI from NFI can be really nice if ppl want to move back to souther servers to their main accounts. some ppl start playing on NFI because think it will be something other with steam release(big numbers etc) but it comes to the same like on SFI and i know a lot of ppl they will be happy if can move their NFI toon to others accounts they got.
  4. pve are for noobz lets make chaos great again and stop safety macroing them on pve servers big yes +10000
  5. please able to transfer my NFI toon to SFI please like defiance=NFI transfers
  6. naah how can i be strong with 30body str account when i not able to champ?
  7. 600 days ago last seen