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  1. Goodbye

    You guys have given me so much love here , you may have almost convinced me to come back. Maybe.
  2. Goodbye

    Hello Cecci, how are you doing ,? I hope you are all good. I am in my 52nd year, and I think I am a bit too old to be playing an MMO.
  3. Goodbye

    Hello. How are you all doing ? All good I hope, despite all this ###### we're in. Some of you out there will probably remember me . I'm the weapon smith that used to give free imps to all and sundry on their server. Some may even call me a turncoat, a traitor. I first logged into Premium time on 12 December 2012, and, back then, there were only two servers. Independence, and Wild. I joined a village on the former, Silent Hill. I spent many a good evening there, playing alongside Eliasthecrimson, Aeris, Tombat, and Stalk.. I was soon made an Elder by Elias, and took Tris back to see all was still good. When Exodus opened up in 2012 I founded a deed there, my first of 5. . I then went to Chaos and lived there for four years,. I should have gone to Wild first I guess, because I loved the PVP side of Wurm. II also played on Epic, as a member of The Horde. That was for about a year or so. I went back to PVE when Black Legion were no more. I was the only BL in the whole kingdom on that day. I grabbed a sailing boat and headed for Xanadu, where I founded a deed, called Arthur's Seat. I have played with long established players and newbies alike, and I've treated all the same, as intelligent, dignified people. I am saying goodbye, community. It has been a ###### good trip. Take care, each and every one of you. Yours most sincerely, Lancelot. X
  4. Thanks both of you for responding. I'll try to catch both of you in -game to talk further.
  5. Hello, fellow Wurmians. I am in the market for the following items. A knar, with purple sails. 200 support beams 10 glimmersteel lumps at no less than 95 ql Thank you in advance to whoever can furnish me with these items. Preferably on my home server, because I only have a sailing boat. However, I am more than willing to travel to trade, and see your place.
  6. Hello I offer my services . I can do weapon smithing up to 94 quality. I charge no more than 50c for this. I can do blacksmithing items to 80 quality. I can also improve masonry to 75 quality. I also offer fletching to 65 and fine carpentry to 65.
  7. White Dragon

    Where please ? Inbox me ty
  8. White Dragon

    Will try to be there
  9. Plans ?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what your personal in-game goals are for this year. I'm going for 90 digging, 90 wood cutting, 90 blacksmithing,, 95 weapon smithing, 50 overall mauls, 90 large metal shield to name a few. But what are yours ?
  10. If there is one piece of advice I can offer new players, it's this. Don't grind. Do not waste all your time trying to increase one skill. You will quickly lose interest and get bored. Use your skills as you need them, the gain will come.
  11. Hello It's been a while since I've posted but I feel I have to put this up. can you go there and respond to some of my work ?
  12. He doesn't even play any more.
  13. i'll go 94 weaponsmihing 81 backsmithing 60 fletching and 61 fine carp currently