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  1. I highly recommend VirusMD, the item I ordered was cast well over the power requested and it was sent to me for the lower price anyways. The item was being made for me, not one I sent in, and I never would've known the difference if this one had been set aside in favor of a power closer to my order. Excellent service, and I'll absolutely be coming back if I have future orders!
  2. If this hasn't been resolved yet, I had the exact same issue after a sudden client crash a couple of days ago. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not resolve the issue, but going to AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online, where Wurm is installed, and removing a file called "depfiles" resolved the issue and allowed the launcher to open again. It seems that this file got corrupted somehow, and uninstalling the game leaves quite a few files like this behind, so that installing again doesn't actually resolve your issue. Consider renaming the file to something like depfiles.old incase this doesn't solve the issue and you need to restore the original file.
  3. I'd like a 90's COC meditation rug to Meruvian please. Thanks!
  4. 1 ql 70 carving knife to Meruvian please, thanks! Update: Service was above and beyond my expectations, Pantha really is an excellent seller.
  5. I'd like to order a ql 80 silver Large Maul if possible, thanks! COD to Meruvian please.
  6. On Hiatus

    Hey, CoD 10.92QL grooming brush, oak CoC63 - 61 copper to Meruvian please. Thanks!