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Found 15 results

  1. ** Recipe goal completers! If you don't care what recipes you want, you can PM me screenshots of your cooking journal and which goal you are trying to reach. I will do the rest.** **Yes, I will be offering discounts/swaps-10% off of orders of 100 recipes. Large orders may take a few days** Now selling some natural/bulk goods, archaeology items, and cooking supplies, as well as recipes. Almost everything can be COD'd at a cost of 1c from a new, fast mailbox (10c for barrels, 1i for recipes) each or picked up from J16 Indy. Bulk goods are pick up or wagoner on Indy, though I may be able to deliver to some coastal areas, if you ask! I have a merchant at CLUB Market, by Haven's Landing with a small sample of recipes, cooking items, rares, and barrels of bulk ingredients. I accept payment in silver and sleep powders (1s each), but I accept barter as well! Barter/Swaps accepted for payment: Recipes- 10c, includes the subrecipes, if you need them. Subrecipes alone (at the bottom) are 3c. COD is 1i per recipe. Recipe count: 624! (How many are there? I don't know. I'm hoping there's an achievement to let me know!) Desserts and sandwiches -10c each - Baking skill: Meals- 10c each - Hot food cooking skill: Cold dishes- 10c each - Cooking parent skill Sub-recipes-3c each Various skills, used in multiple recipes: Drinks/Alcohol-10c each -Beverages skill (All alcohol recipes are the unfermented recipes, where necessary. Complete the recipes through to the final product for more recipes, if you are pursuing goals.) Cooking Supplies Rares, gems, & archaeology Bulk and Organic Goods
  2. I am trying to make a recipe that requires multiple items in order to craft an item, in this case a Julbord. However, when I go to make the item in game it completes the whole thing without requiring the additional items. I can't seem to find why it is doing this, nor how to declare it to create an unfinished version of the item that needs the rest to be completed. (I am a complete beginner at coding and have been looking through code made by others trying to copy their method) Any tips or help is greatly appreciated! package org.dragonsgatewu.wurmunlimited.mods.julbordrecipe; import com.wurmonline.server.items.AdvancedCreationEntry; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationCategories; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationEntryCreator; import com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationRequirement; public class JulbordRecipe { public JulbordRecipe() { AdvancedCreationEntry julbord = CreationEntryCreator.createAdvancedEntry(10038, 22, 1173, 442, true, true, 0.0F, false, false, CreationCategories.COOKING_UTENSILS); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (1, 22, 9, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (2, 1173, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (3, 217, 10, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (4, 258, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (5, 257, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (6, 259, 5, true)); julbord.addRequirement(new CreationRequirement (7, 129, 50, true)); } } I already have 1 + 1 = finished item working perfectly but I want this to be a more advanced recipe that requires more than a plank and plate to make, but also forks, spoons, knives, etc.
  3. Would it be possible for the crafting menu to show how much weight of an item is required (if applicable) so that we don't need to run to the wiki for every little thing.
  4. After adding custum recipes (ids 1500+) - all learned recipes of players disappear with server restart.
  5. Something wrong in Recipe book: Open Rum and see one of Ingredients: Fennel seed. Next craft of Fennel seed: Use mill to the any spice. Sorry, maybe wrong place for that topic.
  6. Mead is a fermented beverage, pretty similar to wine. EDIT: Yes, I know there is mead in the game, I'm just suggesting how mead should work in order to make it simple, more realistic and able to age like wine. We should be able to use water + honey to make mead, which can be stored indefinitely and, like wine, would reach higher quality over time and have the same effects. We have the bees, mead could be easily implemented as a kind of wine, only with a different recipe. Please upvote, let's make this happen!
  7. I am hosting the first recipe based competition in Wurm (that I know of). There will be prizes for the best recipe submitted, but there are some rules! Winning Recipe: Veg Soup (Lisabet) Second place: Marshmallow (Nordlys) Third place: Breakfast (Joedobo)
  8. Edit: As requested, for the moment this project will be offset, for some weeks or more. Will get back at it when a bit of time has passed from the patch. Edit #2: I'll make it more clear: If you are looking for a specific recipe you can PM me with a request to see if i have it, you can also PM me about for having the whole list (which is still small atm, since nobody ever shared anything anymore in PM me since the thread got stopped) I think pming me for a list is spoiler-safe enough. If you ask for a recipe, or for the list, would be great if you could share yours too : D yeah, we still need your help as right now the list isn't growing. When the "ban" will be lifted i will paste them all here.
  9. I can't cook the recipe 'billy sheep gruff stew' since neither veggies or meat can be placed in a open helmet
  10. You heard it right folks! Come get your cheap recipes! Sick of trying to figure out one recipe and wasting resources? Looking for that next recipe to add to your collection? Want to fill that sweet craving you have? Well check out my ever growing list of recipes and buy one, two or all of them! ALL food recipes are 25c and below! ALL alcohol recipes are 30c! If the recipe you want isn't on the list, feel free to PM me and check if I have it yet. Recipes for Sale: PM me ingame or leave a message here. EDIT: As lisa said, some of these have sub-recipes. If you don't have them I can message you them for FREE via pm.
  11. I did a quick search and didn't see a similar topic, apologies if this is well worn territory. A couple of improvements that I think could help make the crafting recipes window more useful: A Back button to return to the previous entry. For example if you are looking at the Large Cart recipe and click into the small wheel axle, you have to search for Large Cart again to get back, shouldn't be necessary. Show the amount of material needed. Looking up sheet all it tells you is that you need a needle and square cloth. It would seem reasonable for it to be more specific that you need 1.5kg of cloth.
  12. WTS Recipe's Vodka .............25c Whiskey ............ 25c Gin ................. 25c Brandy .................. 25c Raspberry Brandy.............. 25c Moon Shine ............... 1.00s Wort n Ginger Beer .................25c *New Olive Gin 25c marshmallows recipe 1 silver GM's requested not to share recipes publicly so deciding to sell a few if anyone needs them. willing to swap out or trade for any not listed here. Having problems adding to your cook book after purchase? I ran into this with 12 or 13 customers ( re logging ) will fix this issue don't worry your not drunk yet !!
  13. Just that currently their are 3 types of buildings the resources are in place why not example. Colored Brick file iron lump to make iron powder mix with Acid to make Red or Brown Iron Powder mix this with Mortar/ Clay and Sand to get Red or Brown bricks for red or brown brick buildings Asphalt Shingles = Wood makes Paper + Tar + Sand gives you Asphalt Shingles make the wood floor the color of the wood you are using ? Wood siding = planks and small nails Interior wall improve drywall rock dust or being specific gypsum either way mix with water. Paint wal improve interior or exterior wall Paint. Many ways to make paint common animal fat or olive oil = oil mix with pigments reds to blacks can be made with iron powder and acid rest berries and flowers. So Many things can be done to improve things and allow people to create gets rather old rather fast with limitations people like options. First come up with a standard mode loader and build it into the system 2 info out their how to make modes and 3 put mods in steam workshop to download. no one can find them here and then to download what modloader come on. great base so lets build !