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  1. Ok, where are my Doomies at? Many hours in now and absolutely loving it!
  2. [21:25:54] Nogump the dirty has given birth to this foul two-headed giant wielding a huge twohanded sword. The "twohanded" should probably be something like "two handed" or "two-handed"
  3. Way back in my DAoC days, there was a character class called Inconnu, they were primarily best as archers, which is what I was trying to create. Well if you know anything about DAoC or that particular class, they are incredibly small, so I pulled the size slider all the way down to make it even smaller, then I wanted a name to par, so I tried various iterations of "shrimp" until I caught one that wasn't taken, Shrimpiie. (I also had a big orc named Cheezball ) No, the name does not come from the sea creature "Shrimp", but rather it was such a long drawn out process to explain where the name came from to folks, and most folks immediately assumed it was a sea creature related name, so I decided many years ago to just embrace it, and thus you have it!
  4. Suggestion as old as time... I would love them, but with keys having virtually no use nowadays, there really is not much need to implement them. +1
  5. Also, far as I am aware, lag wouldn't effect the server the item is being mailed from, as items in the mail arrive at their destination server instantly, and then wait the X minutes based on the power of the sending mailbox before they become available. This is why you must be on the server you were on when an item is sent to you, vs. being on it within the X time to arrival.
  6. Did you mean to PM instead of post?
  7. Short and simple, KoS is not griefing or toxic behavior in the slightest. If someone doesn't want a player to enter the land that THEY pay for, then it is entirely their right to prevent that without the unnecessary restriction of needing to ring in the deed with fences. Players don't have a "right" to be on every deed in Wurm, they have a "privilege" and that privilege can be revoked for whatever reason the mayor deems necessary. The recent incident was honestly the first time I have ever seen or heard of this specific situation occurring, I had no clue you could even KoS yourself, but future incidents can quite easily be handled as necessary depending on frequency. -1 to any changes to the current system, it is more than fine as it is.
  8. Oh god no, that would seriously mess with about every coastal deed in Wurm, docks would be flooded then boats would be stranded and canals would be impassable half the time. The romantic notion of the tides is nice but there is nothing valuable or funny or reason-giving-for-dredging at all about incorporating it into Wurm. -1
  9. Like all of us on the path of insanity when it was changed from flat 50% DR to 30% scaled over multiple levels? Or any other necessary changes to meditation that will inevitably impact someone?
  10. Because everyone wants to spend a lot of time repairing everything in deed maintenance...
  11. Concrete is irrelevant to new player construction, that is certainly later game use, no please.
  12. Just a regular weapon, a 2h warhammer, craftable, similar to any other weapon. Move warhammer skill to under the mauls skilltree and presto, all solved.
  13. As title: [10:42:05] You trigger a pole trap! Has an extra odd space between "a" and "pole"
  14. As title: [14:04:01] You can only have a maximum of 50 private annotations. Shouldn't be a limit for private, deed, or alliance annotations on personal maps.
  15. Village tab needs it as well(it would be odd to have yes, but nice to have that option available). +1
  16. You can no longer convert to the HotS kingdom at the bone altar(as of like 1-2 years ago by now?), the only method is via an existing member of that kingdom to convert you.
  17. Map from 2012

    My deed(Blackmoor) I didn't want to list on the map for fear of looters if it ever fell, but it is there across that canal from Port Derringer in the SW, on Wolf Island North I am fairly certain I have this update of this map somewhere, I liked to save each version when they came out.
  18. Small chests are mailable, as are small barrels believe it or not. You can mail items to yourself but the catch is that items sent to someone(yourself included) arrive instantly at the server their recipient was on when the items were sent, then they wait X amount of minutes depending on the courier cast of the sending mailbox before they are available for retrieval. So it is useless to send yourself items.