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  1. Goodbye

    Sorry to see you go man, I think there is still plenty of room for you here... Other than that, take care in your future ventures
  2. "Take" option exists in the rclick menus of Brazier Pillars in containers or on the ground. [15:45:18] You are carrying too much to pick up the brazier pillar. Not sure why it is there given that they require 122 body strength to pickup
  3. [12:44:35] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [100] [12:44:35] The large anvil has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer. [12:45:12] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The bulk storage bin has been firmly secured to the ground by Shrimpiie. You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Omega'. Ql: 70.1059, Dam: 0.0. [12:45:12] You will want to polish the bulk storage bin with a pelt to improve it. Odd extra space for the portion of exmaine regarding what you need to use to improve the item.
  4. [12:42:10] A iron rune of Fo has been attached, so it will reduce fuel usage rate (10%) **An (iron rune of Fo...)
  5. Ok stay with me here this gets silly niche but... When you are in a permissions editing window for seemingly any item/building/house/gate/branded-animal, and you type in a name, delete a name or change the name in a method that involves adding/removing characters manually, it will allow you to "apply changes" without issue. BUT When you are in a permissions editing window for seemingly any item/building/house/gate/branded-animal, and you ctrl+v in a name, even replacing an existing portion/full name with that ctrl+v, and it will NOT allow you to "apply changes." - The above inability to "apply changes" is contingent as well on you not having edited anything else in that window bar the name change., such as different permissions themselves. - The above does NOT apply when setting a name to an unnamed item.
  6. That's not accurate at all. I have trees with lawns under them that have lived and died for years. The mechanic is quite literally to allow lawn to be the ground of a tree/bush tile.
  7. Maybe make marsh spread, slowly, like it was always rumored to Or be creatable.
  8. Then disallow random sprouting but code in to allow player specific.
  9. We can turn the ground under a planted bush/tree into a lawn with scissors, but why not allow sprouts to be planted onto lawn tiles as well, retaining the lawn? Weird that I have to wreck my lawn tile to plant a sprout, to then turn it back to lawn with scissors.
  10. Floor boards, placed down over marsh/dirt tiles, in the former to destroy it, in the latter, just non-uniform with the rest of pavement needs. So, remove the tedious need to make an entire floor board for the purpose of marsh destruction, allow it to be removed same as most other types of terrain, with cultivation/packing. Change floor boards to be layed down on packed tiles, like every other pavement type.
  11. Selected items become unselected when moving into an inventory group. A pain when you have dozens of items in an inventory group.
  12. This is the same PvP-bleedover stuff as well: [00:46:06] You are too far from the end.
  13. If you queue multiple actions to plant hedges to the same border on accident, after planting the first hedge there appears to be no flag to halt succeeding actions in the queue to attempt to plant hedges on that border. This results in the loss of sprouts to a tile border that already has a hedge created on it. Additionally if you try to plant two different hedge types, it will keep the first one planted and take the sprouts attempting to be planted of the second type with no change. EDIT: This works the same way for flowerbeds, lot of materials lost in that one...
  14. When keybinding the option to "plant naturally" with regards to hedge planting, the keybind doesn't work. No error message or anything, just straight doesn't attempt to plant the hedge. Rclicking and selecting the option from the menu works fine.
  15. [23:46:47] The ground is too moist here, so the sprout would rot. So somehow the E/S sides of a tile count against the opposite tile borders, if those E/S sides are underwater for planting a hedge despite the tile border you are tring to plant on being firmly above water. I get it, Wurm is weird, but can this be untangled, because it is incredibly annoying to try to plant sprouts near dock edges and the like but only to find out you have to drop vast sums of dirt to fill in your docks, just to plant a stupid hedge to then need to dig/dredge said dirt back out.
  16. [18:34:15] You start to destroy the low rope fence. [18:34:15] You must not move while doing that. [18:34:15] You stop destroying fence. - Remove this dumb PvP-based restriction from PvE please. [00:46:06] You are too far from the end. - This one too for planning/starting a wall, considering you can continue it from a tile+ over.
  17. Unfortunately announcements on when they were spawned were deliberately removed among other detection methods to avoid folks forming up the second it spawns and hunting it down within hours, leaving no chance for natural discovery by unwhitting parties. Since the removal of global announcements and other things the amount of folks randomly stumbling into a unique has greatly increased.
  18. A friend of mine and I used to play DAoC, he eventually got burned out and was checking around other MMO's in the world and somehow came across this tiny gem of a game. Convinced me to try it, tens of thousands of hours and nearly 11 years later, here I am
  19. Make straw beds impable, maybe with thatch, so we have something we can consistantly skill on other than planks on thatch roofs or creation.
  20. WurmNode

    Yoyo is 11million STP but Puppeteering is 3million...
  21. Let the decorative flower beds become harvestable to the flower-type that they are made with. I don't think it particularly matters that this makes the ever elusive white-dotted farmable, as it is particularly silly that it is such a low spawn rate in the first place being just another decorative item.
  22. Let us plant a range pole at the end tile, instead of needing a second account to hold it. It is a silly restriction that is even more hurting towards solo Steam-account players who have to use convoluted methods to log in a second account or get someone to come all the way out to where they are to hold it. There is also the niche case where an alternate account of someone doesn't have the stamina to hold the range pole for the length of time required for the main to plan the bridge; despite having a long timer tohold it takes stamina, kind of weird in itself...