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  1. Polite vendor. Easy service. Good prices. Delivered in 3 minutes. Marvelous! Thank you again!
  2. UCLG Marketplace

    I'd like to make a 60 ql wood purchase. Please PM Lyhrinae in game or on the forum to make further arrangements. Thank you!
  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I will be there! Thank you for tirelessly putting this on! I'll update this late with donation and imping options.
  4. Speedy service! Item received! Thank you again!
  5. I'd like your 94coc rake. COD Lyhrinae Thank you!
  6. Valrei International. 051

    Can't wait to see what Keenan's having for breakfast. Great update! Cheers!
  7. A mythical beast of legend

    There's been an update. I present to you, for your viewing pleasure,
  8. A mythical beast of legend

    My brother-in-law surprised me with this today. He's getting it framed for me.
  9. Entertainment Jongleurs

    Puppet theater using the market
  10. Weekly News #44 Runes and Moons

    Congrats, Pandalet! Looking forward to 1.3
  11. Wow sick bro

    Hey! I have mono too! How do your armpits feel? Is it a result of Epstien-Barr virus? I hear this ringing that I'm self diagnosing as tinnitus. What are you doing to counteract the awful? Bathing in electrolytes and crying a lot? I find that a netipot helps me, but waterboarding is brutal. I went to the pharmacy today and the pharmacist said "remember no contact sports" and I was like "hahaha...I'm too fat for that". I have no understanding of social conventions right now so I've been saying really weird things to people and having delirious rants--much like you see here. Ps. How many times have you been asked if you left the country so far? I'm on like 40.
  12. Slow change of focus

    Rolf, Tremendously grateful for the time you spent with us. I think time is the most important gift someone can offer another. Thirteen years is a terribly long time. I hope your next endeavor is fruitful and rewarding. Budda and Devs, The Rift is amazing. Looking forward to what the future holds.
  13. [09:31:20] A wild spirit is useless and you throw it away.

  14. Thanks for the clarification!