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  1. Wow, that's some sexy work! Congrats!
  2. +1 as long as it can hold 30,000 sandstone shards...
  3. Hey bud, what's the waiting time on a set of 80ql chain? I'd like a set via COD but looking for someone who can get it to me asap. Thanks, Pvt.

  4. COD me them copper chain pantaloons for 2.5s...
  5. #3 +1 for a hugely disappointing user experience «click» «click» «click»
  6. No typos here.. low low prices for chain stuffs!
  7. I have 320 baking stones over 10 ovens.
  8. Still imping strong.. PM me here or in-game as Jackjones.
  9. The contest is complete! Thanks for all participants. I will be messaging the winners on the forum in the next few days to work out the prizes. Top 3 Foal results: Win: Annyil LightningSweet, sired by Ardingly and birthed by Spatula with 140 points. Place (tie): Wulfmaer Minsccoffee, sired by Speckled Jim and birthed by Nexette with 120 points. Place (tie): Khador Dreamhard, sired by Fossil and birthed by Conker with 120 points.
  10. And we are off!! Currently imping chain and weapons ATM.
  11. Why iron plate? Was this the solution to people complaining about the long haul of skills needs for steel plate success? I'm sure the answer is going to be, "it was broken for years..." Well, i'm pretty ticked off. Why? See my signature...
  12. Starting this Friday... sermons can start earlier should the need arise. GET THEE TO SUMMEHOLT!
  13. LOL:
  14. Added horse race details