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  1. Xanadu map gone?

    Ahh see you are a God on your server.. if someone tries to jack with your map data, you can smite them! I have no such powers...
  2. Xanadu map gone?

    I check the quota from time to time, and we are well under the limits by a many magnitudes. Also there is not much data in the grand scheme of things. Maybe 500-600 rows of JSON data. We had a fully fledged web application with database and management pages at first, but went the Google Sheet route due to much easier data management interface.
  3. Xanadu map gone?

    Backup map with no frills: http://jackswurmtools.com/Content/tiles/xan-1801/terrain/openlayers.html
  4. Xanadu map gone?

    Google Sheet API has been acting inconsistent for a week now. A Google Sheet being our chosen method of managing map point data. Google's service has been up and down (mostly down) without notice and for an unknown reason outside of map code. Not much I can do at the present time without a large data source modification. Thank you for all of your patience in this matter, and I'll let you know when the map is up for good. (Keenan mentioned something amiss with Google 2-factor auth acting funny. While not relevant to this map issue, more proof that Google is not perfect.)
  5. NEXAlong ** November 8 - 11, 2018 ** Summerholt

    Reserved for future use.
  6. Save the date! The NEXA alliance are hosting an impalong on Xanadu in November near Summerholt. Much more to come.
  7. Stop the Market Mountains

    MEAT! +1
  8. BOTD Tools and Custom Paaweelr Enchants

    COD Jackjones: whetstone, QL100 BOTD90: 90c pelt, QL100 BOTD88: 78c Thank you!
  9. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    Wow! Can't wait...
  10. Counter for personal goals

    +1 please!
  11. Back Up Alert

  12. Meal and Pizza generator

    I love this tool! @Locath Would you be willing/able to provide a service layer for recipe generation, like a WebAPI other developers could call from their applications via REST?
  13. 6k Pottery Bricks (Xan)

    That's a fantastic price for pottery bricks...
  14. We are still recruiting... Have a few plots open for players looking for a village.