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  1. Yeah for map dumps..! Can we get a frequent dump of the road data in some format that map developers can use? This would be more useful than image dumps..
  2. Gosh I love newbs!! Welcome aboard, and my condolences to your significant other.
  3. Need another order to push past 96 CAS skill.
  4. Do you see how in this image, the first line and the fifth line are a bit crushed? This is causing me great distress.. Not only because OCD, but the garbled characters are hard to read for an old man like myself. Trying to figure this one out.. What could cause this? Note: I'm pretty exacting due to the fact that I'm a web developer, often seeking pixel perfect reproductions in HTML/CSS from Photoshop markups.
  5. Way too low, thanks KB!
  6. Prices updated... almost too low to even care!!!
  7. Maybe Sunday night (after Game of Thrones)...
  8. +1 for Toto lyrics
  9. Blah blah blah.. Radeon Settings -> GPU Scaling.. Looks like most people had to set this to OFF.. I had to set this to ON.