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  1. NEXA Market & Sanctuary(Sermons) - East of Summerholt

    Yes, beginning 21 Dec, through 1 Jan is perhaps a good time frame. There has been talk about starting early, but not before the 17th at the earliest.
  2. Peri's Haven Campground (WIP)

    Now you really need that bridge!!
  3. NEXA Market & Sanctuary(Sermons) - East of Summerholt

    Sermons coming 21 Dec until we get sick of it..
  4. Deliverance Community Map

    We did have a market highlighting feature on Xanadu in the beginning. We removed it due to a political situation. However, we could implement something like this: The Deli map has some of the legacy code that can support deed outlining for markets. Question is.. you like the orange?
  5. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    Nice map!
  6. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    This frankly sucks... May your bobbers always be bobbing, Tich!
  7. Searching for Sharkin

  8. +1 new new new up some easy things!
  9. login problems

    Same stuff, different day for me too.. I can log in, but the world renders slowly and some UI pieces never come in fully. Then I can't move... Comcast, USA here.
  10. Coffins!

    I would like wooden coffins, dye-able coffins, and coffins of marble, slate, and sandstone. Also, I would like a "bury" option for coffins with a warning/confirmation that all items inside will be lost. Lastly, the "bury" option for coffins could grant faith exactly like the "sacrifice" option on altars.
  11. Xanadu Community Map

  12. Xanadu Community Map

    Canals? Tunnels? Okay.. I think I changes these data markers correctly.. The Canals and Tunnels thing need a refactor.. maybe after vacation..;)
  13. Xanadu Community Map

    My best guess is that the Google Sheets API experienced a bit of downtime... could have also been something up with Hostgator. What I need to do is allow the map to render even when the data layer doesn't.
  14. Xanadu Community Map

    Done done done...