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  1. here are some deeds in the north west : WMADD LatLng(416.504269, 249)=Mia's Refuge ; WMADD LatLng(409.698432, 260.875)=Aire Lookout ; WMADD LatLng(417.587724, 275.09375)=Wandermere ; WMADD LatLng(416.379321, 243)=Brighton ; WMADD LatLng(399.381325, 243.375)=Angel's Landing ; WMADD LatLng(397.507106, 241.125)=Wellfleet ; WMADD LatLng(395.070621, 240.4375)=Frenchman's Bend ; WMADD LatLng(391.441456, 239.125)=Rodnoy Bereg ; WMADD LatLng(387.130753, 237.9375)=Forgotten in the woods ; WMADD LatLng(380.446038, 237.125)=City on the Coast ; WMADD LatLng(374.019106, 237.5)=Raz Haven ; WMADD LatLng(369.895824, 236.75)=New Frontier ; WMADD LatLng(363.148635, 236.25)=Lovage ; WMADD LatLng(360.128618, 236.78125)=Nettlesnook ; WMADD LatLng(358.19648, 238.875)=Littlewood ; WMADD LatLng(356.572157, 242)=Deez ;
  2. You can revise existing markers by giving WMDELETE for the old one and WMADD for the new one. I dont have a way to add highways, that will take some thinking...
  3. Hello people of Wurm, I am putting together a self-service community map at http://wurmmap.com/harmony You can visit this web page, right-click where you want your deed to be, and it will give you a piece of text that you can copy and paste as a message to this forum topic. A script will check this forum periodically to see if there are any new updates, and it will automatically update the map. I will set the frequency initially to check once every 10 minutes, but I may decrease it later to spare the forum server any unnecessary load. The fetching will be very light-weight (a single "curl" command to get the last page in the topic). I will make all the source code open for anyone who wants to duplicate or extend this. You can remove disbanded deeds by posting the same message, but changing "WMADD" to "WMDELETE". I'll start off with an example. This will create one of the starter deeds as an initial point on the map : WMADD LatLng(257.28874, 498.3125)=Harmony Bay ; A Starter Deed Notice the semicolon. The deed name comes before the semicolon, and any (optional) additional info can come after the semicolon. Cheers, Drinkie
  4. I wonder if this forum has an API that a bot could use? Then the bot could update the map based on posts here in this thread. We wouldnt need to rely on a single person to maintain it. We could limit submissions based on forum reputation if bad entries become a problem. edit: I see an API is not needed, the forum is open so curl or wget can fetch these pages. Let me see if I can find a map/overlay backend to use...
  5. If your system completely freezes, then it is likely to be an issue either with the graphics driver (fglrx) or the system hardware under stress (cpu or ram overheating, etc). Check the kernel log in /var/log/kern.log to see what the last few messages were before you had to reboot. I have successfully used openjdk 7, and oracle version 8. Switching java version probably is not going to make a difference with your system freezing. Try updating to the latest fglrx and make sure your fans are clean and running smoothly.
  6. Sorry, I dont know why your system degraded when you upgraded java. Your "top" output doesnt show anything particularly wrong. The only thing I can think to suggest is to try lowering some graphics settings.
  7. The NV-GLX shows that you are using nvidia's drivers, which is good. In general, performance should not be worse when in 64 bit mode. You might try playing around with the graphics settings. Also, check that you are not running into swap (top will show amount of swap used, and this should not be large or growing). As a data point, I am using a 4 year old intel i7 CPU @3.2 Ghz (http://cpuboss.com/cpu/Intel-Core-i7-960) and getting 60 FPS with java using 90% cpu. When I limit FPS to 30, java uses only 40% cpu.
  8. Yes, I'd like to see outhouses in wurm. Currently I must gather my food and cook it and eat it, but we're missing an important part of that equation. I think it would be an interesting game mechanic. One must relieve one's self before going on a long boat journey.
  9. regarding a loss in performance : run "top" in a terminal to see if java is taking 100% cpu or close to it, and also to see what else is taking cpu. Also, run this command to see what GLX implementation you have : xdpyinfo | grep -i glx
  10. No, "kill" really means kill. It's a linux/unix command, not a poor translation. If your cpu is overheating, it's best to re-seat it with new thermal paste and make sure your fans are working effectively. I dont quite understand the "troubles" part. If "killall java" is not effective, try "killall -9 java".
  11. Hello people, GM Teutates advised me to post the resolution to a problem I experienced Sunday night. After a long time of having no problems, last night (Sunday) I began to experience "halfway disconnections" where I could still see events and move around in the world, but right clicking on a tile would just show a bouncing cursor and "refreshing...". Era suggested upgrading to java 8. I did, and the problem has not been seen again. Cheers,