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  1. @balsimarplease correct me if this is wrong, but I think the more correct position of New Shamalot is on the next bump over, closer to D14 in relation to these other prominent deeds on the north shore : WMDELETE LatLng(526.063635, 355.9375)=New Shamalot ; WMADD LatLng(531.119571, 373.875)=New Shamalot ; Guard tower D13 WMADD LatLng(524.472518, 352.03125)=Eon ; D13 guard tower WMADD LatLng(518.962109, 411)=Coastal Breeze ; D15 Colossus of Libila WMADD LatLng(505.46621, 425.25)=Barlow's Port ; D15 Buoy
  2. Hi @Antony, You can delete deed markers (or roads) by posting the WMDELETE command which is visible under the "manage" section of the popup info when you click on it.
  3. Hi Optales, A bot interprets these comments, not a human, although I keep an eye on things. You can use "right click to draw a road" mode, and that will give you something else that you can paste for a road. You can edit your original post as needed.
  4. Hi Zera, If any of the deeds I posted wants to not show on the may, I apolgize, and it should be easy for them to remove using either WMDELETE and the original info, or WMDELETE with the shortcut text visible under "manage" on the map. Hi Taranis, You can edit the original post, and if that is on the last 2 pages of this topic, it will get picked up within 15 minutes, or if it is older than the last 2 pages, then it will get picked up within 2 days. If you want to revise an old post and have it show up quickly, then you can made a new post to WMDELETE the old info and WMADD the new info.
  5. I sailed under your bridge today. Looks very nice.
  6. Let's use a semicolon to separate the deed name from the extra info.
  7. Hi Caduryn, You can fix the Xiaxis deed. Delete the old entry and create a new entry. There are 2 ways to delete an old entry. (1) search the forum for the original post and re-post it but change WMADD to WMDELETE (2) look under the "manage" button when you click Xiaxis on the map, and paste that WMDELETE shortcut command.
  8. Go ahead and edit your post rather than create a new one. I'll add cleanup if any artifacts get left behind. Keep in mind that I'm only polling the most recent forum page in this topic, so once your post gets buried in further pages, it will not be re-read until a very long polling period (days or weeks).
  9. Sure. What's different between the maps? The one I used was from the game files.
  10. Ok, roads are ready to add now. You can choose any cusom color you want (#FF00FF notation also works). Let's delete this test road... WMDELETE LatLng(62.64516, 655.75),LatLng(60.395844, 669.625),Color(red)=Test Road
  11. Ok, I'm testing adding roads, should be functional soon... WMADD LatLng(62.64516, 655.75),LatLng(60.395844, 669.625),Color(red)=Test Road
  12. Hi Kingporkchop. It was a parsing error confused by the preceding text in your message. Parsing is fixed, and your deed is properly added.
  13. here are some deeds in the north west : WMADD LatLng(426.378096, 260.625)=Camelot ; WMADD LatLng(424.189712, 251)=Mia's Refuge ; WMADD LatLng(409.698432, 260.875)=Aire Lookout ; WMADD LatLng(417.587724, 275.09375)=Wandermere ; WMADD LatLng(416.379321, 243)=Brighton ; WMADD LatLng(399.381325, 243.375)=Angel's Landing ; WMADD LatLng(397.507106, 241.125)=Wellfleet ; WMADD LatLng(395.070621, 240.4375)=Frenchman's Bend ; WMADD LatLng(391.441456, 239.125)=Rodnoy Bereg ; WMADD LatLng(387.130753, 237.9375)=Forgotten in the woods ; WMADD LatLng(380.446038, 237.125)=City on the Coast ; WMADD LatLng(374.019106, 237.5)=Raz Haven ; WMADD LatLng(369.895824, 236.75)=New Frontier ; WMADD LatLng(363.148635, 236.25)=Lovage ; WMADD LatLng(360.128618, 236.78125)=Nettlesnook ; WMADD LatLng(358.19648, 238.875)=Littlewood ; WMADD LatLng(356.572157, 242)=Deez ; WMADD LatLng(280.394236, 292.25)=Svijanov; Canal WMADD LatLng(175.656262, 343.25)=Luxor ; WMADD LatLng(252.882252, 394.59375)=Athendale ; WMADD LatLng(257.138763, 438.3125)=Northern Freedom Isles Market ; WMADD LatLng(260.44627, 497.3125),LatLng(257.697106, 497.375),LatLng(257.634625, 496.1875),LatLng(257.259738, 495.875),LatLng(257.269439, 464.375),Color(red)=Road ; WMADD LatLng(259.017389, 463.875)=Oak Hill Ranch ; WMADD LatLng(259.517237, 453.875)=Dame's Kingdom ; WMADD LatLng(253.393148, 455.5),LatLng(259.891174, 455.5),LatLng(259.766212, 467.5),Color(red)=Road ; WMADD LatLng(257.334522, 455.5),LatLng(257.334033, 455.73584),Color(red)=Maple Ave ; WMADD LatLng(259.888828, 455.5),LatLng(258.965281, 454.59375),Color(red)=Merchants this way ; WMADD LatLng(259.560803, 455.177734),LatLng(259.658395, 443.625),Color(red)=Road ; WMADD LatLng(253.385194, 406.875)=Ashford Farms ; WMADD LatLng(243.813791, 400.625)=Aiwha Harbor ;
  14. You can revise existing markers by giving WMDELETE for the old one and WMADD for the new one. I dont have a way to add highways, that will take some thinking...
  15. Hello people of Wurm, I am putting together a self-service community map at http://wurmmap.com/harmony You can visit this web page, right-click where you want your deed to be, and it will give you a piece of text that you can copy and paste as a message to this forum topic. A script will check this forum periodically to see if there are any new updates, and it will automatically update the map. I will set the frequency initially to check once every 15 minutes, but I may decrease it later to spare the forum server any unnecessary load. The fetching will be very light-weight (a single "curl" command to get the last page in the topic). I will make all the source code open for anyone who wants to duplicate or extend this. You can remove disbanded deeds by posting the same message, but changing "WMADD" to "WMDELETE". You can also post the shortcut command which is visible under the "manage" section of the pop-up info when you click on a deed. I'll start off with an example. This will create one of the starter deeds as an initial point on the map : WMADD LatLng(257.28874, 498.3125)=Harmony Bay ; A Starter Deed Notice the semicolon. The deed name comes before the semicolon, and any (optional) additional info can come after the semicolon. Cheers, Drinkie