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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    There was also that priest update, though most of that was Sindusk's work and was pretty much a port from his server on WU
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    WU should be treated as an extension to WO and not as a standalone game. This whole WO vs WU fiasco could have been avoided if the devs instead sat down and reworked the game over time from top to bottom: Slowly transitioning everything to Steam under the name "Wurm Online" and combining the features of WU into it with the ability to host private servers while also hosting the current official servers in it. Free to download and play on any servers, while keeping the current restrictions in place on the official servers lest people buy premium. Then make it mandatory for people to rent servers from the devs if they want to have their own servers to generate income for the Wurm team. Just like Rust does. That way, there will be less small and crappy servers flooding the game, and the servers themselves will be more reliable, while generating income for the developers at the same time. A win win. But no, instead soon we will have 3 Wurms: A Wurm Online A Wurm Unlimited that isn't connected to Wurm Online And a Wurm Online on Steam (will it be called Wurm Online?) that won't be connected to non steam Wurm Online (at least at first but who knows?) If that isn't confusing for new players trying to get into the game then i don't know what is. It will also obviously greatly upset the current WO players as well as WU players. Oh wait, it already did....
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    There has been several other servers. Servers where the devs asked for donations and taking money, then later they just suddenly shut down the server with no warnings. The devs just flat out dissapeared, cut contact and people still have no idea what happened. Then there are the still buggy playercounts in the server browser that just lie and confuse new/unaware players. Some servers fake these numbers, while other servers just get bugged out and display the wrong playercount until their restart. Should i go on why WU is bad?
  4. You don't need a 7hour wall of text explaining on how you think the game can be saved to begin with You just need to consider 3 key points: 1. Advertisement. 2. Actual full time developers and no volunteers 3. Improvements to the game itself, (UI, etc...) rather than trying to overhaul and make it into something that it isn't.
  5. I haven't touched WO since 2014 been playing Unlimited since it came out, so don't worry about me. I had over 250+ days ingame played on WO, way before you even heard about this game my friend
  6. I gotta ask, it's been months since the Steam announcement and who knows how long you have been planning it before, and yet you make it sound like you guys STILL DONT KNOW anything and dont even intend to find out?! This is going to be a huge mess, mark my words.
  7. Account sales are cancer, and it's what ruined WO. Unable or illegal to sell accounts would be the best thing to happen to this game in a long time.
  8. Full Steam Ahead

    When i personally brought up the playercounts being fakes on a lot of servers the devs replied that it is up to the servers themselves to sort it out. So essentially they are fine with certain servers artifically boosting player counts to fool new players into playing there or fool anyone looking at the launcher to think that people are actually playing WU. This is borderline scammy and dishonest towards regular players. There are also plenty of bugs where servers get "ghost players" and alike if the servers arent restarted regularly. For example when a player leaves at the character creation (before they get teleported into the world)
  9. Full Steam Ahead

    What about refunds? How many people have refunded WU? Probably thousands if not more.
  10. One of my biggest gripes for me is how imping items, especially with silver and gold seems to work. Altars, and statuettes come to my mind but i'm sure there are more items. Example: I can use a 0.01kg lump to imp a deity statuette, but at the same time for the same statuette, i can also use a 0.05kg lump but the whole lump is used up either way???? Then, If i use let's say 0.10kg, it jumps down to 0.05kg, but if i use a 0.09kg, it also jumps down to 0.05kg instead of 0.04kg? Now I know you might be thinking, well imping statuettes are useless, but altars are the same I can use either a 0.21kg lump to imp an altar, and i can also use a 0.25kg to do so as well, both times the lump is used up. In fact you can use even a 0.01KG! lump to imp an altar and there are zero differences in improvement quality! This makes no sense, is inconsistent, abuseable, and is wasted material. I might be nitpicking here but considering how much gold/silver you use up when imping these things and how much you have to mine for them, it is a big issue and altar QL does matter to some extent. Then there are items such as needles that when created will produce an extra, very low QL and very low weigh metal lump. Again why is this and why is this only for certain items?
  11. Really? I thought that advertising would be your least favourite thing.
  12. As i have said, the subscription system doesnt nessecarily need to go away. It just needs to be looked into and changed as to how it works right now. Simply allowing non premiums to raise their skills to 100 in exchange of giving them other restrictions and giving more bonuses to being premium would also work and does not require a cash shop. For example, a premium only server, with unique mobs, and unique items that does not exist on other servers and cannot be transferred to other servers, and more deed restrictions for non premiums would go a long way in tackling the problem.
  13. This has to happen, or the whole release of WO on Steam is doomed to fail in the long term. This is 2019. Subscriptions are simply a thing of the past. They work only with a selected few, old, and much more established, well known AAA games like WoW, Final Fantasy and a few more games. Even Blizzard have realized over the years that they needed changes, hence they tried things like RaF, free trials and a bunch more things, with the biggest thing being the ability to buy premium purely with ingame gold, which is extremely easy to get nowadays. While you can do the same in Wurm, it is much more difficult and time consuming especially in todays economy. The only source of income comes from people buying coins for real life money. The economy needs actual internal sustenance, paying for money shouldn't be the core sustenance, but thats going off topic A lot of people whom i have played with over almost a decade by now, have been turned off by the subscriptions, even when it used to be cheaper, it was a huge undertaking to convince them to buy and play. Now with the release of WU and WO dying and revenues down (as Rolf have said) and the imminent release of WO for Steam, i believe it is finally time to change the system. People have fled to WU to escape the subscriptions, which is only a one time buy or pretty much free if you know where to look (you can buy it for 1 dollar in bundles). It has almost the exact same features present, if not more due to modding and GM tools, and more options for players on how they want to play. Those who did not leave to WU because of their characters or investements, have also started to quit due to the low player numbers or their friends leaving the game. While i dont call myself an expert on this situation, here are a few ideas that i have that could work, Reduce premium prices to what they originally were or even less. Keep the same premium price, but create an account system (that every normal game has) where you buy premium for the account and are allowed to have several characters that also benefit from premium instead of having to pay seperately for each character. I mean seriously, can you imagine WoW charging you 10 euros a month per character, and if you dont, you are restricted to lvl 20? Or a similiar system to EvE where there is a default subscription say at 7euro for one premium, but if you pay 10 euro you can have several premium characters. More bonuses to premium players. The referral system and simply allowing the person to grind their skills above 20 isn't enough. Skills should be restricted to at LEAST 50 or not restricted at all, and instead allow only premiums to be priests and only premiums to make deeds. There are plenty of things that might not be hugely important for a lot of players and can be overlooked. Giving bonuses to skillgain or anything like that however should be a big no-no. Remove subscriptions altogether and instead offer a cash shop sort of thing that sells customization stuff. Make unique items such as: past christmas gifts and other gifts and titles that are not available anymore or are hard to get to be bought with real life money. Increase deed prices or deed upkeep (though this would upset many people) and other small bonuses that would generally not upset the balance of the game. Maybe merchants, traders or hell even bartenders for your deed could be bought with real life money as well? Maybe you could pay real life money for your deed to become a spawn point for people who died, regardless of where they died on the server? Custom banners, etc..? Huge possibilities here
  14. The peak was at when Xanadu was released. Not surprising Then it started dropping after WU release. Not surprising It isn't really about how hard the game is or might be for new players, or the sloweness of the game, it is the subscription that turns people off, even with a free trial. Most people i used to play with both in WU and WO and spoke to are fed up with the subscriptions and the way the economy works in WO, hence they went over to WU and or just quit altogether. These people will not come back until the subscription is removed, reduced, or the system is changed drastically. Most are also not interested in WO Steam until that happens. While i myself don't really have much issues with the subscription system, and you can also earn it purely by playing ingame, it is a huge, if not one of the biggest issues WO is dying, and the steam release won't fix either. There needs to be more bonuses and huge changes to the whole subscription system to see players returning
  15. I searched for Wurm, Wurm Online and Wurm unlimited on there, but there were 0 results.