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  1. Make time of day clientside.

    I thought you could control the weather as a GM?
  2. Another Release type server

    Does it matter? Both were released in like the same month and were isolated from the rest of the servers for a long time and you could only play on them if you made a new character.
  3. Another Release type server

    Elevation was already revamped once in 2015 with the very first iteration released in december 2011. This will be it's 3rd revamp in 8 years. Nobody is forcing you to abandon your character/work/deed/whatever.
  4. Another Release type server It was new players only for a week. Release and Pristine stayed isolated from the rest of the servers for a year, possibly more.
  5. Another Release type server

    With this new "Frontier" update coming, (whatever it may contain) i was thinking how Release was released as a "fresh start" for new players in order to combat the skill gap and establishment between the veteran and new players and to make new players be able to "catch up" or so to speak and enter the market. Yet this was in late 2012, almost 7! years ago now. If you think about it or remember the great Wurmageddon, it happened in April 2007 where every single player had to start over from scratch on a fresh server because of data loss. I'm unsure who were compensated, or how, if at all, but thats another story. Now between Wurmageddon and Release is a 5 and a half year gap. Between now and Release is almost 7. The skill gap and establishment have only increased, higher quality goods and enchants have increased, the market is oversaturated, uniques are killed hours after they are found by a handful of people, and more. The game is stagnating. And this stagnation is much, much worse than how it was in 2012 where the "veterans" and established players only had a 5 year headstart on new players. So what happened? Are there any plans for another Release? For those of you who don't know, it was an isolated server (later a cluster with Pristine) where you could only go to with a completely new character. It was only later that they connected the two to the rest of servers. It would definietly breathe some much needed life into Wurm and attract a lot of older and new players, give advertising value to the game, all of these are desperately needed. Games like Heaven and Hearth do periodical fresh starts to stay alive and relevant.
  6. Did you really decide to hate the community, delete your account and not play the game because nobody replied to you in 3 hours?
  7. How to kill your own game tutorial

    If penning uniques is such an issue, then I think the GMs should make penning uniques against the rules.
  8. How to kill your own game tutorial

    It's been dying since Sindusk left and Tich passed away. The only two people who were doing something that was unrelated to client/graphics.
  9. Varlen II: From Nothing

    This is just a mess... I don't think anybody in their right mind would play on a 1x 1x server where you start with no tools 1 characteristics and where simple cave walls have 1000 rock shards in them before they break. Then you say that people won't be banned for anything in game, but then you also say: What? By hacking you mean macros or what? Those aren't hacks, but anything from simple scripts running on your PC to an autoclicker or keypresser program. And now you are saying that you have to manually spawn clay and that there are other issues with the map? Yeah, thanks but no thanks, sounds like one mess of a server. I'm surprised that you could somehow get one poor soul to play here in the course of a month
  10. Wurmaholics Anonymous

    5 years
  11. I believe there are certain items that are more difficult to create than others. I can't remember from the top of my head what those items are, but i know for a fact that with planks for example, you tend to fail a lot less even at low %, compared to some other items (lockpicks?) I think some items are simply coded to be harder to create than others, with a hidden difficulty modifier, but the % doesn't reflect this.
  12. Devlog thread closed?

    I'm more bothered by the fact that Retro doesn't seem to care that you are actually banned from the test server
  13. Devlog thread closed?

    This whole 100 rifts thing begs the question: What about WU? Since Rifts don't officially exist in WU, are you telling me that people MUST mod their servers if they want to complete all journal tiers and get the cape? That is beyond ridiculous. I don't even know if there is a mod already that puts in Rifts, so server owners MUST edit the journal in the game files. You seriously can't expect all server owners to start editing the game files? That is unless it changes or gets removed, or WU gets rifts implemented.
  14. Devlog thread closed?

    Here is something recent Apparently capes were showcased in a random stream, something that we've had placeholders for ever since the new character window screen. So why aren't you or any other devs talking about it? Why aren't there news about them? Why do we have to find out about them in a random stream by a player, in a random thread? I purposely waited for the next devblog, thinking that you might mention it, there, perhaps announce it, but that did not happen. Again, this lack of sharing news and other information regarding upcoming features with the community, is what everyone is upset about in this thread.
  15. Devlog thread closed?

    I don't think that fancy graphics, UI, better textures, visuals are going to attract people or keep them interested. Back when i started, the game looked a lot worse, and simplistic, yet had a lot more players than it does now. Veterans and older players aren't going to be suddenly interested or return because there has been some improvements to terrain rendering or changes to the UI or other visual changes. The game will always look kinda eh since it is in Java. People who thought or said that it looked like ###### back then will most likely continue to say that. At least, people whom i've recently spoken to. At this point, even the old "release a new server every year to get a sudden boost of players" sounds more attractive. Then again, i heard Xanadu still suffers from issues...