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  1. Switched my Shares

    When Rolf, the creator of the game says that revenue is down and things aren't going well, you know things are bad. I love how casual he is about it, it's clear he is beyond caring for this game at this point. I wonder how his real estate investements are going? Anyway, at least he is honest with us which i like.
  2. So what happened to all your other servers anyway? You seem to come up with a new server every 6 months or so EDIT: Your first server was launched november 1st last year, and 10 months later, this is your 4th server. That kinda tells people that it's not worth it to play with you.
  3. Sound per- Nevermind
  4. Not to be rude, but the map is nowhere near lovely considering how terrible the tree placement is, with some islands having literally 0 trees and it's all big biome botches with nothing inbetween them. Makes for an ugly landscape that's for sure. The layout and everything else looks pretty good though. I highly recommend that let's you generate really nice biomes and forests as opposed to the ugly batches.
  5. The whole writing UI is just atrocious. Can't even press enter to start writing a new line.
  6. add RTX

    Now if only Notch would buy WO and return to his original roots....
  7. Trees do not appear on snow Snow tiles are unique, i dont think they even exist on WO servers. You could just make the server have permanent winter
  8. Noone really knows. Sindusk said he will look into it, but he has abandoned Revenant altogether
  9. 8K maps have always had issues even in WO. 5 year old Xanadu that still has lags today is a big example. Most if not all WU servers running an 8k map are the same.
  10. Golden Valley wasn't shut down, you start there, in the tutorial, in a fenced in area with no means of getting out (is the tutorial still on GV by the way? Last time i made a new character, it was). Plenty of players have characters left outside the tutorial where you can roam freely around the map (myself included) As someone who started and played on GV for a while, the concept was and still is good, but the execution was terrible. You had 3x decay, deeds weren't allowed and skills were capped at 20 even if you were premium, there were no priests, and the strongest animal was a cave bug. The server itself is also the smallest server in Wurm, and became extremely overcrowded, free space was difficult to find (terraforming was limited to 60 slopes at 20 digging) and items such as ropes, pelts, compasses, and more being considered luxury items, and wild animals were pretty much non existent, so living there was not very good, plus since everyone was capped at 20, you had lower quality items, and things took a lot longer to make. Many people were turned off by all this. However i'm not sure if it was worse, compared to today where you appear on one of the current massive servers with nobody around you, then running off into the wilderness only to get mauled by a bear and getting lost, and probably not meeting anybody due to the lack of players and the size of the servers. You really do get extremely overwhelmed. Also i think the signs around New Dawn that were the "tutorial" had a really good charm to them and made the world feel more alive and really made you feel like you were part of a huge community. Sure, when Independence was the only server and got opened for everybody, you had a massive influx of new players and veterans alike returning and settling near the Howl, so you had a lot more players there, so it was a lot easier and more appealing for someone new. Now you have a dozen or so servers to choose between from so the small playerbase are much more spread out. Choose the wrong server, and you might not even meet anybody in local for days. When i started on GV, there were players everywhere, i remember looking across the hill from the spawn and seeing houses and campfires burning in the distance, hearing all the players working, seeing PAs that had the exclusitivity to live in one of the deeds on the server where they helped new players as much as they could with food, items etc... You don't get this nowadays.
  11. More like last months Like yeah we get it. Elevation is getting a reset. Independence had its anniversary (this was mentioned time and again in the last 2 valrei news AND there is a seperate thread for it as well), and a new client launcher is coming. Great. We knew these early last month. How many times do we have to be told again about stuff that has happened or stuff we knew about for months while we still know literally nothing whatsoever about Frontier other than that it's supposed to be... big? Well hopefully bigger than epic was hyped up to be. I have a feeling that it's still so early in development that nothing is set in stone and not even the devs know much about it.
  12. If you also did normal mining hits, normal starting characteristics, and removed that total meme of getting free strange bones from saccing rares, it would be even better
  13. Bring back Samling as the spawn for a week
  15. I thought you could control the weather as a GM?