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  1. Nevermind It's Anubis again Seeing as the last server you guys ran completely dissapeared off the face of the earth, i'll pass.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    There will be a delay. I guarantee everyone in this thread 100%
  3. For me, a good map is a map where the biomes (and not just trees) doesnt consist of mere patches dotted around the map like they were put there with a brush, with basically nothing but empty grass wasteland in between while we wait for the trees to spread. It annjoys me when people tell us to just wait for them to spread. We shouldn't have to wait anything A natural look, where the trees are naturally placed all troughout the map and not just in patches are the most crucial thing for me if i play on a server. I also like a big variety of terrain with rivers, small islands/archipelagos and not just essentially a chunk of continent
  4. Do you want me to generate a map for you? Because that... looks kinda bad. At least, try gen a map with this: It gave me really nice results. Up to you however.
  5. Sounds pretty good. Is there a map?
  6. Is... is that a guard tower intersecting the house interior?? Kinda misleading by trying to pretend that the houses aren't pure straight and that there are custom doors...
  7. As i have said, the devs do not believe in such small things as advertising and creating hype. They'll just randomly put the steam page out there one day, probably before release. The lack of news and information about Steam WO lately, and even it's lack of Steam page tells me that they are far from finished and i think it might very well get delayed.
  8. Well, there is your issue. You come here, trying to change a massive part of the game that affects everyone playing, simply because you didnt want to bother the people who are there, and are possibly paid for to enforce and look into these things. -1
  9. A bit unrelated, but i havent played WO in 6 years so i'm curious, how does skillgain work compared to WU? Is it still difficulty based? I swear i read somewhere years ago that it was changed to how it is in WU. Because it if was, then it's going to be piss easy to grind skills with the 100% creation chances.
  10. And now what is stopping a bunch of people from creating a crapton of non premium accounts and macro making planks, bricks, etc... Bots are going to be even worse now.
  11. This would be the best solution for everyone.
  12. While i always hated how i kept failing with shafts, planks and alike at the start, it had a charm to it and made the start a bit more difficult, but not so much. It made me want to get higher quality tools so i'd fail less. Instead of increasing the creation % for certain items, you just flat out make them 100%... Now there is literally no incentive to go for higher quality tools, just dump a really high woa on a low quality tool and bam. The quality change is worthless, and skills barely affect creation timers. 90% of those items don't even need a flat out 100% creation rate, as they are hardly used en masse by newbies. I mean hunting arrow heads? Really? Archery is nothing but a joke in PvE, and only scarcely used in end game PvP, making those heads 100% will solve nothing. Planks, shafts and stone bricks are the only ones that should have had their creation % increased, but not to a guaranteed 100%. I can see the desperate attempt at trying to make the game more "newbie" friendly. It's jut going to confuse them more when they see some items at 100% but others at a very low %
  13. As long as there are no home servers, i'll be happy
  14. Who the hell used traders off deed anyway?
  15. No more account sales? About damn time! Shame its a bit too late at but it's a step in the right direction. Good riddance.