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  1. As i've said, in 2012 it would have earned my vote, but not in 2019 Not when you've killed two thirds of the playerbase
  2. Most underrated of 2012 maybe but not 2019. Not when you've killed two thirds of the playerbase.
  3. So.... this is the power of advertising Wurm
  4. If you want to play with people, i think Xanadu was a mistake. Just because it has the most people online at the time, doesn't mean you'll actually meet anyone due to the size of the map. As i've said, you are best off waiting for the steam release early next year.
  5. Maybe its my nostalgia speaking but i miss a lot of the old textures, models and the old emotes Also i fully agree with Flubb. The fact that Jackal (which was hyped up to be this next big thing for both veterans and new players), was not advertised anywhere whatsoever outside of these forums with the exception of some random streams that are once again, not advertised anywhere but here, and maybe on Facebook? just boggles the mind. All we hear is excuse after excuse. It's like the devs are ashamed of it (and the game) or are purposely not advertising because it"s "not finished" and that it's "being improved upon" from our feedback. Well by that logic every single MMO and multiplayer game out there is constantly being improved upon. Either that or the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that they are not advertising on purpose and have an ulterior, mysterious motive. What that motive could be, i have no idea. A prime example: One of my friends (an ex staff member) wanted to make a Wurm fansite/blog that would have dealt with the game and he genuinely wanted to put the game out there. His idea was quickly shot down my Retrogarde who told him that they are doing the exact same thing. Said friend then have decided to abandon his project. That was at least half a decade ago and we have never seen anything like it yet. The devs also seem to have no spine when it comes to the community. The fact that they can just flat out lie about promised AND "advertised" features, and then never mention them again in any public announcements (WU modding API) or give an apology in the hopes that we will just simply forget it and move along is just disgusting. And when they are confronted about it, simple, random comments "yeah they aren't coming, now move along" is enough for them. Actually i should take my original point back. The number one problem with Wurm isn't advertising, it is Rolf himself.
  6. Steam WO will hopefully eliminate character trading. I wholeheartedly agree that it has pretty much ruined the state of the game. It isn't exactly P2W but it is heavily contributing to the stagnation of the game that is currently happening, by making sure that the old characters will always be around, and they will always be dominating the market and the servers. The number one problem with Wurm is the lack of advertising and terrible PR
  7. Does anyone remember the short lived Challenge server? No? With the devs focusing on Steam, and Budda's departure, i can already see Jackal following it in it's footsteps. Either way, we will be waiting at least a year until the next phase. And with it being Budda's pet project (him leaving was the reason it was unfinished) means that there's a high chance it will just simply fade away. And how the hell does this work anyway? A major dev can simply just leave the team amidst of a supposedly "big" project, thus making all of his work unfinished?! That's just messed up management beyond belief. Other companies at least allow the project to be finished and for the said dev to finish up his work before he leaves the team
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    There was also that priest update, though most of that was Sindusk's work and was pretty much a port from his server on WU
  9. WO Steam Discussion

    WU should be treated as an extension to WO and not as a standalone game. This whole WO vs WU fiasco could have been avoided if the devs instead sat down and reworked the game over time from top to bottom: Slowly transitioning everything to Steam under the name "Wurm Online" and combining the features of WU into it with the ability to host private servers while also hosting the current official servers in it. Free to download and play on any servers, while keeping the current restrictions in place on the official servers lest people buy premium. Then make it mandatory for people to rent servers from the devs if they want to have their own servers to generate income for the Wurm team. Just like Rust does. That way, there will be less small and crappy servers flooding the game, and the servers themselves will be more reliable, while generating income for the developers at the same time. A win win. But no, instead soon we will have 3 Wurms: A Wurm Online A Wurm Unlimited that isn't connected to Wurm Online And a Wurm Online on Steam (will it be called Wurm Online?) that won't be connected to non steam Wurm Online (at least at first but who knows?) If that isn't confusing for new players trying to get into the game then i don't know what is. It will also obviously greatly upset the current WO players as well as WU players. Oh wait, it already did....
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    There has been several other servers. Servers where the devs asked for donations and taking money, then later they just suddenly shut down the server with no warnings. The devs just flat out dissapeared, cut contact and people still have no idea what happened. Then there are the still buggy playercounts in the server browser that just lie and confuse new/unaware players. Some servers fake these numbers, while other servers just get bugged out and display the wrong playercount until their restart. Should i go on why WU is bad?
  11. You don't need a 7hour wall of text explaining on how you think the game can be saved to begin with You just need to consider 3 key points: 1. Advertisement. 2. Actual full time developers and no volunteers 3. Improvements to the game itself, (UI, etc...) rather than trying to overhaul and make it into something that it isn't.
  12. I haven't touched WO since 2014 been playing Unlimited since it came out, so don't worry about me. I had over 250+ days ingame played on WO, way before you even heard about this game my friend
  13. I gotta ask, it's been months since the Steam announcement and who knows how long you have been planning it before, and yet you make it sound like you guys STILL DONT KNOW anything and dont even intend to find out?! This is going to be a huge mess, mark my words.
  14. Account sales are cancer, and it's what ruined WO. Unable or illegal to sell accounts would be the best thing to happen to this game in a long time.
  15. Full Steam Ahead

    When i personally brought up the playercounts being fakes on a lot of servers the devs replied that it is up to the servers themselves to sort it out. So essentially they are fine with certain servers artifically boosting player counts to fool new players into playing there or fool anyone looking at the launcher to think that people are actually playing WU. This is borderline scammy and dishonest towards regular players. There are also plenty of bugs where servers get "ghost players" and alike if the servers arent restarted regularly. For example when a player leaves at the character creation (before they get teleported into the world)