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  1. He nailed it I'm impressed. My respect for him has gone up a thousand times. He doesnt bash the game, and he is very well informed. He basically only complains about player retention, and how hard it is to get into.
  2. Stormfall: Low Tide

    So you shut down your other server and created.... an almost identical one? Judging from how many servers you owned and deleted so far, i'd highly advise anyone from putting too much effort into this one or into any other (future) server made by this person. As for "I obviously can't justify that with this level of activity." Let's face it, WU is dead, and i cannot see this or another one of your pet projects faring any better
  3. To shitpost and spend more time on these forums than playing the game itself. Or maybe to quit the game every other month, but still come back to it and to post here. Not sure which one yet.
  4. So if there are no veins, you essentially have to live off of iron rocks yes? So basically you will never really be able to get high quality, gear or anything of the sort. Or am i missing something Iron rocks are always crap quality, so even 20ql+ gear and tools could be an issue. Why not just reduce vein density or something, make them extremely rare?
  5. Hmm... if only there was an item that could create any 99ql vein (100.00ql vein doesn't exist) with 10k ore in them Oh wait...
  6. I get my comments randomly removed even if i dont insult him, just state how terrible his suggestions are.
  7. Why hasn't this thread been moved to woodscraps?
  8. What does this have to do with non pvp map dumps though? Why aren't they released more often?
  9. I believe a lot of really good maps and server devs use their own in house map gen tool which isn't available for the public. Or so i've been told anyway. Or they edit some of the public ones to fit them. Also 8k maps take a very long time to render and do, and if you are going by trial and error, i don't recommend 8k. Start with something really small like the size of golden valley, experiment and find out how the map gen really works, then switch to bigger maps. NPCs that are not mobs have nothing to do with map generation. You have to manually place them as a GM. And i'm not sure what you mean by "multi spawn in" I believe you can hand place lairs as a GM and they should eventually start spawning mobs. Uniques might have to be placed manually too or set up in a server script to spawn.