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  1. The ability to bash house walls regardless of your body strength on PvE servers. Also, increased bashing damage against house walls on PvE. Fixing the whole "You are too far away" nonsense when picking up items from piles and certain containers. If you can open and access a container/pile, then you should NEVER be too far to pick up items from it. Period. Improved improve from WU Opening windows should ALWAYS, AUTOMATICALLY accomodate the text inside them and resize accordingly. FIX gold/silver lumps. How come that i can improve a necklace with 0.10kg lump, and use up the whole thing in the process BUT i can also do it with a 0.01kg lump????! Also creating some items will also automatically create a byproduct of a low quality ore. Why? Both of these should be simple fixes, yet have been in the game for DECADES and are some of the most mind boggling, most annjoying things.
  2. Ok i'll admit i missed that part from February.
  3. Here's an idea, how about in depth dev diaries like what Paradox does, or basically every other company these days when it comes to online games? Correct me if i'm wrong, but we have this supposedly massive update coming out in 2 weeks, and yet we know absolutely nothing about it, other than it will include treasure maps we can dig up. Great. Anyone who played on WU will have experienced this, but whatever... The lack of communication from the devs is issue number one. And it has always been number one. How many times do we have to say this?? Now sure, you can say "We'll keep you posted and write up a full feature list before release" but that's not adequate for something that is coming out in only two weeks and has been in development for years at this point AND was supposed to come out last year. You give a release date way in advance, you mention what will be included way in advance, and then you start hyping it up over time, give people a chance to take days off from work, perhaps a chance to resub, get things done and prepare, etc... and not just come out and say "Oh yeah by the way it's finally coming out in two weeks guys. Here is what it will include: *crickets*" This is why the game has so few players. I remember Retro saying that he couldn't share details with us about upcoming updates because he wasn't told anything. Why do the devs work in such secrecy for this game? Why, did we never, ever once got any sort of "behind the scenes" update, any videos discussing, or something, anything that detailed how the game is being developed and the mindset of the devs behind it all? Perhaps Josh is wrong. Perhaps the issue isn't where he thinks he is. Perhaps it is in the developers and the poor management that happens behind the scenes and the volunteers. Personally i have 0 hopes for this update. It will be another rushed out, broken, half finished update that somehow, somewhere got shelved because a volunteer stopped working and the others had to step in and quickly slap together something, with more than half of the planned features never making it. Hence the massive delays, and silence surrounding it. And then, when it does get released, we'll be waiting at least half a year for fixes and balances, if they ever come. Just look at the animal husbandry update. How long did people have to wait for fixes? And for what? Nothing against you Keenan really, you are trying your best, but at times it feels like you are wasted for something like this. Like no wonder people, including the PR person had a burn out on the dev team. Just look at what happened with Sindusk a few years back. Oh and i thought Budda wasn't working for Wurm anymore? Maybe he's just another volunteer again.
  4. He nailed it I'm impressed. My respect for him has gone up a thousand times. He doesnt bash the game, and he is very well informed. He basically only complains about player retention, and how hard it is to get into.
  5. Stormfall: Low Tide

    So you shut down your other server and created.... an almost identical one? Judging from how many servers you owned and deleted so far, i'd highly advise anyone from putting too much effort into this one or into any other (future) server made by this person. As for "I obviously can't justify that with this level of activity." Let's face it, WU is dead, and i cannot see this or another one of your pet projects faring any better
  6. To shitpost and spend more time on these forums than playing the game itself. Or maybe to quit the game every other month, but still come back to it and to post here. Not sure which one yet.
  7. So if there are no veins, you essentially have to live off of iron rocks yes? So basically you will never really be able to get high quality, gear or anything of the sort. Or am i missing something Iron rocks are always crap quality, so even 20ql+ gear and tools could be an issue. Why not just reduce vein density or something, make them extremely rare?
  8. Hmm... if only there was an item that could create any 99ql vein (100.00ql vein doesn't exist) with 10k ore in them Oh wait...
  9. I get my comments randomly removed even if i dont insult him, just state how terrible his suggestions are.
  10. Why hasn't this thread been moved to woodscraps?
  11. What does this have to do with non pvp map dumps though? Why aren't they released more often?