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  1. So if there are no veins, you essentially have to live off of iron rocks yes? So basically you will never really be able to get high quality, gear or anything of the sort. Or am i missing something Iron rocks are always crap quality, so even 20ql+ gear and tools could be an issue. Why not just reduce vein density or something, make them extremely rare?
  2. Hmm... if only there was an item that could create any 99ql vein (100.00ql vein doesn't exist) with 10k ore in them Oh wait...
  3. I get my comments randomly removed even if i dont insult him, just state how terrible his suggestions are.
  4. Why hasn't this thread been moved to woodscraps?
  5. Why is there a password on this server?
  6. What does this have to do with non pvp map dumps though? Why aren't they released more often?
  7. I believe a lot of really good maps and server devs use their own in house map gen tool which isn't available for the public. Or so i've been told anyway. Or they edit some of the public ones to fit them. Also 8k maps take a very long time to render and do, and if you are going by trial and error, i don't recommend 8k. Start with something really small like the size of golden valley, experiment and find out how the map gen really works, then switch to bigger maps. NPCs that are not mobs have nothing to do with map generation. You have to manually place them as a GM. And i'm not sure what you mean by "multi spawn in" I believe you can hand place lairs as a GM and they should eventually start spawning mobs. Uniques might have to be placed manually too or set up in a server script to spawn.
  8. You are thinking way too deep into this. They just made a generic system and slapped it on top of all the animals and couldn't be bothered to tailor it to specific animals because the devs volunteers simply don't give a ######. This mentality applies to the whole development of Wurm. Just rush something out so that the simps will eat it up, fix some minor bugs, and move on to desperately rush the next update out "on time" with the handful of volunteers working on the game. Of course delays happen since the volunteers can't work full time and have no contract or obligations to do so, thus the whole "real life issues". You don't see that happening with other MMOs. Then again, other MMOs have proper, in house, contracted, full time, employees whereas i believe codeclub has less than 5 actual employees according to tax documents that you can check online. Even Keenan (the server guy) is a 3rd party contractor. If they just hired some random outside party who never played and most likely never heard of Wurm before to develop it for VR (which they 100% did) then lord have mercy on this game. Hell, most experienced VR devs out there have no previous experience on doing VR for MMOs, so what possible team could they have hired with such a small budget when the company is/was losing money? The logic here is mind boggling and i have truly never seen such out of touch developers/company. I'd rather see Activision Blizzard get their hands on Wurm at this point.