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  1. Celebrate by hiring more developers
  2. The subscriber count drop in the next few months as the yearly premiums expire.
  3. We literally haven't had a valrei update in almost 2 and a half months. I guess whatever volunteers and miniscule devs, are on holiday as it goes in Sweden.
  4. This is needlessly stupid and overcomplicated for no reason.
  5. If anything, just improve rafts, make them useable as a 1 crew boat and make them serve the same purpose.
  6. MrBloodworth used to do that like 10 years ago... Noone else did since then apart from Enki posting cryptic text messages regarding treasure chest hunts that 90%+ of the population just couldn't be bothered to do and most likely had no idea existed if they weren't following the forums. I think the GMs are under very, very strict rules in what they can and can't do.
  7. That's because both Budda and Sindusk are gone and have not really been replaced by same caliber devs.
  8. This. I say tough ######, deal with it or go play WU if you don't want to interact with people in an MMO
  9. "After many months of inactivity, i am back once again to spam the forums with my stupid suggestions that nobody likes or wants." Also speaking of population data, dude just have a look at the steamcharts page of WU instead of posting some random website that flat out says "ESTIMATED PLAYER NUMBERS". But here, i'll make it easy for you: Now compare that to that website you linked that claims "485" daily players facepalm
  10. Steam Wurm Online is actually worse. Granted it doesn't show the non steam players, but still. With competent developers and proper planning and thought to it, WU and Steam WO could and should have been combined into a single game with the ability to connect to either private servers, or to the official servers via the server browser and with each update going into "both" games at the exact same time. Instead it was treated as a quick cash grab, rushed out and immedietly abandoned after it was making little to no money thanks to poor marketing decisions. All we got in the end was broken promises. Hell they can't even be bothered to finish and release the final patch that's been in beta for years now that they explicitly said would be the last patch for WU.
  11. Porting Wurm to another engine would take years with pretty much no updates inbetween in the mean time.
  12. The whole dev team has been made up of volunteers, part timers, and 3rd party contractors for a very long time now. Only Rolf was full time and maybe one or two other coders. I have been told countless of times by devs and insiders that X content was not properly finished and rushed out because it's developer left (Budda with Jackal is one example) or that Y developer could not work on his job because he was too busy with real life stuff (meaning he wasn't a proper full time employee, like you'd expect someone working on a game like this) and thus content had to be delayed or, once again just rushed out unfinished. I honestly have no idea how you can develop a game, let alone an MMO like this.
  13. I'm guessing by new platforms and this "new way of how people consume video games" they probably mean yet another shitty streaming service