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  1. Unsure what to think of this, other than the fact that time should have been better spent on something more useful and needed
  2. On Things Current

    I understand, and while you are correct in those things, i still think that it's pathetic that adding something as simple and non trivial as the option to go to Defiance from the tutorial took/taking this long, and actually had to be announced as an upcoming feature. Also i feel like that instead of a flat out 10h sleepbonus, giving us loyalty marks that we can choose to spend on whatever we'd like (possibly the equivalent of 10 sleep powders) would be much better.
  3. A washbasin that you could make out of every metal, wood, and clay. Buildable using a wooden stand on a bowl (can be wooden bowl, pottery bowl, metal bowl) A buildable outhouse which basically acts as a furniture that can't be moved and can only be built outside A smaller version of the huge tub to be built out of wood A lead bath tub
  4. Bring back the old HOTA as a weekly event
  5. On Things Current

    Great but none of this seem any new or exciting and there is literally 0 new content? Nothing about Jackal? These things that you mentioned, most of them should have been included right at the start. I mean to go to Defiance from the tutorial, giving us 10h sleepbonus and fixing the coffers requires this much work that we need to wait months? Hell, being able to go to Defiance from the tutorial should have been included at launch or at the very least, quickly hotfixed.
  6. Yeah it's been extremely quiet with no news about basically anything on what's next or what is being worked on. Retro said he will give news when he gets them but come on now... It's been 2 months, we had a lackluster recap shortly after the Steam release and then nothing but silence with some tweaks and small changes here and there, mostly fixing the UI and other oversights... And then we were told for example that channeling is going to be changed in the future, or that they will do something about the whole referral fiasco, but so far all of that is TBA. We were promised more Jackal but so far i can't see that happening this year. Then there is the whole last update for WU that has been in endless beta for the last year or so. Is the whole dev team on holiday or something? People will want proper updates and new features, news on what is being worked on and what we can expect moving forward, otherwise we will see them leaving in droves.
  7. Sounds like you are trying to do everything all at once on your own while limiting yourself at the same time and making things hundreds of times harder for yourself than nessecary, then wanting to quit because you aren't getting anywhere. If you are doing that, then yes you aren't going to get stuff done in a reasonable time especially if you can't play much You mentioned that you wanted to raise woodcutting to 30. But at the same time, you are talking about how you had to haul the logs, cut them up etc... And i'm thinking... Why? If your goal was to raise woodcutting, then why not just go crazy on some forest instead of doing all that nonsense? Also it sounds to me like you should build a bigger boat like a corbita. Here is when being part of a bigger village or alliance comes in handy where you'd just team up to build one... Or living in a normal area where you don't need to go miles for trees. All that being said i hope you don't quit and instead change your ways and make it easier on yourself because i feel like you are missing out and could do/experience so much more and you really don't need to play 6-7 hours a day for it.
  8. Interesting...
  9. I think a week for Jackal to regenerate and relaunch is too short Maybe put that to every month or every 3-4 months. Otherwise +1
  10. I still dont understand which resources are so rare and precious to you that you worry about people deeding over them on a 24/7 basis? Would you mind listing them and explaining to me why they seem so precious to you? Because they aren't. Veins are placed randomly, have random quality/quantity and are everywhere. Collapse can generate new veins and you can create your own with a transmutation rod. Clay can be created with transmutation liquids. The only resource that is worth something. Tar is hardly used and you can get more than you ever need by making a few charcoal piles that will also give you ash and charcoal. Also can be created with transmutation liquids Peat is just used for forge fuel... hardly any useful or precious and can be created by transmutation liquids Moss is fuel just like tar, and used a little bit in fishing. Not important. Again, it can be created by transmutation liquids So please tell us what you mean when you talk about resources? Next you'd be complaining about people creating their own resources.
  11. Yes it is annjoying that titles from Journals do not transfer between PvE and PvP on the new servers and i do not know why +1
  12. Now this is some next level trolling. Either that or you really are the most selfish person i've seen on this forum who disregards everyone else and thinks that everything he wants and says is the best and that anyone who disagrees are stupid, don't know what's good for the game (even if they have been around for 10+ years) etc... You need to seek some help.
  13. And we aren't really interested in the opinion of people who started playing less than a year ago but already want to change the fundamental mechanics of the game, even though they have no idea about anything and probably spend more time here suggesting idiotic things than playing the game.
  14. This sounds terrible. You keep speaking of "resources" as if they were so rare and precious. Hint: they aren't.
  15. He is talking about how even though it shows 0% he can still attempt to make it. This doesnt apply to anything else.