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  1. I wanted raid windows, but they sound like a nightmare to balance and are open to so many abuses. If the devs can get it right, then it's good. Quite frankly, the best idea would be to have a few weeks of no raid windows, followed by a few weeks of raid windows. 2 or 4 weeks maybe?
  2. I think PMK requirements should be increased and they should have harder or more expensive to make. The safe zones need to have a lot more penalties to them in almost every way (increased decay? decreased skillgain? increased upkeep? ore cap QL? maybe no veins present there other than iron?) and they should be 250x250 instead. Raid windows also need to be tweaked and adjusted a lot. I don't know how yet, but they should last for longer, and possibly limited in usage. They are a good idea, and i have wanted them before, but im not sure how well it can be balanced, because atm i see a lot and i mean a lot of issues with it.
  3. Simple: They don't. There are plenty of completely free games on Steam. The point is to get more people into using Steam, so that more people will buy other games.
  4. I'm confused what you mean by "very seperate" The only difference between steam accounts and non steam accounts is the fact that one uses Steam to log into the game, while the other uses the current client. Feel free to log in your current character if you wish, it's not going anywhere, but you will only be able to play on the new servers with a new character, which can be either steam or non steam
  5. Mine the ceilings first to as high as you can, then mine down the floor to the desired level. It's a lot of work and a lot of planning, and you can mess up easily.
  6. Did you actually, fully read my post? You will be able to play on the current world with characters created via steam immedietly at launch and afterwards. I don't get it.... How is this simple concept so hard to understand for so many people? How can i be more clear than this? To finally clear out this misconception of the current servers being unavailable for steam characters? I guess i should just give up. Relying on people to read before they ask questions is just too difficult it seems like.
  7. They have said the servers will possibly be connected to all the current servers.
  8. This misonception that some people have needs to be cleared up because the FAQ might be hard to understand or unclear. People are still confused and spreading misinformation. I keep seeing so many confused posts. So for those people: THERE IS NO EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FOR STEAM USERS YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY ON THE NEW SERVERS WITH OR WITHOUT USING STEAM YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY ON THE CURRENT SERVERS WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM "STEAM WO" IS MERELY A SEPERATE CLIENT FOR THE GAME THAT YOU CAN LAUNCH TROUGH STEAM. IT IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. THE ONLY THING YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO DO IS PLAY NON STEAM CHARACTERS TROUGH STEAM, AND STEAM CHARACTERS TROUGH THE NON STEAM CLIENT. Is it really that hard to understand?
  9. You seem to be confused. There is no such thing as steam servers and there is no exclusive content on steam for anyone. I will be playing on the new servers WITHOUT STEAM.
  10. Jackal wasn't seperate though was it? You could go there on your current character, and everything you did there, would in the end, contribute to your character when it was shut down.
  11. I preffered the writ system IMO. It was much better for large villages and managing a lot of houses, people simply traded you their writs and that was that. Now you have to individually catch them online, ask them to fiddle around with the permissions etc... +1
  12. [BETA] Planters Mod

    I thought you quit WU and modding?