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  1. Mission Karma

    Being followed here:
  2. Also reported and being followed here:
  3. The path to 100 takes a very long time. My husband is at 99.999977 farming and gets .000008 every 9 hours on sleep bonus. He also has 100.0 in blacksmithing and the last tick took 40 hours on sleep bonus. (Of course these are not totals from continuous play, he keeps track of his farming/smithing sessions each time he plays. He farms about 150 tiles every other day - all crop levels (we farm what we use, not for skill) - ql 15 rake with 90 coc.
  4. Added to the list, thanks for your report.
  5. Permissions set for you. Thanks for the pickup and assist.
  6. 2 Marble Brazier Pillars complete and waiting for pickup at Sinuous Straits on Indy - on Fog Lake just north of the Western Deserts. I have them in the horse pen there, so if you let me know who is going to pick them up, I'll give them access and loading permissions. They only came out quality 24, so you have a bunch of improving to do. Maybe someone else in the community can assist with the other two needed.
  7. I don't use the canal, but I'm willing to either make 2 or supply the parts for 2 more to be made. If I make them, I'd need someone to come pick them up and deliver and SECURE them. I'd also like the locals to be sure they stop by and repair them if the area is not deeded. If someone else would like the skill for making and improving them, I can supply the bricks, gold and mortar to have them made. I'll need some time to make the parts, so just let me know how you'd like to proceed. Heritage sites are not protected from decay so the community needs to help out by either repairing or having essential entrances and exits deeded.
  8. Will add this to the list, thanks for the report, the details and the image.
  9. Added to the bug I already opened when a mission for small small axes was seen Thanks for your report.
  10. I'll see what I can find out from the devs Thanks for your report.
  11. Will add it along with this issue. Do you have 20 faith as a follower? Oblivionnreaver - is this true with every crystal rune at all faith levels? Is this on all servers - epic and Freedom? Any specifics and examples will help.
  12. No bug. Same issue was brought up here:
  13. No longer applicable since trader changes:
  14. No longer applicable since trader changes: