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  1. Be sure the 'filter' below your inventory bag is blank when you notice that. We find a lot of times people have something typed into the filter which causes only those items with that letter or few letters to appear. Logging out clears the filter, which makes me believe that may be the issue. If it happens again, check the filter and let us know if that was the cause.
  2. Reported again, consolidating:
  3. Issue already on the list. Note: Note that the permissions are autoset to : Brand Permission of VillageNameIf I click on 'deny all' for that permission, even the MAYOR of VillageName does not get the butcher or bury or take option on that animal corpse.
  4. Some items fixed with today's update:
  5. Fixed with today's update:
  6. Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  7. Feel free to send me a forum PM with the answers to the following if you don't wish to reply publicly, thanks! Server Deed Where does the passenger embark? From the ground, from a higher level floor? From a hill? Thanks!
  8. If you still have graphic issues, please look through the client forums for any similar to yours. If not, open up a new bug with examples of what you are seeing and post a copy of your console log. Thanks!
  9. This sounds very much like this issue: Please reply to that thread with a copy of your config file to help trouble shoot.
  10. This sounds very much like this issue: Please post your details as requested by Samool above. I'll have the other poster do the same.
  11. Checking with the devs to see if something odd is showing up in logs.
  12. Added to the existing missing pile thread and list: