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  1. Added to the list. Thanks for your report. It seems that the 'take' permission allows moving to center rather than the push/pull/turn.
  2. Added to the list. Thanks for the report.
  3. Also reported here, consolidating:
  4. Following here, thanks for the report.
  5. Added to the list. Thanks for the reports.
  6. Thank you all for the confirmation. Closing issue.
  7. Fixed:
  8. Did today's update resolve your issues: Bugfix: Fixed excessive rarity shine on armor Bugfix: Fixed dyed armor looking incorrect Bugfix: Fixed incorrect hair color Bugfix: Face skin tone should no longer differ from the body
  9. Added to the bug list as it no longer works on test either. It DID work previously. Thanks for the report.
  10. I reproduced what you are seeing here and will add it as an issue. Thanks for explaining it in detail.
  11. Fixed:
  12. Fixed: