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  1. I'm not having that issue. Can you try again? Anyone else having problems sacrificing a spider without a mission present?
  2. Reported here as well. Adding new post and images to the bug.
  3. I actually have this bug open already and has been for some time. Thanks for your official report and the images as well.
  4. Samling Pass & Samling Span are now open!

    Very nice work and an asset to those of us who live and/or travel in the north western part of the server.
  5. [Bug] Lead Lunchboxes

    The previous fix did not revert the already made ones from lead to tin, so there will be lead ones around.
  6. [Bug] Lead Lunchboxes

    Added to the list, again, as it does seem to be lead instead of tin once again. Thanks for the report.
  7. [Bug] Vynora cant switch tiles

    Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  8. [Bug] wrong text when creating anchor

    Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  9. [Bug] Picking up Speed finished 5 times

    Please submit a support ticket and reference this post.
  10. catseyes untargetable at high slopes

    Please PM me with a server and general location as an example?
  11. [Duplicate] Locked chests and the disappearing items

    Bug is still open and on the list. Happens most often with tents and chests. It's always a good idea to UNLOCK items before leaving your server and then locking them again once you cross over. I know it's a pain and hard to remember, but it helps with issues. You can always cross back to the original server, unlock there, then cross over again. This should 'fix' the lock.
  12. [Bug] Lock on military tent goes invalid

    This happens with chests and tents as well. Reported again, add to the bug again.
  13. I've opened up an issue to find out if this is an oversight or intended that Libila no longer has Disintegrate, even on pvp servers as shown on the chart in wiki.
  14. [Bug] Reference to stasis spell

    Text issue add to the list.
  15. [No Bug] Perform 500000 actions goal

    The number in the interface is not the same as actual actions that are counted for the goal.