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  1. I've added this to the list because I've heard this before. Thanks for supplying the details above on the specific animals as it's crititcal for the troubleshooting.
  2. Definitely NOT. As was said: As we advised with the launch of the new highway system, we’ll be phasing out the existing highway rules in exchange for a new ruleset with the next update too. The focus will be on returning the majority of control of the highways to players, but still allowing for accountability and control by the GM team when necessary. Until the rule is changed in the official forum, the highway rule remains as it is now.
  3. Added to the list. Thanks for the report.
  4. Not a bug, but often misunderstood. If you want a 'citizen' to have a special role, you create a new role giving it just a NAME (no player name no village name), then assign that role to the citizen you want to have that role. A citizen should never have an individual player role as citizen will be the role found first. For example: Create a role with the name Myfavoritealt. Leave player name and village name blank. Go into manage citizens. Assign the role Myfavoritealt to your citizen. He will then (as a citizen of your village) have the permissions of that role. If you kick him out of your village, at that time you can give him an 'individual player' role with his name in the player name portion. If and when he rejoins your village, he will rejoin as the default citizen. So at that time, manage citizens again and assign him his special Myfavoritealt role.
  5. Bug fixed with today's update:
  6. When trying to make something, it's always a good idea to use LORE on the container before putting it into the fire source to see what you will get. According to the dev report: It will make the first recipe it finds that matches the ingredients May find that it depends on the cooker as well Not a bug.
  7. A display brightness slider has been added to the client for those who prefer to change the amount of dark/light they want to see. I'm closing this as resolved.
  8. Added to the list, thanks for the details.
  9. The need to have an item activated in order to get move options on corpses was fixed today - so that should no longer be in the mix. There are no outstanding issues with branded animals and permissions is not bugged as seen by Alyeska's post. The remaining issues may be more of a misunderstanding of permissions, roles and even the timeline of when a permission was granted AND when an animal was branded. So all of those need to be check on animals which are currently alive in order to see what the issue may be. For example: I am mayor of my village. (I have branding turned on by default as mayor). No one else on my deed has branding permission. I brand an animal. (FirstHorse) If you right click on that animal, you will see in the permissions that I'm the only one with active permissions. Now SillyPutty becomes a citizen of my deed. I give Sillyputty a role that has brand permission. I brand another animal (SecondHorse). NOW, if I look at the permissions of FirstHorse, I still see only me. If I look at the permissions of SecondHorse, I see me and SillyPutty. So, while SillyPutty has brand permissions, they did not have those permissions when I branded FirstHorse. Therefore, if I want them to be able to lead or manage that horse, I have to manually add them to any animal I branded BEFORE they had the permission in the role. I'm going to lock this thread now as there is no known bug with this. If you still have issues: 1. Have your mayor randomly check some animals while they are alive to see if you are on the permisson list. 2. Right click manage animals yourself to see how many animals you have permissions for and if that list makes sense to you. 3. If you have verified that you have permissions on an animal and you kill that animal and cannot butcher or move it, please open a new thread and we'll investigate your issue. I'll be glad to help you work through the problem on an individual basis.
  10. Fixed with today's hotfix:
  11. Fixed with today's hotfix update:
  12. This has been added to the bug list.
  13. This may be because the nail is damaged and the quality is affecting your ability to create as I could not reproduce this. Try this: Put that damaged nail in the crafting window along with the beam to check your percent. Or..drop that nail and try to create with an undamaged nail in the first slot to see if you get the same issue. Please post your results.
  14. When you come to a situation as this, it may be a good idea to reroute the highway around the deed, while keeping the current highway as is until the old highway rule is changed. You could always run into the problem where a deed on an existing old highway refuses to allow an official highway through their deed. In that case a reroute would be needed as we cannot strong-arm people into seeing the vision our way. Speak with the people in the local area to see if you can come up with a solution which is agreeable to all. At least you know not to plant waystones with only one link, or at least keep an eye on them for improve and repair Good luck with your project.
  15. This bug is already on the list and has been for a while. A fix was attempted but failed once the situation presented itself again. I'll add your note to the bug. Thanks for the details. Following here so locking this one: