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  1. I edited the title of your report to reflect the new issue of having to relog to see the proper karma/scenario points. The bug is on the books.
  2. I have meals inside magic chests that have taken no damage for 6 months. I have meals inside magic chests on test that have taken no damage. Nomadikhan, can you please put one new fresh meal in the chest, rename it with the date you put it inside and watch it. Also, rename one food with the damage already on it with the damage number and see if it takes any more damage. If anyone else has food inside magic chests damaging, please post details here as to where the chest is, has it been moved on or off deed, has it been inside another container? Any help at all to see WHERE the damage happens is a plus. Right now, we cannot reproduce this with many different tests situations.
  3. Verified by NeeNee that this was indeed fixed with the latest patch, even though it was listed as fixed via the previous patch: Fixed with:
  4. Added to the list. Thanks for the report and the image.
  5. Added to the list. Thanks for the report.
  6. Keypress queue and crash fixed: Keyboard issue being followed here: Please open new bug reports for any additional items still problematic after yesterdays client updates.
  7. Fixed:
  8. Added to the list. Thanks for the report.
  9. Added to the list. Thanks for the report.
  10. Fixed:
  11. Issue should be fixed next client update. Thanks for the images here and here:
  12. Thanks for all the images. Following on the forum link posted above by Moogien.
  13. This seems to be fixed properly now with today's patch: (It was announced as fixed during the last patch though)
  14. Fixed with today's update:
  15. Should be fixed with today's update.