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  1. [Fixed] No "Place" outline for kiln

    Fixed with today's client update;
  2. [Bug] Crash after launching game ( started today)

    Known issue, should be fixed with an update today. Thanks for the report.
  3. [Bug] Minor visual bug when building pottery arches

    Reported again here
  4. [Duplicate] Missing texture button bar

    Actually, I just noticed that we've had this issue open for a while. Will add to the existing bug:
  5. [Duplicate] Missing texture button bar

    Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  6. Dev team indicates that this is intended> It's the new "minimum setting" look. Sky reflections shouldn't affect the performance at all.
  7. [Bug] spelling mistake

    Thanks for the report. Added to the list.
  8. [FIXED] Can not attach runes

    Hotfixed less than an hour ago.
  9. [Bug] Archaeology metal lumps - Gold Iron Lumps

    Thanks for the report! We do have this listed already. This happened since the last update with lump fragments listed as just metal. I'll add your report to the bug. Until the fix, if anyone has lump fragment, metal, please hold on to them without combining.
  10. [Bug] Archaeology -- crisis of "confidence".

    This is on the list already, thanks for the report and the details.
  11. Added, thanks for the report!
  12. The devs are looking into this particular instance and may know the reason. Thanks for your report and your latest support and to the GM who took the info.
  13. [FIXED] Can not attach runes

    Will be fixed next update. Thanks for the report.
  14. [Bug] Generic Mission List

    This one spawned yesterday before the fix. Please report any that appear after today's patch.
  15. [Fixed] Personal goal randomly completed

    This has been fixed with today's update: