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  1. Newly added items which I saw at the Bootique today: Mortar Support Beams Turrets Rare and Supreme Tools Rare Treasure Maps New 4s and 4d horses
  2. Looking for person who purchased the key for Horse Pen A1. Please message Alectrys or Silvirwolfe in game if you are having issues picking up the horses. Issue resolved, all is well with the world.
  3. Shhh, don't tell the witches! We've snuck in some Holiday Week specials. (While supplies last) The following pens contain a bonus horse for the same price as the single horse. A1, A2, A4, A6 B1, B3, B4, B6 C1, C3, C5, C7 D1, D3, D5, D8 First come, first serve. Be sure you bring cages or friends to grab the extras to take home. Don't have friends? As long as you have the key you can come back and pick up the balance later! Holiday Special is now over.
  4. Updated: 2 new merchants. New horses. New single name horse - Quail. Female champion deer. New Rare Twin traited horse. And the latest arrivals: Drumroll please! We have good and evil Enki! (Don't tell him I said this, I will deny it) Enkisunny and Enkishade! Enkisunny is a Fierce Male unicorn. Enkishade is a Diseased Male unicorn.
  5. My husband's priest was saying the same thing this morning. He is 100 faith - 92.5 channeling - 94ql altar - 11% enchanting bonus on deed and he couldn't get a cast over 81 for aosp. He casted over 120 times on 3 items and that 81 was his highest. It wasn't uncommon for him to get 90+ casts regularly. Indy server if that makes any difference. Vynora priest.
  6. Poor Sigvard the Skeleton cannot be planted or secured. This is THE BEST decoration I have seen in a very very very long time and I would be heartbroken if someone were to dance the night away with him and then take him home. If this is not a bug, please move this post to Suggestions. JUSTICE FOR SIGVARD! ~Alectrys
  7. Happened to me on 10/27 - 10/28/22. What I expected: When the fire died out, the flame graphic would disappear. What actually happened: Logged back into the game 15 hours later and the fire is out but the flame is still present. [17:36:56] You start to light the kiln. [17:37:02] You light the kiln. [17:37:06] You selected 5. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:17] You fuel the kiln with some wood scrap.
  8. Merchant update: Ghoulie has more tools I spotted more rares on the witches Dress up for halloween with new shoulder pads Bulk dirt to bury the bodies in your back yard Mortar to seal up your cellar walls where you hid the bodies. New horses added to the stables - one is a 4 draft male WITH a speed trait as well. Potions, potions and more potions. PS: Ignore the dead guard, the witches were not happy that he was pretending to be a merchant. Don't pretend to be a buyer or your fate may be sealed as well.
  9. Please add deed Sand Witch Bootique 12x, 25y (i10). The guard tower and mailbox are already on the map. Mayor has approved the addition.
  10. Who can resist twin baby unicorn foals? Now you don't have to. Added a female unicorn to the pens with the RARE trait: It has a chance to produce twins! She's just a foal herself right now, so you have time to adopt her and work on your taming skills so you can breed twins for yoursels.
  11. Added Champion Cave Bug, Female to the list.
  12. Glad you finally found it and while doing so had a nice trip around Independence and helpful tips from our citizens.
  13. I think the area has been terraformed since the map dumps. I counted tiles from the existing bridge near there and also counted within the catacombs. Nothing really worked that made sense. After I pulled out all my hair, I posted what seemed to be correct in relation to the bridge near the south. Probably a good idea for a 'professional' to go take a look. Blame back to you! Your serve
  14. Water passage within a tunnel with 2 tiles of water for boats of all sizes and a 1 lane walkway. The name of the passage is: The Haunted Catacombs,1582 Straight East to,1582 then turn south and exit at,1636 (I hope I did this correctly, if not, blame Aristia)
  15.,1588: Deed: Oakvale