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  1. Fixed
  2. Fixed
  4. This should have been hot fixed with the patch 2 hours ago. Please open a new bug with details if this is not the case.
  5. This should be fixed with the hotfix 2 hours ago. Please open a new bug for any odd jackal beast behavior and indicate if it's on Jackal only or all servers.
  6. Put in a support ticket in game to have a GM remedy the graphic issue. Be sure the saddle is not equipped. You can leave it somewhere safe and not on your ticket where it is so that a GM can fix in case you are not online at the time.
  7. I was able to reproduce this only when the measure jug was already full and you tried to use fill. If the jug had not been full, the water would have filled the jug but would have been salty (even though filling it with fresh). I can add that as an issue and maybe get a better wording for the a container already being full.
  8. Wurm Wiki states under notes on the horseshoe page that blacksmithing is used to create gold, silver or electrum horseshoes, but jewelry smithing is used for improving them. The crafting recipe list shows creation skill only, there is not a method of explaining the oddities of some recipes - we have a few things that don't follow the norm (like dredges are blacksmithing, but don't put them in a forge to improve)
  9. Fixed: If there are any additional issues, please open a new bug.
  10. Does this happen every server restart? Is this specific to one server? (I guess you are talking about Indy) Does anyone else have this issue? Please post here if you do and which server and if every restart or just some. I tried on test with multiple restarts and the horses always retain the same hitched position. However, test and live don't always behave in the same manner.
  11. Fixed:
  12. Can anyone please post if this is happening on their deeds on any other server?
  13. Mine are damage free. Please let me know if the items are secured, on the ground or in a building, and what server. Also, please repair them now and check back later to see if they remain repaired or take damage again.