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  1. [Fixed] Valrei mission for non-existent items

    This was fixed, but the patchnote went missing:
  2. Currently fixed on both live and test so at some point Saroman sharpened his crayons and drew pretty pictures without letting us know.
  3. [Bug] Chicken Coop Capacity

    This will be fixed next server update to increase capacity as stated in the wiki - QL/10.
  4. Meditation tiles are not an exact specific tile but rather a 'range' of tiles with certain requirements. For example, Wiki says of Love tiles: Love path tiles are usually found near water on flat or flattish grass with flowers around. And another: Knowledge path tiles are usually found beside water and sand. Generally they are quite close to the shore, but some have also been found in deep waters. I had one of my love tiles about 7-10 tiles away from water on a farm tile. Yes it was near water, yes the tile was flat, and yes there were flowers on a nearby slope. I had knowledge tiles on cobblestone roads 5 tiles from a lake which had sanded sides and bottom.
  5. [Duplicate] Fine Fishing Rod upgrade issue

    Following here:
  6. Fishing rod Lost COC enchantment on upgrade

    Adding this thread here as well to keep all reports in the same area: As far as what is intended, the use of the text menu UPGRADE keeps the rarity and I believe that was the intention of adding it. Taking that item and making it a new item with other parts probably works like any other creation. I've not tested 100's of these to say with an experienced voice. I'll see if I can get some guidance from a dev.
  7. [Bug] Spyglass crashes the game

    Still crashes for me on live. It's fixed on test currently so will be available with the next client update.
  8. Fishing rod Lost COC enchantment on upgrade

    Again, I think the confusing here is the word UPGRADE. If you right click your old pole and look at the context menu, you will see the word UPGRADE. By clicking this, your old fishing rod is automatically upgraded to a fishing pole. All I did was click on the word Upgrade on the rare fine fishing rod and it became a rare fishing pole. This is where the RARE carries over. This menu 'upgrade' was added so that you didn't have to mess around with making your own items to begin with and you can just 'upgrade' your old items and start fishing.
  9. [Bug] Spyglass crashes the game

    Duplicate reports:
  10. Already on the list, thanksfor the report:
  11. [Fixed] Electrum torch lamp flame is far too large

  12. Game Managers powertrips

    If you have an issue with a GM, you should contact the Head Game Master as noted here: That person would be Enki:
  13. [No Bug] Rain danec

    The spelling is intentional and will appear in a few different places as danec (check the achievement page). It is also a login quote from co-creator Notch on the launcher screen. Maybe some reference should be added to the wiki so that new players understand the history of the spelling
  14. [Bug] Chicken Coop Capacity

    I tested also and the most you can get is still 100 (you don't get one at 90 and then another at 91). Leaving it on the list to either change or get some new wording for capacity vs quality.
  15. [Bug] Chicken Coop Capacity

    Thanks for your report. I'll see what the intended behavior should be, but at 90 it seems you cannot add another until you hit 91 at which time you can have the 10 hens inside.