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  1. We are trying to reproduce 2 separate bugs here: 2983 - where anchors just disappear after raising it, either for the first time since the update or after numerous times. 2994 - where moored anchors are taking damage while the boat is moored. We've been unable to reproduce ANY of this either on test or live - although we do believe you that it is happening. May I ask you all to either record the damage on your current anchor if any and keep a watch to see if it takes any further damage. Please be sure this is only reported if the boat is anchored. A mooring anchor sitting in a boat hold WILL take damage as it should.
  2. Added for investigation. Thanks for the report.
  3. Duplicate report. Following here:
  4. The date posted here is in error. The launcher has today's date as the patch date which is correct (even though the URL to the detail page is a bit confusing Issue has been reported.
  5. Fixed with today's patch:
  6. A few things to watch out for: Be sure the liquid (whatever step you are not getting) passes through YOUR inventory before creating the next step. For example: Don't open a barrel and drag the liquid from one container on the ground to another container on the ground. When this happens, the game sees THE GROUND as the owner/maker of the liquid, so you as a player do not get credit. Try the ones you are missing again and be sure to have the liquid in your inventory for the steps each time, do not drag from cauldron in the oven or barrel on the ground to another container.
  7. Be sure that the email of the mayor is a valid email address and verify that the warning e-mail has not gone into the spam folder for that address. If this is still the case, let me know (privately in forum PM if you wish) the email address which you believe should have received the warning and I'll see if the devs can troubleshoot this particular instance.
  8. Thanks for the report. We've dispatched animal control to take care of them.
  9. I am also not able to reproduce this. Console: Bind n repair Bind m repair Right click menu quick keybind hold down the N key for take. N now takes items. M still repairs.
  10. Added to the list, thanks for your report.
  11. Added to the list, thanks for your report.
  12. Can you tell me if your issue was corrected with this graphics update?
  13. This has been added to the list for dev evaluation.
  14. Updated with today's graphics patch:
  15. Should be addressed soonish, it's fine right here