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  1. Dirt restocked. Currently 7200 in DB pens - 900 per pen.
  2. Dirt and Mortar restocked. Sand, paper, support beams in stock.
  3. 4 Draft Hell Horses now in stock.. Ebony 4 speed horses in stock. Other merchants have: Turrets Sand Dirt Mortar Concrete 95 QL Enchanted Tools Dye Shoulder pads Masks Runed Archaeology items Misc rare items Chain Armor 90+ql with aosp 90+ (some rare) Supreme Misc items Support beams Ointments, salves, potions, archaeology statuettes Recipes, more rare misc items, Valrei items Note: Merchants at the Bootique are held by various players. It's a self service market. Easy to get to by land or sea. Wagoner containers planted right there to ship your items home.
  4. Rare Armour (enchanted) Dye Rare and supreme odds and ends Shoulders Masks Bulk items - sand, mortar, support beams, dirt Turrents 4D and 4S horses (some pens buy one get 1 free) Champ Deer Unicorns
  5. Some animal prices slashed! Some pens have 2 for 1 horses! Bulk items in stock for your building needs. Colorful dyes for your clothing or your map making. Rare and enchanted tools. Odds and Ends and Ends and Odds. Self Service. Move your purchases right to the wagoner container and ship them home. Halter ropes on merchants so you can lead your purchases home. As long as you purchase the key to the pen, you can come back later to pick up the rest. It's a new year, start your new projects.
  6. Cross referencing this post from Darklords regarding larders and decay of items inside and talk of a 'buff' to larders. Not sure if this has been implemented yet. I've not seen anything in patchnotes. Larders right now are more of a hassle than an benefit, unfortunately.
  7. Turrets back in stock. Sand Dirt Paper Mortar Support Beams Dyes for your clothes, fences, lamps, maps or buy it and pour it on the ground! Enchanted Tools 4 speed and 4 draft horses Champ deer Misc rare traited horses and unicorns Merchant stocks updated often. Merchants are managed by a few different people so we never know what we'll find on them. Make Sand Witch Bootique a stop on your next map hunt! Wagoner container there to send home your builk goods. Wagoner Sprout is the local wagoner and she has stopped reaching into crates and sampling the goods along the way.
  8. 150 paper QL 50 added to the market. Key on Mountainwitch.
  9. Newly added items which I saw at the Bootique today: Mortar Support Beams Turrets Rare and Supreme Tools Rare Treasure Maps New 4s and 4d horses
  10. Looking for person who purchased the key for Horse Pen A1. Please message Alectrys or Silvirwolfe in game if you are having issues picking up the horses. Issue resolved, all is well with the world.
  11. Shhh, don't tell the witches! We've snuck in some Holiday Week specials. (While supplies last) The following pens contain a bonus horse for the same price as the single horse. A1, A2, A4, A6 B1, B3, B4, B6 C1, C3, C5, C7 D1, D3, D5, D8 First come, first serve. Be sure you bring cages or friends to grab the extras to take home. Don't have friends? As long as you have the key you can come back and pick up the balance later! Holiday Special is now over.
  12. Updated: 2 new merchants. New horses. New single name horse - Quail. Female champion deer. New Rare Twin traited horse. And the latest arrivals: Drumroll please! We have good and evil Enki! (Don't tell him I said this, I will deny it) Enkisunny and Enkishade! Enkisunny is a Fierce Male unicorn. Enkishade is a Diseased Male unicorn.
  13. My husband's priest was saying the same thing this morning. He is 100 faith - 92.5 channeling - 94ql altar - 11% enchanting bonus on deed and he couldn't get a cast over 81 for aosp. He casted over 120 times on 3 items and that 81 was his highest. It wasn't uncommon for him to get 90+ casts regularly. Indy server if that makes any difference. Vynora priest.
  14. Poor Sigvard the Skeleton cannot be planted or secured. This is THE BEST decoration I have seen in a very very very long time and I would be heartbroken if someone were to dance the night away with him and then take him home. If this is not a bug, please move this post to Suggestions. JUSTICE FOR SIGVARD! ~Alectrys
  15. Happened to me on 10/27 - 10/28/22. What I expected: When the fire died out, the flame graphic would disappear. What actually happened: Logged back into the game 15 hours later and the fire is out but the flame is still present. [17:36:56] You start to light the kiln. [17:37:02] You light the kiln. [17:37:06] You selected 5. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:10] You combine the items into one. [17:37:17] You fuel the kiln with some wood scrap.