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  1. I've been able to reproduce this on the test server and added a bug with notes for the devs. Thanks for your report. We also have your support ticket linked to the bug. Please do not try to add anything more to the statue.
  2. Could you please take a screenshot of the 2 recipes that you say are bugged and post it here? Are those the only two remaining issues you have with your cookbook?
  3. I've managed to reproduce this on test using your exact string of letters. The notes are not liking either the number of characters or too many without spaces. I'll add a bug to figure out where it's breaking, but in the meantime, either shorten your method or use a spreadsheet for that many details Thanks for the report.
  4. Added the issue to the list. Thanks for the report.
  5. I'll add this to the list and monitor. Can you please add the mission description as well? And the server? (I assume Deli, but don't like to assume)
  6. The under 30 ql issue will be fixed next update. I cannot reproduce any other failures at this time. Once that is fixed, we'll see if and what causes failures after that.
  7. Can you try to add a few notes to a recipe and monitor it to see if it happens again? I've not heard of this before and can't recreate it. Did you cross servers after adding the notes? Did you check on both servers to see if the notes are missing from both?
  8. Added to the list.
  9. I've added this issue to the list.
  10. I've no idea whether this is intended for some reason or not. I've verified the behavior and opened up a bug. Thanks for the report.
  11. This could be a case of a deed disbanding and then founded again with the same name on the same spot. The message indicates 'multiple markers'. If your search of the area doesn't come up with another deed name, that could be the reason. Even though a deed has the same name, it's wurmID is not the same, so therefore its 'another' deed. I'll leave this open in case others find similar issues or the former mayor or citizens can confirm my suspicion.
  12. Thanks for the forum PM, Lisabet. I won't be needing the details as I was able to recreate the same thing tonight with a huge axe head. Different rune, same behavior. Bug added to the list.
  13. Fixed:
  14. I know for a fact that below ql 30 is not working. That is to be fixed. However, people are saying here that above ql 30 is also not working. I want to see if that is true and if so what are the details.
  15. Today on Independence: Description: Magranon commands you to sacrifice 49 of the hidden Fire Fragments which can be found by investigating and digging in the wilderness. My husband and I found 4 while investigating - all 4 no damage. 32 ql 35 ql 61 ql 98 ql Me: Vynora follower - sacrificed 35 and 61, one at a time and got credit for each. Him: Mag follower - sacrificed 32 and 98, one at a time and got credit for each.