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Found 27 results

  1. WTB Rare human skull shoulder pad
  2. Hey i want to sell some rift loot: 84,25ql Glimmersteel lump 0,34kg 3s 84,80ql Glimmersteel lump 0,34kg 3s 84,51ql Adamantine lump 0,34kg 3s 83,84ql Adamantine lump 0,25kg 2s 85,62ql seryll lump 0,26kg 1.5s 85,11ql seryll lump 0,26kg 1.5s 75ql Curved shoulder pad 50c 75ql left basic shoulder pad 75c 50ql right basic shoulder pad 50c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 75c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 75c 75ql Left elaborate shoulder pad 50c 81ql Copper lump 96 CoC 1s Stone runes of Mgranon, zinc [mailbox rune] (It can be attached to any item and will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 14,15ql 17c 16,75ql 20c 17,67ql 21c 49,78ql 78c Stone rune of Libia, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%).) 2,75ql 6c 3,68ql 6c 5,32ql 8c 8,18ql 10c 8,50ql 10c 8,90ql 10c 9,69ql 11c 10,59ql 13c 10,82ql 13c 10,97ql 13c 11,07ql 14c 12,68ql 16c 12,86ql 16c 19,51ql 24c 19,81ql 24c 29,19ql 42c Stone rune of Vynora, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1,69ql 5c 2,28ql 6c 2,84ql 6c 3,05ql 7c 5,29ql 9c 5,38ql 9c 13,56ql 15c 13,99ql 15c 15,52ql 18c 20,83ql 24c Crystal rune of Vynora, Tin (It can be attached to metal items and will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%).) 24,17ql 30c 40,00ql 68c Stone rune of Fo, silver (It can be attached to stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will have an okay glow and increase skill level bonus on skill checks (5%).) 11,26ql 14c Stone rune of Fo, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (10%).) 4,09ql 8c 15,98ql 17c 46,07ql 73c You can leave message here or in game /t Ziem
  3. Hi some items i like to sell, PM me offers plz, 1k Potterybricks 3s 1k Iron ql50 1s 1k Rock sharts 1s Small Anvil ql65 17c Rake ql64 17c Pickaxe ql64 17c Pickaxe ql39 10c Spatula ql55 Botd86 85c Clayshaper ql66 Botd68 65c Shovel ql51 10c Shovel ql56 10c Groombrush ql61 Botd68 65c Right basic shoulder pad,iron ql75 45c Trowel ql47 10c Hatchet ql89 Botd74 1.35s Steel Hatchet ql58 24c Saw ql66 Botd70 65c 8 Barrels maple syrup 15c/e 1 Barrel red wine 1s 1 Barrel Gin 1s Sprouts,Seedlings and Flowers Rare : rounded bricksx2 potterybricksx2 I also can make any pottery items ql45. I have 72 Hot food cooking: Wrapped Pizza with full CCFP! 10kg ql65 20c/e Wrapped Affinity-Pizza ql73~4kg any affinity you like 15c/e Wrapped Affinity-Pizza ql73~10kg,any affinity you like 25c/e Wrapped bangers and mash full CCFP 2kg ql74~ 10c/e Wrapped Meal ql74~ 4c< Also do request different weight or food. Greets Aroma, hope to hear form you soon. Pm or leave a msg
  4. removed
  5. Clearing out the shoulder pads from my backpack, take your pick for 20c each.
  6. Shoulder pads: 50c each
  7. Please make an offer on all items, thanks!
  8. Please make offer on all items, thanks.
  9. New pricing system! All the runes cost 2c/ql Runes: The attachment chance depends on the quality of the rune, and your Soul Depth skill. If you fail, the rune gets destroyed but nothing happens to the item itself. Attach chance in brackets are from 37 soul depth char. Libilla: Magranon: Vynora: Fo: Runes get damaged when stored in a normal chest or any other container - keep them on your character,or in a magic chest. Potions of Weaponsmith, Armoursmith, Woodcutting, Tailoring, Fletching: Shoulders: Right layered(75ql) Rings and bracelets: 2x bracelet of inspiration, seryll (75ql) 3x dark ring, seryll (75ql) 1x dark ring, seryll (50ql) 1x Artisan ring, seryll (75ql) [09:24:30] A ring engraved with various artisan symbols. It will improve skillgain for Artifacts. 1x Necklace of protection, seryll (75ql) Socketed ring seryll 25ql Lumps: Other: Snow lantern 99ql 0dmg 72ql fletching potion Post offers here or on PM. Services: Jewelry Smithing imp: (PM Kurois for more details) Gold: 80ql - 80c 90ql - 1s Silver: 84ql - 1,2s Blacksmithing imp: (Pm Kurois for more details) 90ql - 80c Partnership: If you need help with attaching your runes, you can check out our partners - Thor's rune attaching service. He has almost 74 Soul Depth and can provide much higher attachment percentages.
  10. You can write to me or to Davih in game or leave us a message on the forum Below there is the complete list of what we sell: Ql 75 Left shielding shoulder pad, iron, 1 silver. Ql 75 Chain shoulder pad 1 silver. Ql 75 Right elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 1.5 silver. Ql 75 Huge sword bracelet, seryll, 1 silver. Ql 75 Exquisite shoulder pad, leather, 1.5 silver. Ql 75 Necklace of focus, seryll, 1 silver. Ql 75 Necklace of focus, seryll, 1 silver. Ql 75 Artisan ring, seryll, 1.5 silver.
  11. Disappointed in the lack of rift shoulder pads that benefit plate wearers. Could add some new shoulders into the game that are "steel" with benefit to plate wearers perhaps?
  12. I am looking for the following items with no damage on them: PURCHASED One Rare knapsack ( PURCHASED Pair of 75ql stylish shoulder pads ( PURCHASED One Rare lantern, blank, not dyed (QL does not matter) Contact me in-game first. Otherwise, reply to this thread or PM me if I'm not in available in-game.
  13. Hello, I have for sell a shoulder pads (price is for negotiate ) : 2x Small Cotton Pad (2s each) (both sides, so it is a pair ) Curved Pad (3s) Ribboned Pad (3s)
  14. Selling right and left elaborate (leather) shoulder pads, both 75ql, no damage. Asking 2s for the set.
  15. Hey everyone - today I have a rare left stylish shoulder for sell: Starting Bid: 8s Min increment: 1s Buyout: 20s Sniper protection: 30min
  16. Offer Prices for Rares and Shoulder Pads Fireworks 60c each Small Anvil 73CoC 70c
  17. All items in storage must go! Here is what I have: Prices: All shoulder pads - 50c ea.
  18. Offer Prices Rare Lamps Are 2s Each
  19. Time again for cleaning out those dusty backpacks. Here's what I have for sale, please make an offer on any item. All reasonable offers accepted!
  20. Trying to clear out some of that rift loot on my alt and get some spare coin to pay prem. Here is what I have for sale: the used artisan necklace was only equipped once to check it then removed, never used for crafting. [22:54:07] A delicate necklace with artisan symbols. It helps improving items to a higher level. It is very stable and has much energy left. It can not be improved. Please make offer on all items, any reasonable offer will be accepted. Thanks!
  21. Trying to clear out some of that rift loot on my alt and get some spare coin to pay prem. Here is what I have for sale: Please make offers on all items, any reasonable offer will be accepted. Feel free to respond here or in-game. Thanks!
  22. 75 ql, "studded leather armor glance bonus vs. two handed." 3 silver.
  23. WTS 2x triple shoulder pad, leather (75ql) Examine: A decorative shoulder pad. These armor pieces come in a variety of materials and designs. Buff: The Triple Shoulder Pad gives a buff to leather armor glance bonus versus two-handed. Final price reduction: 8.5s for the pair (comes out to 4.25s per shoulder pad)