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Found 6 results

  1. During one of my most recent discussions here the topic of names came up. So it got me thinking... How did you come up with your name for your main character? Was it your child nickname? The name of a pet? or was just a random collection of letters? Naturally this question is for a character you created yourself or was created for you. Tell us your story! In addition to your name, share a memorable story involving your early days on Wurm. Lets see if your stories are as colorful as mine was (to me at least!)
  2. i have two main suggestions about names, and a third lump in the first one may be an old suggestion or been put forth elsewhere but i believe that a players name should automatically be capitalized from creation and should be displayed everywhere capitalized, like in the hud name plate or in the new floating chat text. secondly we should be able to give ourselves a last name if we so choose, or be able to use one space in the name creation, i say one because i know using spaces could be exploited, but its not like names have been exploited in other ways i.e. using 'X'es, or mashing word together 'justlikethis', or clever puns. all i am suggesting with the last names or the addition of allowing a space to be used is to add more depth to the role-play that i personally enjoy. lastly i know its been suggested before but i truly believe we should be able to pay in the store to change our name. i mean if i want to change my name i should be able to, this should be limited as well, so it cant be exploited, like if i change my name im locked to that name for 6 to 12 months. i understand some people may say "well that means this person here that has a bad rep can just change their name and server and can just continue their bad behavior." the simple response is if that person has been reported or had a complaint filed against them to any wurm staff then a GM or Staffer can choose to make that person ineligible for a name change either for temporary or permanently depending on severity of the offence.
  3. The ability to set a last name or surname on your in game characters in the chat bar type /surname ( then your name here ) a minimum 3 characters letters a maximum 10-15 character letters Premium Players only ( stays displayed when your loose your premium ) The Ability to choose to display or not display in the / titles section No resets or changes ( maybe limited to one change ? in game marriages etc? ) Repeatable surname names accepted ( family name for each Toon etc ) sometimes alliances require everyone to have the same last name. etc I have seen this in a few MMO's its quite interesting to see what names people come up with for there surnames / last names No illegal character letters allowed such as numbers or !&$%^@ etc.. like to get this added !
  4. It would be great to be able to name our own horses, but i know some people would want to use names not allowed so why not give people a choice of what to name a new born foal. The could choose between 5 names or perhaps 5 different first names and 5 different last names. It would be nice to have some kind of choice in this.
  5. It was mentioned in another topic that there is a post detailing the names of Xanadu landmarks and waterways. I can't seem to find it... would someone be able to point me in the right direction of where it's located?
  6. with this coming from the Dev Q&A what name's would you like to see used for a new server added to the P&R community?