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Found 82 results

  1. New Prosperity Market is now Open! We are working on a large variety of projects and aim to be your go to, one-stop shop for anything you need on Jackal. We will deliver to any settlement within the radius of the spawn freedom beacon. We're not prepared to deliver to settlements in the corruption, but will be able to soon. Here's an up to date list of what we offer so far: Equipment: - 40QL Tools: 30c 25QL Weapons: 20c 30QL Armor Sets 40c Spellcasting: Mend Casts 5c Services: - Blacksmith Imping services to 50QL - Digging Services - 50QL Mining Services and ores Here's what we're working on and will offer in the near future! - Bred Wetas, 20+km/h - Enchanted tools and enchanting services - Ship-ropes, Sails and fully constructed ships For any sales or offers please feel free to PM either Teloril or Lyokan
  2. Hello Wurmians, I like a job or work, Skills(old) : Let me know what you need and what you will pay me. If i need to travel thats ok too plz have a bed ready for me:) And if i can,ill take some friends with me to help. I have ql85+ Tools a rare knarr with a cart on board. I Have a Mag priest :100 faith 84 channeling Hope to hear from you soon. Pm Aroma or leave a prvt msg. Greets hugs.Aroma Forwoman of Amore P14 Xanadu.
  3. Something made me think of when I started playing Wurm as a newbie. I was excruciatingly lucky my original mayor was around coz he was working on the near by starter town. I soon found out he is rarely around. While milling around as a newbie someone was advertising to buy newbie dirt. They were offering half price & when i pushed to split they wouldn't have a bar of it so i thought, I'll dig my own dirt & sell it at the difference. 2 years later I haven't sold any dirt but I've filled bsb's of the stuff terraforming the town I bought from my original mayor. When I bought the village it came with a room with half to a dozen bsb's of dirt. Sitting here now I think about what my villagers would give for such an offer. ..but.. I have 55.75 digging to show for it If I had understood the value of hql tools & how much they speed up the process immensely I might not have been so confronted by the effort getting the dirt when the offer was put to me. I still see players now & then offering to buy @ half price. If they are quick they could post there forum stores below for free advertising
  4. I don't know of a good reason why tree tiles would hinder terraforming with a shovel. If you do, please enlighten me. To me, it's just a hindrance to quality of life, so I am putting this suggestion out there.
  5. I'm looking for someone to dredge some tiles for me at E20 on Exodus. I need approximately 100 tiles dredged down from 40 to 90 below water. Please send me your rates per 1k dirt dredged.
  6. Last night I had an odd idea and now I am trying to figure out if it is possible for me to do it. I started dredging out the bay in front of my town, I wanted it deep enough that Ocean going vessels would be fine to sail through it. Then I decided to see how deep I could dig with the dredge. After this I though of trying to see if I could make it an Ocean tile if I dug deep enough. So my questions are: How deep, in water, must I dredge for a water tile to become an ocean tile? Is it possible for a player to create an Ocean tile by digging and area deep enough with a Dredge? I guess this would apply to world building as well, At what depth does a tile has to be a certain depth in order for it to become an Ocean tile? If I can do this, I will definitely win the next fishing tournament on my server if I drop some Ocean fish on the table and no one else can do it
  7. Normal: What we now do today, for mining, chopping down trees, digging. Aggressive: Faster actions, Less skill gain, Higher chance for lower QL results, for mining ore veins, each hit drops the vein by 3, but only produces 1 shard. Precision: Slower actions, More skill gain, Higher chance for higher QL results (up to your max skill level). Skill gains from Aggressive and Precision become a fixed amount per action (dropping the old skill formula). Higher QL tools ONLY affect the speed and QL results. QL results are capped at tool QL +10, but can be exceeded with potions & runes. This will also have the benefit of providing lower QL mats on demand. Seems to me, if I am highly skilled at WC, I ought to be able to intentionally produce low QL results. I really want to see the invers connection of tool QL and skill gain eliminated, but with this system, we keep Normal for those that prefer Wogic and give the option of Aggressive and Precision to those that prefer Logic. Obviously, there must remain a balance. Precision should not be any faster than what someone would do using Normal, targeting the appropriate vein type and using the appropriately low QL pick (for example). Normal, Aggressive and Precision can be a mini bar that appears when appropriate tools are equipped.
  8. So. I was actually working on building things, and then I came up with an idea: Cellars. ON the ground level of a house, it allows someone to dig up a hole in one of the tiles. Though, it is still limited to the 'width' of housing as normal, using the floor-level system used already, but on a negative scale rather then positive. The bigger the house, the more digging skill (or maybe mining, or both) is required to dig up the cellar, at a same rate as the carpentry skill needed to plan a building. (Expanding the house would also require the one to plan the expansion with an existing cellar to have the digging/mining skill to also do the expansion down there) Now, what is the point of a cellar? It could have a few effects. Historically, wine ages better when placed in a cellar. A larder placed in a cellar also would not require snowballs to preserve food. The other good point of having a cellar, is security. Since the cellar is actually further underground, destroying the floor does not open the way to the cellar. The only way is through the shaft that leads down to it (stairwell, or just a trap with a ladder) ... if you placed walls inside with a locked door, folks would also need to bash down, or pick that lock to access the content of that cellar. Great for storing your valuables, but as it is impossible to actually go down there with a horse, dropping crates with stuff down there would be impossible, so only for storing small valuable objects, food without requirement of snowball, and accelerating the aging of wine slightly. On another note, if the writ owner destroys a house with a cellar, all items in the cellar are destroyed, burried under a thick layer of dirt never to be found again. This is a draft of an idea I had. It might break things, or it might be impossible, but it is an idea that I like. So lets discuss about what could be broken with that, or fixed! and other possible ideas to come with it!
  9. No longer have the ability to level or dig paved tiles, regardless of slope or location. I've tried in several areas, 1 or two tile paved areas. It seems that if the corner you're attempting to dig is connected to paved tile at 3 or all of the 4 points, it gives the error [19:24:37] You cannot dig in such terrain. The dig option does not appear for any paved tile. You must select a grass tile as a workaround currently. Level option does not appear on paved tiles.
  10. Hello I'm looking for any Digging/Surface Mining work within the PVE Maps Digging - Level 86 = 258 Slope at a price of 1s per 1k dirt/sand or 10 Iron per Dirt/Sand Mining - Level 50 = 150 Slope at a Price of 2s per 1k Rock Shards or 20 Iron per Rock Shard
  11. I dug this up a couple of days ago, i'm not sure if I want to sell or not. What would it be worth? Thanks
  12. Looking to sell this bone I dug up! 25s or 25e
  13. Can provide rowboat and dredges. Deed is on south coast of Celebration. 1s/500dirt pst Arakiel ingame or pm on forum, thanks.
  14. I'm an old player returning with some random free time on his hands. I'm looking for work that can be completed at my own pace because i can't usually know when i'll be able to log in. I have 60+ carpentry, 65 mining, 70+ FS, good digging, and a spattering of other skills, a knarr for transporting goods or dredging, all my own equipment etc. Just looking for something to do because I don't have time for a deed. in game name is james message me here or there if you catch me online.
  15. I am looking for someone to dredge out the area around my dock on my new deed. I can't be bother with the dredging. Must have his own dredge tool and boat. There might also be a little bit of digging, but it shouldn't be much. If interested, post below or contact me by PM. Happy Wurming!
  16. Selling off my smithing/building alt. Will come with armour, sword and shield only. Account will be on NE celebration. Starting bid of 200 euro. Private bids are okay, and no sniper protection. Auction will run for 5 days. Edit: Forgot... [18:55:06] You have premium time until 20 Dec 2016 18:28:01 GMT Path of knowledge (forget which level, has get info 1 though). Account is a male character
  17. Looking for any work on Zanadu! Can dig, mine, or any other odd jobs you may have laying around! Provide my own tools and food, but would nice if water is near the job! Name a price, job, and grid reference on the map in a pm, or here! Thanks!
  18. Hi, my character name is Draveon, I'm located in Xanadu F12. I'm looking for any kind of work for coins. Willing to go almost any where. Contact me here or through the game My skills are here
  19. I need more dirt, willing to hire people to go dig it for me. You dig it up for me and I will pay you for your work. I will swap your full crates for my empty ones. I am located just outside of Glasshollow area, this is a npc infested area and dangerous to newer players - Please be aware of this, I hired people who had issues trying to work in the area because they were constantly attacked. Paying 1s per 1k dirt. (Will also accept sand as well) 3 Large Crates of dirt - 90c 12 Large Crates of dirt - 3.6s This is geared towards newer players looking for earn some in game money. Bulk Sellers please pm me and we can discuss what you are offering. You can contact me ign: Tuanta or here on the forums.
  20. The page above states that players receive the ability, at 15 Digging skill, to mouse over tile borders and see their slopes. This has been changed, all players, even at 1.00 Digging skill, can see tile border slopes from 1 tile away. Proof of this is shown in his screenshot: . I would appreciate if this part of the page could be updated to reflect the new changes. Thanks!
  21. Any advice? I had alts before with 99 dig and I never worried about skilling up. However, I'm now leveling my own and wish to get back to 99. I've noticed the skill ticks are few at 80, while just digging for basic teraforming. Do I need really steep slopes? Dedicate time to digging up clay, tar or peat? Thank you!
  22. Hi! I'm looking for some digging job. My digging is at 70. I'm living in S15 Xanadu, but can sail to every server. I'm old player, who started Wurming 4 years ago and now back to game. I see that hiring terraformer is less common these days, but I hope someone will need me! Please write here or find me in game!
  23. Dear players of Wurm, I had been living in Elevation, under a deed named Silver leaf until owner of deed had abruptly left game with little to under a weeks upkeep, i log in a couple days later to find the deed disbanded aswell as a Drake Spirit killing me, i was unable to return to my corpse and am lost where to go i have bare minimum tools, and not sure of a good starting area all i really require is some tools, armour, and weapon of any description or ql, could anyone please give me any advice where i should pick myself up from this situation. -Thanks Bruz If anyone has an offer to keep me under their deed i will be more then obligated to help you with any labour, etc, etc, i can make bricks, arrows, anything you may require i am just asking for means to level up my skills.
  24. EDIT 2: I've found transportation, so as long as your deed is accessible from the ocean, I won't need a pickup anymore. I've updated what I'm looking for based on my current location. I will need pictures of the deed location, though. EDIT: I only posted my location within Xanadu because I will require transportation for two characters to your deed. If you can supply transportation from the other end of Xanadu, I'm still open to what you have to offer! I'm looking for a village to join near the F11-F12 coast Glasshollow, or a village that's able to provide a sea pickup for two characters. The rest of my village left for Chaos, and I have over 100 euros worth of rares on-hand, so I need to arrange for a new village to join before I can log back into the game. I'm a veteran player looking to settle down, and I have a Fo priest to complement my main character's carpentry and digging skills. I'm currently in #wurm, #wurmunlimited, and #wumodding on Rizon if you'd like to talk to me first before extending an invitation. Skilldumps: