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  1. Great initiative devs Cant wait *jumping up and down in one spot* Now to wonder when we can expect things on WU - given we dont have the new hellsies with gear yet.. But anyway - just had to say I love the direction Some (like me) play it mainly to build pretty stuff
  2. Gelavin: You have to collapse and open them up from the inside - AFTER making sure the outside tile is the level you want it to be. As for the other side - it opened up fine, opening it in the same order (from the inside, middle first, then south, then north). So I did not replicate the bug.
  3. Thanks, I shall do that. Will update later (might need another day or two to finish some other things first).
  4. I just want to say thanks to everyone that helped me out I have another exit to make that is just like this - should I collapse the middle and go south to north this time?
  5. Ok, so here is a little more info after trying to trouble-solve it with a GM on our server: We collapsed the tile in the middle and attempted to mine out the tile highlighted from the inside, and got the following error message: [08:50:25] The cave walls look very unstable and dirt flows in. You would be buried alive. : This is said cave from the outside - both side slopes are the same:
  6. I am unable to open the last tile of a 3 wide entrance. That tile on the right hand side is still there - allthough its see-through from the outside (I did try relogging, still a seethrough wall from the outside). Same cave from the inside: I can clip into the cave by walking towards the glitchy tile from the outside - from the inside its a solid wall that stops me. I started mining my 3-wide entrance from the middle tile, then I did the left tile in that top picture (so towards the south). trying to mine out the north tile gives me the following error messages: [22:05:43] Can only make two or three tile wide cave entrances . [22:05:43] The cave walls look very unstable. You cannot keep mining here. The slopes and everything are the same for the tile on the left and the right. The only difference is the righthand tile is north, the one I managed to open is towards the south. Before all of this I did collapse the one entrance I had, which was in the middle - to even out using some concrete. I then opened up that very same tile - the middle one, before continuing. Let me know if there is anything else you might need to know.
  7. Great ideas! Unicorn lovers united \o/ Also figured I would share that here is a mod that brings back the colors (client side mod so you are the only one to see them):
  8. This is a really old post BUUUUUUUT this problem seriously still stands - Wurm needs it own gamma setting. I play on a laptop and when I up the settings so that I can stand the caves and nighttime, I get the pleassant side-effect of being blinded by my other windows. A LOT of games have this option to change the brightness or gamma for that game only. If not for WO, at least for WU with maybe the option to untick it if you want to run a hardcore PVP server with the difficulty of the dark? Or is it possible to make this as a mod on WU? If so - I know at least one person who would love you for doing so
  9. Congratulations Belacane on your new deed! I will keep in touch with you on Facebook about the trade.
  10. (1g is Ruiner - got another bid at the same level but cant have a tie)
  11. Thanks Ruiner I will make sure your bid counts up til the max bid you gave me.
  12. Could you guys, if you have the time, post bids in here? That way it doesn't look like I am making fake bids on my own deed to get the price up O.O Cause I now got an offer for 85s, and someone who wants to upbid at 85,5s (they have a max bid thats above 85s) Bid is thereby now at 85,5 s
  13. I no longer have the time to care for this deed so I am currently looking to recruit a new manager - if someone is into these kind of things. Could be a great deed for a bunch of friends as well given it has a nice location, plenty of housing, plenty of room to farm and all resources nearby.