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  1. Same could be said for any aspect of the game, not that hard to drink coffee from time to time, I manage it and I have the attention span of a goldfish
  2. How is this something difficult to manage? Also lol at caffeine making you jittery and anxious. I suggest drinking less, don't need to RP RL
  3. Yeah sounds like an easy afk skill that could be easily applied to any shield
  4. Ql is completely irrelevant to rgb, once its mixed or altered in any way. Moving towards the average is what it did before, and what the problem was
  5. Here it is: [13:31:27] The delicious flavour and rich aroma wakes you up.
  6. It does doesn't it? It's a message that's like "the aroma invigorates you"
  7. It's an inherently bad idea that fails to address ANY issue that the current legendary system supposedly has. It does not stop private slaying groups, and does not address hide distribution, and it also doesn't stop entitled people think they have a right to turn up and get loot for it. And to add on, "that should take a single day of dev time" is ridiculous to the point of laughable.
  8. No they were banned for using hacking tools
  9. Turkish coffee is brewed by placing an ibrik on coals, and wouldn't work in an oven. Given its the most potent one, it sounds like that is the balance? So there's cultural and balance reasons behind it.
  10. The title was not awarded, so it's not been given. Basically he got banned before it was processed so I can only assume devs didn't go through with it
  11. Same! Except being able to charge 1s for 10 was good hahaha
  12. People. Finding my corpses wondering how on earth someone in scale died
  13. And that's fine. Play it your way. Personally I enjoy being able to actually gain skills with the limited time I have to play, coffee means my one hour of focused grinding gets me further, and I can feel the accomplishment too