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  1. Switch gaming

    I loved Rune Factory, already played it to death haha. I do prefer stardew valley over rune factory, but it's still a lot of fun
  2. Switch gaming

    No more heroes sounds interesting! I picked up merchant of the skies too and I'm having fun with that! I liked the graphics in octopath traveller but the storyline felt a little lacking, does it get better?
  3. I forgot crez uses a wide variety of his alts to hide just how much he talks
  4. That's because those five players make GL chat a dumpster fire to avoid People talk to people they like, alliances, server chat. I'd support removing gl chat entirely.
  5. Been struggling with justifying my portable animal crossing console lately, and would love to find some new games to jump into but so much of the shop looks a little lacklustre. So I've decided to make this post and reach out to fellow switch players, with the most important question of 2019: What games are you all playing?
  6. The sarcasm bit was you being shook, lol
  7. Your obvious sarcasm aside, there has been the occasional thing removed. All in all, none of this is about the capability of doing so, SFI map dumps are there, this is a question relating to them not being released yet as an intentional decision
  8. Agreed, wurm isn't a "everybody in the same area" mmo
  9. If you were writing an anecdotal paper as a data science submission I'd give you a failing grade
  10. Containers do slow decay, you're asking for extra slow decay
  11. I'm confused, you can't work out if the above post is sarcasm, now I can't work out if your post is sarcasm.
  12. Oh my gosh that's an amazing hue! 8s to start
  13. Oh no! Make sure to reach out to because it can be checked. Also password reset emails are just hit and miss sometimes anyways
  14. Can we focus on getting the last update working first?