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  1. All water hunting server. Can't deed if there's no land!
  2. Pretty sure the only thing that was ever said was it wasn't in a rush to connect them.
  3. Congrats! You did this with transmutation liquids? Is that because of difficulty and better quality management? Seems like it'd be super heavy on resources
  4. I want a server that lets me hold hundreds of kilos and not worry about inventory management ever
  5. honestly, doing ANYTHING where you're collecting animal parts would be easier
  6. Instead of having to open a corpse to loot it, add a "take all" option that would transfer all the items in the corpse to you. Could be a right click context option on a corpse as well as a keybind. This would streamline the corpse looting process and make things easier from a UX perspective
  7. My first scale set came from a smoke from sol charge, it was 3g per charge on freedom
  8. Can I have five silver.
  9. These are the important suggestions.
  10. Looking to buy the followibg Supreme needle Supreme hammer Supreme leather knife Will likely add more as I go on with more skills, post here, or dm to negotiate price!