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  1. One tome charge may be reserved, it doesn't need to be rolled
  2. In that case, I won the roll for the blue tome, which meant the bone would have gone to me. In that case, I offer to trade the fantastic bone (which was rightfully mine as I won the other roll) to OR for a rare dirt In all honesty, those who actually searched may be completely understanding of this situation, and are happy to let OR have it, it's a rare opportunity to get a fantastic bone, so congrats to him. If any searcher has an issue, perhaps they should be the one to say so?
  3. In all honesty I think a fantastic bone would be the perfect opportunity for an exception to any guidelines that dictate loot rolls. He also put in far more effort and time in locating the unique, as well as penning and deeding it. I myself have had issue with the P&R group hunting because it feels like more people complaining about loot than hunting (as your post starts, you did neither) From the 3-4 hunters that each unique attracts, most ride around their general area mousing over a few likely spots before heading home. Putting in the time and dedication to travel on a priest casting reveal creatures with a ton of vesselled gems is likely to prove more effective. I figured accepting him into the group was to avoid any unnecessary drama over uniques being stolen, he's worked well with the group and handled it as per P&R guidelines, getting a fantastic bone was not expected, and if it were a rare bone you could not honestly declare you'd be this upset over it. If he wasnt a part of the group, nothing would have changed.
  4. Why, here at Ever After pastures we take the finest of care of all equines! From our luxury seaside pens with rose hedges, to our indoor rooms for those cold winter months, we always seek the best for our horses and more. Rose hedges provide the perfect balance of protection and views, with the sea visible amidst the thorny branches. Our indoor stables provide enchanted grass as well as large free roaming spaces, avoiding any feelings of being cooped up. Tich would be treated to electrum runes of Fo to keep that youthful look forever, as well as fed the finest organic crops, from her choice of cotton seeds, carrots, cabbage seeds or the always popular enchanted grass. Prior to transportation, Tich would be provided with our patented long distance electrum rune therapy services. Upon arrival at her new home, she would be cared for by one of our premium horse minders and branded with our revolutionary cold branding technique, meaning no pain at all! Her days would be spent protected by our security templar, who will take on all foes, as well as groomed and kept clean of all fleas. Our resident Fo priest will ensure all disease is kept away and any scraggly hoof issues will be cleared up quicker than you can say "are you saccing my scale pants?" We hope you choose Ever After pastures for your new home for your beloved Tich, and look forward to hearing your decision. P.S. This is seriously cool, and it would be an honour to have a Tich named horse to care for.
  5. I dreaded this day since I was informed about her illness. It's not easy knowing that someones time is running short, you want to help as best you can and put aside your own grief, but you also don't want to pretend everything is fine. Tich, You always had grand plans for Wurm, your projects would span months and consist of huge overhauls. Bridges, Cooking, Highways, the upcoming fishing stuff, you even had plans beyond that. You loved playing still and I recall you inviting me over to check out each and every bridge project you were working on. You took great pride in your efforts both as a player and as a developer, we often joked about how your house must be bugged, since your projects already included things that would pop up in suggestions. Working with you was always fun, you were dry, yet friendly and easy to talk to (most of the time anyways, I recall once being told "sure, why don't you go code it yourself?") And you took the time to listen and provide someone who didn't know code to understand what you were doing and how it would work. I don't think anyone can login without using some system of yours, be it chatting to friends on another server, setting deed or vehicle permissions, cooking or eating a meal for an affinity or more, you truly made Wurm what it is today and your memory will never disappear from these lands. The rest of the developer team and I will continue to work on your projects, we will see them released in your name, and just for you, we'll include a few bugs for you to grumble about from upstairs. With infinite respect and gratitude for all you have done for Wurm, Archaed
  6. if you hold shift+enter when dragging it auto accepts maxiumum
  7. [03:03:48] Cymmy slain by young Green dragon hatchling, aged Crocodile [03:05:48] Cymmy slain by young Green dragon hatchling, old Hell Hound, mature Crocodile [03:13:50] Cymmy slain by young Green dragon hatchling Independence! Will we stand idly by while our citizens are eaten by dragons? I say not today! Grab a weapon, grab a rake, grab a unicorn, it's payback time! Green hatchling slaying will be a public kill, gives green drake hide and acid potion bloods, bone or tome if it drops will be donated to poor cymmy, who has unfortunately lost three arms and a leg in the accidents . Anything else will be rolled off, you can have your own green dragon hatchling throw cushion. Meeting place is on the north coast, around 16b, there's an arched wooden bridge called Draw bridge, location will be from there with about 15-30 before slaying I might not be there, so get revenge for me too! Edit: After a few tasty meals: Thank you all for attending!
  8. Accepting offers in euro via forum PM Smoke from sol A crystal vial containing the vicious fumes of Sol that twisted the demons and fuels their madness. Title: Male: Occultist | Female: Crone Spell: Disease Passives: 10% physical resistance | 10% poison weakness Charges have been sold, thank you!
  9. As someone who sells dyes (and the one being referenced as the 30c black seller) I'll weigh in with my two cents too Making black sucks, it's time consuming and having to fill hundreds of jars with water will drive you mad. The upside is you can make it in 64 kg lots, meaning if you get lucky and turn out a high quality amount, you have 64 kgs of it. That's why my pricing is 30c per kg. churning through hundreds or thousands of iron is a pain and I tend to put aside anything 50+ql because of the varying colours people want. I can use mid range dyes if they want lighter colours so there's minimal loss (though i have 4-5 amphora racks with sealed small amphorae with varying colours, not to mention the small barrel racks. My overheads are low because grinding botanizing has produced thousands of acorns, and with a good pickaxe I'm able to regularly produce 100ql iron, if i had to source these elsewhere I'd likely be charging more. I also charge slightly more if the black is higher quality, I usually have a range to offer and most are happy with the 20/20/20 range black which is 30c per kg, for 9/9/9 I'd be charging more Judging from mrcoolmans colours (Which are amazing, I will say), I'm guessing he uses the 91ql black as a base, which adds the cost of that to any dye made. From there adding increasingly high levels of cochineal until the suitable colour is reached. My preference is to start with the pure colours, which means sourcing high ql cochineal (scorpion is best as combining colours together can move them closer to grey) and woad (same thing, even worse because its 1kg at a time) Rather than building from a black base. It's likely a lot more wastage than mcm's system however, since you cannot fail to improve the colour (unless its lower ql but that's a bit confusing to write more on here) Natural substances is an annoying skill to grind, namely because it's one of the few right click grinds still out there (wtb mix keybind) and Mrcoolman has always been an inspiration of mine, along with headhunter (who didn't even laugh when i bought 30 kgs of lime green to paint my house) and Aum. Dyemaking takes a lot of effort, a good eye for colours, knowing just how much things will jump when you mix that 80ql copper in vs that 40ql copper (its not half, i dont know why) as well as butchering, botanizing and mining just to be able to supply yourself. As angelklaine said, things are worth what people will pay for them, but they're also worth what people will sell them for, the sheer amount of work in skilling, resources, and combatting rng for dyes makes them a time consuming process, but also incredibly rewarding, the first time I got the bug from dyemaking is when I dyed a neighbours spirit cottage blue, she was so thrilled with it that it struck me as dyes being one of the best ways to show off your own sense of style, be it a lime green wooden mansion, or a black and red sailboat
  10. And we're back! With this update dyes now can be used on multiple things from sails to chairs, I'll be able to do custom orders and quantities, so order today! Don't forget to show your results here for a 10% discount on your next order!
  11. HI all, will be taking a break for a while as RL has gotten much busier. Wont be able to do huge orders, and may be slow, so I'll be closing this for now. Thanks for your patronage and I hope to see you all soon!
  12. " priests could create scrolls that could be used by non-priests to cast Strongwall " You mean support beams? I think for something like this there'd have to be so many things to take into account, most casts base off a power roll, which would lead to all sorts of calculation issues. I understand the underlying idea, and indeed it's been a common one over the years, but I'd have to -1 it as it simply is not possible to balance well
  13. Hi just was talking to Magykal his Green Knarr is awesome,I would llike to do the same to mine Emerald Green can you do that and if so whats price. Thanks

  14. characteristics gains seem fine to me,less actions for skills means less characteristics anyways, so unless ctheyre boosted by a higher number than skillgain itself, theyre always going to be low. I didnt get to 30 bs on WO in a matter of two or three weeks though Awesome server imo, having a lot of fun on it
  15. bump! custom colours always available! Paint your fences, paint your house, paint your world!