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  1. Isn't this just trade chat? I'm confused regarding it. Can you explain what benefit it would have for a) the person creating the quest and b) the person doing it?
  2. Are you sure this is a bug? Losing the extra information sounds like intentional design.
  3. It's been a year! Celebrating the anniversary by selling off the one I planned to use on another staff but never did starting bid 10s buyout throw an offer increments 1s
  4. starting bid 10s buyout throw an offer increments 50c
  5. Devs won't chime in, that's not the purpose of this. Thus my comment about people going back and forth about semantics
  6. If I recall rolf explaining it correctly, It's pvp reasons, a lot of armour and horse gear reimping and creation, designed to get people back into the fight quicker
  7. I'm confused as to why they're not relevant, could you elaborate your reasoning?
  8. I'm beginning to think that people on the forum don't know /s means sarcasm. There's lots of good ways of implementing this, the only question is whether the dev team thinks it fits their vision, the rest is just arguing semantics and getting annoyed with other posters for literally no benefit.
  9. Seems pretty fo away to travel
  10. I love this idea, and I think journal suggestions for various tiers and goals could be handy. The ONLY caveat I'd have is the visiting places one is kind of reliant on those deeds still existing, so maybe not those
  11. Yes, that's working as intended and always has been the case. I think you're missing the actual mechanic here and focusing on the idea that the lower skill miner is actually getting better rolls. I've explained the mechanic, how it works, and how it's actually just the system working perfectly fine, so I hope that helps!
  12. So a lower skill miner never gets lower ql results than a higher skilled miner? You're saying that a lower skill miner gets more ore at their skill cap, than the higher skilled miner gets ABOVE the lower skill miners cap?