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  1. While doing any action trying to click no target comes back as "you are too busy".
  2. Your statement was wrong. The client hasn't been updated in months, restarts come with announcements. Stop thinking the devs are trying to sneak things over on you.
  3. ... You got me, I wasted time and energy on this. Good troll
  4. If there are no patch notes then nothing forward facing has been changed. Patch notes are for changes that impact players
  5. Yes it does. The client hasn't been updated in two months, since the last update that - surprise- came with patch notes!
  6. THEY ARE NOT UPDATES. Again, stop thinking that every time there's a small change that the devs are not communicating something, this is borderline paranoia
  7. Usually it's due to the new skin
  8. The only "updates" have been the monthly skins, which included posts about them. Again, you're assuming things are happening that arent being communicated, when in reality there's progress and at each stage a post is made. That's the rate of progress. The devs aren't hiding things from you, it's okay.
  9. See, this is where you have a misconception. You are still expecting development to proceed at a pace similar to a larger game. The reason there's time spaces between updates is because that's when there is something to talk about. I'd hazard a guess that very few people understand just how long features take to scope, design, develop, test, and then have something to show for it. You expect more communication when there's less to talk about.
  10. It's wurm, if someone's not telling you you're wrong, are you really on the forums?
  11. I also want to say your expectations are too high, you're comparing Paradox Interactive, with 100x more employees than Wurm, to have the resources that Paradox has. 90% of your complaint boils down to you expect A-AAA standards from an absolutely tiny dev team, they are unrealistic expectations and you need to temper them.
  12. How can you say all this, then point out you havent read that budda returned lol
  13. Ah, so only the year long work left then! An interesting idea for sure