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  1. It sounds a lot like PvE content to me. which makes it a strange thing for getting PvP rewards...
  2. Yep, partly agree. But why not rewards as well? From PvE player perspective it is wrong that PvP players can get rewards from PvP and use them on PvE servers to gain advantage (ok, mostly just cosmetic but still). Risk vs Reward is not a real argument, if risk is equal to PvP since PvP is not even part of PvE gameplay...
  3. Roaming Depo, Chest Loot, Battle camps... Why can't we have those things on PvE servers as well?
  4. I don't know... I mean.. there's like 15 years of added content for new players to digest, should be enough to keep people around for years. I think if youleave now because of lack of content you will leave anyway because the game is not for you. The survival of Wurm is about keeping enough players, not keeping everyone. Marketing the game and getting some new players in continuously I think is the right way to do it, most will stick for just a few months but some will stick for a very long time. If you do like this game and the way it is meant to be played you are in it for many years. If not, you can have fun with it for a while and then move on, maybe come back now and then to try out new features. But reality is that Wurm will never be able to keep more than a few percent of the players over a longer period of time, and that is perfectly fine actually.
  5. Finally something about combat and PvE! PvP:ers complain that there is no focus on PvP, but reality is that the area that has gotten the least attention by far is PvE combat, nothing worth noting there ever, unless it was a change to PvP that also leaked over to PvE. Except new creatures, but it hardly counts since they are all pretty much the same anyway. (I will of course get bashed for this comment since it's likely not 100% accurate, but I still stand by it ) It's exciting news indeed. Also a bit scary. The current system does work in a way. It doesn't add much fun but it also doesn't have that much impact on everyday gameplay. There is always a risk that a new system will be more intrusive and scare away some people. But let's hope that is not the case! Remember also that PvE combat or PvE activities are not all about the actual fighting, even the current system could be made a lot more fun if there was more variety to where, why and when you choose to fight. Creature dens could be improved and add some fun, more varied and actually usable rewards/loot, rare encounters, more regionally unique creatures, night creatures, swamp creatures, cave creatures, pirates, mini bosses with minions... the possibilities are endless. I think currently one of the things that makes PvE boring is the complete randomness to creature spawns, seeing a desert full of every possible kind of creature is not really that fun, when every desert and every forest is the same. So, creature spawns is a major contributor to the fun factor. You also mentioned additions to exploration, sounds very promising! Overall a great update. Let's hope at least some of it reaches the live server within the coming year.
  6. I'm not talking in general terms here, this is a specific issue I have reported.
  7. How about fixing the lag on Xanadu? Gave some input on that in a bug report almost two weeks ago, haven't seen any improvements since then and no feedback on the issue.
  8. Bee hive messages!!! Seriously Uncool! Bee stings are not very cool either...
  9. It's fine. There are worse skills. A bit strange that the sub skills are not used for anything though.. they could have made a skill for each type of weapon like with armor.
  10. It has always been broken, more or less It just changes a bit now and then...
  11. Is that really so bad? I guess there could be some additional monthly fee or something to make up for the lost subscriptions. So priest is premium plus account or separate account.
  12. * I don't like having to pay for several accounts to be able to have priests. * Let priests do everything that a normal char can do so we at least can be priest of one type on our main chars. I don't care about PvP so, if this creates an imbalance in PvP, so be it. Solve that in some other way than gimping priests on PvE servers.
  13. For me currently it is the best game. There are other games that are better for shorter periods of time, but I always come back to this one, not to other games. Saying that the game is serously flawed is just wrong. It has some areas that are, PvE combat mostly, creature spawns are pretty strange, getting into the game as a new playert is tough etc. But it has many things that are great an completly unique too and for me they outweight the bad ones. Doesn't mean that it shouldn't be critisized. It's totally understandable that many people don't like it, it's very niche. But seriously flawed no, it's just not for everyone.
  14. On Xanadu I've noticed that spawns are much more local now. I run across areas full of just one type of spawn, like spider invasions, lava spider invasions or hundreds of horses in a lake.. I also noticed there are a lot of nests and dens around, not sure of the function of those. Haven't really noticed that there are more creatures in the areas where nest are. It's still way emptier (not completly empty) of mobs down south also, as it has been for a long time...
  15. Why do PvP players (and devs sometimes) think PvE players would like to live on PvP servers? PvE players generally don't want anything to do with PvP. It's the PvP:ers who wants some easy kills is all..