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  1. Bee hive messages!!! Seriously Uncool! Bee stings are not very cool either...
  2. It's fine. There are worse skills. A bit strange that the sub skills are not used for anything though.. they could have made a skill for each type of weapon like with armor.
  3. It has always been broken, more or less It just changes a bit now and then...
  4. Is that really so bad? I guess there could be some additional monthly fee or something to make up for the lost subscriptions. So priest is premium plus account or separate account.
  5. * I don't like having to pay for several accounts to be able to have priests. * Let priests do everything that a normal char can do so we at least can be priest of one type on our main chars. I don't care about PvP so, if this creates an imbalance in PvP, so be it. Solve that in some other way than gimping priests on PvE servers.
  6. For me currently it is the best game. There are other games that are better for shorter periods of time, but I always come back to this one, not to other games. Saying that the game is serously flawed is just wrong. It has some areas that are, PvE combat mostly, creature spawns are pretty strange, getting into the game as a new playert is tough etc. But it has many things that are great an completly unique too and for me they outweight the bad ones. Doesn't mean that it shouldn't be critisized. It's totally understandable that many people don't like it, it's very niche. But seriously flawed no, it's just not for everyone.
  7. On Xanadu I've noticed that spawns are much more local now. I run across areas full of just one type of spawn, like spider invasions, lava spider invasions or hundreds of horses in a lake.. I also noticed there are a lot of nests and dens around, not sure of the function of those. Haven't really noticed that there are more creatures in the areas where nest are. It's still way emptier (not completly empty) of mobs down south also, as it has been for a long time...
  8. Why do PvP players (and devs sometimes) think PvE players would like to live on PvP servers? PvE players generally don't want anything to do with PvP. It's the PvP:ers who wants some easy kills is all..
  9. I have these problems too and nothing is wrong with the mouse itself. Playning on Xanadu, maybe it's worse there as with everything lag related. Maybe tuning the double click parameters in Windows could help.
  10. I read the articles. Didn't see any "skinning alive" going on. It was a quite entertaining read actually. There are some toxic comments to the articles by those old time banned x-wurmians that are bashing the game everywhere they can as usual, if that is what is meant by "skinning alive"...
  11. I finally found out what caused it. There is a cryptic setting that only applies to citizens (by default) "Allow actions on allied Deeds", if this is not checked citizens don't get any access to alliance deed actions. All my other chars are mayors, that's why I didn't understand what happened with this char. ----- I had a deed that I disbanded and then I created a new deed with the same name very soon after. One of my characterswho was a villager of the first and now on the second deed, is now bugged. It seems like he's still partly stuck on the old deed or something. I have tried joining other deeds with him and then he gets the rights from that deed (alliance rights etc) but if I rejoin my deed he gets back to the bugged state and doesn't get all the rights he should have . This char is also a priest, so, I really hope he does benefit from my new deeds enchantment bonuses. I have worked around the bug by giving him personal rules, but that is really annoying and also I don't like having to tell alliance members to do that.
  12. Very nice trailer! You managed to capture a lot of what is Wurm! The "thriving economy" part might be a bit exaggerated though
  13. When clicking items on the toolbelt I very often get the hand cursor and item in drag mode for a short moment before releasing the mouse button. It looks glitchy. There needs to be a small delay added before drag starts.
  14. F and R keys. Nice idea.. BUT.. they don't work very well. It seems sort of random when something "sticks" for repeating. I'm not sure what makes it stick or not at this point but many times I can do something repeatedly, like buting with a shovel activated but the repeat option just doesn't appear, and then all of a sudden it does for a while. And an idea.. why not add a secondary default option "Q" too? Like butcher, bury etc. on animals that are also containers, now the default action is Open for all those. And, another idea, if you have a tool in your toolbelt, or maybe only if in first or second slot of toolbelt, make them auto activate when using default actions.
  15. This happens to me several times every time I'm out hunting (Xanadu) . I get ejected from my horse and have to lead it and ride it again. Can be very nasty in some situations when out of stamina. On big slopes I get ejected more than other places but it can happen any time. If it happens at high speed the horse continues onward several squares on the local screen but on the server it is inthe same place I was ejected, this makes it even harder to start leading it again. This bug is the worst I can remember affecting me during my many years of Wurming.. Please fix fast !