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Found 8 results

  1. As the title says, i see no reason why Marble brazier pillar should not be secureable, or placeable from hand. not only unloadable from cart - which means everyone can come by and load them up if not on deed. Lams and Buoys only light up for 15 tiles, hard to see from afar. Pillars could be a very good light house, show the entrance of canals or tunnels or highways ( 80 tile visible light). We should be able to use them properly, withut haveing to make a house for every pillar to prevent stealing.
  2. Question: Can a marble brazier pillar's flame still be seen 80 tiles away when surrounded by walls of a lighthouse building with a roof on top? Short Answer: Yes. Test Results: We constructed a marble brazier pillar on the 3rd floor of a building with the bowl/flame part of the marble brazier pillar poking out the top of the 4th floor. We tested it from a view distance of 320m (320m/4m=80 tiles) without walls, with walls and no roof, and then with walls and a roof. In all three scenarios, we could still see the flame brightly lit from 80 tiles away. So for all the people who believed the flame would be limited in some way, shape or form by being inside a building and surrounded by walls and a roof, this does not seem to be the case. Happy lighthouse building!
  3. Hello all, Not many people bother with pillars, as they require a lot of materials for a simple decoration, however I love pillars, and use them often. In my use of them, I've discovered that as the rules of pillars stand now, only one pillar can occupy a single tile. This limitation hinders the creative potential for deed designs and furthers the lack of use of the item itself. If more than one pillar per tile could be allowed, pillar circles and doorways with pillar asides would be possible. Below is an example of the potential that pillars have, that is simply not available in the current version of the game: TL;DR - I suggest that more than one pillar be allowed to occupy a single tile, so that Wurmians can execute full creative complexity in their deeds! Yours truely,
  4. As braziers , statues and anything else stone is loadable - Please allow the loading of pillars, even if it is only on deeds even if it is only the creator - just an option to load would be much appreciated.
  5. Please Close [19:29:19] You see a pillar under construction. Ql: 1.0, Dam: 0.0. The pillar needs 50 clay, and 50 stone brick to be finished. Starting bid 25c No reserve No buyout No private bids Buyer can pick up at Black Brigade Market (S-9) West of Newspring on Xanadu.
  6. As the title says I have a few things I would like to get rid off. #1 Rare Unfinished Pillar Price: 15s - Includes free delivery to anywhere, but Chaos Note: This item cannot be loaded and thus an unfinished is the only way to obtain a new one for a deed other than getting lucky yourself. #2 Rare Black Wolf Rug Price - 7s #3 Rare Brass Oil Lamp Price - 8s #4 Rare Hanging Lamp, Gold - Includes free delivery to anywhere, but Chaos Price - 5s #5 Rare Needle Price - 4s #6 Rare Short Bow, Willow CoC 52 - Includes free delivery to anywhere, but Chaos Price - 7s Mailable items will be mailed CoD.
  7. So my pillar is stuck and there is no longer a move option. Checked with a friend and same thing. Is this a ninja update or just a bug? If they can't be moved anymore, then I need to bash mine.
  8. So now that we can make buildings that are multiple stories and can have multi-story rooms... can we be allowed to make pillars inside please?