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Found 21 results

  1. We can currently withdraw coins at any token, but can only pay coins in at *one* - our 'chosen' bank token. A lot of people have mentioned how inconvenient this is, but so far little progress has been made to find a solution. Problem 1: The current method of depositing coins, opens the Bank > Manage window so that coins can be dragged and dropped into the bank. This window also allows 5 items to be stored. This, item storage, I believe, is the main reason, why only one token has the ability to pay in. It's the fact that physical *items* can only be stored at one place, rather than any logical limitation on paying in coins anywhere else. Suggestion - New *Roaming* Bank Manage Window: We need another more flexible way to pay in just coins, which is completely separate from the stored items. Perhaps all tokens other than our 'chosen' token could use a different *Roaming* bank window which accepts coins, but does *not* accept items. Problem 2: Sometimes we need to pay in coins when we are far away from a deed token. Tokens can not be placed underground, and some deed owners have their tokens locked away from public use. Any of these scenarios may mean a long trek to the nearest token. We, therefore need a *portable* banking solution so we can deposit coins when out and about. Solution - New *Portable* Banking Tokens Thanks to my brother for suggesting that *Archaeology Mini-Tokens* could be used for these portable deposit boxes. Right clicking a mini token would bring up the option to open a Roaming Bank Manage Window allowing us to drag and deposit coins (but no items). No-matter where we are we can then deposit our coins. This is from a PvE perspective, I would need more info on how this would affect PvP. I think it takes someone to think outside the [money] box! Please let me know your ideas.
  2. This is something many players have been asking: "Why can't I move my settlement token after the deed has been placed?" It looks like a useful and natural feature, especially since the token does not have to be in the geographical center of the settlement anymore, anyway. There can be many reasons for moving the token a few tiles after placing the deed: Fixing an accidental misplacing Redesigning the settlement layout Building new structures or removing old ones etc... Of course, some of the more sophisticated implications of this suggested feature would have to be considered, especially when it comes to PvP problems. And, of course, deed size limitations must be observed (the token cannot be moved closer to the deed border than 6 tiles away). So, after some thought and discussion, here is my suggestion: Give us the ability to move the settlement token within the allowed area, considering deed size limitations. To prevent abuse this feature should come with a cost (5s - 10s) and have a cooldown of 6 months.
  3. I just used the 10 silver premium option to purchase 30 days premium at the token but it only gave me 27 days. I believe this is happening to players who used the free 3 day /redeemcode and the system is taking the date before that as the last point of reference. Before purchase: [03:52:38] You have premium time until 19 Jan 2019 22:29:41 GMT After purchase: [03:53:12] Your request for playing time is being processed. It may take up to half an hour until the system is fully updated. [03:53:13] You now have premier playing time until 15 Feb 2019 22:29:41 GMT. Please can we sort this out some how? It may also be affecting the 5 silver 15 day option too, but I don't have data for that. Thanks
  4. When trying to sell something to token, the following appears: [11:15:49] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Can someone please clarify why this is happening? It happened several times in the last fortnight while I never saw it previously. Thanks!
  5. I couldn't find anywhere in the 100k plus listings so can we merge two or more deeds in settings by doing away with one side of the outer perimeter? For instance..I would drop the West side perimeter and they would drop the East side perimeter so there would not be 10 tiles unprotected tiles between us. Reason would be mostly for creation of a Market area.. attached to the main living area. With a setting of "Merge Deed with _________ , drop West(drop down select) perimeter." Just simple and you could even charge the outer perimeter cost if you're concerned with money lost on monthly payments. Just an idea.
  6. On my Adventure server I found that I am unable to sell to my settlement token. (It is set to being Home server, freedom isles) Could there be something I missed somewhere in the settings that is causing this or are there others who are unable to sell to token? I've tried a few different corpses (cat, bear, pig) as well as meat and forage/botany items. I am activating the item in my inventory, and right clicking token. But there is no "Sell" option on the token menu. My fiance who plays on my server couldn't sell to it either so it doesn't seem to be a player bug. Let me know if I just missed something in settings or etc.
  7. Found on the shores of our deed. Please post here, or PM me.
  8. I used to be able to sell 'rope' to the token; actually I've already sold hundreds as I've been skilling up ropemaking. However, in the last 3 days (8, 9, and 10 of March) I cannot sell 'rope' to the Token (neither thick, mooring, or cordage, in case it's relevant). I don't get the option by R-Clicking - and when I attempt by keybind, I get the message "That item can not be sold this way." I talked to the CAs every time, and had it verified that they are all able to sell 'rope's to their tokens, even in different servers (I'm on Xanadu), which shows that it's only me that has the issue. Since it's been ongoing for 3 days now, can someone please look into it? Server: Xanadu Deed (token) "Acropolis" Character "Adonies"
  9. It has been awhile since i had been on Xanadu since i sold my deed and moved to Pristine but i come back over last night and since then i have not be able to sell anything to the token/npc. Is this an issue with Xanadu all the time now? I know on Pristine you can sell whatever you want at any time and never see the out of money message. (does any of the other servers besides Xanadu see this?) I just do not know if it is worth coming back to Xanadu with the lag, lack of traders and the empty coffers seems like a bad move. I know traders are not working great but the one i have left is still getting 1-2s and then i can sell as i please so seem like staying on the old servers might be better..idk
  10. Lurker in the Streets would be a spell that ONLY works on PvE servers. It can function 3 different ways: 1. When cast on a pendulum, it gives you messages that indicate how far away from any settlements you are. This is the idea use for those wanting to find a place far away from anyone else. 2. When cast on the ground, it reveals names of settlements within the nearby area (~100 tile radius). 3. When cast on one of the celestial bodies, you get a pop-up text box, where you can enter a settlement name, then a small dark cloud appears over that settlement (think Legend of the Seeker). Cloud lasts for 1 hour and is only visible to you. Don't want hundreds of little clouds everywhere... Yep yep, I know - we may not want our secrecy revealed! I have seen the requests to have all deeds on the map and agree. We have a right to our privacy, so in deed settings, we get a new option to ENABLE our deed to be found. This option is off by default, so anyone that is on vacation when this new spell is added won't get mad. However, For spell use #1 (pendulum), the deed option makes no difference. Your pendulum doesn't reveal deed names, only if there is one near. I think it should be a simple spell to cast and not require a ton of favor. Also think it would be nice for all priests. Does this make travel too easy? I am inclined to say no. I think it just offers a nice assist, when traveling to see our friends, or to help make trades go a little smoother. Or simply because you are lost and have absolutely no idea where to go it happens to us all, right?
  11. Like the title says can you interact with a token through a window? I am wanting to put the token behind the wall in a secure area but use a window to allow players to reach through to make bank withdrawals..etc Will this work does anyone know? Edit: here is a pic so you can see more of what i am after here the spot of sand is the token tile..
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or not but you can sell your own corpse with the sell feature at tokens and NPCs.
  13. How about making an additional use for Light Token. When cast on a lamp, lantern, torch, etc, it effectively fills it with highly concentrated magical fuel, which burns for 10x? 50x? the burn time of normal. Would be great for off deed adventurers and possibly carts/wagon/boat lights. We have a 1 lane "Lakeside Trail" in progress, on the lake below Greymead and it would be great if I could take my team of Mags around the lake, once a month, repairing/refilling street lamps.
  14. Well i went to sell my corpses to my token tonight on Xanadu and i got the message.. [22:53:24] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. So are you telling me that the starting traders are paying 8s a day and the token sales pool is empty? How is that even possible? Maybe on Xanadu there should be more token funds and less trader pool money. Is there anyone that does this on a regular bases and does it run out like that a lot? I know there is probably more players selling stuff and getting the new rare coins but still i can not see that much being done.
  15. Well i call this system token sales but it is listed as just sell in the wiki.. As you can see in this system they have a 5c per hour cap on it per person. What i am asking here is to change that cap to allow a daily cap be put in its place so i can get all of my days selling done in one sitting and be done with it and move on to my next chore on the to do list. Edit: Well i guess you can leave the 5c per 1 hour restriction on F2P accounts but give the premium members a daily cap with maybe better prices for their goods like..... 2i per 10ql + 2i maybe?
  16. Just an idea for selling to token: Instead of doing three clicks per item (click on item, right click token, click sell) why not have two options: When selling to token, instead of starting by selecting the item you want to sell (which can lead to you selling your prized butchering knife instead of the you did not fully select the corpse and just clicked "sell"), have a select box for "sell single" or "sell bulk". If you select bulk, a window pops up similar to the current trade window. You can then click and drag the items you want to sell into this window and select "sell". Here is how you make your mouse clicks less by this option, by example selling five corpses: You have to select corpse, right click token, select sell, five times. 15 mouseclicks. With the trade option you would do: Right click token, select sell bulk, then click and drag five corpses, click sell. This is only 8 mouseclicks.
  17. Hello sirs and matrons of Wurmopia! I recently had an annoyance with a certain trade system in this game. I've also come across many who have had similar experiences. There is a system in the game that allows you to pick up any item(basically) and sell it whether at a trader, settlement token, or trader. It allows you to get up to 11iron each trade-off. Up to 5 copper/hour. (This system is great, BUT).... If anyone has had this happen to you, please share your experience and concern to have this changed ASAHP(as soon as humanly possible) Have you ever sold an item by mistake and not been able to purchase it back, or not be told WHAT you sold? I recently purchased a 90ql pickaxe and sold it because I accidently clicked off and didn't double click. I've had many people do the exact same thing with more valuable tools...THIS IS CRAZY! Maybe its too easy to say "Well make sure you click it, duh?" Honestly, if the developers just added a simple "are you sure?" or have it act like a trade window, I think people will be more pleased, or give the option to "buy back" and if that comes into play, make sure it goes into public test before into real servers(in case of accidental duping of coins). Anyway, just a simple suggestion, thought I'd like to share. Thanks!
  18. I've got a stack of 40-50ql mallets I've made about a year ago to level my capentry. They're not needed and are just taking up space. I decide to sell them for a few irons at my deed's token. I walk up to it, activate one of the mallets, right click the token. To my suprise, the 'Sell' option doesn't appear. I try another mallet, thinking maybe this one is bugged - also nothing. I try a bunch of items at random from my inventory - still no option. I attempt the same at a nearby Trader, same problem. Someone in Help suggests I forage/botanize something, then try selling. That actually does work, and i'm able to sell the woad I botanized. I then go around the deed and pick up a few useless items and repeat the process: 17ql spatula - works. 36ql cloth glove - doesn't work. 27ql bull's eye - works. 46ql spindle - no go. 40ql rope tool - nope. Am i missing something? Does it purposefully ignore random items? Or is this a known bug?
  19. Token selling is a fine feature, I'm a fan of the concept, but I personally refuse to use it (anymore). I accidentally sold my 80ql butchering knife to a token and refused to use the feature since. I just talked with somebody who did the same thing, selling his rare butchering knife because he miss clicked sell as opposed to trade. A simple option in the game settings to remove the menu option would be a great thing to have to prevent things like this from happening. My apologies if this has already been suggested.
  20. I know you can not place a token or have a mine inside of a building anymore. But with the addition of donut shaped house can you have a house Around your Token/Mine?
  21. Hi all, Searching through the forums and it has come up in various other threads, but nothing dedicated to it recently. Deed Token Moves. The ideas I've seen the most support for are (in no set order): One time move for free Cool down timer (free or paid move) Asymmetrical deed edges To be clear, I am not asking for rampant token moving and I do personally feel there should be a limit on repeatedly doing this, however having to re-deed to expand because someone drops a 1x1 building at the edge of your deed (or another deed is "ninja" planted), to move the deed over a couple of tiles is a bit much. Maybe a combination of the first and second points above? You get 1 free token relocation, as long as it is within the existing deed lines (not the perimeter), and additional moves for a fee with a cool down (24hours, 1 month, etc...) As part of the move, you are given a deed relocation form (either for free or 10s to replace purchasing the new settlement form as you need to now), and like the settle form, all of the same check operations are performed, with your current deed being ignored. Or just the third (not sure it this might raise issues if you use a Spirit Templar as their roam distance may be based on token location, like the guards and their tower). Other ideas?