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Found 33 results

  1. think of this. someone is fighting you with all that they've got but you cast the geyser spell at them. what does it do? it creates drowning damage and burn damage. drowning damage can only be healed with time as you cough up the water. it could also slow down the other persons attack speed and make it harder for them to focus as well. geyser spell would be a flashy high level attack that could not be spammed. would have a high use cost and wait timer. water shoots up and out of the ground at their feet and envelops the character while mist/steam smokes.
  2. Sometimes its fun going through the Wiki to find stuff out, but when it comes to finding out if spells will stack- I hate it. So to counter my hate I decided to make it easier for myself and others like me. If there's anything wrong or if your unsure about something, just let me know! (Click Image for viewing) Larger font version, just for you Added;
  3. We have all been there - stuck at sea while sailing on account of the winds being against our favour. I propose a new spell for priests that allows them to produce bottled wind. The higher the cast, the stronger the wind (1 = mouse fart, 9999 = batten-down-the hatches mast-bending gale-force wind). Planning a sea voyage? Commission your priest of choice to pray up some bottled winds. During the voyage, should the wind stop blowing, pop a bottle and let it rip.
  4. Precise Mending Similar to Mend, a successful cast of the spell repairs exactly 1 damage but has zero QL loss. Failure causes 0.5 damage and cannot shatter. Channeling required: 70 Favor required: 100 Intended for items that can be damaged but cannot be improved, not to replace normal repair and improving.
  5. I apologize if this has already been suggested (couldn't find anything on the subject) but would it be possible to have a mod to effect light sources and make them not need fuel? Perhaps via a spell/enchant? Thanks in advance.
  6. because of this: I thought it might be cool to have a spell where we could temporarily lay an illusion spell on a small area. TONS of griefing potential for sure, but might be nice to hide a work site from the distance, then reveal when ready. Spell would allow caster to blend the surrounding terrain, hiding all teraforming, structures, objects, roads, farming and creatures. Illusion only works from 10 or more tiles away. Get closer and it vanishes. Can be dispelled. Lasts 24 hours and can be recast while it is still active. Recasting while active (overlapping) causes the older illusion to dispell and be replaced by the new. How big of a radius? Maybe 1 tile radius per every 10 levels of channel? Caster can choose the radius from a popup window. Interesting benefit? Less client lag for people riding past illusions. Very questionable spell to add, but it sure could be fun.
  7. Had a nostalgic attack and played some old Dungeon Keeper II, and got to looking at the possession spell for taking control of individual minions. Something similar in Wurm could be an enchant or personally better yet as a sorcery ability, perhaps even replacing one of the more "worthless" ones. Or an artifact ability, anything is possible. As the name implies, possession allows you to take over the target monster like its your own character. Your character remains where you cast the ability, vulnerable to attacks and etc. High difficulty to begin with, and it scales higher based on the target critter's combat rating. You are limited to what that particular creature is capable of to begin with on its own. You can remove yourself from the creature at any time, limited by the usual logout rules. EDIT: ie no leaving while in a fight. The creature dying while you are possessing causes a backlash, which permanently removes some of your mind speed and/or logic. The exact amount could correlate to the possessed creature's Combat rating.
  8. I have Googled and looked at the wiki, and all I have seen Sunder used for was to damage tools to re-imp them, or to damage wine or water. The wiki says what it cannot be used for, but I would rather have a better description as to it's real application and use. Thanks.
  9. Costs 30 favour and has a difficulty of 30. Cast on a tile, removes any vegitation (tree, bush) on that tile. Cast on a hedge, removes the hedge. Nice, simple. Give it to fo priests (I would say mag priests too but it really does not fit mag).
  10. I'm not extensively familiar with the spells that priests can cast, but I think it would be interesting if priests could create scrolls that could be used by non-priests to cast Strongwall, for example, but with some added difficulty so it's still better to actually get a priest player to do it. It could also give the Papyrusmaking skill greater usefulness.
  11. I've been trying to modify a spell to make it's effects more flexible (using a property file). However I've been getting exceptions when I run Mod Loader "compile error: no such class: $4" .. this is repeated for the 4 parameters $1 through $4. I've been following the footsteps of another mod, and I'm stumped as to why mine isn't working.. see the full source below:
  12. Auctioning one of the highly coveted Smoke of Sol charges, which can easily tip the battle in your favor on PvP, where every advantage matters. Here is a table of the titles and effects of Valrei Sorcery: Starting bid is 1g (or 100e). Min Bid Increments of 10s/e Snipe protection of 2hrs no private bids no reserve no buyout (bid or go home, lol) Thank you for bidding and good luck!! Transaction completed quickly and clean. Thank you Cartier!
  13. I know a lot of people might not like this, but we moving into new times with wurm, making this a bit more convienent for players. Here is what I suggest..... Have all priest have a spell that require say, 80 favor to cast and it can be used within alliance villages. Perhaps players could have a recall after travel back to the other deed, or just make it a one way trip. OR a priest can cast on a portal gate to make each way possible, but this mean continual prem wouldn't be needed It would stimulate people premming priest for this purpose, more subs for the game and also allow players to work on distant deed they would never make due to travel times. It would be free as you do need a decent priest. Perhaps decent channeling needed too. I'm not for nerfing things in wurm, but travel is just one of those things in wurm that we can make a lot better. Opinions, Comments?
  14. Hey everyone, i was just thinking about how to make food last longer. And i ended up dreaming of a spell for containers that reduces the decay for the food items inside. I think that a decay reduction of 60%(something like damage taken per tick reduced by 60%) for a 100 strength cast would be a decently balanced thing. What do you think about this?
  15. It seems as though Magranon priests are becoming vastly unpopular with the addition of Nahjo. So, to keep Magranon from becoming obsolete, I suggest the following new spell be introduced: Sands of Time: increases action timer Stackable with CoC Not stackable with WoA. Basically a spell that is opposite to WoA. So, you would have high ql coc/woa tools and low ql coc/sot tools 😉 What do you guys think?
  16. PLEASE alphabetize the spell list.
  17. Don't know about you, but I dig this one. Fo priest can cast a wind spell directly, or imbue/fill gems with the spell, for anyone to use. Power of spell x10 = duration the wind blows at gale force in whatever direction you are sailing. Localized to only the boat you are on. a QL 50 Gem filled with be 500 seconds. Maybe times should be longer? Not sure. But hey, need something new for gems and some faster sailing method. This helps economy, gives Fos more value and brings value back to higher QL gems.
  18. Hey everybody, As announced, I am posting a list of spells available for a Tosiek priest at each faith level. I will update the list as I progress and unlock new spells. I was going to start it whenever I hit 40 faith, but because a lot of people have been bugging me to get it started, I shall post it here. I know that a Tosiek spell list exists on the wiki, but people have been wanting to know what spells unlock at what faith level. As you can see, I am currently at 35, but will update this list as I get higher up. If you have any questions, feel free to pass me a PM or reply here :-)
  19. In mines, we are often forced into very tight quarters, working on projects. It is a shame to have to have a Fo along, which can't do a thing to help on the project, other than cast humid every 30 min or so, when everyone gets sick. Would love a Mag spell of similar effect, that ONLY works underground. Conversely, I think the Fo spell should only work above ground.
  20. Lurker in the Streets would be a spell that ONLY works on PvE servers. It can function 3 different ways: 1. When cast on a pendulum, it gives you messages that indicate how far away from any settlements you are. This is the idea use for those wanting to find a place far away from anyone else. 2. When cast on the ground, it reveals names of settlements within the nearby area (~100 tile radius). 3. When cast on one of the celestial bodies, you get a pop-up text box, where you can enter a settlement name, then a small dark cloud appears over that settlement (think Legend of the Seeker). Cloud lasts for 1 hour and is only visible to you. Don't want hundreds of little clouds everywhere... Yep yep, I know - we may not want our secrecy revealed! I have seen the requests to have all deeds on the map and agree. We have a right to our privacy, so in deed settings, we get a new option to ENABLE our deed to be found. This option is off by default, so anyone that is on vacation when this new spell is added won't get mad. However, For spell use #1 (pendulum), the deed option makes no difference. Your pendulum doesn't reveal deed names, only if there is one near. I think it should be a simple spell to cast and not require a ton of favor. Also think it would be nice for all priests. Does this make travel too easy? I am inclined to say no. I think it just offers a nice assist, when traveling to see our friends, or to help make trades go a little smoother. Or simply because you are lost and have absolutely no idea where to go it happens to us all, right?
  21. I propose a spell that would allow a pottery item to retain its rare or supreme status but be reverted to clay at fraction of its ql. So the item could be improved back up to a mile stone ql(50, 70, 90). Mend already exists as a Vynora spell. It reduces damage and ql on non-repairable items(like pottery), similarly how repair work for a repairable item. But items that benefit form a hire ql in pottery such as smelting pots, flower pots, and jars (and compasses) are at a significant disadvantage. While mend would allow them to reduce damage the rare or supreme status hardly seems useful with out away to get the ql back up. In the interest of balance I think it would be best if the item were reverted to 1/10 of the original ql minimum 1 ql. This would require participation form both a potter and a priest. I would suggest it be a Vyn or Fo spell. Now to think about why not; The biggest argument I can think of for why not, is that they have always been finished items before why change it? Well there hasn't always been rares and supremes, that changes the way items are treated and considered. There may be more items this spell could work on, I'm not sure what else, nothing comes mind. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?
  22. I am absolutely sick of accidentally clicking on "Get Info" and burning this ability for the next 18 hrs. I have triggered this ability over 100 times and have only intended it's use 3 times - need to move all spell and meditation abilities to a sub menu - this is way worse than accidentally pouring water on the ground or bashing something you don't wish to bash, both of which have been moved to sub menus. I understand the need for combat related spells and meditation bonus abilities to be easily accessed - make key bindings for such abilities, but move from the main menu to a sub menu all these spells and meditation abilities
  23. This could be a spell of Fo deity and high level of path of love. Target must be an overaged tree (not bush), the tree become an elder tree and never go shriveled. That could be used like ornamental trees... An elder tree tile counts like a flower tile to make a special tile for meditation. Optionally only could be chopped with skill and tool 90+
  24. New Mag spell of high difficulty. Improve shards and lumps. More QL increase for higher power casts. Chance to shatter, the higher QL the item is, the less effect a successful cast has, much like improving a crafted item. For the record, I have crappy SD and channel on all my Mag priests, but on Freedom, it would give Mags more reason to skill up. Thought of this when someone mentioned how hard it is to Imp Serryl, due to lack of higher QL lumps.
  25. How about making an additional use for Light Token. When cast on a lamp, lantern, torch, etc, it effectively fills it with highly concentrated magical fuel, which burns for 10x? 50x? the burn time of normal. Would be great for off deed adventurers and possibly carts/wagon/boat lights. We have a 1 lane "Lakeside Trail" in progress, on the lake below Greymead and it would be great if I could take my team of Mags around the lake, once a month, repairing/refilling street lamps.