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Found 49 results

  1. hey, delivery is included in the auction of this Whale with two dolphins statue that will give an exclusive touch to your garden or port area. [22:45:28] A statue of a dancing whale and dolphin. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. Ql: 75.0, Dam: 0.0. Starting Price: 30s Bid increments: 1s Buyout: 50s Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1hr
  2. Hello Wurmians Miners Yesterday, while wasting some metal forging pickaxes head in Villa Vikingo, inspiration struck me and I created this supreme pickaxe head. Starting bid: 40s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: None Reserve: None Private Bids: No Active for 3 days from the posting of this (21:00 PM GMT+7) timer link
  3. Hello there! I am selling various items. Tools Shovel, 50ql, WoA 62. 75c Silver Carving Knife, 31ql, Adamantine Rune of Fo- 5% less enchant decay, 5% Enchant Success 1s Scissors, 3ql, CoC 88 80s Sold Scissors, 3ql, CoC 78 70c Sold Grooming Brush, 7ql, CoC 50 40c Archaeology Wood Grapewood Branch 1.25s Grapewood Shaft 90c Sold Oleanderwood Shaft 90c Cameliawood Tenon 15c Ligonberry Tenon 15c Sold Full Suit of Plate Armor with Great Helm, 70s QL, 5.5s Notify me in game as Tahlula, Reply here, or PM me
  4. I am selling for those who are new and need better items, but can't afford the normal trade channel prices! Shovel, 50ql, WoA 62. 30c Sold Silver Carving Knife, 31ql, Adamantine Rune of Fo- 5% less enchant decay, 5% Enchant Success 45c Grooming Brush, 7ql, CoC 50 20c Sold Archaeology Wood Sold Grapewood Branch 50c Oleanderwood Shaft 25c Cameliawood Tenon 5c Full Suit of Plate Armor with Great Helm, 70s QL, 1.5s Sold Notify me in game as Tahlula, Reply here, or PM me
  5. Start 15s Increase 1s No Buyout Attention: I can only deliver to Overture or deeds reachable by land. I have no ship! And sorry for the image being that small.
  6. I need a source of Affin Pizzas. Usually order 6+ at once, who sells them? TIA - Felt
  7. Please close

    closed due to inactivity
  8. WTS Rare Openfire Place 3s (pickup only) or 1s delivery Or WTT Rare Openfire Place for a rare tool (Blank or or not blank) D11 Xanadu. "The Rusty Anchor" is located on the coast 1s delivery any coast on any PVE servers.
  9. Looking to buy a set of Green Drake Hide armor (Preferably 80QL or higher), Would like it with Web Armor at a cast of 80+, but will take an AoSP or clean set too
  10. (I've deleted most the list at this point, this is what's left) Things with no pictures include 4,578 Quality worth of gems One RARE large carts One Regular Mol Rehan Wagon Large crates of 100ql iron
  11. Close

    Due to lack of response, closing the thread.
  12. I am selling this island deed, on behalf of a friend, who wanted to move nearer to me for various and strange reasons. NB: Please only bids only here. If you have a question, comment or constructive suggestion, kindly PM me separately - on forum - not in game. Trolls will be reported without responses to their bait in this thread. Magical Island is on Xanadu, R8, just to the North / North East of Newspring Island - very convenient for travelling to Deliverance, Independence and Exodus. The deed covers virtually the whole island - tiny bit in the east is in the perimeter, which is 10 tiles wide atm. Starting Bid: 15s Increments: 1sBuyout: 30sNo reserve, 1 hour sniper Largely still undeveloped and unfinished, as owner spent a huge amount of time surface mining to create the deed from a pure rock island (more still to be done). Over 30k dirt used to cover parts of the island to make it usable - and to create a passable land bridge to the next small island Buildings: 12 pens (2x2s) - some with enchanted grass1 shed ( 2 x 1) with FSB1 garage (2x1)1 unfinished house (3x3)1 unfinished villa (3 x 5) with bed and large chest Animals:8 horses mostly 2 speeds - 6 grey and 2 golden1 bull1 cow (pregnant)1 sheep1 bisons Other Assets: Mine, partially explored, with 1 iron vein found so far - very good quality 80 - 90ql 1 forge in mine1 stone Mag altar in mine1 oven in house1 stone Vyn altar and 1 stone Fo altar outside house 1 spirit castle with courier cast on it (37)1 cart (name change will be done on transfer) 10 BSBs (1 empty) and10 (3 empty) Large Crates- with well over 2k rock shards and other useful items, sprouts, masses of logs, etc 1 FSB with 50 cooked meat, 300 loaves of bread, 600 wheat, along with a few pumpkins, onions, garlic, corn, potatoes, etc Established small market garden (3x4 tiles) Lots of other space that could be used for farming, buildings, etc Many trees already planted, including several oaks and maples Several ideal spots for making docks, warehouses, etcSpectacular views... Not being the best photographer, the following pics only give some idea - one side of the island is even not depicted. You are welcome to PM me, in game or on forum, to arrange a viewing. Thank you
  13. Just that folks, looking to get a knarr. Not having the time to build one, myself. On Release and Xan.
  14. Hello and welcome to Willow Harbour bulk Supplies. We are a new place and looking to serve wurm in bulk supplies we currently have the following to offer. delivery prices release 10c xanadu n/a (coming soon) pristine n/a (coming soon) where you can find us. J14 release can also do smaller quantity's if needed trades are accepted as followed sleep powder 1s refferals 6s Raw materials: Clay 1s/k Tar 1s/k Rock shards 1s/k iron ore 1s/k Building supplies: colossus bricks 1.5s/k Stone bricks 1.5s/k Planks 1s/k Mortar 2.5s/k Smithing: Large nails 20c/100 Small nails 15c/100 Ribbon 50c/100 Fence bars 1s/100 Slabs: Stone slab 75c/100 Misc: Kindling 75c/k Shaft 1s/k Arrow shaft 1s/k Support beams 3.5s/100 rope 1s/150 Boats: (all boats come with lock and anchor) Row boat 50c Sailboat 1.25s Corbita 5s In game name caniee.
  15. Sleep powders were sold, please close!
  16. Looking for a steel pickaxe, ql more than 14 less than 20, 90 or better coc.
  17. Up to auction a rare lantern, iron Ql 91.07 painted with 88 Ql White dye. A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. Colors: R=243, G=243, B=243. It could be improved with a lump. Ql: 91.07194, Dam: 0.0. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Kuntur'. Starting bid: 3s Minimum Bid Increment: 50c No Reserve Buyout: 10s Sniper Protection: 1 hour The item is located on Celebration Server for pick up or can be mailed via cod to winner.