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Found 31 results

  1. Hi I've slowly started on the cave canal /road from Lake Harmonie to inner sea. I have had some input from people and have chosen the least completely impossible route there :-). So far just exposing some surface rock making some concrete and such at LH end. Plan not completely done but if anyone is interested in killing a vein or two let me know. DL (the rodent from hell)
  2. As the title says, i see no reason why Marble brazier pillar should not be secureable, or placeable from hand. not only unloadable from cart - which means everyone can come by and load them up if not on deed. Lams and Buoys only light up for 15 tiles, hard to see from afar. Pillars could be a very good light house, show the entrance of canals or tunnels or highways ( 80 tile visible light). We should be able to use them properly, withut haveing to make a house for every pillar to prevent stealing.
  3. My alt deed, located on Poco's old deed site near Sloping Sand, has finished digging through a shallow (8 slope) 3-wide canal. The highway has been re-routed around the north side of the deed, and the cateyes over the hump at the old market have been straightened out (no more zig zag). I still have lots of clean up work to do, and to re-slope the banks (particularly on the east side). The original waystone was moved over a couple tiles, while a new one was also placed near the bridge for any future expansions of the highway system via northwest over the hill to Lake Wyvern if anyone ever decides to. **Thanks to Barricade for setting up the bridge for me.** Reed seems to growing quit quickly on it's own in the canal. Already have 8 tiles of it so eventually it could look like a swampy inland river. My first character was on Release may years ago shortly after it's release, when the area was rather built up and fairly active (and Sloping Sand was a swamp).. I always wanted Poco's spot and to build the canal. It's need has long since passed, but I now have the spot, and still need it for my own purposes to transload to/from my main on Xan. There's two old shafts running very close to where I dug on either side, so I don't think I could dredge it for deep boats without hitting rock (and likely Ill be the only one using it and I don't have a deep boat anyway). I'm surprised as it is I didn't hit any even going shallow, as the guard tower sits on top of one shaft.
  4. Opening of The Big Girl's Canal

    Hi, I've been playing for almost 17 months, more than half that time was spent building highways, tunnels and bridges to open up the south and link it to starter towns. The newest addition to this big project is the only deep canal in center south Xanadu, which lets you sail through with Caravels, Corbitas and the like. It is named The Big Girl's Canal, in no way to make fun of the more voluptuous ladies out there but because I've always found it funny than men often refers to their boats, cars and other possessions as ''She'', since the canal is meant for the bigger boats, it's become the Big Girl's Canal. When I arrived where I live and have been living since I started playing, Pit Stop Slowmo, some players had already started to dig up a shallow canal but they seemed to have given up once they hit rock and found out how much surface mining would need to be done, so when I was still a noob I had decided that I would finish it up and later figured it should be a deep canal for bigger boats as the only to come here with a Caravel was all the way west through Sweet Island. It is now opened and passable with large boats and I have developed a serious disgust towards dredging hehe. i have added some images that shows it's location as well as other parts of the southern project. While I was working on new bridges across the water here and this canal, Sgtscum, a neighbor worked on a highway of his own to link to my bridges and highway to Lormere. So i've included his work in an image, the tracing of his road is approximate but gives a good idea. Making the highway, linked to mine and then to Lormere a whopping 2442 tiles long. I hope all this will eventually become useful to other players, enjoy and have fun :).
  5. Hi everyone I've been working on this for a very long time. But finally i'm proud to announce that Lake Harmony and Crystal lake now are connected. The electricians are not quite finished but you can sail/ride through it. Canal is 5 tiles wide 3 full depth one sloping and 1 land. water enterence is double in both ends. The land passage are behind stone doors awaiting to decay but open to everyone. Feel free to bash'em :-) Now some might think why work so hard to connect a tiny lake. Well the big goal is of course to continue west to the inner sea so you don't need to go down around FM Cave Canal. That project will start late 2018 likely november. A lot of trolls have spawned since i went underground cleaning out iron veins and my large maul is itching. In other words i need a break :-) Thanks to all of you who contributed killing some veins and especially you priesty guys who helped with a lot of strong walling. A few pics. If you want more you can go to Hell. We always welcome guests :-) Hell's Sewers Canal
  6. West Hammer lake Canal

    It has finally come time for me to open up my big project for public use. Wooden mine doors are still in place but have been set for Freedom Kingdom to be able to pass. This is actually 2 canals. First one goes from Hammer lake to west, into the Little lake. From there second canal goes all the way to the ocean. First one is roughly 420 tiles long going from 1721, -4834 to 1296, -4833 on community map. Second one is roughly 720 tiles long from 1033, -4738 to 311, -4736. Below is picture of the locations. Both canals are passable by any boat. Driving carts or wagons is not possible, but given locations, there would not be much, if any, need for such. For easy passage it is advisable to stay close to north wall of both canals. Canals are 3 tile wide (with only 1 tile wide entrances), but only north lane is completely cleared of veins and lowered for any ship. In the future I will take out veins in middle lane as well and possibly southern too, but that is not a high priority (all walls are reinforced, and since you can pass through with any ship it is time for me to take care of some other projects). Also anyone is welcome to hack out the remaining veins whenever they wish. For people going through on caravel, the shorter eastern canal unfortunately has your head peeking through the ceiling most all of the way, but the longer western canal is better height (somehow the ceiling does come lower in 2 locations, where you will have you head through it for short moment). Some history: Some pictures: I hope these canals will be good help for lot of players and maybe open up the shores of Hammer lake and the Little lake for some more viable deeds. - Nestangol
  7. Boat Tunnel - Vrock Lake to the Sea

    Over the last a while this tunnel has been created (see history below). Current Status: passable by boat (rowboats, sailboats and knarr). Depth will be increased to allow all boats once the ore veins have been mined out. Cart access is available at points b, c, and d on the map - point a provides access to an underground harbour, and there is currently no western cart entrance (there was once access via the caves on the Winter's Night deed, but that has collapsed and left for anybody that re-deeds that spot). The bridge inside the cave at the western end is bugged (it has been named to warn people) so do not use it to cross to the footpath. Bridge is no longer bugged. There are lots of ore veins that still need to be mined out, so there will some weaving to do until these are removed. For those interested in helping mine out the ore there is a map available, see Some History Those with a long memory might remember this video from the Factional Fight brothers. Hopefully McGarnicle will stop by and flesh out the early history. When I spoke to him about this project he mentioned that somebody had spent everyday for over a month with an alt army working on the tunnel. What with burn out, and people relocating deeds in the year since the video, with only part of the tunnel with support beams, it was slowly decaying (not helped by a little bug that saw many tunnels have problems). Having used this tunnel a number of times, a couple of months ago while using it as a short cut to a rift, the tunnel was blocked in a couple of places due to recent rockfalls. With the help of Gatling and Merina the rockfalls have been removed, together with a few of the ore veins, and the cave walls supported. I have also put some lighting in, to help dispel the Grue and light the way around the ore veins. Some pictures of the tunnel, taken on a journey west to east.
  8. The El Rancho Knarr Canal in far NW Indy has now been fixed, and is easily passable and exit-able without pulling/pushing. ChampagneDragon and I spent the day yesterday surface mining the lagoon-side exit and smoothing out the slope of the canal egress. The water level is now considerably deeper than it was, and ships pass through the eastern exit quite easily.
  9. Canal in cave,water bug

    So,i have made a cave and inside i want two canals,one of them is going from south to east and the other one south to west they form like a semi circle but there is a bug with the water.. Here are the screenshots of both canals: -you can notice that the south west canal has the water in a straight line and the other one has it in zigzag way..which looks weird and not nice. -has anyone else noticed it and if so is there a fix or is it a game code problem? Please let me know. South-west canal: South east canal: EDIT: I did a test outside on dirt and it looks is south east like the one in the cave. Pictures with unstable client where you can see better graphics and how the cave floor liks like on both canals:
  10. J16-17 Darq Passage Canal

    For a place to begin, I initiated a conversation within Western Union Alliance Clan Chat(July 2016?) between myself and Barricade about too many and numerous tile collapses that happened in the canal. I was enquiring if the Alliance could help fix the canal guessing that many of our alliance use the canal. Barricade agreed and he began repairs over the last couple months, thanks Barricade. An idea that I had was that Alliance members could set aside a large crate on their own deeds and lable it "Darq Donation" then either contact someone in alliance to pick up, or sail to/drop off @Western Union Alliance Warehouse which is situation by the West Canal entrance. I don't know if anyone tried this idea, but I did and it worked out great for Leather City where I'm mayor. I delivered/installed 46 mine supports, then leveled canal floor. Darq Passage Canal What I'd like to see next is: ~ Barricade post letting us know and describing the work he did on the canal to leave a trace history for our Alliance and other sailors in the area.
  11. As featured in the news this week; The Orient Express canal is now officially open and a Heritage site. It took a total of 5 years to complete, is 7 tiles wide and has a length of 915 tiles. The canal runs from House of Lords to Lakes End. Map courtesy of Hughmongus House Of Lords Entrance: Lakes End Entrance: The canal features: Wide corner turnings. High ceilings and maximum min-able rock depth - for taking those big boats through. Walkways either side, all the way through. Central dock with tunnel up to the steppe hunting area and Devils Shadow. East side dock and tunnel to steppe hunting area and House of Pain. Back story: The brainchild of the canal was Nivox, who started the route from Devils Shadow to House of Lords late 2011. He worked on it as a side project for a good year before quitting Wurm for his career. With this tunnel between HOLs and DS mostly complete, Zomag (owner of DS) and I decided to continue his work of creating a canal to Crystal Lake from the east coast. The initial plan for the canal was for it to be dead straight. However this proved to be impossible due to numerous large deeds in the way. After determining the only available location on crystal lake for the exit, a tunnel was piloted to connect to Devils Shadow. Zomag and I continued working on mining the tunnel when we could, the project was more of a pipe dream and the general thinking was that we probably would never finish it. We did however, persevere, and in the final year of construction we gained the help of some fine miners. Most noteworthy being Pingpong, who personally smashed at least 70/80 veins (we lost count after a while!) and cleared vast swathes of rock on the last leg. Second major credit goes to Cerber, who also helped clearing many veins and the final tunnel section. Other Credits:
  12. Greetings fellow Wurmians! Darkenstone Canal is a historic locale and has been in need of an upgrade. After getting our own Cog stuck at Darkenstone, Xack and I decided to speak to the leader of our alliance, who owns Darkenstone Canal, and we requested permission to work on the canal. Most of the canal was large boat accessible, except for the once-was land bridge on the south side, where a stone brick bridge was created, superseding the land bridge. We went to work on the canal dredging the south side, and after completion we brought our own Cog to test it out. We hope that with Darkenstone Canal allowing access to larger boats, it will alleviate the difficulties of bridging the Inner Sea to the Samling Fjord and increase ship travel in the area. We are proud to announce that Darkenstone Canal is now big-boat accessible! (A screenie of Xack driving the cog through Darkenstone)
  13. Hello. I'd like this to go smoothly, it's been a long road and half a year of work uncounted hours have been put into redeveloping risky and evilspot's old territory, Horsedog. I am selling it after a job well done and effort well spent. At 18s + Coffers, the starting bid is low. Work complete includes; creating a moat and a canal to a private lake, 103 surface mined tiles at 25 depth one channel wide, ready for anything you can throw at it. Removed 36 carts and wagons, applied major landworks, built 4 bridges, burnt a forest and collapsed many mines (thank you Wilca) For reasons, i named it Horse, the token sits next to where the Armpit of Vynora used to stand. the original owner i knew, and knew of, from eq.(bristlebane), it's a pity it was a desolate mystery for so long but now it's ready for planning. The highway hill lettering is heritage protected but the sea level `runway`, i added, feel free to modify. Thank You Starting Bid - 40s + this includes the 22s in the upkeep.. Price will drop by 20 silver if u wish me to disband the deed + Increments - 5s This is its location on the North East of Deliverance; (this map is inaccurate, the land has changed shape as indicated by the plotted highway) Compiled images of deed, i'm positive i could have done a better job on the screenies. (shadows are off, bloom's off, anti-aliasing's low, etc) do come and have a look for a better picture. ------------------------------------------------ An added footnote: If unsold - a private offer will be made - if still unsold, it'll be placed, with better screenies, in wts for 35s excluding upkeep
  14. Hi A new canal project allowing big ships going between north crystal lake and Harmony lake. It will be 5 tiles wide with land passage on the east side Its starting in south just east of Hells Harbour and is planned to end just west of the main road leading up there ( at the guard tower west of lorath ) Project is well under way. At some point the help of a Mag priest would be convenient and much appreciated to tidy up minor mistakes og closing holes to older mines though i dont recall there beeing much mining activity along the route atleast since 2010. I am aware there is reminents of an old 1 tile canal at Sand Castle but its reinforced parts of the way and will max allow for a sailboat to pass. Its expected ready in a 2-3 month time depending on the number of neighbors taking part. When done im considerering connecting Harmony to Inner sea.
  15. North Exo Bazaar

    Closed. Sorry, I tried.
  16. I've created a canal, which is secured at both ends by deeds, but nearing a point where I can open to the public. Within a week, it should be fully passable by knarrs and smaller. The Darq Passage Canal is not intended to support larger ships. Once this canal opens, travelers will be able to sail all the way through Xanadu, thanks to other canals already in place. Current status: 100% passable (providing I enable permissions for visitors) by rowboats, sailboats and foot/horse/cart/wagon traffic. Several ore veins have been mined out and several times several yet to be mined, so there are a number of small detours in the route. How long is it? 3.86km, or 965 tiles. Travel time? 7-10 minutes on a fast horse, 10-20 by boat (dependent on winds). Special features: - Unique cave entrances that allow entry at full speed, without the need to disembark passengers and push/pull. - Shallow bottom, which allows smooth horse traffic (not sticky) and no "sloshing" sounds, when you disembark and reembark your horse/cart/boat. - Darq Falls Lodge - A rest stop for travellers with views from the top of the mountain (To be opened a few weeks after the canal is opened). Bring your cameras! Beds will be available, for those that become exhausted after the 500 tile climb to the top. (I strongwalled off the route to the top, but Darq Falls is still there, where some friends live.) - Enchanted parking and lodging at either end of the canal. Branded & saddled horses only, as the Enchanted grass will be on deeds. I'm looking forward to many people passing though and hope you will all say hello on your way through. Ore miners are welcome and plenty to go around. . You may also notice the canal directly between Greymead and Whitefey. I've drawn an updated line in orange, to indicate the actual position of that canal, as the diagonal representation has caused many people to miss the North end of the canal.
  17. Public Service Announcement

    Hi Pristine, They where there before, but now they are improved, the canals at K22 on the map, all ships fit through em. below a map of the area from the mapdump with safe and unsafe parts marked out, unsafe is only too shallow for the larger ships so safe for rowboats, sailboats and knarrs. enjoy and safe sailing Gheng
  18. Sometimes I'm greedy for time, so I tried to save some when sailing from the far north-east of Indy to The Howl/Freedom Docks, by going south through Crystal Lake. The problem was, nobody could tell me if big ships would fit through caves now. There was one to go through. Let's find out... With a little pushing and pulling at the cave entrances/exits, or dragging if you have the muscle, the answer is yes. The canal in question is Cave Canal near The Howl, connecting the Inner Sea at Freedom Docks with Crystal Lake, relatively center on the map. Most relevant information (music etc.) should be in the video's description. Sorry for the mouse cursor. I hope you will enjoy watching that
  19. After a day of diggin in the pits of the new canal, drowing to AFKness and generally having a good giggle with the slaves, the math is complete and the conclusion is:- 68 tiles need lowering using a shaping wand to allow for corbitas to pass through. Using my not so awesome brain to do the math after a cocktail or three i work this out to be 3g 50s!! So people how bad do you want this canal passable for the larger ships, as donations for this project would be needed!? At the ends of the canals 2 beautiful bridges will be built if we do choose this option. Post your thoughts, screams and general pics of eyes bleeding at the cost !! Ready steady GO!
  20. boat cave entrances

    there are times when I just accept the nutty things we have to do in wurm, but today has been nothing but frustrating. Wasted hours of sailing, to get to a hunt that was just too laggy to function. But what really gets me is the 2 hours of time I've been spending trying to stuff my knarr through cave canal entrances. Some days is can slide right out and no disembarks, but most of the time it is stuck, disembark, the alts that disembark get bugged teleporting, log them out, log in, push/pull knarr, climb back on, try again. Turn lag... trying to wiggle when stuck in an exit can sometimes get through, but because turn lag is so bad, you don't know how far you wiggled and suddenly your ship is stuck sideways in solid rock. Is this considered a bug, or simply sloppy programming? I'm tired and horribly annoyed. Forgive my tone, but come on people....
  21. Brand Spankin New Canal Project

    As most of you are aware, the canal is under new management! I will be making some adjustments to it in due course, but as its highly used by you all, i wanted to ask if there was anything you would like to see there The depth issues will be addressed, however this could end up costing a small fortune, and i don't particularly want to remortgage my house in order to enable all boats to be able to pass, so its a case of wait and see there. Let me know any thoughts or ideas! Over and out! Bibi
  22. Just to let anyone in the area of P22 and Falconguard know, that we have a bit of a vandalism problem. The people at Falconguard worked on a really nice canal to connect the lakes north and south of their deed. They haven't deeded the canal as it's a public canal and I can understand if they didn't want to pay the extra upkeep required to deed over its. I'm aware of the "deed it or lose it" saying and am simply posting this to let people know if anyone tries to sail up there. The canal was created by some good natured players to allow passage between two lakes. They even lent me their cart and horses to carry away from of the dirt for use on my deed. The canal has been destroyed by someone dropping a ton of signs everywhere and loads of dirt to fill the canal in. Myself (Naitey/Harmony) and friends will help fix it when we can. I myself won't be on again until Tuesday night due to work so will help if it's still not fixed by then. I'm hoping when fixed we can get the GM's to set it as a heritage site (before the player wrecks it again).
  23. (46,33) Is the west side of Free Barony's mountain, starting in the south from Crystal lake, extending through the shore of Ugbara Harbor and north to neighboring Angbar. It is mostly undeveloped, with few trees and shallow dirt beaches, but a 175 dirt high hill in the north, seperating the two deeds.. It has a mine with an uneven entrance into the mounain on the east.. If a canal were built, it would connect Free Barony, and other prosperous towns, to the rest of the sailing world. It would go through no buildings or trees in either town, and does not separate neighbors. The canal would be parallel and hugging the mountain. I'm asking for permission of both towns' mayors to build this canal. I'd like to hear the opinions of villagers of both towns, and the worldwide opinion of people living around Crystal Lake. I'm sorry I don't know the mayors' names, as I forgot to check the settlement tokens during my survey. The canal building would have to be a group effort, because of slight climbing involved, so if you're up for some digging if it's approved, post here too. This zone has had a circle around it last month Meyfei, and I thought it should be brought up officially in the forums. I can understand either side of the canal's construction being shy about this matter. I will read this topic for one month, and if there's no response, I'll consider the proposal dead.
  24. North Star Is a 41x41 Sized fortress deed located on the North Coast of the Celebration server. The deed is fully walled with decorative towers and has its own two tiles wide Canal to the North Ocean and to under the middle of the deed. Its a great deed and id love to keep it however we're pretty damn busy with other projects so cant give it the love it needs It is located at D21 on the in-game Celebration map. The deed comes with a deed holder alt called Coalition who is currently not premium. The deed is not completely finished so its prefect for someone who is looking to make thier own mark on it, however the bulk of the work is done and it is fully teraformed. There is a tar pit right outside its South Gate and a clay pit located right on the coast a 2 minute walk away. Hunting on the desert is pretty good and it is easy to sail from the deed across to exodus and you'll find you come out right on the south exodus steppe so its perfect for budding hunters. There's Lead, Zinc, Iron, Silver and A lot of Marble within the Deed's mines (the majority of the area is still not mined) Pictures of the deed and further info: Bidding starts at 25 silver Buyout (Theres no set buyout but if you make a good offer im happy to consider it) Each bid must be 1 silver higher than the last. Im not massive fussed if it doesnt sell, like i said its an amazing deed and im happy to just throw more money into the upkeep and keep it however if i can find a new owner who will give it some love that would be awesome Happy to show people around and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.