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Found 52 results

  1. ==NOTICE - This has now been fixed in the update on 16 August 2022== ==THANKS=FOR=LISTENING=DEVS!== [Please Close] Numbers stopped going up. Yes indeed. Unfortunately, because of the way the foraging skill is stored in Wurm, and used in the harvesting function, even though my skill is 100, I am not getting any 100ql items. Techie stuff: So that's it basically, no 100ql pumpkins for me 😢 But the implications are greater still, because this function also applies to botanists, and *I believe* gardeners, so that currently it is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain 100ql woad in this game, either by botanizing or by harvesting planters, regardless of skill! For the dye makers this is a huge disappointment. Something which, I feel, needs to be looked at again. Please change the harvesting formula to use the players skill exactly (or just add 1 to the value!) before (or after) calculating the gathered items' ql. Thank you team.
  2. I have 2 locked creature cages in a wagon and 2 more in a knarr. These cages come with the default free lock you get when you create them (1 QL). Both sets of cages offer the Permissions > Enable Quality Lock option (usually for BSB/FSBs) when I right click the cage in the knarr or wagon. I do not know whether Enable Quality Lock works on creature cages, and if so, whether it prevents animals being loaded, because I did not risk trying it on the only cages I have - but I think it needs to be looked into. Thanks.
  3. WTS QL50 plate gauntlet, iron I am located on Cadence, but am willing to CoD! Can reply to forum post, or PM me on forums or ingame (Baeowuf ingame) Thanks!
  4. Title says it all. Make large maul bashing timers affected by Quality and Wind of Ages, similar to how lockpicking timers are affected by these two criteria. If you want, add a third factor like body (oo, finally a use for Body?) skill. Pretty simple one.
  5. Hello Im buying a full set of chain armour medium QL! I can pickup anywere in Release / Pristine at the coast
  6. Gem auction! - Starting bid lowered to 5s!!! More than 3000QL of finest Gems. Starting Bid: 5s Min. Increment: 50c Reserve: NONE Buyout: PM ME Pickup on Deliverance Darkwood Stormhold
  7. Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! **** ALL SOLD **** These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Contact me in-game or PM me.
  8. SOLD 80QL rare lantern, iron - High QL Blue (3.5s) SOLD 81QL pickaxe, iron - c91 w96 (1.5s) SOLD 81QL pickaxe, iron - c95 w100 (2.5s) SOLD 81QL pickaxe, iron - c101 w92 (2.5s)
  9. As the title says, I'm selling gems worth roughly 1100QL, and I will be selling them for ~6s depending on how we make the transaction, and whether or not I need to travel across the world. (I'm in Indy) The gems that I have are listed below, Sapphires 1x 33QL 1x 37QL 1x 50QL 1x 53QL 1x 59QL 1x 91QL Opals 1x 24QL 1x 51QL 1x 63Ql 1x 79Ql Emeralds 1x 33QL 1x 42QL 1x 46QL 1x 68QL 1x 85QL 1x 96QL Diamonds 1x 91QL Ruby 1x 91QL
  10. I want to start off by saying that I'm brand new to the game, as I started playing only by a week. Keeping that in mind, I am not 100% sure if the testing I did is completely accurate. Anyway, according to the wiki the Horseshoes ( do not increase the moving speed until the QL of every individual horseshoe is 50 or above, or until the summed QL of the wore horseshoes reaches 70. Total Shoe Quality Speed of the Horse Unshod 13.69 kph 1 - 60 QL 13.69 kph 70 - 130 QL 14.40 kph I did some short tests and I noticed that my moving speed while commanding a cart with hitched horses changed whenever I removed or put horseshoes from my horses. As you can see in the top left corner my speed is between 12,99 and 13,00 km/h when both my horses are wearing horseshoes. It drops significantly to 12,23 km/h when removing the 46 QL horseshoes from one of my horses. It remains at 12,23 km/h even when decreasing the summed up quality of the remaining horseshoes below 70 by removing one of the horseshoes. With no horseshoes on at all, my speed decreases to 11,48 km/h. Sorry in advance if this topic has already been brought up by somebody else or if my testing was not made correctly.
  11. Starting bid 5s
  12. Hello, I am looking to buy Decent - High QL Leather in Bulk. Also interested in Decent - High QL Hides in Bulk if no Leather. Post here or PM, even Chat me same Ingame Name your prices and delivery fee's or where you are located so I can make a trip. My location is NW - Xanadu at D14. Thank you.
  13. Ql of a finished staircse seems a bit higher than expected. [01:16:01] It is a normal counter clockwise spiral staircase with banisters made of wood. [01:16:01] QL = 93.16136, dam=0.0. Mats used: Mortar 22ql Small nails 23ql Large nails 14ql Shafts 71ql Planks 72ql Stone bricks 21ql skills: 97 carpentry and 63 masonry tools: 79ql rare throwel, 91ql mallet
  14. Hello! I've been looking around trying to figure out if you can limit the ql of world resources, such as ores, rocks and wood/trees. What I'm envisioning is making a server a lot like Epic and making the home islands have resources with a limited quality level to encourage people to go the center island or at least trade with those who do. If the ability to limit resource quality on a server does not currently exist, I would love for someone to mod it in somehow. Thanks! Llurendt
  15. Hello! I'm looking at map and server creation and I'm wondering if there is any way to set a cap on the natural resource quality for a specific server/world. What I'm looking to do is sort of use Epic as a framework and have each faction have a home island/server with a bigger and more diverse mainland. I would like the home islands to have a maximum resource ql (wood, iron, anything you would gather/collect) to encourage having bases on the mainland, but still allow a sort of safety net on the home islands. Does anyone know if it is possible to achieve this with the current tool set? Thanks! Llurendt
  16. Deleted - redirect
  17. Buying all logs (any woodtype) under 10ql Delivered to Q11 on Xanadu (I will unload them myself, so you keep your crates) ALTERNATELY I am surrounded by forests, so feel free to come and clearcut stuff around, but word of warning - I will only buy ql 10 or less, so you can just take with you any logs that are higher and sell to someone else maybe? I am buying at a rate of 1.2 s/k Pls post here, PM me in game or on forums Thx! Log 1.2k bought 2.0k pending 1.0k pending Until the current pending orders are completed I am suspending the purchase of more logs Thank you for your understanding
  18. Amatsusah's Shop : Cheapest Bulk Orders, Metal, and Blacksmithing in Xanadu All bulk items can be delivered, Pickup Preferred ( coastal only; depending on location extra fee may apply) Currently not able to deliver due to running out of premium. items are pickup onlyIn game name is AmatsusahLocation is at South Eastern Border Floating Market r25 Xanaduwill accept big ordersall prices are negotiable (especially in bigger quantities.)all prices listed are base price, bigger orders get bigger discounts. contact me for the discounted price.Accepting direct payment via Paypal (1.1 e/s or 1.25 usd/s)Current Status : Shop Closed *Current Queue is empty Job Queue and Progress : 1. Yldranis (Mirabloodarc) | 10k bricks | Status : Done - Arranging delivery (Started 11-may-2015 finished 22 may-2015) | 10k mortar | Status : Done Job Queue and progress updated at least once a day Current Stocks : 13k bricks 10k mortar Prices : Common Bulk Bricks - 1.8s / 1k - 8.5s / 5k - 16s / 10k Mortar - 2.7s / 1k - 13s / 5k - 25s / 10k small nails, large nails, rivets, hooks - 1s / 400 ribbons, frying pans, sauce pans 1s / 100 anchors 20c Iron 90ql -1s / 100 80ql - 80c / 100 70ql - 50c /100 Crafting Grade (<70ql) - 1s / 1k Crafting Grade Tin , Slate, Copper, Lead, Zinc - 1s / 1k Blacksmithing (Common Tools) QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 50ql | 15c | 1.45s| 3.6s | 7s | 13.5s | 60ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14.5s| 28s | 70ql | 40c | 3.9s | 9.5s | 18.5s| 36s | 80ql | 60c | 5.8s | 11.5s | 22s | 43s | 90ql | 1s | 9.7s | 19s | 37s | 72s | Iron Lamps* QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 30ql | 10c | 95c | 2.3s | 4.5s | 8.5s | 50ql | 15c | 1.45s| 3.6s | 7s | 13.5s | 60ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14.5s| 28s | 70ql | 40c | 3.9s | 9.5s | 18.5s| 36s | 80ql | 60c | 5.8s | 11.5s | 22s | 43s | 90ql | 1s | 9.7s | 19s | 37s | 72s | Lanterns* QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 50ql | 15c | 1.45s| 3.6s | 7s | 13.5s | 60ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14.5s| 28s | 70ql | 40c | 3.9s | 9.5s | 18.5s| 36s | 80ql | 60c | 5.8s | 11.5s | 22s | 43s | 90ql | 1s | 9.7s | 19s | 37s | 72s | Imperial Street Lamps* QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 30ql | 20c | 1.8s | 4.6s | 9s | 17s | 50ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14s | 27s | 60ql | 60c | 5.8s | 14.6s | 29s | 36s | 70ql | 80c | 7.8s | 19s | 37s | 72s | 80ql | 1.2s | 11.6s| 23s | 44s | 86s | 90ql | 2s | 19.4s| 48s | 95s | 180s | *All Lamps Can be dyed for an additional fee x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 | 20c | 1.8s | 4.5 s | 8s | 15s | Available colours : white, green, red, blue, yellow, cyan. pink, black Horseshoes (set of 4) QL x4 x12 x40 x80 50ql | 80c | 2.3s | 7s | 13s | 60ql | 1.2s | 3.5s | 11s | 21s | 70ql | 1.6s | 4.6s | 15s | 29s | 80ql | 2.4s | 7s | 23s | 45s | 90ql | 4s | 11.5s | 38s | 75s | 90ql Blacksmithing is now Available! Gift Vouchers are now Available! you can give them to your friends or keep them for a later purchase! available in 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s denominations ! repeat customers and big orders will also be given gift vouchers or discount coupons as appreciation for their patronage! also watch for discount codes which i will distribute on chat! contact me for more info!
  19. COLLECTION FROM LAMA RANCH NEAR LAMA CITY. I'm selling bulk and small qtys of Low QL Iron between 1-7 (mixed batches no garuntee of higher ql iron), pre smelted. 1i for every 5, buy 20 pay for 15, or buy 50 and pay for 40. I'm not in a position to make deliveries and as such will not be doing them, the Iron os kept locked safely away untill you arrive to collect it, payment may be made in advance or on collection but credit will only be given to regualr customers, if payment is made in advance And I am not online the key will be hidden in a location that will be shared with, and only with the buyer, of payment os to be made on collection, I will be present.
  20. Auction Item: Supreme Saddle, Leather 90QL, 92 WOA. Starting Bid: 30s My Location: q-15 Deliverance. Deed name: Black Crown Hills. Minimum Increase: 1s Will C.O.D or deliver to winner. In game name: Redbearing. Buyout: 70s <~~~~ why not. Sniper protection 1 Hour Happy bidding wurmians Thank you ~~: Redbearing.
  21. As stated. Price negotiable on sellers terms.
  22. Heya, Today i killed a sol demon and got this Pretty fly, isnt it. Still makes me think if bug or?
  23. Hello Citizens of freedom isles, today i would like to come to you and attempt to sell My 99ql snow lantern, if interested pm me or post below. [12:39:13] Expel the darkness with this +2 lantern, gives +4 to jollyness checks during winter. [12:39:13] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Slinky'. [12:42:28] The snow lantern contains only candle stumps. Fill with new ones. If you would like to contact me ingame about it contact Redbearing or Sylandria. As always i appreciate your business thank you and come again XD.
  24. Sold.
  25. Rare Exquisite Meditation Rug, QL 90,04 Starting Bid: 3 s Min Increase: 1 s No reserve Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: 20 s Buyer pays cod