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Found 19 results

  1. Bulk Gems WTS all for 20s pick up or delivery Rare Halberd Iron 10s Spyglass 10s Snow Lantern 20s Reply to this topic and I will check it and get back to you. Please check replies to see if someone already claimed an item. Items will be added and removed as we go. Thanks Muchly.
  2. 40 Reindeer are 2s each 7 Yule goats are 2s each 2 Snow lanterns are 2s each 13 Santa hats (Soft cap cloth armor) 90+ QL are 1s each Red hat gonmes - 4s each Green hat gnomes - 7s each Merry Christmas!
  3. Spyglasses 2s each Fireworks 75c each Soft Cap (Santa hat) 1s each White Dragon Blood 1s Garden Gnome (red hat) 1s Yule Goat 1s each Yule Reindeer 1s each Rod of Transmutation 25s Valentine Pottery 1s each Medallions (1 rabbit, 2 pheasant) 2s each Snow Lantern 1s each
  4. Want to Auction some hard-to-get christmas gifts Start Price 6s Bid Increments 50c sniper protection 1h Happy Bidding
  5. WTB affordable, cheap Christmas gifts from past ! If you got Soft caps, Yule goats, Snow lanterns, Garden gnomes, fireworks etc please PM me with your offers and server name, I will buy several items ( those are going to be Christmas gifts for my friends ), so give me good price and we got deal! Thank you!
  6. As the Title says I want to sell the following items all are 1sea: Please Post all Offers below! I also have the Following items for sale: 5x Pottery Valentines = 1s ea 1x Snow Lantern = 1s 1x Fireworks 80ql = 80c 1x Black Opal Staff 9.85ql = 3s Thanks to All in advance! -=Jakeii=-
  7. wanting to sell some item. 1x spyglass 4s 6x sleep powder 1s each (1.2 if i deliver) 2x snow lanterns (dont know the price on these, so throw me an offer) can be pm'ed in-game on speedokiller
  8. 4x Pottery valentines 3x Yule goat 8x Snow lantern Reply here or pm me offer
  9. Shinies on auction, have a look! 1.Rare spindle, pinewood (BotD 88) ql76,68 Starting bid: 2s Increment: 50c Buyout: 8s 2.Rare large wooden shield, pinewood (74botd) ql70,16 *note: BotD works same as Coc, ignore WoA aspect Starting bid: 6s Increment: 50c Buyout: 12s 3.Rare plate leggings, steel (AoSP 90) ql72,26 Starting bid: 6s Increment: 50c Buyout: 15s 4.Rare longbow, willow (nimb76, coc80) ql70,01 *pickup can be organized on Deliverance Starting bid:5s Increment: 50c Buyout: 12s 5.Snow lantern ql99 Starting bid: 1s Increment: 30c Buyout: 3s There is no reserve. Snipe protection is 1 hour. |||| *REPEATING AUCTION WITH NEW TIMER FOR PLATE LEGGINGS* Happy bidding!
  10. Just clearing some stuff..... Buyer pays COD or can arrange collection from Pest Harbour Indy (Inner Sea) - Could deliver if on inner sea..... 10 Yellow Potions (10 x 100, 2 x 96) - 100ql @ 60c ea, 96ql @ 55c (all 12 for 5s) 4 x Fireworks (3 x 80ql, 1 x 99ql) 80ql @ 1s ea, 99ql @ 1.2s 2 x Snow Lantern (99ql) - 2s each 1 x seryll Plate Gauntlet (30ql) - 5s 3 x seryll lumps (78.82ql) - 2s each
  11. Price Reduced. Snow Lanterns 75c each i have too much clutter please buy them Fireworks 50c each (SOLD) Buyer pays COD from Xanadu.
  12. COD / pickup from Release 2x 80ql fireworks - 80c each 99ql snow lantern - 1s Reply here or PM
  13. Hello Citizens of freedom isles, today i would like to come to you and attempt to sell My 99ql snow lantern, if interested pm me or post below. [12:39:13] Expel the darkness with this +2 lantern, gives +4 to jollyness checks during winter. [12:39:13] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Slinky'. [12:42:28] The snow lantern contains only candle stumps. Fill with new ones. If you would like to contact me ingame about it contact Redbearing or Sylandria. As always i appreciate your business thank you and come again XD.
  14. Event Items Snow Lanterns 2 Snow Lanterns 99QL - 1.5s each Fireworks 1 Fireworks 80QL - 1s 1 Fireworks 53QL - 75c Gems Sapphire QL 54.69 - 55c Emeralds QL 22.47 - 20c QL 52.75 - 50c I believe these items are perfectly capable of being mailed. You can pick your items up at (X10, Y26), or delivery can be arranged for a fee depending on how far away you live. If you are interested, either reply to the thread directly, PM me on the forums, or PM me in game by the same username.
  15. For Sale this week are various rewards and presents currently at PPM on Deli. Not sure if these can be mailed but (if possible to post then the) buyer pays cod and postage. FIVE Four Snow Lanterns - 1.5s each or 5.0 silvers the lot. Expel the darkness with this +2 lantern, gives +4 to jollyness checks during winter. Christmas gift presented in 2013 Quality 99 Weight 2.50 You can use Candles to refill the lantern. The number of candles needed to refill the lantern (according to chat info) appears dependent on the quality of the candle. When full, you will get a message to that effect. Sixteen yellow potions! 5 x 16QL - 10c 4 x 32QL - 20c 2 x 48QL - 20c 5 x 50QL - 75c The whole lot for 1 silver. Yellow potion A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. Yellow potion is an item given as Loyalty Bonus program that implemented on 12 December. The item turns you into a random creature or object when you use it, the duration depends on the quality. The quality of the potion depends on how many times and how long a player have been premium. Taking damage or riding / embarking will dispel the effect. I have an idea of the value of something made of urine and the effect of these is at best only interesting on PvE. I will consider offers and exchanges but my new toon is on Release not Deli. Sale run by Keeko (Kristel on Release)
  16. Prices negotiable. Buyer pays CoD or picks up near Amish Paradise on the Celebration server. Mallet - 65.44ql 75WOA - 60c Med rug - 2.99ql 56COC - 45c Med rug - 3.28ql 58COC - 48c Med rug - 1.99ql 49COC - 40c Pine ropetool - 54.21ql WoA49 COC33 - 50c Pickaxe 23.76ql 43CoC - 40c Oak ropetool - 79.78ql 51WOA - 80c Small anvil - 50.28 ql 64WOA - 50c Longsword 60.33ql 49OC - 50c Spindle - 69.79ql - 20c Trowel - 67.47ql - 20c 2x Snow Lantern - 1s each 118 frying pans - 1s 10x Source Crystal - 50c Silver pendulum 12ql - 5c Iron pendulum 16ql - 5c 70 backpacks - 50c Fireworks (x2) - 80c Dredge (28ql) - 10c Dredge (43ql) - 15c Seryl lump 80ql - 1s Seryl breastplate 29ql - 80c 4x yellow potion - 50c each 50ql tools (8c each) Large maul Rope tools Butchering knives Clay shaper Trowel Saw Shovel File Huge Axe Rafts: 33 (two rare) - 3s I also have a fair selection of horses available on south cele: