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  1. Rare enchanted saddle

    Maybe I just want one to go with my 3 rare sets of shoes
  2. Valrei items

    You can walk through the firewall btw. might want to add that. Do note casting these spells with armour on is ###### frustratingly painful... Where did you get the difficulties from? edit: Black tome for female summons a wraith as well.
  3. Rare enchanted saddle

  4. Rare enchanted saddle

  5. Bacon

    Hold on a minute whilst I smoke some bacon.
  6. What makes you happy

    I love watching idiots hurt themselves. I don't know what it is, maybe its really mean, maybe its just natural selection, who knows.
  7. How to Make New Elevation Not Suck

    Remove the words chaos, as the title states its elevation only, don't combine the two.
  8. WTB rare/supreme unfinished guard tower

    20 for one rare? who do i cod to?
  9. Its unfortunate that poison doesnt add damage, it just has a very low chance effect to poof someone after the first healing tick.
  10. So... We got a new god.

    I don't really have much to say, but yeahhhhh. It can only go one of two ways, broken or OP, very unlikely it will be balanced.
  11. WTS potions and sleep powders

    Both leatherworking pots cod togiodi please ty
  12. Interesting weapon. I would buy it, but I think i'm a bit overstocked on weapons atm >.>
  13. Fix raiding when defenders OFFLINE

    No, this isnt LiF. I don't want to give enemies a 24 hour notice before raiding a deed. The element of surprise is the best.
  14. Wurm Online Skillcompare

    So sad to see this go, shame.
  15. Bacon