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Found 31 results

  1. Hello, I am looking to contact a GM so I can get my steam based account unbanned. Was banned for inappropriate username. The ban message says to contact GM to discuss name change -- there are no instructions provided for how to do so. I tried just typing in a new character name and still have same ban message. Please help me!
  2. The ShadowFly Alliance is a group of villages and deeds on Freedom, Xanadu. We exist for three reasons: Communication, Support & Trading. While other PvE alliances are purely in-game constructs that exist between almost random villages in the same area, SFA is a server-wide community of active villages looking to enhance their Wurm experience with good company, immediate support and safe trading partners. Apart from our in-game activity in Alliance chat, we offer our own website & forums that includes our very own trading post in which we post trading offers and requests for one another that are certain to receive 100% serious responses from verified members of our community, as well as a dedicated Teamspeak3 server which is optional to use and includes channels for each of our allied villages. While we do not require any activity on forums or ts3 server from any of our members and do not attempt to control the activity of any of our allied parties, we appreciate regular communication with at least the mayors of every deed to make sure they are still active in the game and interested in being a part of our alliance. In difference to many other alliances, we also offer such things as celebrations, tournaments and giveaways. Find out which we have planned for the next 2 years! Currently our alliance is preparing for our 1st annual Deed Design Contest! Find more information here: Take our Alliance Survey! Current Allied Villages (In Order Joined): Archdale (R22) (Mayor: Birdwatcher) Hilltop Town (S21) (Mayor: Haraldost) Vinyamar (S8) (Mayor: Yldrania) The Graceful Degradation Project (L18) (Mayor: Almost) Sweetwater Bay (S15) (Mayor: Kalypsio) Shadow Cove (H11) (Mayor: Eleraan) Fern Tree (R14) (Mayor: Silentsmith) Modreth (Q25) (Mayor: Davih) Falcetto (Q25) (Mayor: Luttuosa) Imladlavan (S8) (Mayor: Mirabloodarc) Cartoria (L26) (Mayor: Capricius) Warland (S8) (Mayor: Warlander) Dagon Fel (D14) (Mayor: Hewhohordesmanypillows) Dragon's Fang (T25) (Mayor: Toma) Pleasantview (R25) (Mayor: Berentel) Isenach (Q25) (Mayor: Vinberg) Honey Bay (R21) (Mayor: Snowtech) Sklinopolis (Q25) (Mayor: Sklinax) Stickhers Freedom (S9) (Mayor: Stickher) Elderstock Castle (Q25) (Mayor: Sorion) Iron Phoenix (F14) (Mayor: Zipzip) Khazad Dum (R8) (Mayor: Xenonpl) Windspears (G18) (Mayor: Flubb) Oceanside Rise (Q14) (Mayor: Goodwin) Aincrad (T23) (Mayor: Milkdrop) Edmonton (L26) (Mayor: Narille) Catscratch Hovel (S24) (Mayor: ) Eden (T8) (Mayor: Qwizat) Black Rock Isle (Q26) (Mayor: Dyf) Redania (S24) (Mayor: Radovid) Kiwiana (R23) (Mayor: Draygon) Thorne Cliff (C20) (Mayor: Bloodscythe) Moonlight's Castle (O8) (Mayor: Alkhadias) Moonlight Haven (O8) (Mayor: Amarenaguy) Sklepy (T18) (Mayor: Pangaron) Vrchy (T18) (Mayor: Zoidberg) Aztarian (H15) (Mayor: Callius) Kanata (J24) (Mayor: Budzilla) Ebony Veil (Q15) (Mayor: Stinky) Midgar (T8) (Mayor: Theia) Blissful Folly (D16) (Mayor: Xallo) Niflheimr (B15) (Mayor: Xarban) Enuntqua (E13) (Mayor: Galeer) Deepwoods (J14) (Mayor: Bastet) Tol Eressea (O8) (Mayor: AJBlack) Zenithia (D19) (Mayor: Quarry) Quarry's Canal (D19) (Mayor: Azusa) Dunlap Hill (D19) (Mayor: Phoenixus) Morgoth (E19) (Mayor: Malcore) Palmyra (D19) (Mayor: Billingsley) Mag Mell (P9) (Mayor: Eoghan) Ironwoods (C20) Karnakia Kittenhold Lavender Hill Lookout Mountain Mag Mell Docks Monastery Mountainview North Shore Nowhere Red Rover Hunting Lodge (C20) Rome Sovengarde Tindrem Tranquility Vyzeni Lakeview Zenithia Market (D19) Click Here To Visit Our Forums! Please PM Me For Our Ts3 IP If You'd Like To Join! How To Join? It's simple: Pass Me A PM Here On The Forums With Your Request To Join! Question? Reply here or simply pass me a private message here on the forums with your question! The R.I.P. List
  3. Hi, It seems there is no information on the materials needed for the brick bridge support. Since I am currently building one I will provide the list . . . Stage 1 Main: 90 bricks and 90 mortar Stage 2 Filler: 36 rock shards Stage 3 Roadway: 2 bricks Stage 4 Walls: 10 stone bricks
  4. Want To Sell Iron lump 1s/k Small iron nails 1.2s/K Large iron nails 1.3s/K Rivets 1.2s/K Ribbons 3s/1k Support beams 4s/100 ...More to come... Anything you want made, please post here and attempt to message me in game. I will try to check the forums once a day. Anything not listed may be able to be worked out. I do not have high skills as I am still a new player, but bulk goods are what I can do. Things are made to order. That means it will take some time before they are ready for pickup. This will not always be the case, but for now, assume it is. Eventually will have a list of items in stock. No deliveries currently. Working on my mind logic so that I may do deliveries in the future. Finally, feel free to negotiate! Don't like a price? Let me know! If I think your price is a reasonable one, I may change it for everyone!
  5. WTS 100 support beams = 4c each or 4s for all. Located Xanadu J11 Pick up Only or I can deliver depending on your location, PM
  6. Noticed an issue with support tickets being opened up and changing original player for the ticket and the contents being changed. In some instances the time stamps are incorrect as well. Player opens a support ticket on cluster 1 CA responds to ticket on cluster 2 and escalates to a GM GM opens same ticket on login server ... Player changes to a random player other than the original owner. Time stamps between the responses change out of order between customer, CA, and GM. Looks to me as if some issues are going on with messaging between clusters with support tickets. This started me checking mail as well. I'll follow up. Cluster 1 Cluster 2 (same ticket) also note: This ticket was open by a player named Rantul and his ticket. So same ticket shows two different players as who opened the support ticket and the original ticket who it belongs to isn't even listed....
  7. My Pants Harbour Building Supplies Xanadu B17 (northern coast, map's edge) Earn prizes and claim special discounts. Souvenir Pants - You really shouldn't go around naked. Discount Pants - 20C discount in the next order Fancypants - 50c discount in the next order Noble Pants - 10% discount in the next order Royal Pants - Lifetime 10% discount Emperor Pants - Lifetime 10% discount and 50% discount on delivery Quantity Planks Bricks Mortar Nails small/large Support Beams* Prize 100x 10c 20c 25c 10c 4s Fancypants Souvenir Pants 1000x 1s 2s 2.5s 1s 30s Noble Pants Souvenir Pants 2000x 2s 4s 5s 2s 60s Royal Pants Discount Pants 3000x 3s 6s 7.5s 3s 90s Emperor Pants Discount Pants 4000x 4s 8s 10s 4s 1g20s Emperor Pants Fancypants 5000x 5s 10s 12.5s 5s I Fancypants 6000x 6s 12s 15s 6s QUIT Noble Pants 7000x 7s 14s 17.5s 7s NOW Noble Pants 8000x 8s 16s 20s 8s I'M Royal Pants 9000x 9s 18s 22.5s 9s F***ING Royal Pants 10000x 10s 20s 25s 10s RICH Emperor Pants *Support beams purchases earn better prizes We deliver! Leave your orders and questions below!
  8. It would be nice for priests to have a spell to reinforce mine floors as they do for walls. This spell should be able to reinforce floors in canals even under water.
  9. Hello I'd like to say thank you to everyone who responded to my support ticket this past two weeks. Thank you personally to Enki, Idunn, Fireriders, Logi. I submitted a support ticket that really threw these guys through a loop but they continued to do their best to assist me, and I very much appreciate everyones attempts to help me. I gave up on fixing the issue due to the fact that it would just cost me lots of mats and time. I invite you guys to come check out the church we worked on when its done Enki thank you for spending well over an hour attempting to fix my issue GMs and CAs alike should all be appreciated, they may not have the answer but there is always a solution
  10. I have 200 Support beam for sell on Xanadu Price: 4c for one // 8s for all Deliver: free if near Place: Xanadu 23R PM me in game "Arthpl" [sOLD]
  11. I want lots. Based on actions and volume, I am offering 25s per 1000, delivered. Looking for 3000 total. Delivery point is my deed Darq Shadow, NW shore of the lake below Greymead, Xanadu. Roads run from East to West coasts, right through my deed. Canal sailing via knarr is possible (through the NE corner of Xan), but the canals have cave ins from time to time - these beams will get used to help shore those up, as well as for some personal projects of my own. Please PM me if you can fill part or all of the order. Minimum quantity accepted is 150 (small crate filled). Thank you.
  12. If this forum (buildings/maint) should be where bugs are managed, then GMs who receive support tickets should be adding/updating threads here with the information on /support tickets. Note: They can always ask the user to do this themselves, but users aren't always going to do that.. in which case the responsibility of a valid ticket opened in game being properly managed should seem to fall on the GM handling that ticket. No? PS - I would have posted this on Enki's town thread but he locked it for some reason... apparently worried it might get the wrong attention? enki post here:
  13. I am not sure this is a bug but there is no way to use the strongwall spell on mine floors to support them it always just collapses the tile unless i am doing somthing wrong.
  14. And in light of the recent drama, i suggest a system that will at least partially prevent any more butthurt drama: tldr first cus you people dont read: a voting system ON TOP of what we have for emperor or king or whatever, you need a certain minimum support from the faction to even be able to do the emperor thing. Full suggestion: a command used to make it obvious who you would support most as your emperor /support [name] you can support max 3 names, they dont have to be unique (so you can support 1 person x3 if you really like him or her, or spread your vote evenly over 3 names if you cant decide) you have to have minimum 5% of the faction's total support before you can do the thing to become the emperor. only count the people that used the command as upper bound, so if only 5 people use the command on themselves in the entire faction, each has 20% support even tho hundereds of people are in the faction. on deed token you can see who has how much support, who gave them the support is anonymous. even if an emperor is selected the support ###### stays active, so emperor can see his constituances etc evolve if needed. This for all kingdoms, including pmk's, all just on top of what they already have.
  15. Closed

    I have a crate with 200 finished support beams for sale for 10s pick up at Stone Ridge Harbor T11 Xanadu.
  16. I would like to be able to reinforce mine walls and floors with support beams from a cart.
  17. I have not messed with the supported mine floors any but does it keep collapses from happening on that tile or do you still need the wall supports to keep the path clear?
  18. I am looking to buy 500 unfinished support beams (shafts to finish included) if the price was right. I think 5c per is a good price and have seen them listed for this. I have a pm in with a guy for this price but he has not gotten back with me yet this morning so thought i would offer it up here too. I am wanting them quite fast to would prefer seller that has a team of workers to get it done in a few days time. Anyway pm me if you are interested and we can go over it more.. Order Pending: On Hold
  19. Deeds need to become more secure in the PvE environment especially pertaining to crafted items like ships being built on deed. If one is building a ship and has one piece left to place to finish the creation, it should be able to be left until the person whom you intend ownership of it can come with your permission to finish it. I believe that people with shoreline properties should not have to build inside a building and use the "ship transporter," if they want to build a ship. It makes little sense that one cannot build a ship on a deed tile right next to the water without the possibility of some random player coming, finishing it, and leaving with it, even with the deed roles being locked to the public. As people pay for deeds and maintainence of them, it is not unreasonable to have some expectation of security on those tiles, in the PvE environment. I do realize that such a suggestion would not work in the PvP environment, due to the mechanics and type of game play. The members in my alliance all believe that PvE deeds should have ironclad security for all containers and crafted items and I speak for all of us. Moreover, if this idea of securing crafted items like ships cannot be implemented due to coding or another unforeseeable mechanical issue, than at the very least, there should be some sort of event logging system or tool that GMs can use to help with recovery or find out where it has gone other than using "tracking." A player can track. GMs should have access to other tools to assist them with this. In the event they have been provided such tools, I then must pose the question, why are they not being used? Finally, most new players are not aware of this type of situation and would assume the safety of items they are crafting on their deeds and the safety of containers on their deeds, whether inside a building or not. Issues of this nature could likely cause a domino effect with player retention, as people will become frustrated, that they cannot have security on spaces they pay to rent in the game and items they make can go missing without support being able to asisst them more, than telling them that "it's a costly lesson." Overall, it can equate to a loss of revenue and bad name developing for Wurm, which would be a shame, especially with all the new players we are expecting to join this gaming community.
  20. I am having troubles, I changed a avies password, now I cant get all 3. I use win7 home premium and have been playing ok for quite a while till that little issue where i had to get resets about 5 days ago. OH oddly my online shop is also affected. I can still log into the forums fine however. Please help, I am getting the shakes from withdrawals!!!
  21. hi id like to get rid of these things 90ql cotton 1k = 1s 90ql wemp 1k = 1s planks 1k = 1s zinc lumps 9k = 9s iron lumps 4k = 4s support beams 100x = 5s wheat 3k = 3s onion 1k = 1s rye 15k = 15s garlic 1k = 1s potato 1k = 1s - got lots of iron and zinc ore ready to smelt if you need - i can also do whatever you want with iron (fence bars, ribbons etc) for extra charge also i have tons of butchered items (paws, teeths, bladders etc) 1k = 1s
  22. Why hello Wurmians I am I need of your help solving this issue that I'm posting hoping to find someone who could fix it since the GM's unfortunately didn't know what's up with the thing basically the problem with my game is that caves do not render (i.e. when I enter a cave all I see is game objects inside the cave and the skybox/day-night cycle.) My other issue is that most game objects for me are not selectable and I can't highlight them like they aren't there but I can see them (for example; One of the objects that I can't interact with is a wall it doesn't appear for me to highlight so I can't right click and possibly repair any damages that the wall could have sustained, but I can clearly see the object and if I go into it acts like a barrier like how it should.) Currently the only objects I AM capable of interacting with are carts both big and small, chests, doors, living players and NPC's, Banners, and the ground. any help would be appreciated will be posting pics if its not working ill post links from photobucket.
  23. Well i have a bit of an issue here, if i use GLSL support then i get the stretched npc bug and if i switch GLSL off then i get the moving floor textures bug! What should i do???
  24. Location: Shadowthorn, 5 minutes south of FM. Bulk Support Beams for sale missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each Mortar 1000 / 3S 300 /1S PM me here or in game.
  25. Location: Shadowthorn, 5 minutes south of FM. Support Beams for sale 3.5s per 50 missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each PM me here or in game.