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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, I want to sell 1k plank for 1s and 2k stone brick for 1,5s. I can delivery. This price is not include the crates.
  2. Welcome to Athol, where we don't act like the way the name sounds! Unfortunately my chronic migraines have gotten worse over the past month, so I won't be in game much. if you need something please send me a pm or post here please. Athol Market and **** Creation Services will build any building or bridge, mine any tunnel, and/or dig any hole for you. FREE SHIPPING as long as your deed is part of the highway system on Pristine, or to any coastal water of any other server. Athol Market currently has the following items for sale: Vehicles - can be made to order, half price if mats are provided, have mallet, will travel: Bulk Blacksmithing Items - made to order, iron lump on hand: Bulk Masonry/Stonecutting Items: Bulk Carpentry items - made to order, logs on hand: We can also make low quality items for those that want/need items to grind for imping(needles and rope tools for example). orders are accepted here or you can message me in game(Tomatoes) as well.
  3. Hello If you do not have time but you would be build! Brick 2,0s/K Mortar 2,0s/K Plank 2,0s/K Slate single 2,0s/K Marble brick 2s/K Colossus brick 2s/K Slate slabs 8s/100 Stone slabs 1,5s/100 Marble slabs 1,5s/100 Marble bazier 2.5s/1 80ql Slabs: stone slab, marble slab The transportation price is the same 1s. Location Xanadu S15 Karvalytanya port, Location primary: Xanadu M line west coast Minimarket (under construction) Storage level and price calculator (cost with crate or without crate)
  4. [11:59:10] A three steps long wooden plank that could be used to build something. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. It is made from maplewood. Starting Bid: 1s Min Increment: 10c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour Free delivery to any coastal deed/area on freedom.
  5. PM Me with offers want them gone quick Xanadu P/U at H9 or mail
  6. I am trying to build a rare/supreme guard tower, and am looking for the materials to try to get it that. If you have anything, please PM me with offers here or ingame (Yldrania).
  7. Now selling 4800 planks on xanadu. 90c per 1k with pickup. 1S per 1k for delivery on Xanadu. Pm Teenie in game for information, Thanks. Sorry deed was sold already.
  8. Hi, I need some more space, so I decided to try to sell some of my rare materials: Prices: Stone bricks - 50c / each Supreme dirt - 50c Logs - 62ql for 50c, 40ql for 30c Plank - 40c Wool - 1s (it's 5 units) Floor Board - 30c Items are sent from Xanadu on buyer expense. They are located at Sarmatian Island (S19). You can contact me ingame (nick: Ghab), by forum PM or just leave comment here.
  9. New offer 80c to Cele 90c to Exo 1s to Deli I deliver in my boat (plank can't be mailed)
  10. Tellen Harbour Xanadu E24 What do we do, we selling bulk stuff and another things and doing jobs. We delivery to all servers that have a harbour for a small fee, if u order is big u can get it for free. time for orders can be up to 6 days, if u are in a hurry pm us and see if we have it in stock if u whant to come and pick up stuff its Tellen Harbour at xanadu E24 Bulk stuff Briks: 1k - 1s 50c Mortar: 1k - 2s 50c plank: 1k - 1s clay: 1k - 1s tar: 1k - 1s we do digging jobs,mining jobs on your place only to pm us. digging: 1s - 1k mining: 1s - 1k you can also lay an order for ships too. rowing boat: 1s small sailing boat: 1s 50c corbita: 6s knarr: ******* Caravel:***** status: open (temorary closed) message: for the moment digging jobs and mining jobs will be delayed got a job for a few days with it but otherthings its only to order if u whant to contact us its Nachtiti or Axizon and we are on GMT +2 SWE EU
  11. Hey'all I'm currently selling the following rare items: Rare Slab ql 4,28 (Improvable) Rare Plank ql 7,17 Rare Kindling ql 11,61 (GONE) Looking for offers You can find me in Release in Harvestmoon Lagoon. cheers, Tim.
  12. hi id like to get rid of these things 90ql cotton 1k = 1s 90ql wemp 1k = 1s planks 1k = 1s zinc lumps 9k = 9s iron lumps 4k = 4s support beams 100x = 5s wheat 3k = 3s onion 1k = 1s rye 15k = 15s garlic 1k = 1s potato 1k = 1s - got lots of iron and zinc ore ready to smelt if you need - i can also do whatever you want with iron (fence bars, ribbons etc) for extra charge also i have tons of butchered items (paws, teeths, bladders etc) 1k = 1s
  13. Hello, here im today with my first ADs want add this items for sell if anyone is interested price cant be changed here is the list: 1k planks 24ql - 2s SOLD 1k copper lump 15-32ql - 1s 1k bricks up 38ql - 2s SOLD 2k dirt - 2s SOLD 1k shards 50ql - 1s ORDERS: Tools 70ql no enchant - 40c Weapons 50ql no enchant - 25c Forniture and storage 50ql - 25c SPECIAL STORAGE: BSB - 10c FSB - 10c Small Crate - 10c Large Crate - 15c Market is located at Uloa (x17y46) South Exodus if need delivery price is 1s and 50c same server
  14. I am selling 130 wire and thatch for 1.5s, including 1 rare thatch (1 left). I am also selling 500 bricks for 1 silver, or 500 planks (25 free large nails) for 1 silver. I am located at 17X, 12.5Y (London) on Deliverance, and I can travel and meet you if needed, GreenDog is a good meeting place for us. I can also make more if ordered, we are a small, ongoing business. Same name in game, contact me there or here.
  15. For pickup on Independence, Ussta Delmah (60x 5y) or Targoviste (56x, 9y). Delivering to coastal areas on Independence. Cannot be mailed (does not fit in a spirit castle), unfortunately giftboxes cannot be mailed either. Starting bid: 1s No buyout. Runs 3 days, until September 4th, 9:00AM CET (UTC+1)